WordPress and Html are some of the best content management systems and a makeup language that allows for static page creation on websites respectively. This two software have been around for many years now serving their clients in many different ways. For the users, who see the need to use both of them, choosing the best among these two has become somewhat a challenge. 

This overwhelming need to find out which one among this two software gets the better of the other has led to the Html vs WordPress puzzle as the need to find the best among them continues. In this regard, this discussion looks at some of the key factors that can be used to determine the best software among these two. 


WordPress Overview

WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows interested users to build websites and blogs. What started as a blog builder, WordPress has since grown over time and is now one of the most preferred website builders across the world. 

Experts estimate that WordPress has been used to build a little over 40% of the websites from across the globe. With many people preferring WordPress to other websites, it is estimated that this percentage will go up even further in the coming days. 

One of the reasons why WordPress has continued to grow in popularity is because of its immense features which you cannot find on any other website builder. These features make it possible to update, manage and even customize your website with ease. In fact, it is these exact features that have made people fall in love with WordPress and prefer it over other such software. 

Content Management System

More often when describing WordPress, you will always find the words Content management system in between. If you do not know what this is, you might find it a bit harder to comprehend exactly what WordPress is and other things that it does. A CMS or if you like a content management system is software used in the storage of website data which includes text, photos, and documents that are all made available on your website.

WordPress is known the world over as open-source. However, what many people do not know is that even though the formation of WordPress was back in the year 2003, it became open-source in 2009. As said above, WordPress comes with some immense appealing and good features that do not just make its use easy but make it interesting as well. 

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress Pros

The use of WordPress just like any other thing or software offers so many benefits to offer. If you are unsure of some of these benefits you can check out some of them below:

  • Easy uploading of media files 
  • Allows for the creation of different roles for the users 
  • Offers you a variety of SEO tools which all make an onsite SEO much simpler 
  • Easy and quick and uploading of media files 
  • Makes it very easy to update any content 
  • You get many templates as well as plugins for free 
  • Being an open-source means that it is there for free 

WordPress Cons

Just like the benefits, WordPress also comes with its side of cons as well. As you look to make a proper decision in Html vs WordPress it is also important that you look at some of these demerits as well.

  • The many plugins sometimes make the software heavy and hard to run 
  • The process of modifying the tables and graphic images is not a very easy one 
  • Regular updates which are required can make the use of this software builder somehow unpleasant 

HTML Overview

There is more to HTML than what many people think they already know about it. In full, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is the language that is mostly used in writing web pages. 

Hypertext: This refers to the manner in which pages are linked together which is why the link available on the webpage is known as Hypertext. 

Just like the name suggests HTML is a Markup Language meaning it is this software that you use in marking up a text document using tags that tell a web browser just how to exactly structure its display. The initial intention for the formation of HTML was to define the documents’ structure which includes heading paragraphs, lists, and many others with the view of facilitating scientific information sharing between researchers. 

Currently, HTML is widely used in formatting web pages using different tags that are available in the HTML language. For you to learn HTML, you need to study various tags and learn how they all behave while at the same time formatting a textual document. The good thing with HTML is that learning its use is much simpler as its users just need to learn the use of different tags with the view of formatting the text or images so as to come up with a beautiful webpage. 

HTML just like any other document comes with its own pross as well. Before considering it in Html vs WordPress, it is important that you take time to look at these pros and know exactly what you stand to get by choosing Html over WordPress. 

Html Pros and Cons

Html Pros

  • Super easy in understanding and learning 
  • It is free to its users 
  • It is accepted across the entire industry something that makes it the industry standard 
  • It is an independent platform 
  • Embed Media, it is very easy for the users to embed audio and video, photos among many others 
  • Hypertext, it is very easy to link to any page whether internal or external 


  • The complexity comes with a lot of codes which can make it so complex to handle 
  • Security is also an issue; HTML is not secure on its own 
  • Limitations, when standing alone, Html does not have many capabilities 
  • Code writing, you need to write a code for the very simplest of webpages 
  • The fact that Html is not centralized means that each one of its pages has to be programmed separately 
  • The creation of dynamic pages is not that easy 

Comparison Html Vs WordPress

Ease Of Use Html

There are so many things that are there to be compared between WordPress and Html that will help anyone who is interested make the right pick in the Html vs WordPress battle. This bit of the discussion looks at some of the essential factors that one needs to base on when looking to make the right selection between these two. These factors include the pricing, the ease-of-use support which is all very crucial to any website builder.

Ease Of Use Html

One of the things you cannot dispute about Html is that its design was intended to giving a much simpler and intuitive software for humans. No matter what kind of impression you might get when you first see Html, always know that this is one easy language to learn. 

When writing HTML, you are not in any way programming a computer, you are simply making its text appear or be displayed in a browser. The use of HTML is more like formatting a text in Microsoft world only that you make use of text-based tags for the creation of the formatting. 

This creation in itself makes the HTML makeup a bite more visible and also more robust as well. The basic tags used in HTML to create simpler documents are much easier to learn and its structure is logical to allow for an intuitive reading and writing of documents. 

The design of HTML was also in such a way that the author of the document should not worry about the presentation of the page right on the screen. However, it is also right to say that Html has evolved over time, and now others have more control that gets them the kind of presentation they desire to see. 

Ease Of Use WordPress

For anyone using WordPress for the first, this might look like a very difficult to use the software. However, as you get used to it, you will realize with time that it is not. When it comes to the ease-of-use WordPress does well and this is because of the many intuitive features this software has to offer most of which makes its use much easier. 

As said above, this might not look like a very easy-to-use website builder from the appearance. However, as you use it more often, you will realize that using it is not something that is difficult as many people consider it to be or think it is. 

Html vs WordPress Pricing

HTML Pricing

The issue of pricing is also another important factor that goes into determining the best website builder between Html vs WordPress. On this one, Html charges between $10 to $20 for its use. Clearly, from this information, you can see that it is not very expensive to use Html just in case you need to. 

However, for a person looking for a website that does not charge or charges even much lower, then this might not be the right choice for you. Nonetheless, many people find the use of Html cheaper especially when compare to other websites. 

WordPress Pricing

If you are looking for the best in Html vs WordPress in terms of pricing then WordPress is without a doubt the winner in this battle. Being an open-source means that the use of WordPress is free of charge. However, that is not all, you might still need to pay for other things on it in case you need them like plugins, templates. 

The costs of these templates and plugins vary depending on your choice as a person. The prices might be higher or lower depending on the plugin and template you choose. However, in general, WordPress is a much easier and cheaper website builder compared to the others.

Support Html

HTML is committed to offering its clients only the best services and to actualize this, the company has put in place elaborate customer service operators to help any clients who might have issues. If you have any issues, therefore, you can contact them through any of their contacts or even write them depending on the approach that you prefer. 

Support WordPress

Even though WordPress does not offer a definite support channel, they have a number through which you can use to contact them. In case you have any issues that need the address, you can reach out to the engineers at WordPress through their provided contacts.

Why Choose WordPress Over Html

Why would you snub Html in favor of WordPress in Html vs WordPress? There are various reasons that make it a good decision to choose WordPress over HTML like the following:

  • WordPress is easy to set up and use 
  • WordPress is very fast compared to Html 
  • WordPress is an open-source platform meaning it is free to use 

Why Choose Html Over WordPress

  • Again, you might want to know this if you are locked up in between Html vs WordPress. Is Html the better site and if so then what makes it such. 
  • Html uses much fewer resources compared to WordPress, something that makes it much easier to run. 
  • When using Html, you get control of everything on your website because you build your website from the core. 
  • No need for updates which is so common with WordPress, when using WordPress, you will need to keep updating regularly.

Final Thoughts

There is so much that comes between Html vs WordPress. These two website builders go head-to-head in so many areas and choosing the best among them proves challenging in some cases. However, for a person looking to make a somewhat proper choice among these two then you need to consider the text above. This text will give you a better idea of which one of these two you need to choose for building your website.

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