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By Mashum Mollah

It is very easy to build a website with Site123 even if you are a beginner. Tutorials and helpful tips, a user-friendly interface, and 24/7 live chat will guide you through the process. I have been using for some time now and I can assure you that it is among the best website builders in the market.

The eCommerce feature and mobile-responsive templates are more than sufficient for most users. However, if you want to build a complex website or want more freedom in the design, you may find this platform to be a bit limiting. Site 123 will serve you perfectly as long as you are using it for the right purpose. Here, you will get to know the details of Site123 Review and this will give you various reasons to choose this platform

Site123 In-Depth Reviews

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Site123 Overview

Site123 is a user-friendly website builder and comes with an amazing list of features. It includes everything from eCommerce to a mobile responsive template. If you plan to build a personal website, an online store with a few products, or a simple website for your new business, Site123 is more than enough for your needs.

Everything could fit together perfectly with, but this could not be what you want from the tool. competes perfectly with all-inclusive website builders like HostGator, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

The features of Site 123 are highly appealing for beginners who don’t have any development or design experience. It will help you build your website fast even if you don’t have any experience. At the same time, it is important to know about Site123 reviews, pricing, features, pros, cons, and performance. This will help you make the best decision and choose Site123 website builder to create your own website. 

What is is a website builder designed for corporate and private users to create a website in straightforward steps. This tool specializes in assisting users who have no design or coding experience to build their website in a fast and easy way. 

However, Site123 is not for everyone because beginners seem to struggle to understand it. The platform of Site123 is the best website builder for people with some little technical confidence and some patience. Anyone with an eye for design can comfortably use Site123. The theme of this website builder is also limited.  To make your concept clearer, you can view the personal blog WordPress theme and its security plugins. You must know how these platforms work. Now, let’s proceed to know the pros and cons of Site123 according to the reviews. 


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Pros & Cons (4.5/5)

Site123 Review (According To Experts And Past Users)

Site123 Review with pros and cons

Pros – Site123 Review

Site123 platform helps you to build an attractive, responsive, and search engine optimized website. There are various other reasons to choose Site123, according to Site123 reviews and Site123 experts, and these are described below.

  • Ready-made layouts and templates are available on the advanced wizard to help you in setting up your site. 
  • It is ideal for developers who don’t have time to spend several hours or even days arranging the various website elements and still don’t want to hire professional developers. Several website builders use drag and drop capability. 
  • Site 123 allows you to upload your content immediately. From here, you can choose a broad range of all the available mock-ups for every tool. 
  • Site123 is an SEO-friendly website builder, and hence the search engine indexes it with no need for additional coding from your end. The interface adjusts on any device, whether tablets and smartphones or desktops, automatically. 
  • Site123 experts stated that this online store builder allows you to transform into an eCommerce website to begin processing sales transactions and selling products. 
  • Apart from website creation, assists you in getting your website out and grow your online store. 
  • According to the Site123 review, Site123 website builder has social media integrations that allow you to establish connections between your social media accounts and website. With email marketing, you will engage and keep in touch with your customers and visitors. 
  • The tool’s App market also offers you a broad range of third-party apps for connecting to leverage the operations of your website. 
  • The reviews of Site123 clearly stated that this platform provides 24/7 tech support through online chat, email, and the support center to guarantee reachability.

Cons – Site123 Review

There are various cons of the Site123 website builder, according to Site123 reviews, and this you must consider beforehand. So, below described are the most highlighted reviews by the Site123 users.

  • Site123 provides minimal access. This means a situation can arise where you require coding knowledge. Unfortunately, this may not be possible for everyone to deal with the same.
  • Website builder Site123 is perfect for beginners. But what about those individuals who want to create a unique website? However, this cannot be possible with the free version of Site123 because it provides minimal layouts. 
  •  You may need an advance plan to get rid of all ads. 
  • Site123 is expensive as compared to other website builders. 
  • You cannot change templates once your website goes live. 
  • Site 123 lacks flexibility and freedom. 


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Features (4.5/5)

Site123 Theme

1. Attractive and Mobile Responsive Templates comes with more than 180 beautiful website templates. When you scroll through the main template pages, you will not fail to get the one that you will like. You could also click on one of the ten recommended template categories like online store, restaurant, event, blog, and business, among others. 

The good news is that all templates from site123 and free to use. However, according to the Site123 review, the free plan only allows users to use the templates in their most basic form. What you see on the template page is what you get with minimal changes in the colors, fonts, and other design elements. 

You need to upgrade if you want to unlock the most interesting add-on features and customization options and this is already listed on the reviews of Site123 website builder. However, the pricing system of is quite fair in the eyes of the users.

2. Site123 Has Important eCommerce Features offers fairly robust and easy eCommerce tools and this is already listed on the Site123 review platform. Most of the features are a reserve of the two highest subscriptions that are referred to as the Gold and Professional. However, if you are looking towards opening an online store, it may be worth making the investment. If you are willing to create this on WordPress with SEO plugins then you can also view the best eCommerce WordPress themes

Using these two plans, the website owner can accept online payments through Amazon Pay, Square, PayPal, Stripe, and many more. It also allows you to display an unlimited number of products. You will also process a non-limited number of orders monthly. 

Moreover, you can send up to 10,000 email marketing lists per month. Next, you will display/gather customer reviews and ratings for products. Lastly, it allows clients to create personal wish lists and save them to their accounts.

3. No Commission on Sales 

The other top feature of is the fact that it doesn’t take any commission on sales. The only sales-related additional cost that you will have to deal with is the transactional fees from the payment processor that you select.  At the same time, you must be aware of all pros and cons of Site123

It is a standard across all the e-commerce platforms, and the transactional fee is normally close to 3%.  This you must consider before choosing Site 123 for building your website. 

4. Security 

You could be wondering how secure Site123 is for the users? Isn’t it? The good news is that you will get HTTPS/SSL encryption even if you are a free user. 

Therefore, your clients will not be left wondering if their information is protected. You can add an e-Commerce page even with the free plan. You won’t just be able to use your own domain name or accept online payments. 

Therefore, the free plan from Site123 is not the best alternative for an online store unless your clients prefer to make offline bank transfers to random domain. This information is described with the help of the Site123 review. 

5. Plugins and Apps for SEO, Live Chat, and Many More

With any of the two top subscriptions, you will get full access to the App market and plugins library of Site123. However, not all the above tools will be part of your plan. You will have to make an additional payment for some of them even if you have subscribed to the Gold plan. 

Additionally, Site123 review highlights the App Market offers tools for online bookings, pricing tables, and form building. While these plugins and Apps add a high level of functionality to the e-commerce shop, they are not as robust as the features that professionals offer in the e-commerce world. 

If the business that you are running is medium to small scale, you will probably need the more powerful inbuilt tools that Shopify and BigCommerce provide for shipping, customer relationship management, inventory tracking, and invoice management.

6. Display Your Site in Multiple Languages 

The last feature of the review is that we will be looking at is the fact that you can display your site in multiple languages. Apart from using this website builder in 21 languages, you can set up the website for display in up to five languages out of the hundreds that are available. 

At this point, it may be surprising to learn that to get the multilingual options; you should have a paid subscription. You will get access to the use of more languages when you have a higher subscription, according to the Site 123 review. 

In summary, the features of Site123 are versatile enough for both business and personal users. However, you will get the highest level of functionality by paying for the most expensive plan. Like in this case with the templates, users are limited to what Site123 has to offer. You cannot integrate or purchase any third-party apps or plugins. 


Will You Enjoy Using Site123?

Site123 provides the best design that you can hope for your website. It has some of the intriguing features that you will not find in any other website builder. Blogging website, check! Fashion website, check! Photogenic website, check! Ecommerce website, check! What’s more, you want from a website builder.

What do you think of Site123?

Performance (4.6/5) offers core search engine optimization tools to make sure that your website gets a chance of ranking high on the leading search engine like Google. According to Site123 Review, things like the ability to edit the meta title and description, adding alt text to images, customizable URLs, adding alt text to your images so that the search engines can identify what they are and offer assistance. 

The major performance of Site123 are highlighted below:

  • What does not offer is support with any SEO specific apps and which keywords to use. Therefore, you will need some form of pre-existing SEO knowledge to get the best from your website. 
  • It is easy to use this website builder because of the design-assisted approach, creating your website a breeze.
  • takes so much care on your behalf, making it hard to customize or build complex websites with many specific requirements. The other short come of Site123 is in its features. However, the company is investing much in the features, and hence they are improving steadily. 
  • The company has some of the best support and help services in the market, making the builder’s performance to a new level. 
  • It comes with glowing references from the people who have been using the website builder for some time. However, the performance of Site123 is not ideal for large companies. Therefore, it is better to look somewhere else if your company falls under this category. 

Site123 gives superb performance for small businesses and personal websites. You will be able to showcase your contact details and company info in the best way possible. This website builder also has exemplary performance if you want to sell a few products. 

Support (4.9/5)

It is tough to raise a complaint against the customer support that you receive from The only challenge could be that Site123 does not have phone support. You have to do everything by live chat or email. Each page of the site has a live box chat, and hence you will not go far to get help. 

With the live chat feature, you will not wait for more than 30 seconds before you get a response. The company’s support agents are clear, helpful, and polite. gives you enough information that will really answer your questions. They don’t sound as if they are just after upselling their services to you. Besides, users can download transcripts of their live chat conversations if you would like to remind themselves of the answer at a later date.

The other option that you have is to send an email to for support. You can be sure of getting an answer within 12 hours. The answers you receive are also comprehensive, and hence you will not be left wondering whether it is a perfect solution to your problem. Therefore, you will not be left with the frustration of not getting the right answers to your questions. 

You will also get FAQs blocks at the end of almost all pages. However, these FAQs aren’t copy pasted across all the pages. In most cases, they are normally related to the content that is on that page. It means that the FAQs are not filler content but provide actual support to the users. It really takes a lot of time to get such high-end content for your website. 

Pricing (4.4/5)

It is good to tell whether Site123 pricing is worth its price before making a purchase. How much will cost you exactly? Site123 comes with four subscription plans, and each of them has four payment periods. You can either pay every month, every three months, or three years. Your monthly rate will be cheaper when you subscribe for a longer period, and this you will be able to see on Site123 login. You will find the pricing of Site123 as expensive if you follow the Site123 review. 

You can make payment using your credit card or PayPal. You will get better features by upgrading to a more expensive platform. The platform comes with a 14-day moneyback guarantee, but the cancellation process isn’t automated. Therefore, you will not just be clicking on the cancel tab and wait for a money to come in. It can take the representatives up to 72 hours before they get back to you. Site123 pricing has so many good things in store for you as the user. 

SiteBuilder Pricing Details
Website Builder Plan Storage bandwidth Domain Price View Details
Free 500MB storage 1GB bandwidth Subdomain $0.00/mo Click here
PREMIUM 10GB storage 5GB bandwidth Connect Your Domain $5.80/mo Click here


The best thing about Site123 features is the quick speed at which you can get up and running. It is simple to sign up for this platform through a three-step process. The process is efficient, easy to understand, and straightforward.
Site123 is a company based in Israel and offers easy-to-use, free web builders specialized towards small businesses or individuals. Even a novice that has never built a website before can still use
The free plans of these two web builders will give you a storage space of 500MB. Wix limits you to a bandwidth of 500MB, while Site123 gives you 1GB. Both of them also have icon and image libraries where users access free stock images for adding to your website. works by initially asking the users a couple of questions and generating a template with relevant features based on the information you provide. The process is straightforward, making it easy for even first-time users.
Yes, you need to click on pages in the editor. Locate the single video page you want to use and then add it as a new page and click on the edit button next to it. You can upload the video from your computer, external sources, or video library or add a link to a Vimeo/YouTube video.
Site123 offers free email accounts with professional, advanced, and gold packages. You can manage a mailbox under your personal domain name.
A SimpleSite such as Site123 is not really free. You have to take the premium if you want to use more number of templates and some of the advanced features of the same site. Keep in mind, the basic features of any simple site will not provide you complete access to the features. 

User Reviews

Liam Jems

User Friendly Website

\"This is BY FAR, the easiest and most user-friendly website designer that I have dealt with. The technicians on the help chat are above professional and make it so easy to create an awesome website. Once I found SITE123, I quit looking!\"
July 1, 2020
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Bottom line

In this site123 review, we have explored the features, pricing, performance, support, and pros and cons of At the end of the day, Squarespace comes out among the best website builders in the market. However, from the reviews of Site123, it is clear that Squarespace is among the leading website builders for a good reason. 

It has some of the best designs in the market and combines intuitive templates with powerful inbuilt features. gives you the tools that you require to create a stunning website without any need for having coding knowledge. Apart from being a pretty face, the features of pack a punch, and the security and support features don’t mess around.

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Mashum Mollah has been there in the blogging industry for over a decade. He has always believed that blogging holds the most potential in the digital marketing industry. With years of research, he has created some of his best blogging practices, which have helped him establish himself in the industry as a Blogging Engineer. Now he is on a mission to help others and spread the concept of Blogging Engineer.