WordPress vs Dreamweaver full comparison

Being able to put together these two website builders is something that is so hard let alone being able to choose the right among them. Even though these two website builders might look the same, there is so much that puts them apart from each other. For a person looking to choose the right one between these two website builders, a lot of information is required to help you make the right decision. 

The intention of this discussion, therefore, is to keenly look at these two website builders basing on essential factors like features pricing among others. With the debate about Dreamweaver vs WordPress becoming even more intense now, there is an increased need to know who among these two giants gets the better of the other in overall features which form the objectives of this discussion.


Dreamweaver Overview

Dreamweaver Overview Pros & Cons

The first one to go in this comparison is Dreamweaver. This is part of a commercial adobe package product which is a professional web development application that is used in the designing and maintaining of websites. Dreamweaver provides or offers an integrated development environment used in the creation of standards-based web pages as well as applications. 

Unlike the other web builders out here, Dreamweaver offers so many features all of which are intended at helping web developers save on time while building their websites. Thus, if you are someone looking to build a website and you need a website builder which offers you a plethora of features that will help you make all this process easy and possible then Dreamweaver is the right selection for you.

As you read below, you will be able to see some other features that this website builder has to offer and see whether it suits you or not.  From the description above, it can be clearly seen that Dreamweaver is not far off when it comes to the best website builders in 2021

As you make a comparison between Dreamweaver vs WordPress one of the things that need to be considered heavily is the issue of pros and cons. As a person looking to make a choice between these two and more so, an informed one, you need to take time and look at some of the benefits as well as the demerits that these two giant website builders come with, and here is Dreamweaver’s.

Dreamweaver Pros

  • Highlighting the coding for an easy scanning 
  • Helps beginners in understanding exactly what coding does for any website 
  • For the users, they receive frequent code suggestions 
  • Instant checking of coding 
  • You do not need to switch screens as the user 
  • The word processing interface makes it much easier for you to create content variations 
  • You can easily find and also replace items all over your site 
  • As a user, you can tab through files just like any other person tabs through internet sites 

Dreamweaver Cons

Now that you have seen what it is that forms the benefits of Dreamweaver, it is now time to flip the coin and look at the negative side of it as well. This is also important for you to know and an important factor in making the right choice between Dreamweaver vs WordPress.

  • The Adobe Dreamweaver is not browser-based 
  • It might take you a lot of time before learning the interface 
  • You do not get specific coding options 
  • You do not always get what you see 
  • Global styling can in some cases become a major headache 
  • Many users might not really need a system that is this much comprehensive 
  • When keenly analyzed, it does not allow users an opportunity to learn how to code 

WordPress Overview

Differences WordPress vs Dreamweaver

The best way to describe WordPress is that it is an open-source content management system. The system allows users to build dynamic blogs and websites. When it comes to popularity, WordPress is one of the most popular website builders which is estimated to have helped in building over 40% of the websites from across the world. 

The website builder allows for customizing, updating, and even the management of the website from its back-end CMS and components. WordPress also comes with some good features that many people find useful as they all enhance the use of this website builder. 

Many people argue that WordPress is the best website builder across the world. Even though such comments might make WordPress look like an easy winner in the Dreamweaver vs WordPress there are other things that might suggest otherwise.

For instance, the issue of features has long been used in determining which the best website builder is. Even though WordPress offers a myriad of features, some people find issues with some of these very features. However, with all this, the general opinion out there is that WordPress stands out from the rest as a website builder. 

WordPress Pros

  • User friendly 
  • Offers a good number of plugins 
  • SEO 
  • Open-source 
  • Responsive 

WordPress Cons

  • Regular updates 
  • Very vulnerable 
  • Customization 
  • Sometimes low speeds 

Differences Between Dreamweaver and WordPress

Differences WordPress vs Dreamweaver

There are so many differences between Dreamweaver and WordPress. Some of these differences are based on factors like the ease of use, the features among others. This segment of the discussion, therefore, analyzes some of the key differences between Dreamweaver and WordPress.

One Is An Open-source Platform While The Other One Is Not

This is the first difference between Dreamweaver and WordPress is that one is an open-source platform while the other one is not. What this means is that it is free to use WordPress while the case might not be the same with Dreamweaver. 

If you are therefore looking for a website builder that is free to use then WordPress is the best choice for you. However, as you make your mind to WordPress, it is also important for you to know that there are some other costs that come with its use like updates and others. 

More Features In WordPress Compared To Dreamweaver

One of the factors that define the substance of a web builder is the kind of features offered by the site. On this one, WordPress appears to offer more and intuitive features compared to Dreamweaver. These features are designed to help make the use of the web builder much easier. 


When it comes to updates, Dreamweaver does much better compared to WordPress. Dreamweaver comes with automatic updates meaning as a user, you do not need to carry out the updating process all by yourself. However, with WordPress, the case is the contrary. On this one, you as the user have to carry out these updates all by yourself and more so manually. 

Comparison: WordPress vs Dreamweaver

Design WordPress vs Dreamweaver

The greatest difference that exists between Dreamweaver and WordPress is that one of them is a website building platform and CMS all of them in one package while the second one is a web design tool used by professionals. There are so many other things that go into the comparison of these two platforms like the price they use among many others. 

Before making any decisions in a selection between Dreamweaver vs WordPress it is very important that you gauge what these two platforms are and your ability to use them. The intention here is to make sure that you choose a website builder that you can handle.

Ease Of Use:


Dreamweaver is a downloadable application that requires further installation and exploration after the download. If you are to use Dreamweaver then you need to begin by downloading the app then moving on to the other things. Given that Dreamweaver is not a SAS platform means that you cannot manage your site online right from the browser. 

The challenge in all this though is that you need to have this application installed on various computers or if not that then better stick to a single CPU which compromises the issue of flexibility in a significant way. The other thing about Dreamweaver is that it is well suited for experienced web designers meaning if you are not well experienced then you might have issues using the application. 


WordPress is open-source software that requires you to download it and later on install it before being able to use it. Other than that, the system also implies that you need to have a template together with a template integration. That is not all, WordPress also requires you to have a choice of hosting together with a domain name which is all to be used to your advantage. 

In general, WordPress is a much simpler website to use although it also requires some experience for one to be able to do some things like editing with ease. The good thing though in all this is that WordPress is much easier to use website builder even for the people who have never used it in the past. 

Design And Flexibility:


The fact that Dreamweaver is a more pro-oriented platform means that users should not expect so many traditional features like SEO, eCommerce among many others. The main goal of Dreamweaver is to help users bring to life whatever web design ideas they have using powerful visuals and editors. 


WordPress on the other side uses a much different approach where it offers a full kit of functions that are used in not just building but promoting a project as well as engaging the clients.  Many users argue that WordPress has a much better design and is also very flexible hence the preference when the two are compared in Dreamweaver vs WordPress.



In times where the internet has become somewhat not a safe environment to do business, site security has become a key issue of concern. Dreamweaver is well aware of this and in its response to this, it has put in place various measures which all seek to make sure Dreamweaver remains a much safer site not just for the site itself but for the users as well. 


WordPress on itself has also done so much to try and make sure that it stays ahead in an environment where security has become an issue of concern. The use of many passwords among others has been some of the ways that WordPress prefers in dealing with the issue of security. As the internet security threat grows, it is expected that WordPress will also find a way of reacting to this as well. 

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Pricing Comparison:


When it comes to the issue of pricing, Dreamweaver offers various packages which begin at $20.99 per month. The good thing with this website builder though is that it comes with a free trial offer which lasts one week. 


WordPress on the other side comes in at zero costs which forms one of the many benefits of this software. However, even with it being available for free, there are some costs that come with it like premium templates. The pricing of these templates ranges from $30 to $200 depending on the template design. Also, you will find some templates which come in free and premium versions but it is the eventual winner in the Dreamweaver vs WordPress debate on the issue of pricing.

Best For SEO:


Dreamweaver on its side is more of a pro-oriented platform. What this means is that users should not have expectations of the best features from it. This means that when working with the program, you will get an opportunity to customize a quality website but it’s entirely up to you to take care of any further search engine optimization. 


WordPress has more advantages to offer in terms of SEO many of which are realized through the integration of special plugins all of which are meant to boost your position in the search engines. When making a selection for the best SEO plugins which work in a much greater way for your website plugin optimization requirements, you will independently adjust to their major parameters. 

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Best For Blog:


The fact that Dreamweaver is primarily used for web development means that it does not make a perfect fit for the creation of blogs. It might do better in some cases but in general, it is not. As such, if you are looking for a reliable website that can aid in your blogging business then you might have to look for something that is more than Dreamweaver. 


WordPress was initially used for building blogs before switching to website creation. As such, it is the best option you can ever think of when it comes to the creation of blogs. If you are looking for the best website builder for blogs between Dreamweaver vs WordPress then WordPress carries the day.


If you are looking for the best website builder between Dreamweaver vs WordPress then the information is what you need to consider. From the information above, you will find tips that will guide you to the right selection among these two giant website builders.

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