Duda vs WordPress-Who Wins The BattleDuda and WordPress are some of the most common website builders and open content management systems around. These two software have been around for way too long and have stood out during the same time. Over the many years that these two softwares have been in use; they have found themselves competing for clients, something that has led to an emergence of the Duda vs WordPress debate.

Duda and WordPress offer some of the best and most advanced website building tools you will ever find anywhere. The two, as they have been around for many years now, continue to offer a wealth of features that are all intended at making their use far much easier and simpler for their users. 

One of the many things that can be said about these two website builders is that they have been around for quite some time now and have never let down their users during the same time. However, to many finding the best among them has remained a challenge given that they look so much alike. 

Unless there are very convincing reasons, it might be absolutely harder for you to make a decision on which one of these two is the best for you. The only way you can make such a decision right is by analyzing these two websites in the form of Duda vs WordPress and then make a decision for yourself regarding which one among them is the best for you.

In this interest, this discussion carries out a comparative analysis of these two website builders to help in determining just which one of them is the best for you. During the discussion, emphasis will be laid on the features of these two software builder giants, the pricing among other things. 


What Is WordPress?

wordpress overview

The easiest way to describe WordPress is that it is a tool that is used in the creation of websites. What started off as just a tool used in the creation of blogs, WordPress has since grown and is one of the best tools around for the creation of websites. 

In fact, it is said that WordPress has been used to create well over 40% of the websites across the world. That is not a very bad idea considering that WordPress was initially used in the creation of blogs. Thanks to its best features, WordPress has continued to grow in popularity and is more likely to grow even further. 

WordPress Pros

  • User friendly 
  • Offers you various plugins 
  • Very responsive 
  • Open-source 

WordPress Cons

  • Regular updates 
  • Very vulnerable 
  • Customization 
  • Decreased speeds sometimes 

What Is Duda?

What is Duda

Now that you know what WordPress is, some of its benefits as well as its cons, it is now time to flip the coin and look at Duda too. The intention here is to find out exactly what Duda is and try to look at some of its Pros and cons as well. 

Duda in the simplest of the description is a website builder that was established with the view of meeting the needs of both mobile screen users as well as desktop users. The programmers responsible for founding Duda also discovered that the initial browsing was going to impact web browsing significantly.

Duda Pros

  • You get a fantastic range of apps together with widgets
  • A decent level of creative control 
  • Simplicity making it so easy to use 

Duda Cons

  • Does not come with a free plan and has so much expensive plans 
  • Does not come with so many powerful features like WordPress 
  • It sometimes gets so confusing especially when you try to push the apps to the limits 

Comparison Points : Duda vs WordPress

There is so much that is there to be compared between WordPress and Duda for a person looking to choose the best among these two. Most importantly you need to know that these two tools are just as good and any of them could just do well for you. However, if you need the best among then the factors listed will help you make the right pick between Duda vs WordPress.

Open-Source Platform

Is WordPress an open-source platform or not? You definitely need to know about this and the truth of the matter, yes, it is. What this means is that anyone can use WordPress if they need to, change it and even redistribute its code. Being an open-source platform means that WordPress does not just allow its users to study its code but also allows them to improve it through testing it, bug reporting, and even submitting patches. 

So, this says it all, WordPress is an open-source platform that allows its users a lot of freedom. So, if you are looking for a proper open-source platform between Duda vs WordPress then you might just have a good choice in WordPress so there you go.

What about Duda, is it an open-source platform or not? On this one is very clear that Duda is not and here is why. For you to be able to use Duda you need to subscribe to its services for you to be able to use this website builder. However, much as this is the case, Duda has so many good and appealing features that excite users from all over the world. 

However, as to whether this is an open-source platform, it definitely is not. So, in the discussion of which one among these two is the best with an open-source being a key determining factor then WordPress dwarfs Duda by far. 

Design Comparisons

wordpress vs duda design comparison

Who is the best in Duda vs WordPress in terms of design? This is what this segment seeks to find out. Design is such an essential factor that can help in determining just which or what is the best website builder. WordPress and Duda have so much to offer in terms of design like the following, you can look at them and choose the best among them as you feel convinced you most in terms of design.

Duda offers more than 100 quality templates, these templates are all free and responsive by default. This collection of the system is updated regularly with new high-end designs coming in more often to give it an even much better and appealing design. 

The templates on Duda are sorted by the industry with the view of simplifying and speeding up the user’s choice. If you need much better easy and quick template access then you can use a search filter which is also easily available on Duda. 

When it comes to themes Duda does not also fail, it offers much better versatile and impressive themes which are also modern. If you wish to modify these themes then it is much easier for you to do so using a code injection that is developer mode enabled. 

In the event that you as a user are enabled to find a template that absolutely suits your needs then Duda will offer you an opportunity of selecting a blank theme and then customize it yourself right from scratch. 

There is so much that can be said about the design of Duda but clearly you can see Duda offers a much better and appealing design making it an eventual winner in the Duda vs WordPress debate on this issue. The design has the users in mind and is up to the task of making sure that you get as much comfortable using Duda as possible.

How about WordPress, how does its design compare to that of Duda. WordPress offers one of the most extensive modern and rich templates in modern web history. The reason for this is because CMS does not offer in-built themes by default but rather it allows its users to integrate external designs. 

There are so many themes on WordPress that run into hundreds if not thousands right on the web. These themes on WordPress are specially and specifically developed for WordPress by many web designers. As such, it is possible for you to find any other theme that you need or that fits your needs as well as your project focus. 

Ease of Use

Ease-Of-Use duda vs wordpress

One of the reasons why WordPress ranks up there among the best CMS software is because of its ease of use. Once you set up your website plan a very procedure will walk you through making a domain name selection together with a title for your site together with other information. 

It is very much easier for you to create a post together with pages in the block editor and also allows you to access the media library and embed content. In general, it is right to say that WordPress holds the reputation of being one of the best CMS software you will ever find anywhere. 

Website builders continue to be on high demand but finding the right one among them in terms of simplicity. There are some website builders that are so hard to interpret while using some might be so time-consuming. However, even with these factors, Duda offers one of the best websites in terms of ease of use. 

One of the many things that make Duda such an easy-to-use website is that it is very a very flexible website. This means you can use it in so many ways without feeling its weight because of its immense flexibility. 


In the software development world, version control tools play a very key role in tracking changes to documents and files. These tools are used by small and large teams. WordPress offers these tools that are used in controlling and keeping up with every modification made to any part of the code or a file. 

Duda gives you so much control of your site as well. It enables you to be the one deciding how you intend to see your site look like. As such, you get the freedom to do many things and do them in a way that pleases you most. 


Flexibility is one of the key things that determine how good and easy it is to use a website and an essential factor in deciding the best in Duda vs WordPress stalemate. On this one, WordPress has not done very bad, it offers a very flexible platform that one can use in building his or her preferred website. In fact, it is this flexibility that makes WordPress one of the best website builders available in the market.

Duda is equally flexible but not as much as WordPress, the fact this website builder is not an open-source platform means that its flexibility is not one that can be relied upon. Therefore, if you are looking for the best website builder in terms of flexibility then Duda might not be a very ideal choice. 

WordPress Ecommerce Features

  • Sell digital products 
  • Create a premium content library 
  • Offer freelance services 

Duda Ecommerce Features

  • Variety payment options 
  • Email marketing 
  • Automated store emails 

Support Comparison

WordPress offers a plethora of ways through which you can use to get in touch with them. For instance, you can write to them through email or if not that then you can also contact them through a phone. If you have any issues that warrant getting in touch with WordPress then there are many ways that you can use to contact the company. 

The most reliable way to get support from Duda is via the phone, you can contact them any time and the operators of the company will pick your call and attend to you. On this one, there appears to be a balance on Duda vs WordPress regarding which one is the best among them.

Pricing Comparison

WordPress comes with various pricing plans which all begin from 4$ per month which is billed per year to 45$ per month which is also billed per year. These plans come with various features which increase per the plan beginning from the smallest to the largest. 

When it comes to pricing many people argue that Duda is a bit expensive considering that the lowest amount paid to the website builder is 14$ per month which is also billed annually while the highest-paid amount is 44$ which is also paid annually. However, the good thing with Duda is that it offers a free trial to its users. 


The Duda vs WordPress is a discussion that is going to remain around for quite some time now. These two website builders have established a dynasty as the best website builders anywhere. The text above has been an attempt to try and compare these two website builders and make a determination regarding which one among them is the best.

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