If you have been looking to build yourself an online store then there is a good chance you have come across the word’s phrases volusion vs shopify. These two are some of the best and most reliable online store builders that you can ever make use of if you are looking to build a reliable online store.


Volusion Overview

volusion overview

Since its founding back in the year 1999 volusion has grown on to employ more than 2000 employees and also boasts of hosting over 30, 000 merchants. Volusion in simple terms is a cloud-based eCommerce software. If you are an online seller, you can use this tool to establish an online store and then add products as well as payment details. Once you do this, you will be able to begin selling, that simple. 

In the past years, Volusion has been offering two versions of its software namely V1 and V2. Even though the V1 version is still available, Volusion has switched its focus to V2 which is now known as volt. As such, you can expect Volt or you like V2 to grab more attention from the developers in the coming days. 

As a person who is interested in Volusion it is more important for you to focus more on Volt since that is the direction the company is more likely to take. Any new developments regarding Volusion are more likely to fall in this category given the focus extended in this direction by the company. 

Volusion Pros & Cons

volusion pros & cons

Volusion as a software builder comes with so many benefits way more than what you can imagine. However, just like any other thing, there are also some demerits to it as well. In this section of the discussion sheds some light on some of the pros and cons of Volusion as it tries to bring out the best in volusion vs shopify.

Volusion Pros

  • In built education and professional services 
  • Onboarding and customer support 
  • Security and speed 
  • Very intuitive dashboard 

Volusion Cons

  • Relatively higher pricing 
  • Website revisions and rendering 
  • Does not allow for digital downloads to be hosted off site 
  • Some parts and not easily editable by a typical user 
  • Some of the simplest graphics are not easily customizable 

Shopify Overview

shopify overview

Well before getting into the essential and core workings of shopify it is very important to at least have an idea of what shopify is. Doing so will enable you to have a much better useful understanding of shopify together with its working. 

Well, there are so many definitions to shopify but this should be the best of them all. Shopify is an ecommerce platform which allows anyone to make sales online at any retail location in between. With more than 800000 merchants powered by shopify, the platform provides the required tools to sell in many places. 

Some of these tools include the web, social media, the online marketplace all of which are aimed at making the selling experience on this platform remarkable. The shopify businesses have made up to $ 100 billion up to date and the figure is more likely to go up in the coming days. 

Shopify Pros and Cons

shopify pros and cons

Shopify Pros

  • Easy to use in terms of simplicity
  • The best choice of storefront themes
  • Shopify app store 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Marketing and discounts 

Shopify Cons

  • Exporting blog posts is very complicated 
  • Clients cannot use multiple discounts 
  • You can only use the AMP feature if you have a paid application 

Ease Of Use: Volusion Vs Shopify

ease of use volusion vs shopify

Shopify Ease Of Use 

One of the greatest and most essential components of any online ecommerce builder is the issue of ease of use. Unless an ecommerce site builder is easy to use, it might not be so ideal to use by many people. As such, it is very important for anyone looking to work with any of these online ecommerce site building platforms to seriously consider this issue with seriousness. 

There are some things about shopify which appear to point to the issue of ease of use. For instance, shopify has such a clean, clear and simple interface which makes it much easier for you to set up your store when you need one just in case you need a better choice in volusion vs shopify. Even if you are a total beginner, you will still find it so easy to shopify because of these said reasons.

However, this does not mean that you will have your shopify online store set up in five minutes, that is definitely not the case. The reason for this is very simple, shopify packs some serious amount of power to its backend which might be the reason as to why setting up a store is not that easy. 

However, even with such a case, shopify still manages to make its editor as much smooth and so simple to use. This means that shopify is generally easy to use and can be easily handled even by the beginners who have never used it before or in the past. 

Volusion Ease Of Use 

How easy is it to use volusion and how does it come out in volusion vs shopify? Well find out for yourself. Volusion comes with such a sleek design and some easy-to-understand categories thus making learning how to use volusion such an intuitive process. When getting started, you will feel somehow overwhelmed with the dashboard on your side designed to be as much straightforward as possible.

When it comes to setting up things also, adding products as well as pages are such easy and self-explanatory processes. Thus, if you wish to take on this process then you definitely should not run into any problems doing so. In the event that you encounter any problems on this platform, they will be handled pretty easily and quickly something that makes the use of volusion pretty easy.

With the use of volusion, you do not need to worry about coding or even setting up any kind of web development. The fact that volusion comes with such a proper and responsive customer care and support system means that it is such an easy-to-use ecommerce platform builder too. 

Even though shopify and volusion are quite easy to use Volusion comes with a rather easy to use interface. For someone who needs the best and easy to use ecommerce site builder then you can read from the comparisons above and get the best amongst them.

Design & Template: Volusion Vs Shopify

design volusion vs shopify

Design & Template: Shopify

The shopify design comes at a very low cost which is generally to allow for people with all sorts of budgets. One the average basis shopify theme projects begin to receive their preferred designs within just hours. Generally, shopify comes with the best design which is aimed at making its use much easier by all the users. 

Also, shopify comes with a good number of themes and templates which again adds up to the beauty of this ecommerce platform builder. Some of the many known shopify templates include Roxxe, Kalles, Lazada premium and many others as well which make it somehow the better choice in volusion vs shopify.

Design & Template: Volusion

A great design in an ecommerce website builder elevates your brand and also amplifies sales when there is a need to do so. This is why many website builders have taken time to focus on design knowing well that these benefits could make a huge difference. Volusion offers the best design experience which ranges from an intuitive dashboard to many others which come with the view of making its use much easier. 

It also comes with so many other themes and templates all of which can be customized to make for the best experience. As you consider the best ecommerce site builder that comes with the best design then volusion is the best option you can pick in volusion vs shopify you need to be thinking about.

Features: Volusion Vs Shopify

features volusion vs shopify

Shopify Features

Features are the core of every ecommerce building platform. Any ecommerce platform that does not come with the best features cannot offer great help when it is needed to do so. As such, it is very important that when looking for an ecommerce site builder you focus on the issue of features as well. True to this, shopify comes with some incredible features like the following which is what you need to look at when choosing to decide between volusion vs shopify.

  • Gift cards 
  • Shopify point of sale 
  • Unlimited products 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Online sales channels 
  • Fraud analysis 
  • Manual order creation 
  • Discount codes 
  • Abandoned cart recovery 

Volusion Features

  • Responsive themes 
  • Navigator editor 
  • Search functionality 
  • CSS editor 
  • Product category pages 
  • Homepage slideshow 
  • Custom domain 
  • Rich content editor 

Transactions & Payments: Volusion Vs Shopify

payments volusion vs shopify

Shopify Transactions And Payments 

The need to give or offer the best experience has made shopify to work on essential steps geared towards making shopify transactions and payments more seamless and easier. Shopify accepts credit cards as well together with many other popular payment methods with the available payment provider. 

If you are tired of the lengthy 3rd party activations and you need a much simpler way of doing things then shopify is exactly what you need. The shopify payment structure comes with this account meaning you just need to turn it on. 

Shopify also comes with a convenient way of making payments which allows clients to make payments their own way. This is done with the sole aim of boosting conversions while at the same time making the entire shopping process much simpler. If you need a much better and smooth checkout experience then you need to pick shopify in volusion vs shopify you can enable popular payment methods as well as local currencies

Volusion Transactions And Payments 

Volusion too has not been left behind when it comes to payments and transactions as well. It makes it absolutely easy for clients to make payments using credit cards without leaving your site at any given time. The transaction rates on volusion begin from 2.15% and there is no statement or any PCI fees. 

All the new volusion stores are always ready to use the volusion payments though by default. However, you will have to apply for an account with volusion before you can be able to process any credit card transactions. Once you make the payment application, the team in charge will review your application and get back to you in not more than two days’ time. 

Customer Support: Volusion Vs Shopify

customer support volusion vs shopify

Customer Support: Shopify

Customer support is also another essential aspect of any ecommerce building site. The ability to get help when you need it most is something that can make for a big difference in the client and user experience. On this issue, shopify has done so well putting in place a capable experienced and dedicated team of experts who are always willing to assist whenever they are needed. 

If you have any issues that need to be attended to then the shopify able team will not hesitate to offer you the kind of help. The good thing about shopify together with its support team is the kind of speed that they attend to you when you need help. This speed could as well be the reason why some people pick shopify in any volusion vs shopify debate.

Customer Support: Volusion

On the issue of client support volusion has also made tremendous steps in this regard as well. To enable their clients, get help when they need it. Volusion has put in place a very able 24/7 support team that is always ready to offer you help when you need it. 

There are more than one means that you can use to reach out to volusion when you need help from them. For instance, you can reach out to them via phone if you need help and you will be assisted depending on your need and more so well on time. 

Pricing Plan: Volusion Vs Shopify

pricing plan volusion vs shopify

Shopify Pricing Plan

Shopify comes with three pricing plans namely the Basic shopify plan, the shopify plan and finally the advanced shopify plan. The basic shopify plan costs $ 29 a month and is best for the new businesses or the online businesses that are new to in person selling. 

The shopify plan costs $79 a month and is the best plan for the growing businesses with just one retail store. Finally, there is the advanced shopify which will cost you $ 299 a month and is the best plan for growing businesses with 2 retail stores. 

Volusion Pricing Plan

Just like shopify volusion also comes with three payment plans namely personal, professional and the business plan. These plans cost $ 29, $ 79, $ 299 respectively. The good thing with these plans is that they do not come with any transaction costs. Given that all these costs are almost similar, it is somehow harder to make a decision on volusion vs shopify based on the issue of price alone.

Final verdict 

Volusion vs shopify remains some of the best-known ecommerce website builders around the globe. However, choosing the best site from these two can be somehow challenging especially if you are coming into contact with them for the first time. The article above consists of some of the best comparisons you will ever find anywhere giving you a clear insight into these two ecommerce builders.

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