SiteGround vs GoDaddy

Godaddy has its name up there with some of the other top names in the well-recognized web hosting names. Over the past many years, Godaddy has established itself as one of the best top and reliable web hosting platforms that serve and continues to serve millions of clients worldwide even though there are people who argue that SiteGround is better in SiteGround vs GoDaddy.

Godaddy offers a variety of services which range from professional email, website builders, domain registrations among many others. If you are therefore looking for a web hosting platform that is used by so many people from across the world, with fast loading speeds and easy to install then Godaddy is what you need.


SiteGround Overview

Siteground is a web hosting company that was founded back in the year 2004. It is an independent company which is based in Bulgaria and is one of the most trusted web hosting sites from across the world. Web hosting continues to serve many users from all over the world and has continued to do better hence the trust.

The whole concept of hosting a website as seen on the SiteGround review just began as a college dorm and has continued to grow since then. From the beginning up to now, Siteground has continued to grow and now hosts more than 500, 000 domains and servers.

The formation of the siteground was by some three university friends in the year 2004 and as you know it, it has since grown no wonder the name gold standard. If you, therefore, need a much better and reliable web hosting platform then this is what you need to consider.

Ease Of Use: SiteGround

When it comes to the ease-of-use Siteground is quite a deal here. It comes with a dashboard together with a back end which is all so easy to navigate. Up until the year, 2019 Siteground utilized a cPanel which has since moved on to take a much better and modern approach in the admin management no wonder people regard it as a better web hosting site over GoDaddy vs SiteGround.

With this much better and new and reliable addition, it is much easier for you to navigate around the entire Siteground dashboard with ease without necessarily getting overwhelmed. If by chance you run more than just one site then you will definitely get one unique admin panel for each one of them.

Getting to set up this site panel is much easier as well. It is easy for you to migrate your existing site which is built on another CMS right over to siteground for hosting which makes it very easy to rock and also roll with ease. Also, in the event that you feel overwhelmed, you will find a curated library of siteground knowledge.

Ease Of Use: Godaddy

The design of Godaddy is in such a way that it is so easy to use. In fact, just right from your first step, you get the guarantee of being in a much secure environment that asks you to drop in a copy. When using Godaddy, you do not need to worry about some of these complex web developments just like is stated in the GoDaddy review.

To get started, you need to start by answering some of these simple questions, what exactly do you sell and what is your store called. From here Godaddy will build the entire framework for you leaving you only with the role of customizing it. You also get the opportunity to upload your images and also get to choose from your fonts and colors.

You have successfully answered these questions and now you can move on to start building your website. In general, there is nothing complicated about using Godaddy as it is designed in such a way that it makes it much easier for you to use it.

SiteGround Features:

Siteground features serve some important roles, they do not just provide a good user experience but also justify the amount of money paid for these services. Below you are going to find some Siteground features that inform the decision to use this web hosting ahead in the siteground vs godaddy.

  • Included email plans
  • SSD persistent storage
  • Ultra-fast network
  • 100% renewable energy match

Godaddy Features:

  • Godaddy insight
  • Themes
  • Very easy editing
  • Marketplace selling
  • No transaction fees
  • Easy media upload
  • Customer interaction
  • Unlimited products

Performance Godaddy vs SiteGround

SiteGround Performance:

It is very important to know much about the performance together with the speed of any web hosting company you wish to deal with. When it comes to the issue of performance on siteground there are a number of factors that go into consideration like the response time among others.

When it comes response time siteground does much better than the web hosting sites, a better choice in siteground vs godaddy as it comes with a much faster server hosting time compared to other web hosting companies. The other issue of great importance is security where siteground does much better than many other web hosting sites as well.

To make sure that there is increased security, siteground also offers a free SSL certificate to make sure that there is enhanced security protection. Siteground also offers a 99.99% uptime. To give a guarantee of this siteground offers a guarantee that if your uptime falls below 99.99% then you will be compensated for that with free hosting for one month.

Godaddy Performance:

Godaddy is also not that bad when it comes to performance. There are so many things that speak to the performance of Godaddy like the ease of use and others. Of importance though is the issue features where Godaddy comes with more features that all make the performance of Godaddy much easier.

SiteGround Security:

When it comes to the matter’s security, the siteground does much better than its competitors because of many factors. For instance, siteground comes with 5 data centers globally which are all secured 24/7 by human security biometrics and other features. This means that if you are using siteground then your security is guaranteed.

Godaddy Security:

Godaddy is well aware of the security threat on web hosting sites and is doing anything possible to respond to this crisis. Godaddy has measures in place which monitor all the alerts and also cleans your site in case of any problem. Given the sophistication and complexity of web hosting threats, GoDaddy has also put in place adequate measures that seek to balance the issue of security preparedness to the existing threat.

SiteGround Support:

Siteground customer service is up there with the other top web hosting companies and much better in GoDaddy vs SiteGround. When you use web hosting, you get access to 24/7 customer security support through either the phone or chat. If you need connections of any kind then that can happen to you within a short period of time.

The good thing with siteground is that it comes with a dedicated team of experts who are committed and well versed with all the siteground matters. This means if you need help then you are more likely to get the help well on time. The good thing with siteground though is that the support is much easier to reach when you need it.

Godaddy Support:

Godaddy also comes with a comprehensive customer support system which is also easily accessible to all the people who need help more so on time. The most reliable and efficient way that you can use to reach Godaddy is by phone where there are numbers that you can use to reach out to the web customer support team.

SiteGround and Godaddy Pricing Plan

SiteGround Pricing Plan:

One thing you need to know about siteground pricing is that it is more expensive compared to the other web hosting companies. Siteground comes with various pricing plans which are six in number but as has been said above are more expensive compared to the other site. Here are some of the pricing plans for siteground but if you are looking for a pocket-friendly web hosting site in siteground vs GoDaddy then GoDaddy will be the best choice.

  • There is the shared web hosting which comes in from $6.99 to $14.99 per month
  • The WordPress hosting comes in from $6.99 to $14. 99 per month
  • WooCommerce hosting starts from $6.99 to $14.99 a month
  • Cloud hosting is a bit expensive coming in at $80 to $240 per month
  • The reseller hosting starts from $9.90 to $80 per month
  • Enterprise hosting comes in $2000 per month

Godaddy Pricing Plan:

Here are the pricing plans for Godaddy which you need to look at before opting to use this web hosting site or not:

  • Shared hosting comes in from $2.99 per month
  • WordPress hosting comes in from $4.99 per month
  • Business hosting starts from $19.99 per month
  • The VPS hosting starts from $29.99 a month
  • The dedicated hosting begins from $89.99 per month

WordPress Integration SiteGround

When it comes to WordPress integration, the siteground appears or does much better because of so many things like the enhanced speed and the backups that are offered by the site. If you are therefore looking for a web hosting site with the best integration with WordPress then siteground is what you need and perhaps a better choice in the godaddy vs siteground debate.

WordPress Integration GoDaddy

Godaddy too is not as bad when it comes to integration with WordPress. It comes with some features which all make it much easier for it to integrate with WordPress. However, when compared to siteground Godaddy falls back as siteground is regarded to be much better.

godaddy pros and cons

GoDaddy Pros

  • Intuitive interface together with useful tools
  • More than 300 templates and themes
  • Tutorial’s inclusion
  • Support at all times

GoDaddy Cons

  • Much of a basic design
  • Clunky eCommerce tools
  • Not possible to switch between themes
  • Not a very reliable uptime

siteground pros and cons

SiteGround Pros

  • Excellent server performance
  • You get a choice of various locations coming in three continents
  • Advanced server speed technologies
  • Amazing customer support
  • Easy to setup
  • Recommended by WordPress

SiteGround Cons

  • Strange services availability
  • Significant prices hiking
  • Their uptime guarantee does not outages


If you are looking for the best web hosting site then siteground vs godaddy offers you some of the best options in this regard. By choosing one of these two website builders, you will have chosen one of the best web hosting sites there is in the market.

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