Is WordPress Premium Worth it

WordPress premium in the simplest terms possible is an open-source free content management system that is written in Php and then paired with MySQL. If you are looking for a professional website builder which is much better and reliable then this is what you need to consider though you need to go through the WordPress premium review before making your choice. 


What Is WordPress Premium?

If you are a WordPress user then you might have found yourself being an option of upgrading to WordPress premium.  However, without adequate knowledge on exactly what WordPress premium is, you might find it hard telling exactly what this is and find it hard choosing or declining it. 

So, what exactly is WordPress premium, and is WordPress premium worth it? WordPress premium is not so different from WordPress that you know. It is an open-source content management system written in PHP. It is one of the best professional website builders you can ever find around if this is what you are looking for. 

However, much as WordPress premium has so much to offer in terms of benefits, there are people who still find it not a good website builder, and as is WordPress premium worth it. As such, it is expected that before you choose it over the other website builders, you shall carry out your research on it adequately. 

The best way to go about this is by looking at all the pros and cons of WordPress premium and decided for yourself if it is the real deal for you or not. Also, you can carry out comparisons between it and other website builders for a better idea of exactly what you are subscribing to. 

WordPress Premium Pros

WordPress Premium Pros

 Now that you know what WordPress premium is, it is now time you looked at some of the pros that come with the same website builder. For a much better idea, this section of the discussion focuses exclusively on the pros of WordPress premium then later on WordPress premium cons and also tries to answer the question is WordPress premium worth it. 

To be honest, there are so many benefits that come with upgrading to WordPress premium. Even though the price tag on WordPress premium is higher than that of WordPress itself, the high number of features you get on this site justifies its use. 

It Is A Free Domain

When you make the decision of working with WordPress premium, you get the opportunity of making a choice for a custom-made domain name just for your WordPress site. This is such a top and great way of promoting your brand online by choosing a domain by yourself if you are still wondering if WordPress premium worth it. 

24×7 Support

By using WordPress premium, it means you will be able to get unlimited support which is around the clock anytime you need it. As a user, you can take advantage of email support where you can have all your concerns all addressed within a short period of time. One thing about WordPress premium is that it comes with a team of experts who are well-versed experienced and always ready to help you out when you need help. 

Premium Themes

WordPress Premium themes

WordPress premium comes with premium themes which are all available to you as a user. These themes though are not in WordPress free version. If you are using WordPress premium it means that you can also be able to fully customize your themes which all include fonts, styles, and colors. 

You Get Monetization Options

One of the greatest benefits of WordPress premium is that it offers you the ability to monetize your WordPress site. WordPress premium allows you as the user to make additions of advertisements to your pages something that will see you earn money in the process for a person asking is WordPress premium worth it then this perhaps the greatest argument in favor of the discussion. 

Regular And Reliable Updates

Again, this is also one of the key benefits that come with WordPress premium. Given that WordPress premium has a committed staff that is always looking to offer the best services whenever they are needed means that updates come in much easier. 

As such, users are able to get updates on their WordPress themes without much of a problem. This is unlike the case with the WordPress free version which requires physical updates. As such, it is recommended that if you do not like regular updates on WordPress then WordPress premium is the option you need to pick in WordPress personal vs premium. 

WordPress Cons

WordPress Premium Pros

There is no way to talk about WordPress pros then fail to talk about the cons of the same. For a better understanding and comparison, it is very important that you also look at the issue of Cons as well. As such, this section of the article takes a look at some of the cons of WordPress as well. 

It Is More Expensive

You guessed this right, the use of WordPress premium is not something that is easily manageable, it is expensive in fact before using this option you need to, first of all, find out exactly how much is WordPress premium. Given that you have to pay a monthly fee for the use of WordPress premium means that it is not an easy-to-use web builder in terms of costs. 

Comes With Limited Customized Options

As a user, you get an opportunity to easily customize the functionality core of a WordPress premium website. However, it is not easy to customize the plugins and also upload the themes like is the case with other website builders

Instead, WordPress premium chooses from an extensive list of plugins and advanced themes which are all compatible but come with a monthly fee. If you have a premium and also a business then you get the allowance to customize your CSS and if you are asking yourself the question is WordPress premium worth it then this could be one of the indicators. 

Frequent Updates

Even though frequent updates might look like all that is needed to bring about the much-needed change, they sometimes come with so much inconvenience. These updates as they come in make a website much safer and also more mobile responsive and even web browser compatible. 

However, these very updates can lead to the loss of data if not carried out in the right way. Given that these updates come in frequently means that your website is exposed to the risk of data loss more compared to the other web builders

Hard To Use Custom Layouts

The layouts that come with WordPress premium are sometimes so hard to use. Even though some of these layouts are easy to customize or can be customizable are not so easy to navigate through. The case is also with the design process which is also not so easy to carry out as well which might bring the answer no to the question is WordPress premium worth it. 

More Prone To Hacks

One of the dreaded occurrences of any website is the issue of hacks. A hacking attempt should it be successful cannot just inconvenience a website can also lead to some immense losses.  This is why some people object to the WordPress premium as it is more prone compared to even the free versions of WordPress. 

WordPress Premium vs WordPress Free

WordPress premium vs WordPress free

The WordPress premium vs WordPress free was brought about by the number of people who wish to know which one of these two websites’ version is the best. From the onset it might look like WordPress premium is the eventual winner in this debate but this is not the case, there are strong reasons that argue in favor of the WordPress free version as well though there are those who still want to know if WordPress premium worth it. 

When it comes to a comparison there are some things that have to be analyzed keenly to determine the best WordPress option among these ones. One of these factors is the issue of pricing support and many others and the performance. 

For the purpose of debate, this segment of the discussion looks at some of these factors and features of these two WordPress versions to determine which one of them is the best. The aim as you might already know it seeks to answer the question is WordPress premium worth it. Before making your decision in this regard it is expected that you shall consider these factors keenly. 


The performance of a WordPress version is dependent on the number of features a WordPress version has to offer and its practicality. On this one WordPress premium does much better than WordPress free is it has more features to offer most of which make the use of this site much easier to use and gives a much better experience. 


When it comes to matters of support WordPress Premium also does better by having a credible and reliable team of experts in place to help anyone who has any issues that need to be addressed. On this one WordPress free has also not been left far behind as they too have put in place measures that offer the much-needed support to the people who come looking for it. 


This An important issue is also. WordPress Premium cost is not a cheap option, get that right. If you opt for this option you are going to find yourself having to make do with monthly payments which if all put together can constitute something much bigger. 

WordPress free on the other side is not as expensive as its WordPress premium counterpart. In fact, this is one free-to-use WordPress option only that sometimes you might have to pay for updates and plugins that come with the open-source option. 

If you need an economical WordPress version then WordPress free is the option you need to go for. However, you need to know that by making this choice, you will be saying no to some things like the features that WordPress premium has to offer. 


Is WordPress premium worth it? Well, it is and it is because of the information provided above. WordPress premium has so much to offer with the best features that justify its high fees. If you are looking for the best WordPress option the premium is what you need though you need to look at the WordPress pros and cons.

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