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By Mashum Mollah

“With the aim of building a booming ecommerce business, you need to make use of an easy to use website that comes with a manageable content strategy. Fortunately, for you, this is exactly what Shopify reviews are here to help you achieve. This is a website builder that makes it so easy for you to launch your online store as well as manage it.”

Shopify In-Depth Reviews

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Just like the other ecommerce platforms we have around, Shopify comes with its pros as cons. It is not a perfect ecommerce platform, to tell the truth. As a matter of fact, we do not have any perfect ecommerce platform around, all of them come with some degree of shortcomings. 

However, if your main point of focus is ecommerce and nothing else then Shopify is one of the best options we have around. For a person with an online storefront, you need a site builder as well as a content manager which understands selling and inventory management first, this is exactly what shopify is all about. 

What is Shopify? 

If you are so much into e commerce then chances are you are going to stumble over so many names in this category. One of these names is shopify which is a leading ecommerce platform. Thus, you might need to know exactly what Shopify is before considering working or using it. 

This is what we intend to look at in this segment. We need to see what shopify is and also look at some other finer details about the same later on. So, what is shopify if someone would dare to ask? This is simple terms is an online ecommerce platform. This platform enables you to launch your online store and also manage your site. 

The platform comes with clickable builds which allows you to majorly focus on building sales even without any technical and design background. This software comes with some standard features which majorly focus on efficient sales as well as boosting your revenue. 

Shopify product reviews are primarily built for the e-commerce world. This is the best choice for you if you are looking to launch an online store. Being a site builder, shopify is designed for entrepreneurs as well as business owners and requires no knowledge in coding. 

If you are a business that intends to build and launch your own online store then shopify is what you need to be using. This ecommerce platform will save you so much of your set up time as well relieve you the burden of technical headaches that come with launching an online store. 

Features (4.9/5)

shopify product reviews

The strength of any eCommerce lies in the kind of features that the platform has to offer. The more the features, the best the platform is for use. Shopify comes with so many different features all of which are intended at making the use of this platform such an easy thing to do. 

In this segment, we are going to look at all these features and try to see what they all entail. From one feature to the other, we shall carefully dissect them and give you as much information about them as there is. 

To start with, it is right to say that Shopify comes with a plethora of features of all which are intended at helping you build the very best of a shop. Each one of these features is created with an ecommerce slant. This means that even content management, as well as sales, build up all come second to sales. 

Shopify reviews cnet is simplified so much and this is aimed at helping you focus more on the e-commerce activities of importance to you. That said about the features, it is now time we look at each one of these features and see what each one of them has and why these features make shopify the best ecommerce platform we have out there.

1. Hosting 

One of the most exciting things about shopify is that unlike the others, it is a fully hosted solution. Once you opt to use shopify, you will not have to undergo the stress of having to buy and also manage extra external software. That’s not all, you also exempt yourself from the burden of having to pay for hosting or hiring a developer who will wade through the entire building process as well as domaining stuff for you. 

If you are looking for that out of the box solution when it comes to ecommerce that will streamline your work from the beginning to the end then shopify is the solution you need. With so many things eased for you, you get ample to focus majorly on sales hence growing your business. 

2. Easy Payment Options 

However, when using shopify then you will not have anything to worry about in this regard. Shopify will at all times handle the online payments for you relieving you of the burden of having to store the private and essential customer information. 

This way, your products, and inventory become so easy to manage and the social media sales are just a click away. In general, we can say that it is much easier to use and even navigate on shopify compared to the other ecommerce platforms. 

There might be a few issues on shopify that require sorting out in terms of ease of use but in general, Shopify is much easier to use compared to the other ecommerce platforms. If you are looking for a perfect place from where you can build the best website without much of a struggle then this is the right place for you.

3. Exchange marketplace 

Shopify comes with an entire miniature of the pre-built possibilities which come through shopify exchange. If you are not so good and building your store from the scratch then you need to consider using shopify. With Shopify, you do not need to start from scratch as there is no time for that.  

There is an entire marketplace comprising of already built shopify stores which are available for purchase. In general, the exchange offers more than 3000 sites which are available at any given time. The entire exchange marketplace is part of shopify itself and therefore is by no chance a black-market shady deal. If you have the cash, you can choose to purchase a successful business from the start. 

There are starter stores on shopify reviews which you can buy for a relatively cheap price. If you have more money, you can opt for a thriving store which is also available but might cost you more in the end. Depending on the criteria you choose to use, buying a shop can set you back as low as $ 50 for a brand new one. On the other hand, the price of a well-established successful page can climb up to $1 million. 

To get the best understanding of what you are doing, you need to figure out this as if you are buying a physical store. The concept here is the same where you are taking over a proven and thriving store without the financial risk of starting from scratch. 

4. Starting a Business  

Instead of having to start your business from the ground going up, the exchange marketplace offers you an opportunity to buy out another business. The essence of this comes in when looked at as taking the brick and mortar concept to the online world. 

If you can manage the cash to fund the purchase of a fully operational as well as a profitable store, you get an excellent investment opportunity. The good thing in this case you can do all this without having to come up with the products yourself. 

Purchasing an established store gets you a working store as well as an established brand with a very loyal client and customer base. All you have to do in this case is make the purchase and you will take over the store together with everything the same day. 

If you are not so sure about anything then worry no more, Shopify provides you with all the relevant stats as well as the accurate metrics of the store. This gives you full transparency into the sales of the store as well as any other valuable date regarding the store itself. 

If you do not have enough money you can choose to buy a functional store which might not as successful but is starting out well. Doing this will still save you from having to kickstart your brand and allow it to continue and develop in your own way. 

5. Analytics Integrations 

One of the best and coolest things about shopify reviews is that it offers you an opportunity to integrate with google analytics while at the same time taking advantage of shopify built-in platform. Given that shopify is an ecommerce heavyweight it gives priority to the user’s ability to track the success of the store. 

With shopify, it is very much possible for you to break down your sales views by month, week, day, or even in some cases by hour chunks within just a single day. Very essential marketing metrics like conversion rates or even add to cart data are all shown at glance. 

6. Easy Product Management 

The process of uploading as well as maintaining your inventory is not that complicated. It is possible for you to tie into product offerings as well as link whatever content plans you have to your actual sales goals. When you opt for selling on shopify you get a window into streamlined inventory by the management. 

By simply syncing whatever items you have with Shopify, you have the assurance of accurate parts which are all based on sales. On top of that, the process of completing the inventory checks is made much easier because the products are displayed on a simple list where par levels, as well as the descriptions, are clearly shown. 

This does not just make it much easier for your clients to buy items but it also makes your back-end management procedures less hectic as well. 

7. Marketing Integrations 

When using Shopify, you get access to a slew of extra applications. The Shopify reviews also help you to organize your content and also integrate your marketing plans, the platform makes this possible by highlighting marketing add on.  Out of the helpful marketing inclusions, you can also up your marketing game with advanced social media integrations like running advertisements on Snapchat

Other than that, you can also fine-tune your marketing automation email procedures as well as personalized sales emails. 

8. Integrated Mail 

If we have an eCommerce platform that leads the way with ecommerce email marketing then Shopify is it. This eCommerce makes this possible by integrating the feature email into. Based on your customer’s actions as you interact with your shopfront, you can make use of Shopify emails as a base campaign for those behaviors from one platform. 

Without necessarily needing secondary software you can be able to run campaigns and also set up follow up emails as well as advertised sales with very minimal setup. If you have more important things to do then this is somewhat a blessing in some ways. 

9. Customer Service 

If you need any kind of assistance at any given time you will be able to get that without much of a delay. Security is a key concern on any eCommerce platform. Shopify the case is not different and the platform has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that they deliver the best security features that will keep the client info and all other essential things safe. 

These are some of the benefits that come with Shopify. In all honesty, we can say that shopify is not a perfect ecommerce platform and that in some cases can be seen on the reviews on Shopify. In fact, we have no ecommerce platform that is perfect if you were to narrow down to perfect in the exact sense of that word. 

However, we can confidently say that in so many ways, and judging from some of these benefits, shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms we have around. With so many benefits that come with it, shopify is simply what you need if you are an e-commerce enthusiast. 

If you are so much interested in online storefronts then you need a website builder and content manager that will understand selling as well as inventory management. Other than that, the platform also has to be user friendly and that is exactly what shopify is all about. 

10. Benefits of Shopify 

Before adjourning it is also right that we take some time to look at some of the benefits that come with shopify reviews. This is a simplified form will help you to understand perfectly why this is the best e-commerce platform we have around. 

If you really are focused on ecommerce then Shopify is the best offer for you in the market currently. The pricing on this platform is affordable and reasonable compared to the other such platforms. With a basic plan that comes at a price as low as $30 per month, the risk on this platform is much lower compared to the other such platforms. 

Other than the pricing we also have something else which is the ease of use which we can also not overstate. From the time of purchase, you are presented with an ecommerce working platform right from that point. All you have to do is do the non-technical tweaking to allow it to match your business. 

This therefore means that you are never in the danger of building a non-working site or if not, then setting yourself up for a somewhat frustrating experience. If you ever find yourself stuck with anything, there are so many support services on shopify from where you can get all the help you need. 

Other ecommerce platforms have a reputation of delaying in offering the much-needed support services with some not even offering any solution at all in the end. However, the case with shopify reviews is very much different from shopify where we have so many channels from where you can get help. 

11. Shopify Themes 

Just like it is the case with any ecommerce software, Shopify reviews also come with so many other themes for your site as well. Picking a theme on shopify is not a very difficult thing to do. It is easy to do that here compared to the other ecommerce platforms we have around. 

Shopify offers you an opportunity to browse through the available options and further customize each one of the available possibilities by changing the default colors to those that match your brand. Further to this, you can also upload your company logo and also determine what is displayed on your homepage.

12. Customer Tracking 

It is very essential for you to track the lifecycle and more particularly on ecommerce platforms. As far as the ecommerce platform goes, Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms from where you can take the lifecycle of your customers closely. 

With the client lifecycle information, it is very easy for you to set up the best marketing campaigns which target the right people. Other than that, you can also plan your inventory needs and plan your sales in the right way. 

13. Transaction fee as well 

The plan also includes the ability to add a custom Shopify but burton to those pages that are not necessarily part of your online store. This in turn helps you to increase your sales opportunities allowing you to make sales and grow your business from the same. 

It is very important for you to know that if you are not using shopify kit reviews feature then chances are you are going to be charged a transaction fee for every order placed. If you put together all these costs then you will realize that it will be more costly in the end compared to going for a monthly or annual fee. 

It is therefore wise for you to consider a monthly or annual option if you are seriously considering using shopify. Once you do the mathematics you will realize that it will be cheaper compared to having to incur transaction costs every now and then. 

14. Order Tracking 

With Shopify, it is not just customers alone that you can track but other things as well. With the help of the integrated shopify shipping tracker, you can see and also be able to see and also manage the placed and shipped order status. With just a few simple clicks on your settings, you will be able to turn on the tracking updates emails for clients. This way, you will be able to keep an eye on the status of the order yourself.

Ease of Use (4.6/5)

reviews on shopify

How easy is shopify reviews to use, well this we cannot say as it might in some cases be a bit subjective? In a bid to try and look at how easy it is to use Shopify, we are going to look at some things which we believe will help to bring out the best picture of shopify ease of use.

The best place to start from in this segment is by saying that Shopify manages to nail all the basic requirements. This is a system that you can easily understand even if you have never built any website at any given time in your life. Now you know this is not a feature of all the e-commerce platforms, we have some that come with a rather complicated website building process. 

However, this is not the case with shopify which is much easier to use when it comes to building a website compared to the others. Shopify plus reviews do not sacrifice capabilities just right from the purchase time you get to an already working store which means that you do not have to start by building a store like in the case of brick and mortar.

With Shopify, all you need to do is adjust to fine-tuning the existing design with the aim of suiting you as you might please or even better in some cases. The ready-made templates make sure that we have seamless designs that are automatically responsive and also optimized for various devices. 

Shopify comes with some toolbars as well as dashboards that are so easy to understand for anyone whether you are experienced or not. One of the common worries about eCommerce platforms is the sensitivity of the payment information. 

Performance (4.7/5)

google customer reviews shopify

The performance of Shopify is another thing that we need to give a lot of consideration to in this discussion. It is very essential that we also look at how Shopify performs and see if it in any way has an edge over the other eCommerce platforms through its features like import aliexpress reviews to shopify.

The first thing that determines the performance of any e-commerce platform is the speed of the same. Most people are more concerned about the speed of an ecommerce platform than they are with other things. The speed on shopify is not that bad to be fair, many people who use this platform all agree that it has the best speed that makes it possible to do so many things without much of a problem. 

Other than the speed, it is also right to say that Shopify comes with the best performance in many other aspects as well. For instance, it is very much easy to sell on Shopify and also carry out other activities on the same without much of a problem. All this is made possible thanks to the best performance of the eCommerce platform. 

Therefore, if you are out there looking for an ecommerce based on how the platform ranks in terms of speed then shopify is the best option for you. With so many satisfied users, it is right to say that shopify comes with the best performance compared to many other eCommerce platforms.

Support (4.8/5)

how to add reviews to shopify

One of the other strengths of any ecommerce platform is the support that is offered on the same platform by the handlers of the same e-commerce platform. If you have an issue, for instance, it is only right that you look for assistance from the same eCommerce platform and get on time as well. 

This is one aspect that can set aside the best ecommerce platforms from those which are not. Support is a very essential component of any ecommerce platform and not just that but the best support. Shopify comes with its own Shopify features like the google customer reviews shopify which we also need to look at and see where it ranks among other such platforms when it comes to supporting.

To say it as it is, shopify support is the best and top tier. There are so many online resources as well as step by step instructions that aim to help all those people looking for any kind of assistance as well as help. As if that is not enough, we also have other video tutorials as well as access to customer representatives at all times. 

If you have a burning issue that needs urgent assistance you can get in touch with the customer representatives who are always available. If you feel that cannot work well for you, you can submit an online ticket through the support portal which is also functional at all times. 

Unlike the other e-commerce platforms, shopify representatives have the reputation of being friendly and quick to respond offering helpful answers for any inquiries made to them. If you contact them for support through an online request then there is a good chance you are likely to get assistance within a short period of time and the right response. 

In general, we can confirm that shopify reviews complaints come with the best support. In fact, this should be the best support system on any ecommerce platform anywhere. If you have any issue that needs any sorting then chances are you likely to find help within the shortest period of time possible.

Pricing (4.8/5)

We have talked much about how good Shopify is and all that we have said but there is one thing that we have not talked about and that is how much you pay for these services. It is essential we also take time to also look at the charges and shopify and try to compare how much you pay here with the other such eCommerce platforms. 

To start with, we have some free pricing plans on shopify. If you really feel like you do not need to pay anything then these free plans are the best option for you. However, even with the paid versions on Shopify, the pricing on this platform is very much reasonable. 

Depending on that plan which you think best fits you, you can opt for either monthly or annual billing plans and choose from shopify, shopify basic, or shopify advanced which is the most talked-about option on shopify google reviews. If you choose to go for the basic alternative then you will need to start paying from $29 per month which will get down to an equivalent of about $26.1 if you choose to go for the annual billing.

Shopify advanced on the other hand hovers between $269.10 per month to around $299 per month. Shopify basic comes with so many features that you will find interesting. Depending on what you do or your plan, you might not need to upgrade from the basic plan for some time. 

If you need full access to the basic store model then you need to go for the basic plan. Other than that, the option also offers or comes with a POS system used for collecting payments offline as well as Pinterest and Facebook integrated selling. If you thought that is all then you are very wrong, there is still much to this as well. 

Pricing Details
Plan Online Store Locations Staff Accounts Price View Details
Basic Shopify Yes up to 4 2 $29/mo Click here
Shopify Yes up to 5 5 $79/mo Click here
Advanced Shopify Yes up to 8 15 $299/mo Click here

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Bottom line

Shopify might come with its pros and cons but is without one of the best ecommerce platforms we have around. For a starter on ecommerce, this is the best place you can start from. With so many services as well as the support services on this ecommerce platform, there is no better place for you than Shopify. 

We have so many people who have worked with this platform in the past and all of them agree that it is one of the best there is you can also try it out and you the next thing you will be seeking to do will be how to add reviews on shopify. With very reasonable charges, this is the best place for you to do eCommerce business and succeed from it.

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