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By Mashum Mollah

“Volusion offers all the basic functions that are needed in operating online stores. It provides a complete cloud-based eCommerce solution. Its main clients include companies such as Intel, slick Wraps, and 3M. It has over 185 million orders processed for volusion customers. The good thing about volusion is that it allows one to manage their online stores using the mobile app. They can check Snapchat product photos, update prices, and even check inventory. In this volusion review, we are going to talk about all its goods and even its negativities.”

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volusion reviews

When it comes to starting orc e-businesses, many challenges could be encountered. You need to put together a lot of things before you could take your store online. This entails building your online store, product sourcing, products to sell, the business plan registering your business, learning about SEO, and coming up with your business logo and name.

However, one of the major things crucial for starting an online business is finding the right place where you will interact with your customers. Finding a vital touchpoint where the customers will interact and do business with you is thus very pivotal. 

Therefore, building a website for your online store is not just a matter of putting things together like the product descriptions, prices, and images, and you hope that everything will be well. It does not happen this way. One needs to create an attractive and responsive website and operate smoothly with the right eCommerce tools. That is why it is ideal to find a solution like Volusion to help you start your business to drive its growth, as the business is on the right footing, which will make it succeed. 

Volusion is a leading eCommerce platform designed to do the heavy lifting when it comes to the management and building of the online store. It was created in 1999 and had roughly 30,000 online stores. It helps one pay their bills without creative frills and can churn through 185 million orders since it was established. 

What is volusion?

Volusion is a complete eCommerce website builder that offers marketing, web design, and other business tools to its users. Usually, it is a cloud-based and hosted e-commerce solution that gives business people the chance of building fully functional online stores from scratch. It has the easy to use website builder features like site search, drag and drop, and page ending with plenty of responsive themes that one can choose from. 

It is an all in one company that serves more than 40,000 online stores. Its tools and services are included in the monthly plans, ranging from different prices depending on one needs and preferences. It offers paid and free templates for various industries. It also offers customer loyalty plans, social media management, customer management, order management, newsletter, payment processing, and web hosting.

The company is highly effective for all those people that are looking to create an eCommerce website. It does not matter whether you have the technical skills or the time of doing this on your own. The company offers you a solid solution to handle this. With its payment integrations and native fulfillment features, it is easier and simple to sell and fulfill orders effectively. 

Features (4.5/5)

volusion email

One of the excellent features of volusion is t option t processing phone orders directly from the dashboard. If you have a contact number listed on the site, the customers could call you, thus placing their orders in person. All that is needed is opening the console and entering the needed information. The difference that comes in when using Shopify is that it offers something similar to the POS solution. They do not offer processing of the phone orders directly from within. 

Volusion has some unique features, which is why it has done a great job in honing the ones that matter most to the merchants. With the approach used, the user experience can easily be improved, and the beginners are likely to find the most approachable volusion. 

Despite the SEO tools that Volusion offers, the site does not automatically help you rise to the top of the search results. Therefore, even simple solutions will need some effort and time on your part. Here are thus some key strategies that one can use to improve the SEO of their volusion eCommerce site;

1. Use SEO-friendly URLs

The search engine will look at more than 200 factors when evaluating pages that entail the URL. Therefore, a good URL will describe the page with at least four words at maximum, all separated using dashes. With this, then this makes the URL easier to read for both users and search engines. 

The key element is that the URL needs to match the page title, and your list of clearance items could be called the clearance items. On the other hand, the subdirectories need to be a few words long to keep your URL more concise. 

2. Optimize Product Pages

The shoppers who know your website will always go directly to it and find the products they need. But the concern is about those that do not know you. They could turn to search engines like Google. That is why it is ideal optimizing the individual product pages of your site to ensure you are getting the best possible outcomes.  

The product titles, model numbers, and brand names could be a great way of telling the search engines and users exactly what is on your site. Consider also using the alt attributes for your videos and images. This will allow the search engines to see what they are all about. The key thing is that each product page needs to include a unique description that is found anywhere else on your site and other links that can relate to the category pages. 

3. Measure Your Results and Improve Your Pages

In general, SEO is just a process, and this will mean that it will take time to find what works the best. Therefore, after optimizing the pages, you need to keep an eye on them with Google Analytics or other tracking tools. It is ideal to look at how these work in key performance indicators, conversions, and traffic.  

Consider making small tweaks to your pages. You can consider changing the URL pathway or the wording used on the call to action. Consider as well as measuring the results again. With these strategies, then you could be able to find discoveries regarding how to improve your site. 

Additionally, volusion has a site profile page that will show you how well the SEO is working. Ensure that you are checking this page regularly and making changes where needed. Volusion does offer huge benefits to the eCommerce companies, but mixed with the other features could be a mixed bag for any company that tends to rely on SEO. 

4. Create A Site

The intuitive design that Volusion has given the users ease in building visually attractive and enticing online stores. Even with the lack of coding experience, one can immediately start making sales. More so, it has the best features like the drag and drops content that tends to block customizing and make unique pages for testimonials, videos, image galleries, and social media platforms. 

With the do-in page editing with a rich content editor to find and tune any pages in the store, it can be easy to add the site search functionality. This helps the customers find what they need in a much easier and simple way. 

5. Sell Goods

With volusion, it has been easier and simple to sell goods online. The streamlined system allows one to easily import products via CSV and easily add products. one can also handle the variant pricing, manage inventories, fulfill and ship orders, edit product descriptions, accept and process online payments, view customer details and order histories, among others. 

6. Grow Your Business

Volusion offers in-built marketing tools that are needed in growing one’s business. The expansive SEO features can help put the forefront of social management, search results, and the ease of access reporting that can help track the data store. It also enables tracking ROI and creating gift cards, creating discounts, and expanding your stores. 

7. It Has Lots of Templates

Volusion has over 300 eCommerce templates that one can choose from. Therefore, it gives the users the chance to get the best template that can match your business and brand. The thing is that the way your online business will appear is just as important as the contents. Even before visitors go through the products you offer; they will look at the website design and appearances. 

All of us always get attracted to the visual creatures, and we do appreciate those designs that look clean, professional, and uncluttered. Whatever the design preference that one has, there needs to be one that is suitable for your business niche, thus giving your store that is brand-centric, stunning, and distinct.  

8. Compatibility 

Volusion has all that is needed in running the eCommerce businesses successfully. It has search engine optimization, inventory management, shopping and marketing features, and integration, customization, and website creation tools. The good thing with this platform is that it can easily be deployed on the cloud or any premise as it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems and devices. It is user-friendly as it does not need any IT skills or coding making it easy to use. 

Volusion caters to a wide range of industries. It is one of the leading platforms that sell online for those engaged in automotive, electronics, food and beverages, beauty and health, jewelry, and apparel. It is enough to say that whatever one sells online can be handled by Volusion. 

Volusion enhances and streamlines your buyers’ experience with several smart selling tools. It offers the best end to end campaigns, abandoned cart reports, cross-selling, and other related offers. One great secret of using volusion is to be involved in the various eCommerce aspects. The platform mainly functions over four essential modules, each placing a target on separate phases of the selling operations

8. It Provides Ease of Reporting

Volusion has comprehensive reporting tools that can allow one to glance at operational numbers and store figures that do matter. With volusion. You can be able to get to know how Google sees your store. It is ideal for learning the key metrics that are working. It gives one the exact insight about everything like CRM tickets, category views, abandoned, and live carts. With this application, you can send emails to remind the visitors about their abandoned carts. 

9. Downsides 

Having some fifty functionalities and features all in a single store builder, the marketing hub and eCommerce platform and, volusion has all the necessary tools in successfully operating and growing online businesses. Though it incorporates a newsletter that is used in informing customers and visitors of the store developments, it could be much effective if a blog feature is built-in.

The blog is one of the most potent marketing tools used when having further reinforcements of one’s brand and its rallying. This serves as a venue for the events, updates, and announcements. In general, volusion is a viable option if you start and build an online presence for the business. With the 180,000 entrepreneurs using the Volusion worldwide, this could mean then it is a better choice. 

10. Dashboard

The volusion admin panel is organized well with the categories listed in the toolbar to the left. When you first sign up on the homepage features, it gives you all the steps you need to take to set up your online stores. Once you have your site published, this page gives you a core general overview of your online stores. 

11. Responsive Themes

Volusion has responsive themes that can adapt to any device. They enable customers to assess the services just by tapping on their phones or clicking on the desktop. It is one of the features that most people really love when it comes to the use of Volusion. 

12. Navigation Editor

This navigator editor tends to give the customers a stellar shopping experience. It has the best navigation styles that are well designed to help make browsing much easier. It is not hard to use this editor even if you are not an IT Guru. 

Homepage Slideshow This slideshow feature tends to highlight discounts and products directly on the homepage.

13. Search Functionality

This is an important tool that plays an integral role in helping customers, especially when it comes to easily and quickly with advanced search tools. 

14. Rich Content Editor

With this feature, it helps one in changing their stores on the fly. When using these tools, there is no backend coding that is needed. 

15. Custom Domain

This is a feature that lets the shippers and search engines easily access your site. It helps make your store your own and the optimization of sales. With these features, one can easily manage the metadata such as the URL, title tags, and descriptions. It helps in keeping your pages, categories, and products SEO-friendly.

16. Sell on Facebook, eBay, and Amazon.

The volusion admin has the app that can be used in expanding stores to Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. The users can be able to enjoy the store management rights using these great features.

17. ROI Tracking 

With the valuable ROI tracking tool, one can then look at how their valuable investments are. You can have easy access to the newsletters, ad campaigns, and affiliates. 

18. Create Reports 

Being an essential app on Volusion enables the users to get an insight into everything from the abandoned live carts, CRM tickets, category, and product views. This feature will help in the sending of helpful reminder emails to folks who might have abandoned carts waiting in the wings. 

19. Fraud Protection

For those customers who need going above and protecting their online stores, it is ideal to seek this fraud protection. Volusion offers the best support when it comes to protecting yourself from credit card fraudsters. Consider adding the Volusion Fraud Score pricing plan to your site to help defend your online store. It comes with a deluxe level ($49.95 per month), a basic level ($12.95 per month), and a standard level ($29.95 per month), 

20. SSL Certificates

The SSL certificate is ideal for any website that tries selling products. It will help put your customers’ minds at rest and support your ability to rank with Google. In most cases, you will get SSL certificates with the free eCommerce websites. However, with Volusion, you will have to pay an 89 dollars one-off fee.

21. Credit Card Processing Fees

It is a charge that usually comes from the payment gateway one can use for their transactions but not volusion. This means that you need to find the payment gateway fully supported by volusion that is the best choice. One of the best options you can consider is the use of the volusion payments with the in-house gateway that charges 2.15% on every transaction. With these transactions, there are no set up fees to worry about. 

22. App costs

When you need to access some extra power for your online store, you might peruse the market place. The Volusion application marketplace provides a handful of paid integrations and a wide variety of free add-ons. Therefore, when you’re setting out the budget for your eCommerce, it is ideal for keeping these additional costs in mind. 

Ease of Use (4.4/5)

volusion support

Running your eCommerce business will mean navigating and UI, managing all related tasks, and creating your online store. Thanks to volusion, as it has helped make this entire process much simpler and effortless. Not all of us are learned when it comes to programming and coding, which is why volusion has taken out from the equation of the complex processes. The automation of the tasks enables first-time users to operate everything conveniently from the dashboard. 

With volusion, it is easy to use from the start. You can build your online stores in minutes and go into the selling mode much quicker. With volusion, only one receives some awesome support videos in the dashboard, but it offers you the best primary steps you can adopt to build our site. Just by clicking on the buttons for adding products, uploading the logo, and choosing the design, everything is made easier and simple. 

With other competitors like big commerce having set up wizard, so is volusion working on par with these advancements. With volusion, the other thing is that you can easily have an eye on your website’s status. It offers several reports just right on the dashboard. With these features, you can see whether sales are going well and something that needs to be changed. 

More so, you have direct access to the order buttons, settings, design, marketing, and inventory. Additionally, to make it easier for users, volusion has launched a helpful video series that aid in walking the users through the set-up and new stores’ key areas. 

Something else that makes the use of volusion that is easier and simple is version 2, which has added few elements. It has made it much easier and simple for users to get set-ups and start selling online with just a few clicks on the dashboard. With all these, it has fostered lots of benefits from streamlined onboarding where you are presented with processes for launching online stores, adding products, and selecting the best themes. 

Support (4.5/5)

Volusion offers 24/7 customer support and services to all its users. The support services they offer are fairly basic on the lower-level pricing plans, with the high priority being to support all the higher-level plans. The support options available at Volusion include,

Blog: Volusion maintains an active blog, which covers various topics, such as online selling, site building, and marketing. You can also find industry news and Volusion product updates in the blog.

Phone: Plan a telephone call with the Volusion from the admin panel. You can schedule up to 45 minutes long calls with our team of experts readily available to give you the best services. 

In-Software Help: on the admin panel, you can click the “?” icon to access the Help Centre and live chat support or schedule a time for a phone call.

Help Centre: with the volusion, there are two types of help centres that the users could easily access. We have the V1 and the V2. Therefore, it is important to make sure you check the version number at the top of the Help Centre as you search for answers to your questions. However, one of these help centres’ key disadvantages is that the articles are not usually dated, making it hard to ensure that the information you are collecting is up to date. 

Live Chat: on the Volusion website or in your admin panel, you can access the live chat support. Volusion live chat support team will respond within a few hours, but according to some customer reviews, people say they have always gotten responses within a few minutes.

Videos: more so, volusion provides videos for learning that can help you deal with the various problems. You can always find a tutorial of videos throughout the admin panel in the set-up phase. Also, some videos exist on the VOLT resource page where users can access information that can help them tackle the problems they are encountering.  

Quick Wins: Volusion “Quick Wins” is the maintenance service that Volusion offers at flat-rate pricing. These services are priced around $100-$400, and they provide expert help in SEO, ads, design, and more.

Training: Operators on the Leading plan can access the Volusion Slack account, that allows them to chat directly with Volusion higher-up. The higher-level payment plans users could also gain access to precedence training and support through a dedicated traffic growth consultant and a dedicated team to succeed. 

Performance (4.5/5)

volusion website

If you have an online store, you must monitor your performance. Therefore, to improve your volusion performance, it is ideal optimizing the volusion bandwidth. To ensure that your online stores are performing better, it will be better optimizing your volusion bandwidth. 

When you are running and controlling a large website with high traffic and hundreds of product pages, excessive bandwidth usage could not be a bad thing. Ensure that your website’s loading speed can also help in your apps’ performance, making you attract more customers to your site. Consider hiring a digital agency like volusion to help you in creating the best websites that attract customers. 

One great secret of using volusion is to be involved in the various eCommerce aspects. The platform mainly functions over four essential modules, each placing a target on separate phases of the selling operations. One can apply Volusion to create a kit where they can choose beautiful themes and a custom-built commerce storefront for the new beginners. This can help target your product brands’ ideal audience and personalize the content with SEO optimization. 

Therefore, in short, Volusion enhances and streamlines your buyers’ experience with several smart selling tools. It offers the best end to end campaigns, abandoned cart reports, cross-selling, and other related offers. To help you grow and expand your outreach to international and new audiences, Volusion will work around fast lead generation practices and make sure all your decisions are based on actual customer intelligence.

Pricing (4.4/5)

Volusion offers the best pricing strategies. With this, you can get the 14-day free trial where there is no credit required. Therefore, users can be able to try to put these platforms risk-free. However, when you decide on using Volusion to host your online stores, there are several pricing tiers that one can use. 

Volusion offers its pricing tiers depending on the volume of sales a business is making on trailing monthly. When your businesses experience growth, and the annual sales get surpassed, the annual sets could cap the selected plan and get bumped up to the next pricing tier. The key steps in pricing entail access to more advanced features and customer support options.

Plans are usually billed on a monthly basis by default without any cancellation or set-up fees. However, when you consider doing some cancelations, you must remember canceling all your third part services individually to help prevent the additional costs.  

The good thing with the volusion is that you do not have to sign any contracts to use it. But when you choose to purchase three months in advance, you can get the advantage of a 10% discount. The sellers that plan to build multiple stores online can also get a 10% discount on each additional store they create using volusion.  

Some additional costs can be encountered with the use of volusion pricing strategies. However, you need to know that there aren’t hidden transactional fees or bandwidth that one needs to get worried about when it comes to transaction fees with Volusion. There is no worry about hidden fees when dealing with Volusion. It is one of the tools that will give you the true value for your money. 

Pricing Details
Plan Staff Accounts GMV Per Year Support Price View Details
Personal Plan 1 $50k Online $29/month Click here
Professional Plan 5 $100k Online + Phone $79/month Click here
Business Plan 15 $500k Priority $299/month Click here
Prime Plan Unlimited $500k+ VIP Based on GMV Click here

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Bottom line

We can say that Volusion is a very scalable eCommerce and shopping cart platform that was mainly developed to enhance business growth. It has various unique features and functionalities that help provide selling and support efforts of creative teams. 

The company is managed by a team of dedicated eCommerce experts who have the right training and experience. Volusion serves small and medium businesses' placement needs and helps them develop the best money worth strategies that could offer them a competitive advantage. 

The good thing about volusion is that it adopts the role of personal eCommerce assistant of freelance and sole entrepreneurs. It helps them in building the most attractive eCommerce websites. Since it was launched, we can see that volusion has helped place around 180 million orders and brought in an absurd revenue of $26 billion. It is software that will guarantee you great value as long as you use it well.

Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah has been there in the blogging industry for over a decade. He has always believed that blogging holds the most potential in the digital marketing industry. With years of research, he has created some of his best blogging practices, which have helped him establish himself in the industry as a Blogging Engineer. Now he is on a mission to help others and spread the concept of Blogging Engineer.