Are you looking for the best free Shopify themes? There are several ways that you can make use of these tools. Shopify themes can help you to get a fully-functional e-commerce website off the ground quickly.

Getting started with Shopify themes is not hard. The tool is highly flexible, meaning it can handle several niches. Shopify stands out when you compare it with the other popular e-commerce websites.  

The only challenge with this website builder is that you can create a store that resembles the other e-commerce stores. The beauty of Shopify is that it has several themes that you can easily use to customize your Shopify website. 

The good thing is that most of the Shopify themes out there are free. Therefore, you don’t need a generous budget to get hold of a Shopify theme. The secret is to get the best product that the market has to offer. 

This roundup will introduce ten best free Shopify themes. The list comprises of multipurpose themes, minimalist themes, and those that are designed for specific types of eCommerce stores. Let us have a look at the top 10 products in this category. 


Best Free Shopify Themes 

Theme Price Rating out of 5 View Demo
Simple Free 4.8Click here
BrooklynFree4.6Click here
VentureFree 4.2Click here
Narrative Free4.5Click here
FitrueFree/$1394.1Click here
Fashe Theme Free4.8Click here
Free4.6Click here
BoundlessFree4.7Click here
Debut Free4.4Click here
Supply Free 4.3Click here

1. Simple

Best Free Shopify Themes

The simple Shopify theme is an attractive spot-on name. It is a clean and beautiful storefront template like the minimal style. The fact that you can sell a large product selection on this template differentiates it from the other minimalist themes.  

The sidebar features an accordion menu to show all your products to your customers. Therefore, you can consolidate a broad range of products in the sidebar without using a lot of space. 

This theme also comes with the image zoom feature. It enhances the product views of your customers. It has a related products section that displays all your product pages. 

With the related products menu, users can add any of these items to the shopping cart quickly. After this, the tool asks your visitors whether they want to continue shopping thus increasing your conversion. It is the best free Shopify theme if you want a smooth shopping experience for your customers. 

Image animations are one of the unique features you will find on Simple. Most Shopify themes don’t have this feature. It is a great feature to use in creating unique transitions between images. You can use this theme for different types of industries. It is the best tool if you don’t want a website that has a cluttered appearance. 


  • Mobile-first design
  • Related products section
  • Product image animations
  • Simple sidebar navigation 
  • Two styles
  • Minimalist design
  • SEO-friendly coding
  • Image animations block
  • Absolutely SEO friendly
  • Minimalist and simple design 
  • A menu within the sidebar

2. Brooklyn

best free themes for shopify

Brooklyn is a Shopify theme that comes in two different styles. The first one is Classic, and it is appropriate for modern apparel stores. Any closing retailer can use this Shopify theme. 

The second one is the playful style that offers a more niche version of this theme. It has bright colors that are great for kids clothing shop or a bakery. One of the best features of this Shopify theme is the header slideshow. It allows the showcasing of multiple products at the top of the homepage. 

The theme also has a dynamic product grid that serves as a gallery for the most popular products. It has a slide-out cart to enhance the shopping experience. It does not expose the customers to several clicks before getting to their shopping cart. 

It also reminds customers of the products that are in their shopping cart. This feature makes it one of the best free Shopify themes in the market. As a result, the feature also bodes well with merchants as it can increase the number of conversions. 

The final inclusion on the Brooklyn theme is the homepage video. It begins to play when a visitor arrives, and you can use it to explain your brand. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to talk about any new project that you have. 


  • Customizable sections for homepage
  • Social media icons
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Full-screen home page slide show
  • Dynamic grid for product display
  • Side-our cart feature
  • Two styles
  • Specially designed for apparel stores 
  • Pop-up shopping cart
  • Stunning header slideshow
  • Specially designed for apparel stores
  • Search engine optimized

3. Venture

best free shopify ecommerce themes

The venture is a go-to-free Shopify theme for adventure sports and outdoor activities. The best application for a venture is a boxing store or snowboarding shop. Its header module comes with overlaying text and a large image. 

The feature allows website owners to promote their business or explain their brand. It leads to your popular items or product categories. All of them are organized in beautiful links or galleries. 

The Venture theme is specially designed for large product categories. Therefore, don’t use this Shopify theme if you will only be selling a few products. 

The multi-column menu of this theme is a unique form of the navigational menu. The venture is one of the best free Shopify themes because its links have more product details in the drop-down area. 

Therefore, you can show product images and information. It means that you will give more information to your customers from the menu. The homepage of this theme also has a slide show. The feature can help you improve your level of product exposure and display your promotions. 

The venture is one of the feature-rich free Shopify themes on the market. It has a promotional banner to promote products and give customers discounts. It is at the top of the homepage hence promoting your visitors to purchase right off the bat. 

Finally, Venture comes with a solid product filtering and one featured product view. It means that it will give you several tools to play around it. This description explains why Venture cannot miss from our list of the best free Shopify themes. 


  • Drop-down, multi-column product menus
  • The homepage has a promotional banner
  • Full-slide show
  • Minimalist design
  • Product filtering by price, type, etc.
  • Three styles for various niches 
  • Perfectly responsive 
  • The drop-down menu that has multiple columns
  • Has a promotion banner
  • Comes in three styles 
  • Specially designed for big stores

4. Narrative

best free shopify themes for mobile

Narrative Shopify theme is another great solution when looking for the best free Shopify themes. It has several styles with various colors. It is the best theme when you are looking for a small catalog. 

Therefore, it is an excellent option for startups and smaller companies. If you are an investor, the Narrative is the best theme for you. You can use it to sell one or two products perfectly. It features an auto-play function and a full-screen button for those who wish a better view. 

The narrative theme works perfectly in visual storytelling. It allows you to customize everything from images to block quotes. Therefore, it will lead your clients through the whole story of your brand. 

With the fixed navigation, users will have an excellent browsing experience. When a person scrolls around your page, the menu will pop up. It will direct them to the right button when visitors want to go elsewhere. 

The theme also has a vertical slideshow that allows you to showcase your regular images, blog posts, and even products. You will also get a wide layout among the other interesting features. The narrative is perfect when you are selling a few products online. 


  • Free stock photos
  • Full-width homepage slide show
  • Product pages that are fully customized 
  • Fixed navigation functionality 
  • Featured home page product video
  • Specially designed for small stores
  • Three styles 
  • Responsive design
  • Has stock photos
  • Vertical slideshow
  • Inbuilt auto-play video
  • Special design for effective brand storytelling

5. Fitrue – Sports Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Shopify theme

Sports Store is a free Shopify theme that has fully-functional design features for creating an e-commerce store. The theme is ideal for developing an online sports store. Even though it is a simple tool, it has several features that will make your brand a success.

The product comes with a user-friendly admin panel for editing your site and maintaining its content. It falls among the best free Shopify themes for building online stores. Multiple visual features boost sales and create attraction. 

There is a timer at the top pages of the theme that motivates visitors to buy products from your store. You can add social options to keep in touch with your clients and get feedback. There are social options at the bottom and top of every page. 

You can put the price on Euros, GB Pounds, and US Dollars. The code of this theme makes it easy to use and install. All you need to do is download the theme for free and you will have a perfectly looking store. 


  • 3-column store page design
  • Timer feature for creating urgency
  • Product banners
  • Social media blocks
  • The main menu that supports tooltips and images
  • Designed for the sporting goods e-commerce stores
  • Inbuilt online chat
  • A multi-currency module
  • Drop-down mega menu
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • 100% responsive

6. Fashe Theme

best free Shopify shopping themes

If you are shopping for the best free Shopify themes, Fashe is one of them. It has all the details that you need to run a clothes collection. It allows shoppers to search and choose products from the website. 

It has an eye-catching design that comes in bright colors and intuitive search navigation. These features help you to create an atmosphere of trust and elegance and attract viewers. The theme comes with seven inbuilt web pages that you can fill with your content. 

With Fashe, you can trade in JPY, CAD. PKT, EUR. GBP, and USD. The theme also has pre-built social options to help you keep in touch with your customers and get feedback. You can customize various kinds of shipping and payment methods on Fashe. 

You can also use several structural and visual elements and effects that enhance the functionality of your website. It is the best free Shopify theme for cloth manufacturers, fashion brands, and online clothing stores. You can also use it for any outfit related online business. 


  • Full-width collection image
  • Optimized for large images
  • Sticky navigation 
  • Top navigation 
  • Product sorting and filtering functionality 
  • Fixed navigation 
  • Multi-column product layout
  • Full-width slide show header
  • A broad range of front-page options
  • Has a plain HTML version
  • Specially designed for fashion stores. 

7. Minimal

best free shopify themes for dropshipping

Minimal is the best Shopify theme for anyone who is looking for a clean and simple tool. The theme offers multiple styles like the ones for music, fashion, and vintage shops. 

The fashion and vintage ones are quite similar. However, the music solution stands out if you want to launch a merchandise store for your solo act or band. The minimal Shopify theme comes with a beautiful slideshow that supports large pictures of your top products. 

The slideshow is on your homepage to enhance conversions and provide a solid introduction of your products to the viewers. The product pages also have excellent product filtering. Thus, users may only look at the best sellers or a certain category in your store. 

Product image zoom is a product you may think you can do without until you have it. The tools come in handy when selling detailed items such as clothes. It allows the customer to examine the type of designs and fabric. 

The homepage video can either connect with Vimeo or YouTube. You can use it to introduce a new product to your customers or tell a story. 

Lastly, the Minimal theme has a related product module. Therefore, when customers want to purchase your product, they will see an upsell list at the bottom of the page. Apart from helping you with the best sales, it guides clients through the buying process. 


  • Homepage video
  • Product image zoom
  • Product filtering
  • Slide show 
  • Advanced sorting options
  • Module for related products
  • Ideal for clothes stores
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Clear and minimalist design

8. Boundless

the best free shopify themes

Boundless has a stunning header section that supports a large image that occupies a large part of the screen. The name of the style is ‘vibrant’ ‘black’ and white. 

The design for the black and white version is more conservative and hence it is applicable for a wide range of industries. The vibrant design is more playful and aggressive. You can use this tool for a biking or skateboard shop. 

The homepage has several customizable sections for content, multiple color palettes, and social media icons. It has a mobile-friendly design that snaps all items into place when you view it via a mobile device. The drop-down navigation feature supports several links on its menu. 

This theme has a homepage video that you can use to create a media-rich atmosphere on the homepage. You will only need to copy your YouTube or Vimeo video and paste it. Your customers will watch the video once they land on your homepage. 

It also has a full-width collection that presents your products in the gallery format. You can use it on your holiday wish list or bestselling products. 

All the products will be on a single page and your customers will appreciate it. With sticky navigation, the menu items will remain in the view all the time. Besides, the slideshow has a fading effect that will bring a creative touch to your homepage. 

Boundless is a single product gallery theme with full optimization for the large images. With all these features, there is no way this tool will miss out on the best Shopify themes list. 


  • Single product navigation 
  • Sticky navigation
  • Slideshow with fading effects
  • Optimized for large images
  • Sticky menu
  • Fading effect slideshow animation
  • Comes in two styles 
  • Highly responsive 
  • Product-focused design

9. Debut

mobile-friendly Shopify themes

The debut also has a minimal design with a retro configuration that resembles a regular business website or blog. The header slider moves via large images and you can move around some modules. Thus, you can reveal your top products or talk about your company at the top of your homepage. 

Debut is a completely responsive theme and has social media pages for sites like Twitter and Facebook. The homepage slideshow also supports video content. Therefore, you can use the slideshows to create a story and switch between images and videos. 

The theme has a single featured product page that displays one product. The product and image information is blown up for maximum exposure. For instance, your company may desire to sell a brand new product in large quantities during the launch. 

Debut allows you to include customer testimonials. You can ask customers to send you great reviews and use them to convince other shoppers. The testimonials support both text and images. This theme also has product filters that lead clients to specific product types or collections. 


  • Promotional banner
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Multi-level menu
  • Product filtering 
  • A convenient option for product sorting
  • Inbuilt testimonials blocks
  • Has a promotional banner
  • Absolutely mobile-friendly

10. Supply

Shopify themes for online stores

Supply is one of the best free Shopify themes for online stores that sell huge amounts of inventory. The selling process begins with the homepage as it has large galleries and collections. It is similar to what you see on a site like Amazon. 

Here, you will skip the creative banner images and go right into the product information. It still has a slideshow that you can use to share your promotions. The colors are light and blue and both of them have an elegant and clean look. 

Supply has a mobile-friendly design, customizable homepage sections, color palettes, and social media icons. Like the other best free Shopify themes, this tool comes with free updates. 

This theme is specially designed for large catalogs. Therefore, filtering is not a feature to avoid when using Supply. You can filter everything from brand to price. Also, it is possible to customize the filters depending on the uniqueness of your enterprise. 

The homepage has several modules to use in building featured collections. For example, you can create a collection of your most popular products. Customers may also want to see the women’s or men’s collection only. 

The slideshows in this theme run automatically. It flips through the banners and supports high-resolution images. It is one of the top choices when looking for the best free Shopify themes. 


  • Feature collection on the homepage
  • Collection filtering in the sidebar
  • Designed for large catalogs
  • Completely mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • ‘Featured products’ block
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Created catalogs for big product numbers 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Free Shopify Themes

As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. This analogy can help you in choosing the best free Shopify theme. 

However, in the online world, the overall feel and look of your website will influence how visitors perceive your business. Online visitors use the cover to judge your eCommerce store. Once customers get to your site, you need a feature-rich store to convert them. 

It explains why picking the best free Shopify themes is crucial. This article will help you to make the right decision. It will make sure that your store shines in the right light. 

Why You Need the Best Free Shopify Themes

The best free Shopify themes should be able to do certain things. Besides, you have to pay close attention to the Shopify theme that you are about to purchase. The other thing you need to understand is that people care about the colors on your website. 

The layout and theme of your online store encapsulate your product and brand. It presents the visual representation of your brand i.e. what your products stand for. 

The Shopify theme you choose can also affect the performance of your online store. You need a theme that will promote trust, conversions, and many more. There is a lot of information to support the layout and style of a particular theme. 

For instance, most visitors look at your online site using an ‘F’ shaped pattern. Thus, websites with a sidebar and stronger header on the left-hand side are more intuitive. This fact is more crucial to first-time visitors on your website. 

Besides, excellent web design and good theme strongly indicate trust. Close to 94% of visitors will fail to trust your online store because of a poor design. Therefore, a shady website will leave a negative impact on your brand. 

It tells you that you need to pay close attention to the theme that you use to build your website. The theme will determine whether you will succeed with your online store or not. 

A Perfect Shopify Theme for Your Business

Any business owner will want to get it right during the first attempt. If you sell beautiful products, you will need an online store that has an elegant design. You need a theme that you can customize to meet the unique needs of your brand of a business. 

You need a website that just feels right when you look at it. You can spend a lot of time experimenting with different themes before you land on the right one. 

You have to understand the expectations of your customers before you make a choice. You need products that are incredibly unique and visual. Some features that are of help are simple navigations, a clear call to action, and large images. 

A perfect theme will make sure that you are making the right choice. The best free Shopify themes will address the needs of your customers. 

The appearance of your store has significant effects on sales. Shopify has some free themes that can do wonders. The most important thing is to make the right choice. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to get it right. Here are some tips to help you out;

Before Picking a Shopify Theme

Most people will tell you that selecting a theme is quite overwhelming. If you are building an online store for the first time, it can be hard to determine the best choice for your brand. 

You can begin with a default theme for your Shopify store and then customize it later. Play around with your choice and you can even begin afresh with a new theme. 

If you are using Shopify for the first time, it is advisable, to begin with, the default option. It produces amazing results and will help you understand various styling options and design features. Use it as a testing playground before jumping to any other theme. 

Best free Shopify eCommerce themes

You also need to read widely about the customization of Shopify themes. It is not hard to use this customize theme page. Some of the questions to ask yourself before looking as Shopify themes include; 

  • What kind of customer experience would you like to create?
  • What desirable features do you want to see in your store?
  • Which desired features do you want your store to have?
  • Which strategies are your competitors using and how can you emulate them?
  • How would you like to display your products?
  • How many products will you be displaying in your store?
  • Will I need to upgrade from free to premium overtime?

The mistake that most people make is basing their choice on theme fonts and colors. It is good to note that you can customize some of these things. 

When you get the right answers to this question, it will help you to get the best free Shopify themes. It will help you to narrow down the criteria for choosing the right theme for your store. You will move towards the right direction of getting a perfect theme for your brand. 

If you are looking for a unique thing for your brand, you can choose to work with a Shopify expert. It is an excellent strategy if you have some money to invest in a designer.

Enter the Shopify Theme Store

The Shopify theme store has more than one hundred different styles of themes. You can use any of them on your Shopify store. With all these choices, you will not fail to get the best free Shopify themes for your business. 

So many third-party developers are creating new beautiful themes. Besides, the brand has an in-house team that is responsible for building themes. 

It is wise to use themes that come from the Shopify theme store. These professionals carefully evaluate the functionality and quality of themes that designers submit. Only the themes that pass this test are listed in the store.

Improved Search Tools

The Shopify theme store has modern updates that you should not miss out on. Currently, you can use the filter and search tools to identify the best free Shopify themes from the store. 

You can use the filters to browse for themes that serve a specific purpose. The same themes can help you to search for specific layouts and other attributes in a theme. You can use social features, homepage features, product type, layout style, and inventory size in the search. 

You can narrow down these searches depending on what you want your theme to deliver. When looking for the industry breakdown, the designer simply makes suggestions. A Shopify theme that is labeled for furniture business can do a perfect job for your electronics store. 

Best free themes for Shopify

The search will help you to find key terms, theme designers, and specific features. You can also browse the themes by collection. Shopify curates the collection and regularly updates them depending on the trending themes, style, features, and new releases. 

You can use a particular theme to get inspiration from other stores. You will learn several customization possibilities within the theme. 

Click through the demo stores to see the themes that are in action. Remember demo stores are just examples of what the theme has to offer. You can customize it with your personal photography and branding. 

Conducting theme reviews will give you peace of mind. It will also give you useful insights into the experiences of other merchants. You will also get to understand the level of support you can get from the theme. 

Make sure that the theme has all the features that you require. As you go through the Shopify App Store, evaluate the functionality of all the themes.

The Theme Support is the Determining Factor

Theme support will also help you to identify the best free Shopify themes. The theme support team at Shopify offers direct support to the free themes. You can reach out to the brand’s support team directly. 

The third-party developers also have their support teams. Therefore, if you choose a theme that was developed by a third party, you can contact their support team directly if you experience any issues. 

Shopify vets all its theme developers to make sure that they offer exemplary support. The partners know the themes inside out and hence will answer all the questions. Therefore, you will not have any problem using Shopify themes.

Be Ready to Experiment and Test

With all said and done, you will realize that there are a few options when choosing the best free Shopify themes. Therefore, it can be hard to make sure that you are picking the right theme for your business. 

It is good to take enough time to test the theme and experiment. You can install several free Shopify themes and customize them to your business. You can compare how the various options work for your brand before choosing the right ones. 

Sticking to these criteria will help you to choose the best theme for your brand. The secret is to just experiment with various Shopify themes. The brand is all-inclusive and you will not fail to get a perfect match for your business. 

However, there is nothing like a ‘one size fits all’ approach when selecting a theme. Businesses are different and you are in the best position to choose what is perfect for your store. Testing and experimentation will help you to make the right decision. The key is having a theme that will give you a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Best Free Shopify Themes: Final Thoughts 

This post presents the best free Shopify themes to you. Each product is full of useful features and professionally developed. All of them are indispensable tools for the success of your online business. 

When you try them out, you will feel the power of owning a Shopify e-commerce platform. 

The right product depends on the nature of your business. The article also has a buying guide that helps you to choose the best free Shopify themes. The most important thing is to choose a tool that will take your brand to the next level. 

These tips will ensure that you make the right decision when shopping for Shopify themes. You will discover that Shopify has so much to offer at absolutely no cost. However, if you feel like you need more features, you can upgrade to the premium version.

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