WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform on the internet. The reason is because of its powerful features and high levels of flexibility. One of them is the themes that people use to develop their websites. If you are a blogger, you will be expected to choose the best personal blog WordPress theme for your website.

WordPress themes are highly customizable and help you in designing your own websites. In case you are web-savvy, you can use WordPress themes to create your own blog. Once you are through, you can upload it for public or personal use.

The key point in this article is helping you get the best personal blog WordPress theme. The personal blog theme that you choose for your website is crucial for the success of your online business.

You can use some of the WordPress themes for free but the premium ones seem to be the best. Premium WordPress themes offer a high level of flexibility. It also gives you more opportunities for customizing your layouts.

The best personal blog WordPress themes tend to be simple and clean. The design that you choose should assist you to stand out from the other websites in your niche. It should also allow you to make a positive impression on the people who visit your website.

The best personal blog website theme will make your site rank well in the search engine. It is an excellent strategy especially if you wish to increase traffic on your website.

Here is a list of some of the best personal blog WordPress themes. The market currently has more than 30,000 themes. Here are the ones that will help you set up the best personal blog Website.


12 Best Personal Blog WordPress Theme

NO.Theme Free/PremiumRatingVisit Demo
1.NewspaperFree/$594.8Click here
2.CheerUpFree/$594.9Click here
3.TypologyFree/$594.7Click here
4.TheBloggerFree/$594.6Click here
5.SitkaFree/$594.4Click here
6.JohannesFree/$594.5Click here
7.BrixtonFree/$454.7Click here
8.BloxerFree/$394.3Click here
9.AkeaFree/$494.5Click here
10.MalinaFree/$194.2Click here
11.OnceFree/$594.4Click here
12.NovaBlogFree/$494.6Click here

1. Newspaper

Newspaper WordPress Theme

The best-selling blog and news WordPress theme in the market is Newspaper. The design of the theme helps users to tell their stories with the aid of a professional design, dynamism, and typography. 

The modern look of the theme is a perfect solution for several industry websites. The application ranges from fashion to travel and anything that is in between. The theme brings unique designs and beauty together with stability and quality performance to your blog. 

It explains why it is among the best personal blog WordPress theme in the internet world. It has integrated translations, over 80 unique demos, and an intelligent ad system. It is a must-have theme for ant review website, magazine, newspaper, or blog because of the long list of features.  

You will also get a tagDiv Composer in this template. It is a first front-end page builder that is specially designed for the magazines and news websites. The theme has over 100 elements that you just need to drag, drop, and arrange. 

You will be able to observe the changes taking place instantly. In addition, Newspaper 10 also comes with the tagDiv Cloud Library that brings more than 810 pre-designed templates for posts. The other functionalities are search pages, authors, and 404. 

Users can easily customize and load the inbuilt templates and create anything they need on the front end. The tagDiv Cloud Library has so many unique post template designs that will readily style your beautiful articles. All the projects in the Newspaper theme are “DIY” and hence there is no need to worry. 

The theme also comes with several header and footer options. You will also get Flex Block elements for higher visibility, comprehensive documentation, and endless combinations for highlighting categories and pages. 

This theme also integrates fast-page loading speed, great design, clean coding, and is AMP ready. Newspaper is Google AdSense ready and WooCommerce compatible. The other thing about the theme is that it supports mobile-friendly and responsive ads. 

It is a user-friendly personal blog WordPress theme that supports the best SEO practices. This explains why the theme comes top on our list of the best personal blog WordPress themes. 

Features of Newspaper Theme

  • Multi-purpose website demos 
  • Smart sidebars
  • Additional mobile-first templates 
  • tagDiv cloud library 
  • library of header styles 
  • Multiple unique post templates 
  • A broad range of magazine demos 
  • Social counter widgets 
  • Create custom image galleries 
  • Displays weather widget on the sidebar
  • Display a news ticker in your site’s header 
  • Uses a custom widget to display photos from Instagram 
  • Helpful video library that covers the theme
  • Display latest exchange rate from your currency of choice in the area of the sidebar

2. CheerUp

CheerUp Free WordPress Theme

One of the easy to use WordPress plugins in the market is CheerUp. The theme is highly responsive, well-structured, and intuitive. You can use it on any type of blog website that you are thinking of building. 

The design of CheerUp empowers all people at different skill levels to design modern and jaw-dropping blogs in a matter of minutes. The theme allows users to create memorable, expressive, and completely unique website styles. 

The tool features a wide range of structural and layout hierarchies and options. CheerUp also has unique elements that make it to be outstanding among modern bloggers. For instance, it has over one hundred customization blog templates. 

It also has masonry options and powerful grids and gorgeous slider capabilities that are integrated for the convenience of the users. It also has a seamless translation process via the industry standard WPML plugin. 

CheerUp is incomparably flexible and is a blogging site for all people who have something to say but don’t know how to express themselves effectively. The theme will handle the presentation bit as you concentrate on the provision of solid content. It is a sure way that will keep visitors coming back to your website. 

CheerUp is designed around a solid Bootstrap framework. Therefore, it is compatible with browsers and devices globally in a unique way. It is one of the startups that you should not hesitate to try out now. 

There is so much the CheerUp offers to personal bloggers. You can be sure of getting a clean and modern design. The features in this theme will also assist you to build a gorgeous personal brand. It will make sure that social media users get to notice your content. 

Features of CheerUp

  • Beautiful galleries 
  • Live customization 
  • Hundreds of layout options 
  • Inbuilt sharing options 
  • Compatible with MailChimp 

3. Typology

Typology wordpress dvd theme

Typology is an exemplary text-based WordPress theme. The tool has a special design for writing lovers and minimalist books. If you want simplicity in your writings like stories and news, typology is the best personal blog WordPress theme for you.

The theme is fully customizable and responsive in all its aspects. It offers unlimited color sets and fonts to help in building your layout. It also has a few icons and buttons that connect them to social media. 

You will get this theme fully backed with useful widgets and shortcodes. Additionally, Typology comes with a system that resembles magazines or newspapers in the use of comment threads. As it is evident, the theme has a specific design that emphasizes on typography. It always has an excellent look despite the lack of images. 

The theme features paginations that are classified in spaces and posts types for the personal logo. You will get tabs, cool progress bars, and full translation. 

The tool will help you divide your stories into categories and create fun daily highlights such as magazines. The tool suits particular professional websites or bloggers for the purposes of information delivery. It has a setup guide which makes getting started quite easy. 

Typology is a Makes Creation and offers 24/7 support. You can see the magic that this tool has to offer by giving it a try. Once you get into the writing, your fun readers will enjoy to their fullest. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get Typology today. 

In summary, Typology is a minimalist and text-based theme that is specially designed for personal blogging. Its friendly look and colorful design also define it as the best personal blog WordPress theme. Your posts are usually listed one below the other on the homepage. 

The way you build your posts is that you don’t necessarily need images. You can be sure of having no regrets when you choose Typology for personal blogging. The tool is created to meet the needs of personal bloggers with a high level of precision.

Features of Typology

  • Responsive layout 
  • Custom and shortcodes widgets 
  • Both material and flat design options 
  • Unlimited color and font limitations
  • Minimalist design with a great look with no images 
  • Different post layouts 
  • Full-width header/cover

4. TheBlogger

wordpress salient theme

TheBlogger WordPress theme is specially designed for the purposes of blogging, storytelling, and writing. This theme comes with multiple gallery features and responsive design. It will not let you down if you choose to go for the best personal blog WordPress theme. 

This theme offers Ninja Form compatibility and Lightbox integration for most of the above elements. Additionally, the theme has eleven launched demos. It also has a blogging system that supports all the posting formats. 

The theme has multiple blogging layouts of various post displays such as masonry or grid. It offers 4 header variations and unlimited sidebars.  

TheBlogger works perfectly for personal sites who wish to interact with their target audience. The theme also has advanced panel options that render coding meaningless. You can be sure of creating a great user experience when you choose to use TheBlogger personal blog WordPress theme. 

You will access several sliders and custom widgets to display video or image formats. TheBlogger also comes with a potent Live customizer for watching the changes in the layout on a real-time basis. 

The other good thing about this theme is that it is mobile friendly and Retina-ready. As a result, it adapts to all sizes of the screen seamlessly. 

Your readers will subscribe to your content through MailChimp. Alternatively, they can also be able to use newsletters. TheBlogger also comes with amazing features that support social media sharing from the widgets to buttons. 

It uses more than 800 gorgeous Google Fonts and the Post Slider. If you wish to begin smartly, you will get access to a support team and the necessary documentation. You will have a lot of fun as you use Blogger to share your content. 

Features of TheBlogger WordPress theme

  • Fast loading 
  • SEO optimized 
  • Translation ready 
  • Many layout options
  • Extensive documentation 
  • Portfolio support 
  • Free future updates 
  • WooCommerce support 
  • Powerful live customizer 
  • Fast and friendly support 
  • One-click import 

5. Sitka

Sitka WordPress Theme

If you are starting a personal blog, Sitka is a perfect tool for you. There are so many things that define this solution as the best personal blog WordPress theme. With this tool, you will be able to experience website realization within no time. 

First, the theme has incredible samples that you can use with a lot of ease. You can choose to enrich the default look of Sitka with your exclusive taste. The good thing is that you will still be able to get online very fast.

Sitka is a personal blog WordPress theme that will handle all the hard work on your behalf out of the box. Therefore, you will only be doing a few refining touches. There is so much that comes with Sitka as the best personal blog WordPress theme. 

Sitka is fully fluid which means it works on all desktop and modern handheld devices. It is one of the features that your personal blog should have to increase readership. The theme is also cross-browser compatible, fast loading, and in line with the Gutenberg builder and retina screens. 

More goodies that you will get in Sitka include Woo-Commerce readiness, search engine optimization, and custom widgets. You will also get to access complete typography and color freedom among other great features.

With Sitka, you will be able to start on the website with a compelling blog. It is a theme that will not let you down even if you are just starting with personal blogging. 

Features of Sitka WordPress Theme

  • Gutenberg optimized personal blog WordPress theme 
  • Chock-full customization options 
  • Pre-made striking demos with one-click installation 

6. Johannes

sela wordpress theme

It is way easy to start on the journey of personal blogging nowadays better than ever before. You have to begin from scratch and you should be having the prior experience to set up. 

With the support that Johannes offers, you will be able to kick off things with immediate effect. It is one of the best personal blog WordPress websites on the internet. You will have an active blog up and running swiftly. 

The theme has pre-designed layouts and all the other components will guarantee you a successful and quick launching of your personal blog. It is a theme that has a sophisticated, original, and creative web design. 

With this theme, you will literally have a complete blog website in three very simple steps. The first thing is choosing one from the 14 various homepage demos. From here, you can select the preset color skin. 

The last thing is choosing a font that resonates well with your style. This is all that you need and you will be ready to roll off. 

You may also perform extra tweaks if there is a need and also fine-tune the default layout as per your likings. Johannes is a tool that will give you exemplary results when it comes to personal blogging. 

Features of Johannes

  • Minimal blogging design and multi-concept clean 
  • Over 50 modern personal blogging theme layouts 
  • Optimized for blocks and Gutenberg ready

7. Brixton

Brixton Free Theme

Brixton is an impressive and minimal personal blog WordPress theme. It has a highly captivating and creative WordPress theme. It is a theme that has the capacity to enhance your personal blog. You can be sure of having no regrets when you choose the tool for personal blogging. 

You should not be an experienced programmer to be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of this product. The other thing that you will discover with Brixton is that it has a user-friendly design. 

Slow loading pages will make visitors to lose interest in your blog. The beauty of this theme is that it loads pretty fast courtesy of the streamlined layout and optimized code. 

One of the great additions in the last option was the font awesome icons. It makes it more flexible and visually richer. In addition, Brixton is highly compatible with the high-resolution Retina Displays. 

It has a minimalist implementation that eliminates all the elements that may clutter your page. The theme compliments your web content perfectly and eliminates any unnecessary slideshows and animations. 

Brixton websites are specially designed for readability and it is easy to navigate through them. The developers still promise to add new features. 

It is meaningless to have beautiful pages if they are not visible. One of the most beautiful things about Brixton is that it is optimized for the search engine. It will make sure that your personal blog features at the top of the search engine rankings. 

The theme has an endless number of color customization option. This results in several aesthetic design variations. It is a theme that works perfectly on all platforms including Smartphones and tablets.  The implication is that it creates an amazing user experience. 

Brixton is an amazingly stylish personal blog theme for all types of blogs. The design is based on visuals – catchy fonts and images. The theme has a modern and clean look and can also serve you well for portfolios as well as photography websites. 

Overall, this theme has a classy and friendly look. It is a great tool if you are looking for a layout that has an easy-to-follow content. The tool will not let you down as the best personal blog WordPress theme. 

Features of Brixton

  • 7 post templates 
  • Social links 
  • Unlimited colors 
  • 4 different skins 
  • Easy to customize 
  • Instagram feed
  • Optimized for SEO and speed 
  • Responsive creative design 

8. Bloxer

Bloxer WordPress Theme

Bloxer is an ideal solution if you are shopping for the best personal blog WordPress theme. Therefore, you should not think twice before using this theme for personal blogging. 

It is a distinctively refines blog and news theme for the use of WordPress bloggers. The theme is dynamic, modern, and highly flexible. When you choose Bloxer, you will access 12 unique layouts and each of them is designed for a unique category. 

The demos comprise of writing blog layouts, lifestyle, weddings, food bloggers, finance, medical, and gaming, technology, and SEO blogs. You can also expect to see so many additional layouts over time. 

The theme pays close attention to readability and content. You have to make sure that your readers are getting the information they want quickly. The design of Blogger pays close attention to the element of readability. 

It will serve you perfectly for both actual post-presentation and homepage design. All the things work hand in hand to support easy navigation and reading. 

This theme is also highly responsive and mobile-friendly. Most people prefer to use their tablet devices and mobile phones to read the latest articles and news. 

You need to take these trends seriously and implement the latest techniques. Make your website mobile compatible and 100% responsive. Your pages will have a great look regardless of the screen size and device type. 

With Gutenberg, you will be able to edit and publish your personal blog. The editor provides a refreshing and new way to publish your content. The theme also has great footers and headers. If you like to have full control of your site, Gutenberg is the best tool for you. It is also WooCommerce enabled to give you the best service. 

Features of Bloxer

  • Personal blog, news and magazine theme 
  • Gutenberg Compatible and over 5 WordPress 
  • Based in the Elementor Page builder and Bootstrap 4

9. Akea

Akea wordpress theme nevada

You can get your blogging journey on track using the clean, modern, and amazing Akea theme. It is the best personal blog WordPress theme that is also Gutenberg-compatible. 

This theme boasts of simplicity and minimalist to put your content right in the eyes of your loyal readers. Most people love this theme because it results into distraction-free blogs. Akea makes your work easier because it has a set of predesigned demos that knock your socks off. 

After choosing the most ideal one, you can enhance and improve it further. You will make a personal touch that will keep on shining from the crowd. 

Akea has a live customizer that you will enjoy to the maximum. You can use any of the 24 different blog layouts in this theme. The other feature you will get in Akea is the auto-updates.

To further boost your potential, the theme comes when it is already optimized for the search engine fully. It is 100% mobile-ready, loads fast, and is browser-compatible. 

The options that these theme offers are virtually endless. Therefore, you can use it in any way that you wish. Akea gives you the kind of blogging experience of its own. 

Features of Akea

  • Gutenberg ready
  • Six months of support from Google Layers 
  • Theme hosting offer 
  • Future updates
  • Envato checks quality 

10. Malina

Malina Theme

When you start swimming in the Malina world, there is no reason to think twice. It is among the best personal blog websites that are available in the modern market. As a result, it is among the most popular tools on the market. 

It has great page layouts, all forms of specialties, and all the practical features that you need. Malina is a theme that guarantees you a striking outcome. You don’t have to be a professional to be able to use the Malina theme. The theme is applicable for all people; both pros and beginners.  

The theme has five different headers that you can choose from. These include several custom widgets, Instagram feed, three post sliders, and two here sections.

You can also show or hide various elements, sell products online, and use Elementor to modify the look. The theme also has one of the best e-commerce additions that you can think about. We can confidently say that the options that Elementor offers are endless. 

Features of Malina

  • Classic blog layout
  • Beautiful posts slider 
  • Stylish and detailed posts layout 
  • Free Elementor builder 
  • Included visual composer builder 
  • Single click demo installation 
  • Perfect eye-catching design 
  • Liquid and responsive design

11. Once

Once Free Theme

One is a personal blog WordPress theme that gives users six various homepage demo designs. To add on this, you will also get the other relevant inner sections for a speedy integration. 

The theme is remarkable and always improves your personal blog WordPress theme for all people. Once has a trendy and simplistic appearance to suit different tastes even if you are highly picky. 

For additional improvement tweaks, once will also help you to do that. You will not be required to go behind the scenes and make changes in the code. 

Once you get the demo of once that suits your needs perfectly, you can hit the button and then import it in a single click. The list of features in this tool is endless. It contains the live search, shortcodes, GDPR compliance, related posts, sticky sidebar, mega menu, video backgrounds, and auto-load, etc.  

Features of Once Theme

  • 6 demos and over 400 options 
  • Clean and elegant design 
  • Responsive, performance, and SEO optimized

12. NovaBlog

NovaBlog WordPress Theme

The NovaBlog WordPress theme is highly specialized for blogging and the related perks that come with it. The tool has a child theme and over one dozen demos. NovaBlog is very responsive and Bootstrap-based. 

The theme utilizes the WPBakery Page builder as the main page builder and also has a panel that is customizable. The whole process gets quite simple courtesy of its shortcodes generator. 

The theme features so many special navigation bars and header styles. It also has endless connectivity with the available social media platforms. 

The other feature you will get is eleven custom widgets, a banner, and the ones for the social networks. NovaBlog has immediate translation via live search with AJAX and WPML.  

Font Awesome and Fontello provides typography and icons. It also has Lightbox to deliver gorgeous galleries. This will make sure that your posts come with the relevant pictures. 

NovaBlog is a great tool that focuses on the provision of an excellent tool for public writing. It also gases a gorgeous display, a design that is adaptive to all devices, and writing comfort. 

The theme includes the FAQ and widgets in the footer variations. You can also upload your posts on multiple formats in any of the four columns that are available. 

You will also get support and documentation that is available at any time. You can try any of the free demos from NovaBlog at any time. 

Features of NovaBlog

  • Included child theme 
  • Live searching with AJAX
  • Sample data included with one click demo importer 
  • Retina ready icon test 
  • Font/Fontello Awesome
  • Bootstrap based
  • Responsive design 
  • Integrated translation design 
  • Self-hosted Google fonts 

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Personal Blog WordPress Theme 

Have you made up your mind to dive into the waters of starting a new blog? You have made a great decision in life. The secret is to make sure that you are getting the best personal blog WordPress theme that the platform has to offer. 

The first thing is to purchase an optimized WordPress hosting and install WordPress. From here, you can go ahead to select the right theme. 

At the start, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a theme. The reason is that the market has a long list of options. 

To help you out, this article has the most important things that you need to consider. It will help you get the most from your blog and increase its readership. 

High Readability

To choose the best personal blog WordPress theme, you need to start by looking for the one that has a high level of readability. Remember, the number one thing that makes people visit your blog is consuming your content. 

Therefore, choose a consistent theme that is easy on the eyes of the reader. You may think that the font is so cute but avoid it if it’s hard to read. Here are some of the factors that will enhance the readability of your blog; 

Best Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Fonts: Choose a theme that only has one or two fonts that are very easy to read. Make sure you avoid the other fonts. Some of the safe fonts to use include Times New Roman, Verdana, Courier, and Arial. 

Whitespace: The theme that you choose for your personal WordPress blog should have a lot of whitespaces. The pictures, text, and design can go quite a long way. However, there should be a lot of whitespace in between. There are the elements that give the eyes of your reader the break that they desire. 

Spacing: Using the line spacing to your advantage is among the easiest ways to enhance the readability of your personal blog. Be keen to double space your paragraphs and don’t indent them. 


When working with the best personal blog theme, you will not have to do a lot of work to give it a great look. It is good to hire a professional to help you in designing your website. However, the best approach is to get some customization options. 

It can encompass customizing your header image, blog color, or the code (as long as you have the knowledge). The more the customization options you have, the more opportunities you have in creating your personal blog. 

Mobile Design

We have more than 1.7 million individuals who are using mobile devices in their online searches. Therefore, it is no longer an option to have a blog that isn’t optimized for all mobile devices.

It will be a clear indication that you are turning away a significant proportion of your potential visitors. The best persona WordPress theme is optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing. 

Compatible with the WordPress Updates

The best personal WordPress theme should be compatible with the recent updates from WordPress. There are so many places that you can get WordPress themes. However, make sure that the third-party theme guarantees you updates alongside WordPress. 

You can purchase a good looking theme bur make sure that it is in line with the changes in WordPress. You can buy third-party WordPress themes from a company like the Moo marketplace and Studio Press. The most important thing is to assess the frequency of updates in the WordPress theme. 


The personal blog WordPress theme should display some features on your website. These include frequent updates, optimized for mobile devices, customizable, and readable. The other things that you can look at include the feel, look, design, and color. 

You cannot get great results from your WordPress website unless you choose the best personal blog WordPress theme. The suggestions above are some of the top options that you can get in the market. 


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