Would you like to create a website that will showcase your products in an efficient and effective way? You are in the right place. This article looks at the best free eCommerce WordPress themes that you can find in the market. 

The list has free and responsive WordPress themes that are ideal for the purpose of e-commerce. It is not easy to build an engaging website that showcases your products and services perfectly. The setup of your website should make customers believe in your products and services. 

The best starting point is the WordPress Themes that you choose. If you are a beginner, it may be hard to set up a budget for buying a theme. WordPress has some perfect solutions that will allow you to build your website at no cost. 

Remember you should not compromise on the quality of your online shop as you choose a free theme. It explains why we are listing the best free e-commerce themes in this article. These themes have awesome striking features that will display your products and services in the best way possible.

You can upgrade to the premium options and get access to more features once your online shop breaks even. The secret is to invest a lot of time shopping for the best free e-commerce WordPress themes. Some of them have features that are only available in premium options from other developers. 

Here is a list of the 10 best free e-commerce themes that you can use to create your website. The primary determinant of your choice is the type of products and services that you are selling. The free WordPress theme that you choose should display your brand in a positive light. 


Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Theme Free/PremiumRating
Visit Demo
LetoFree/$594.4Click here
Click here
Virtue ThemeFree/$754.7
Click here
Max Store Free/49$4.5Click here
WP StoreFree/$554.3
Click here
E-commerce Free/$494.8Click here
Shopera Free4.6Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here

1. Leto

The Leto Ecommerce WordPress theme has excellent tools. All these tools, together with a gorgeous shopping cart configuration, come free of charge. It has a modern and clean layout with a huge header image to display your deals and promotions. 

The header media will allow you to display off a larger header picture. It has the option of revealing a video that explains your company or product. When you go to the options of this theme, you will discover the number of customization tools that it has.  

For example, users can change around fonts, typography, and colors among others. If you are familiar with WordPress, you know that all these options are present in the default WordPress customizer. Therefore, you will not go searching around to adjust the settings after you install this theme. 

Leto also offers many widgets for developing the whole homepage. It is a great theme for e-commerce sites. The reason is that you can add banners and media and move them around with a lot of ease. 

One way of using widgets is to share a gallery of your products. It will help people to know what you are selling from the beginning and can click on it throughout the homepage. Leto also has a broad range of Google themes that you can switch from the WordPress customizer. 

You can access Google Fonts for free yet it requires payment on other WordPress themes. The other benefit of Leto is that it comes with inbuilt translation tools. It gives your website a translation-ready interface. Therefore, either you or your users will have the opportunity to translate the pages. 

The Theme also has quick support from AThemes, the live customizer, and constant updates. Leto is basically a simple but stunning theme that is designed for large size e-commerce enterprises. 

Selling electronics or shoes is not a big issue when using this theme. The reason is that you are the one who does the branding. You don’t have to constraint yourself or have worries about the specific colors that come with your brand that don’t match your theme. It is one of the best free e-commerce themes that is an all-round winner. 

Features of Leto

  • Woo-commerce ready
  • Header media
  • Theme options 
  • Widgets 
  • Google fonts
  • Translation ready 
  • Live customizer
  • Cross-browser support 
  • Fast support 

2. ShopIsle

ShopIsle ecommerce theme

We cannot discuss the best free e-commerce WordPress themes and leave behind ShopIsle. The theme has a beautiful layout that gives owners of e-commerce stores a visual approach to selling online. This theme is founded in Bootstrap and works seamlessly with the Woo Commerce plugin. 

You will not spend a lot of time formatting, running for big launches, getting products up, and connecting payment gateways. It is a pretty flexible theme given the fact that it has no price tag. 

You can use the ShopIsle to set up a single-page website. The theme has an excellent full-screen image that will surely convince shoppers to purchase from your brand. 

Most free themes don’t have the parallax but it is available in this product. If this is what your business needs, ShopIsle will bring it your way at no cost. It’s good to place some text or call to action over the background of your parallax effect. It is the main thing that will make your website stand out in the market. 

ShopIsle is a highly responsive theme that is similar to what you find in regular mobile apps. The case is evident when a user opens your blog on a phone or tablet. The text and visual items will snap into place for appropriate viewing on their mobile devices.

This theme also works with several third-party plugins. Examples include Jetpack, Page Builder, Site Origin, Meta Slider, Contact Form 7, and the Photo Gallery Grid. It has a minimum elegant style and various search engine tools. 

ShopIsle falls among the best free e-commerce WordPress themes for building online stores. It builds the best stores for selling jewelry, clothing, or products where images matter a lot. 

The homepage has professional grid-based galleries and a large header. The implication is that you will not have any problem when it comes to attracting customers. 


  • Localization ready 
  • Theme options panel
  • Easy contact form 
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Responsive design 
  • Validated and clean code 

3. Virtue Theme

Virtue wordpress Theme

Virtue is an incredible e-commerce theme that comes fast and thick. It is one of the products that we cannot erase from the list of best free e-commerce WordPress themes. Developers Kadence Themes are responsible for building this software. 

So many e-commerce developers like using the virtue theme. But why is this the case? The first reason is that the virtue theme is super versatile. It means that you can use it for a wide range of purposes at no cost. 

The virtue theme also comes packed with functionality and customization options. These two properties are only available on premium themes. This theme also uses a beautifully clean, responsive, and modern design. 

You will also get a stylish image carousel and gorgeous image slider in this WordPress theme. At the bottom of the page, there is a blog roll with huge featured images. Therefore, it is an excellent theme for anyone who wants to build a website that is rich in images. 

Virtue supports a solid range of functionality right from the box. This feature makes it stand out from the other best free e-commerce themes. These include a stylish portfolio, contact cards, social sharing buttons, and complete with the hover effect. 

The Virtue theme also works vividly with Woo-commerce. The theme has a stylish product gallery view and a gorgeous product page layout.  This comes complete with descriptions, images, and related product links. It is one of the strongest e-commerce themes that you need to check out on. 

Therefore, Virtue is a versatile WordPress theme with several great features and options. It is fully supported by Woo Commerce to allow users to design incredible online stores. Millions of WordPress users love the Virtue theme. 

If you have minimal coding knowledge, you will love the fact that the Virtue theme is easy to use. You can use it for any other purpose like photography, personal, portfolio, or normal business. This is because Virtue is a versatile WordPress theme. 

Features of the Virtue Theme

  • Woo-commerce ready 
  • Custom fonts 
  • Slider options 
  • Powerful mobile responsive 
  • Woo Commerce support
  • The powerful theme options panel 
  • Modern and clean design 

4. Max Store

Woo Commerce

Are you looking for the best free e-commerce themes that have a modern and exciting design? The ideal answer lies with the Max Store theme. The product also has an excellent ability to integrate with Woo Commerce.  

Max Store is specifically designed for Woo Commerce. It displays your products in beautiful galleries on the homepage. The product has an excellent checkout in comparison to the other best free e-commerce WordPress themes. 

You can use this theme to develop anything from sporting goods shops to fashion stores. Given the responsive design, you can use it to sell your products on mobile devices. It also has translation features that allow you to expand to other parts of the world. 

One of the major limitations you find in free themes is support. However, the case is very different when it comes to the Max Store theme from WordPress. The theme helps out clients who would like to save their products for a later date. 

The right and left sidebars that blend seamlessly with widgets also characterize this WordPress theme. Its custom background will continue to adjust depending on the branding type you wish to display. 

The theme also has an additional info top bar for displaying promotions and new product details. The images that you feature will beautifully show up from your blog. The three-column format will display the product previews in a professional and clear way. 

Max Store also has a flexible header and custom menus. It also has a footer region that supports all forms of widgets. This explains why we cannot leave Max Store out of the list of best free e-commerce WordPress themes. 

You can use the clean responsive design of the max Store to build a digital shop, sports store, fashion store, etc. This theme is e-commerce ready because of the presence of the Woo Commerce plugin. 

Features of Max Store 

  • Fast loading 
  • Homepage styles 
  • Wish list support
  • Translation ready 
  • Theme options
  • SEO optimized
  • Woo-commerce integrated 
  • Responsive layout 

5. WP Store

clean free ecommerce themes

Are you looking for the best free e-commerce themes with a clean layout and minimalistic design? The perfect answer lies with the WP Store. Even though the appearance of this theme seems to be basic, it has several customization opportunities for users. 

The theme also has so much to deliver to website owners. It is constructed in the Live WordPress Customizer. The feature allows website owners to customize most of the theme settings instantly and easily using real-time live previews. 

You can easily set up the WP store and configure it even if you are a beginner. The theme has so many features that come at no cost. It has an image lightbox plugin that delivers an innovative and modern image gallery. 

WP Store also has a gorgeous animated carousel slider. This allows you to display your featured posts or products at their best. 

The developer of this theme pays close attention to SEO optimization. It supports all the modern plugins such as Yoast SEO and contact form among others. WP Store has an enhanced option panel meaning you can mold and customize it in any way. 

It is one of the perfect solutions if you are looking for the best free e-commerce WordPress themes. Most people who use this theme reach their SEO goals within no time. 

This theme is Woo Commerce feature-rich and allows users to create the most organized and convenient shopping experiences. You can use it to develop any type of e-commerce store. The list comprises of clothing, food, interior, fashion, and many more. 

It has full SEO optimization, advanced typography options, and multilingual support. WP store also complies with the latest WordPress standards and supports multi-browser. The theme is perfect for anyone who wants to set up an e-commerce store. 

Features of WP Store

  • Search engine optimized 
  • Ticker for the latest offers, products, and news 
  • Highly configurable homepage
  • Seamless Woo Commerce integration 
  • Multiple homepage layouts 
  • Powerful e-commerce functionality
  • Option for enabling or disabling ticker for product news/promo
  • Based fully on customizer 
  • Responsive design 
  • Listing of blogs on the homepage 
  • Homepage highly customizable 
  • Has a Multi-web layout
  • Promotional sections 
  • Display of brands on the homepage 

6. E-Commerce

Woo Commerce theme

The other product that comes under the best free e-commerce themes is E-commerce. It is carefully designed to work with the Woo Commerce plugin. It delivers a complete Woo Commerce solution to the users. 

The theme has a clean and complete layout and you can use it for shops that have featured products on their homepages. E-commerce allows you to give your store a professional online presence. The theme is mobile ready with an awesome look on all devices. 

E-commerce has a minimalist but modern appearance. 

Features of E-Commerce

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Custom CSS
  • Mobile ready 
  • Custom menu
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Responsive design

7. Shopera

beautiful online shop

With Shopera, you will get the best free WordPress theme for creating a beautiful online shop. The homepage of this theme has blog and slider options. You can allow your clients to view the details of the products that are on sale. 

Shopera is a complete WordPress theme for building shops because it has an awesome Woo Commerce support. The theme is mobile ready meaning that it adapts seamlessly with all sizes and types of screens. You can use it to create your online shop and build a personal brand. 

It is a clean and modern e-commerce theme from WordPress. The good thing about Shopera is the fact that it is highly customizable. You can use this theme to create any type of online shop. It has an excellent look at all types of devices including mobiles, tablets, and laptops. 

Features of Shopera 

  • Multilingual and translation ready
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Retina ready
  • Advanced theme options
  • Ultra-responsive design 

8. Store

WordPress is Store theme

One of the top feature-rich themes that come from WordPress is Store. The store is a complete theme that comes with incredible Woo Commerce features. Its layout is fully responsive with a stunning look on all types of devices like desktops, iPhones, and cell phones. It is easy to create an online shop using this WordPress theme. 

Features of Store

  • Slider with 3D effects 
  • Google fonts
  • A navigation system and advanced menu
  • Responsive design 
  • Woo Commerce ready 

9. Porto

ultimate e-commerce

The Porto WordPress theme is an ultimate e-commerce solution for all types of businesses. It has powerful features that can configure into anything that you want. When you compare Porto with other versatile themes and general e-commerce features, it offers an ultimate solution with exclusive layouts and skins. 

When you use Porto, you will have the guarantee of an ultra-fast performance. 

Features of Porto

  • Optimized for speed performance 
  • Ultimate Woo Commerce feature 
  • Powerful theme options
  • Amazing customer experience 
  • Works perfectly on all devices 

10. Shopper

best free e-commerce WordPress themes

One of the best free e-commerce WordPress themes that you can use to create your online store is Shopper. The theme has a minimal layout and clean design that you can use to build any type of online shop. The shopper also has a mobile-friendly design and minimalist style. It has a clean and cool design, customizable, easy to use, and pretty fast. It is a theme that is developed around the requests and needs of users. 

A shopper is translation ready, SEO friendly, and fully responsive. You can be sure that it will guarantee your customers an excellent shopping experience. You can use this theme to build online in several online stores. Examples include jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, women or kids, digital shop, handbag, sports, and online fashion, and multi-purpose online stores. 


  • SEO friendly 
  • Pricing table options 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Responsive design 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Fast and lightweight 
  • Unlimited colors 
  • Fast and lightweight 
  • Woo-commerce extensions and widgets 
  • The custom logo upload option 
  • Simple and highly intuitive design 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Woo-commerce powered 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

People make several mistakes when choosing the best free e-commerce WordPress themes. The market has a long list of both free and paid templates. However, WordPress tends to have the longest list of customers. 

One reason is that WordPress pays close attention to the needs of the user when developing ecommerce themes. Some of the features you get in their free themes come at a price when dealing with the other brands. 

You should be extremely careful when choosing WordPress themes for your ecommerce sites. These themes are used to create different types of websites. Therefore, you have to choose the one that will meet your needs with the highest level of precision. 

The WordPress theme that you choose should complement the content that is on your website. For instance, if your website talks about social or political issues, you need a theme that will improve readability. E-commerce may not come into play at such a point. 

Most WordPress themes come with several customization options. If they don’t have the right coding, you can find it hard to use other WordPress Plugins or change the theme. Therefore, this consideration is key when choosing the best free ecommerce WordPress themes. 

Otherwise, you can get locked in the theme and forced to pay a developer to assist you with switching. You can also come across a theme that has a great look but makes your ecommerce site incredibly slow. Users hate slow websites and the best it can do is to increase your bounce rate. 

This beats the primary goal of creating an ecommerce website which is conversion. Moreover, Google ranks websites that load fast higher. It is a critical element if you want to increase the visibility of your ecommerce store in the search engine. 

The WordPress theme that you choose forms the face of your Website. The way the search engine and users perceive your theme is crucial. Remember the old saying that states that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ This wise saying is highly applicable when choosing the best free ecommerce WordPress theme. 

Here are some of the tips that will help you to make the right choice;

i) Simplicity is Key

Most WordPress themes come with several flashy animations, complex layouts, and colors among other elements. You may need some of these things in your online store but not all of them.

According to Leonardo da Vinci, the ultimate sophistication is simplicity. The design of the WordPress theme that you choose should support your primary objective. It should have an excellent look without compromising on simplicity and usability. 

Don’t go for a theme that has an overly complicated presentation. The purpose of web design is helping your users get the information that they require. As the site owner, the design of the website should assist you to achieve your goals. 

It is meaningless to choose a great-looking theme that will not help you to get new subscribers or business. The primary reason for opening an ecommerce store is to increase your sales. The best free WordPress themes will help you to achieve this objective with a high level of precision. 

A good theme will help your users find their way around the website. All the themes that we have recommended in this guide have a simple design. It is a good element if you want to create an amazing browsing experience for your users. 

ii) Responsive design

Responsiveness is not an option when shopping for the best ecommerce WordPress theme. A responsive theme will adjust to the layout across various devices and screen sizes. The number of web traffic that comes from handheld devices like mobile phones is on the rise. 

The volume can go beyond 50% depending on the products that you are selling. Google displays websites that are mobile-friendly at the top of the mobile search results. Therefore, all websites should be fully mobile-ready and highly responsive. This case stands regardless of the demographics and topics of your website. 

How to Test Whether the Theme is Mobile Ready

Resizing your browser screen will help you tell whether the WordPress theme is mobile-ready or not. As you continue to resize the screen of your browser, the layout of the theme will automatically adjust itself to the width of the screen. 

If you need more thorough testing, copy the themes’ demo URL and then paste it to the Mobile-Friendly Test page of Google. 

However, you need to know that this test shows some warnings even if you are dealing with the best theme. Observe red flags like the content is wider than the screen or the text is too small. You need to pay more attention to what concerns you most. 

iii) Browser Compatibility

We cannot run away from the fact that your users will be using various browsers to access your online store. You cannot dictate the browser that someone would like to use to shop online. People have different preferences and you have to respect them if you want to succeed. 

Your competitors pay close attention to this and you stand to lose if you don’t. A theme can have a perfect look on the browser that you are using. However, it may come out like a broken thing in the other browsers. 

The best free ecommerce WordPress themes are compatible with all browsers. After all, the customer is the king and you need to get to them where they are. Start to limit your customers on the browser they can use to access your website and you will lose terribly. 

Most developers use sophisticated tools to test for the compatibility of their themes on various browsers. You can get this information on the developer’s website. In case it is not available, you can run a few basic tests. 

It will tell you whether the WordPress theme is compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many more. Remember to test on various browsers using mobile devices too. Compatibility is a critical defining element for the best free ecommerce WordPress themes. 

iv) Supported Plugins

Supported plugins will tell you whether you are choosing the best free ecommerce WordPress theme or not. The actual power of WordPress lies in the WordPress plugins. With the plugins, you can do virtually anything on your WordPress website. 

WordPress has a long list of plugins that you can use. Some of them are a must-have regardless of the type of ecommerce store that you are building. Excellent examples of such plugins are W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, and Gravity Forms. 

However, we have other WordPress plugins that will make your online store stand out from the competition. The best free ecommerce website theme will support all the popular plugins. Besides, you don’t want a theme that will limit you from making enhancements on your website. 

Get to understand the plugins that you will need and confirm for compatibility before choosing a theme. If you are not sure about this information, it is good to consult from the developers of the theme. These developers are always willing to tell you what the theme can achieve and what it can’t. The support team can also recommend some of the best free ecommerce WordPress themes for your website. 

v) Translation and Multilingual Ready

Are you planning to sell your products in the global market? It could be a long term ambition even if you are targeting the local market for a start. The beauty of online stores is that they don’t have any geographical limitations. 

A person can browse your website and purchase your products regardless of their location on the planet. However, this cannot be possible if you are using a language that some of your target audience doesn’t understand. With this in mind, the best free ecommerce WordPress themes should be translation ready. 

Several free WordPress themes meet this criterion. You should not limit your reach by not doing your homework well. A long list of WordPress websites is not designed in the English language. 

Getting a multilingual WordPress theme will help you prepare well for the future. Getting a translation ready theme that supports multilingual WordPress plugins is the best way to go. 

vi) Page Builders

Page builders refer to WordPress plugins which allow users to use the drag and drop user interface to create page layouts. Most of the premium WordPress themes have pre-installed builders. 

However, some of the page builders are only used by the developer of the theme. If you use such a builder to create a landing page, it can generate several unwanted codes. If you need to switch the theme at some point, the landing pages will require a high level of clean up. 

The theme that you choose should come with some of the most popular page builder plugins. You can also buy these page builders separately and use them with the other themes. 

vii) Support Options

There comes a time when you need support from the developer to continue using the WordPress theme. The challenge with most themes is that you don’t have a guarantee to support. Even though some free theme developers offer excellent support for their products, most free themes lack these options. 

In case you mess up with your WordPress theme, you have to search for a solution by yourself. It may also force you to pay third-party developers to solve a very minor issue. 

The best free ecommerce WordPress themes should have excellent support and documentation options. Most of the premium WordPress themes have detailed documentation and one-year email-based support. Make sure you are comfortable with the level of support that you get from the free theme before you start using it. 

viii) SEO Friendliness

The WordPress theme that you choose has a critical role to play in the SEO friendliness of your website. A theme can have an appealing look but still generate HTML that is poorly coded. It can have adverse effects on the performance of your site on the search engines. 

As a beginner, it can be difficult to analyze the source code of the theme on your own. It explains why most theme developers will tell you whether the pages are optimized for SEO or not. 

Checking with the W3C Markup Validation service will tell you whether the page generates the right HTML5 or not. However, some of the warnings that the W3C tools generate are not a thing to worry about. 

ix) Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews that users provide will tell you whether you are dealing with the best free ecommerce WordPress themes. Most of these reviews are in the third party market places for premium themes. 

When dealing with free WordPress themes, the ratings are just below the download button. It will display the number of stars and reviews that users provide for each product. Clicking in 5 stars will display the reviews that led to these great ratings.

At least every WordPress theme has a negative review. Pay close attention to the comments because the person could be using the wrong theme for his website. However, be extremely careful with a theme whose number of negative reviews is unusually high. 

Remember support is a critical consideration when choosing the best ecommerce WordPress themes. Free themes will not guarantee you regular updates and support. You will learn to live with the negatives especially if you don’t have access to the support team. 

Therefore, you need to get a theme that has excellent ratings and reviews. It is the only way that you will be sure of choosing the best free ecommerce WordPress themes. 


When looking for the best free ecommerce WordPress themes, you can choose any of the ones listed above. The market has so many options and some of them have incredible features for your ecommerce store. 

The WordPress theme that you choose depends on the type of products that you are selling. The most important thing is to create an amazing shopping experience for your customers. The best WordPress themes will attract huge traffic to your website and result in conversions. 

The above list is a perfect guide to making the right choices. With this information, you have all that you need to choose the best free ecommerce WordPress theme for your online shop. Such a theme will help you to increase the volume of traffic and levels of conversion. 

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