It is not hard to find an email marketing service that fulfils your requirements and needs. When you compare the pricing and features of various email marketing services, you will discover that they are basically the same. Some of them include email scheduling, social media integrations, and email templates. 

When using an email marketing software, it will help you in automating the marketing workflows, stacking your statistics, and sending better and more emails. It is also a better way of building a deep relationship with visitors.

However, in the process of selecting the best email marketing service, it will be an understatement to claim that you have so many options. The market has over 30 email marketing services (both paid and free). In this article, we will help you to identify the best email marketing service. You will discover that the process is not as hard as you thought.

What Is Email Marketing Service?

We cannot look at the best email marketing service without having a clear understanding of this phrase. Email marketing services allow the user to send an email campaign to a list of their subscribers.

By definition, an email service provider is a technology company that makes it easy for users to send emails and even build an email list. The popularity of emails as a marketing channel has continued to increase significantly. There are so many email marketing service providers who have sprung up to offer differentiated services.

At the most basic level, an email marketing service should be able to send emails and also store email addresses. However, there are some features that more advanced email service providers offer to the user. These include lead capture forms, marketing and email automation, and dynamic content in emails.

The others include A/B testing of whole automation and A/B testing of email content and email subject lines. We also have web tracking that helps in collecting more data about subscribers. The other one is the segmentation of subscribers depending on their interests.

The nature of the campaign that you wish to carry out will determine the best email marketing tools for your needs. Before we go further, it is good to understand why you need an email service for your business. The knowledge will form the basis of understanding the best email marketing service provider for 2021.

The Criteria We Used to Select the Best Email Marketing Service

We test email marketing services in various fields to ascertain the quality of services that each of them offers. The main things that we look at in order to choose the best email marketing services to include;

Performance: Here, we look at the quality of service that the email marketing provider offers to its customers. You need to get a tool that will help you to create a highly successful email marketing campaign.

Features: The other thing that we look at are the various resources that the email marketing service provides. You need features that will be able to support your business to the fullest.

Ease of Use: The time you will take to learn how the email marketing service works matters a lot in the decision-making process. We help users to get an easy to use platform that does not compromise on the quality of services.

Support: Elements like professionalism, support channels, availability, and courtesy matter a lot when choosing an email marketing service provider.  We want to make sure that you will not get stuck by choosing services that offer the best support options.

The 5 Best Email Marketing Service Provider for 2021

  • Company
  • Main Features
  • Price
  • Rating
  • More
  • Ads
  • Postcards
  • Mobile Apps
  • Landing Pages
  • Developer Tools
  • From
  • $0/Free
  • 100%
  • score
  • Site Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Easy to Use API
  • Email Split Testing
  • Automation Builder
  • From
  • $129/month
  • 100%
  • score
  • Landing Pages
  • Broadcast Emails
  • Email Automations
  • Convertkit A/B Testing
  • Convertkit Integrations
  • From
  • $0/month
  • 80%
  • score
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Event Marketing Tools
  • E-commerce Integrations
  • From
  • $0/Free
  • No
  • Sending Email
  • Email Delivery
  • Message Coder
  • Message Builder
  • Campaign Creation
  • From
  • $100.30/month
  • No


Why Choose Email Marketing for Your Business

More than 34% of the world population is actively using email services. This figure translates to approximately 2.5 billion individuals. There is a projection that the number of email users will increase to 2.8 billion in the coming two years. These statistics from the Radicati Group just confirm the popularity of emails.

The same data reveals that people send approximately 196 billion emails every day globally. Out of this, the majority are business emails that makeup about 109 billion emails. Therefore, email marketing is a powerful and vibrant way to connect with other people.

To understand better, just think about your personal experiences in life. It is rare to come across an individual who does not have an email address. You could be receiving so many HTML emails every week. Most of them are highly inspiring and you even long for the next one. Therefore, emails are a very big part of human life and we cannot run away from that fact.

Email marketing is a personal way to reach out to your target audience. Messages from your family and friends sit next to your company’s email updates. It tells you why email marketing works best when you personalize it. You can tailor the email to the actions of your customers to make sure that communication is appropriate to their actions.

There is an endless list of topics that you can cover using email marketing services. With more than 2.5 billion users globally, you can be sure that email is not going anywhere. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose email marketing for your business.

1. Highly Effective

There is no doubt that email marketing is more effective than social media when it comes to customer acquisition. However, don’t get me wrong because social media is a crucial component of any business marketing strategy.

Social media is the best platform to interact with your target audience and even strengthen the personal relationships that you have with them. Therefore, it is the first crucial step in reaching the ultimate goal of conversion. However, email marketing is the best tool for converting people into supporters, customers, and members.

So many businesses are using email marketing for customer acquisition. The channel accounts for so many customers who are acquired online. The best email marketing service will help you to acquire and retain customers. Therefore, you cannot overlook the role that emails play in your marketing strategy.

2. Cost-Effective and Economical

Email marketing is inexpensive, effective, and free. The channel allows entrepreneurs to reach out to a large number of target audiences at a nearly nothing rate per message.  If you are a small business owner who is on a budget, it becomes a better option than the traditional marketing options like direct mail, radio, or TV.

Forrester Research and carried out a joint study and found out that 85% of retailers in the United States take email marketing to be among the most effective tactics of customer acquisition. Even with so many social networks and modern technology, marketers keep getting back to email.

The channel has been generating the highest volume of ROI among marketers. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) as well as VentureBeat research, every 1 dollar that you spend on email marketing will generate an ROI of 40 dollars.

In traditional marketing efforts, postage and printing can increase the cost of direct mail campaigns significantly.  Emails allow you to create the same imagery with an additional benefit of getting instant follow-up information with a single click on your website.

As long as you maintain your email list well, you will increase the cost benefits through the close relationships that you establish with the recipients. Email marketing also attracts a high response rate to give you more positive responses quickly and a reduced unit cost. Therefore, with the right email marketing tool, you will have a win-win situation.

3. Customizable and Personal

In email marketing, you have to segment the target clientele into lists and send tailored email messages that resonate with the readers to each list. It is the only’-;pout4r2w1;,.nm way that you will give the reader a valuable thing. Segmented and targeted messages can generate close to 58% of the total revenue as per DMA. Marketers who use this strategy increase their revenue by approximately 760% according to Campaign Monitor.

If you publish a blog post on social media, you will be addressing your target audience as a ‘whole.’ On the other hand, if you use your email marketing software in the right way, you will address everyone by name. You will address certain topics for particular members on the email list and arrive at their private inboxes eventually.

Campaign Monitor reports that emails whose subject line include the name of the recipient have a 26% higher likelihood of being opened. It also states that 74% of marketers believe that personalized targeting increases customer engagement. 

However, make sure that you don’t send SPAM emails whatsoever. You can use it to build trust for your brand and customer loyalty. Email marketing will help your business build prospects with your current customers, leads, prospects, and even past customers. It gives you an opportunity to speak to these people directly in their respective inboxes at the most convenient time possible. The most important is to make sure that you are personable and friendly. If you choose your recipient and message wisely, you will not be invading their space in any way.

4. Action Oriented

Whether you notice this or not, all people are trained to do a thing with the email. It can be signing up, clicking through, forwarding, replying, or even making a purchase straight away. By nature, emails are transactional and you can use them in directing traffic to your site and hence drive sales. 

As you develop the marketing strategy for your business, the use of email will assist you to realize the desired results straight away. It is not just like giving out newsletters but also utilizing email automation depending on your customer’s triggers. The secret is to just get a reliable bulk email service provider.

The open and clicks of transnational emails are eight times more than the other types of emails. According to Experian, the revenue that these emails generate is six times more.

5. Measurable

When dealing with email marketing, there is nothing like guesswork. With the right email marketing software in place, you will track the recipients who opened your email, the links that were clicked, and the number of people who subscribed. You will get a picture of the performance of your email campaigns easily. It will help you to make adjustments that can enhance your effectiveness.  It is important to remember email marketing metrics as you measure and monitor your internet marketing strategy.

If you want to measure the rate of success of your email campaigns in comparison to the other players in the industry, you can get it using the right email marketing tools. Most of the bulk email service providers offer these services.

Most of the email marketing software allows you to split test your emails. Because A/B testing originates from direct mails, it tells you that A/B testing is so essential. The process can reveal a lot of wealth about your subscriber’s data. Is there response to tempting headings such as “Now for Sale,” “Free” or “20% off” better? We have some recipients who are more open to softer introductions that inform them about what they can expect from the email. You can test, measure, and improve on all these things.

6. People Check Mails Constantly 

With mobile devices, users can check their email constantly. These mobile devices are so common nowadays and this makes people check their time all the time. You can read your mails from anywhere even when on the go. It does not matter whether you are in the grocery store, doctor’s office, bus, and any other place.

We have people who believe that we should forget about emails given the increase in the popularity of social media platforms. However, there is no way you can push this platform on the sides. According to a report by ExactTarget back in 2014, 91% of individuals use Smartphones in accessing their emails. It is compared with 75% of individuals who use Smartphones to access their social media platforms. Therefore, when you fail to include email in your online marketing strategy, you will miss out on a platform that most people in the world are using.


Yes! You need an email marketing service regardless of the type and size of your business. The reason is that email marketing will help you to target those people who are interested in your product. Most people out there have emails and use their Smartphones to read their mails. Therefore, email marketing is more effective when it comes to attracting new customers and conversion.
Mailchimp is the best when it comes to customization, advanced features, and ease of use. Also, it offers lower-paid options and a free plan in comparison to Constant Contact. For those who value more comprehensive customer support and value support, Constant Contact is the best option. Therefore, the best options depend on your unique needs. Therefore, you need to make a wise choice between these two products. 
Most people open their emails on Tuesdays in comparison to the other days of the week. However, Saturdays also have a high open-rate for emails making it a good day to send your email. According to HubSpot, the best day to send an email is on Tuesday followed by a tie-on Wednesday and Monday. Therefore, you need to schedule your email marketing tool accordingly.
Yes! With the advancement in technology and more people opening email addresses and acquiring new gadgets, emails remain to be a highly marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond. Email marketing is far from dying in 2021 and has so many advantages that all businesses can explore. With a well-planned strategy and good practice, the results will be amazing especially when you allow successful digital marketing agencies to develop the strategy.
Digital Marketing Association states that email marketing has an average ROI of 4300% for those businesses that are in the United States. The reason is that it is easy to manage email marketing, it grants you full control, and allows users to establish direct contact with their clients.
To send a good marketing email, you should define your audience, establish your goals, create a way for your audience to sign up, make a schedule, and then measure your results.
Email remains to be the Holy Grail of marketing communication when it comes to customer interaction. The reason is that email marketing produces phenomenal results as long as you do it right. The ROI for email marketing can be as high as 4400% making email marketing campaigns highly productive.
Most email marketing service providers have a free service for the basic plan. However, most of them have limited features, You can begin with the free plan and then upgrade to the premium versions as your business continues to grow.


There are so many email marketing services in the market. However, not every product has the capacity for meeting your needs. Therefore, you need to look at the features if every product to confirm whether it is a perfect match for you. Some of the top things to look at include the features, ease of use, performance, pricing, and support that each tool offers. When you use this perspective, some of the top email marketing services in the market include MailChimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact, iContact, and Active Campaign among others. You will not fail to get a perfect match for your business from the list above. 

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