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By Mashum Mollah

“I love Hostinger because it combines speed hosting times, high uptime, and speedy loading times. One thing that will make you think of using this platform is its affordable plan. With a hand-on experience in using Hostinger, I can guarantee you that you will get the value for your money. The prices vary according to your plan period even though the basic plan misses some important features. I discovered that to get the most value from Hostinger, you need to choose the long-term contracts. You will not fail to get the value of your money from any of the Hostinger plans.”

Hostinger Hosting In-Depth Reviews

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  • Cloud Hosting $7.45 - $37.00
  • WordPress Hosting $2.15 - $14.95
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Hostinger Overview

You could be wondering whether Hostinger is an amazing bargain that gives you what you pay for. When looking for the best web hosting services, there isn’t a doubt that Hostinger is the cheapest option you will get in the market. The prices begin from a very low monthly fee and there is no other web hosting company that manages to come close to it. The basic plan of most of these companies is five times what Hostinger offers.

You could be thinking that that is too hard to be true. To get the best price from Hostinger, you have to commit to it for several years. This is a good thing to do if the host has great service. Visitors don’t care about the amount you pay for the host. What they want are fast loading speeds and uptime. The users also want to be sure that their personal data is protected and secure. 

Is Hostinger able to offer that? We carried out Hostinger review from multiple locations all over the world. Our team played around with various features of the host and monitored its performance and speed. They also bombarded the company’s customer support team with so many questions. 

We compared these results with the other popular web hosting services in the market. There was a clear observation that the performance of Hostinger was remarkable. The platform has remarkable performance across several locations all over the world. 

We also compared our experience with what other reviewers had to say about the host. Therefore, this is a comprehensive research that tells you everything that you need to know about this host. You can get the most out of Hostinger as long as you know how to make good use of it. 

Features (4.5/5)

1. Level of Control

Hostinger has powerful features that give users absolute control. We have hosting services who will for you to build a website that resonates with their limitations. Some companies force you to dream and think small. The original product will smile away from what you had envisioned originally.

For those who’ve been in web hosting long enough like me, this could have happened to you. A low-cost plan can lure you in just to realize that you are limited after getting in. You may have limited disk space and some companies don’t provide email hosting. It will force you to pay double to get the missing features. 

Hostinger hosting is the exact opposite of these services. It does not limit you but provides a canvas to your imagination. Hostinger delivers an amazing mix of advanced and beginner-friendly features. If you are using a web host for the first time, the company will do most of the heavy hosting on your behalf. A click installation will get up your new blog within seconds. The servers of Hostinger are optimized especially for WordPress.

If you have experience in developing websites, you will love the additional features that come with Hostinger. Some of them include website caching to increase the loading speed, weekly and daily backups for your website, and integrations with the Cloudflare CDN.

The hosting plans of Hostinger are divided into the VPS, cloud, and shared categories. Each of these plans offers a mix of options and features that are slightly different. Therefore, identifying your needs is crucial to be able to choose accordingly. Medium to small websites, whether local business or personal blogs, will comfortably use the shared hosting plans.

On the other hand, big businesses and international eCommerce brands need customized solutions including development frameworks, staging environments, restore points, and custom backups among others. 

Dedicated servers and VPS hosting meet these advanced needs perfectly. Even though Hostinger does not offer dedicated hardware, it gives you a nice range of configurations that you can choose from at a reasonable starting price per month.

2. The control

Hostinger has a user-friendly cPanel that makes the management of your hosting a cinch. I have interacted with a good number of cPanel in my career. Most of them strive to offer the best feature-rich user experience. 

However, I had not gotten a chance to use the CPanel even though it was all around me. The industry standard for hosting panel is the cPanel. However, Hostinger takes it a step further by replacing the “c” with an “h.” 

It resembles the loveable cPanel and you will feel right at home if you have used it before. It has all the normal hosting features that need though the hosting face-lifts the technology that is behind it. 

Like the cPanel, the panel of Hostinger allows you to install CMS easily and set up your permissions, files, databases, domain configuration, email accounts and integrations, and account information. An interesting thing about Hostinger is that it moves the computing load of the server to the cloud infrastructure. When you compare it with the regular cPanel, the response times with the hPanel are significantly faster.

3. Allocation of Resources

The generous allocation of resources of Hostinger will give you peace of mind. Even though your website has text, what gives it the personality are the various media like videos and images. These files are heavy and you need sufficient bandwidth and hosting space to accommodate them. 

Hostinger gives you 10GB of SSD space on the basic shared hosting plan. The weight of an HD image that is optimized is less than 1MB hence things sound good. The basic plan also provides a bandwidth of 100GB which is approximately 25,000 visitors monthly. Just go a plan higher and you will get an unlimited buffet of bandwidth.

However, no hosting plan from Hostinger provides unlimited hosting space. Several websites have this feature and it would be great for Hostinger to be one of them.

4. Easy One-Click Installations 

In the early 2010s, it was quite challenging to install a content management platform. You had to open up you’re a database, set the user privileges, and configure access before getting started. However, Softaculous changes all this by automating installations for all the popular platforms like Magento, Joomla, and WordPress. 

It currently provides a one-click installation for hundreds of various CMS. The hPanel of Hostinger allows you to harness that power with its nifty ‘Auto Installer’ button. It is one of the features that make Hostinger be one of the best Webhosting services in the market.

5. Unlimited Features 

The best place to get started on Hostinger is the basic shared plan. However, you will eventually outgrow it as you continue to stretch your muscles in web hosting. For instance, you may only need two emails when opening your email store.

However, as your eCommerce store begins to attract some traffic, you may need separate emails for your support, sales, and each of the employees. When such a time comes your way, you need a web hosting service that can grow with you. The advanced plans should provide an immediate rise in options and resources without your website experiencing a downtime. 

With the business and premium plans, that is what you will exactly get. You will get unlimited domains i.e. the number of websites that you can create, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, and your website will stay liv among the other top features. It means that the future is bright for any young webmaster.

Ease of Use (4.6/5)

Hostinger hpanel

It has never been easy to be a webmaster like is the case with the Hostinger web hosting service. The platform has a wealth of features that grant you the power to do anything that you want. However, these features can be useless if they are not easily accessible and straightforward to use. 

Lucky enough, Hostinger provides some of the best user experiences for people in the business. The company has done a great job in understanding the needs of people which helps it to provide a solution that is easy to use. It is very easy to create an account and even manage your hosting.

To create a new account, the first thing you need to do is sign up. The plans are laid out clearly and you can compare different plans easily and understand their differences. Simply add to the cart, select the payment cycle, and then checkout. In case you encounter any challenge, contact support right away for real-time assistance. 

Next, you need to connect a domain and install WordPress. You have to connect your domain and install your preferred CMS. Hostinger provides all the required tutorials and the support team will help you with any problem that may arise. 

From here, you can access your webmail from any place in the world. The other service that Hostinger provides is email hosting and this gives you the benefits of personalized email addresses. You can create additional addresses easily and the business and premium plans net you unlimited addresses. 

The other features include automatic rerouting, email forwarding, and autoresponders. It is obvious the best part is webmail access that is available on all the plans. It is a good thing to know that you can still access your emails even when you are out of the country. 

There is also one more thing to note about the hPanel. The ease of use of the hPanel really deserves some special attention. Hostinger integrates all its servers in the panel making it a one-stop-shop for all your managerial needs. 

In my career, I have come across web hosts that had separated domain management and call for a separate login. For others, the navigation was nonsensical or intuitive. It was hard to find the billing information and the live chat was not available in the control panel. 

With the hPanel, you will not be wasting a lot of time looking around and guessing. You can easily access everything from the same page. 

Performance (4.4/5)

Hostinger login

Performance is the most important element when writing a host review. The reason is that it tells you whether you are dealing with a host that is truly good or not. No slick interface or special feature can change these two most important factors; loading speed and uptime. 

Uptime is the percentage of time that the website is always available. Websites run on very complex servers and there is nothing that is foolproof. Thus, the uptime of most hosts stands at 99% but the best hosts will aim for more. The great web hosting services go-ahead to guarantee this feature. 

The uptime guarantee of Hostinger is 99.9%. According to the SLA of the company, failure to meet this uptime will guarantee you a refund of 5% for the monthly fee. After tracking websites that are hosted on the European and American data centers, they actually showed an uptime of 99.9%.

Hostinger also scores highly on the hosting speed. For instance, our loading time in Singapore clocked at 0.013s. The implication is that visitors will be able to load your website with immediate effect. The datacenters of Hostinger are located on four different continents. Therefore, you need to choose the one that is closest to your target audience for higher loading speeds. Hostinger has one of the best global hosting times in the market. 

Support (4.7/5)

The support that Hostinger offers is among the best in the industry. You will get support agents 24/7 through live chat. The team provides professional, efficient, and speedy customer support services. However, the quality of hosting itself is superb and everything will work out of the box. Therefore, you may rarely find the need to contact support. However, if there comes a time when you need to talk to them, you will really love the experience.

Hostinger does things differently in comparison to an average web host. It does not have any confusing channels that have outsourced agents and long waiting times. The company delivers state-of-art live chat support together with an industry-leading knowledge base. 

Hostinger Support

The knowledge base has so many relevant tutorials but the support team will also explain to you everything that you need. You can be sure of getting exemplary customer support from the customer support team. These are people who are more than willing to go the extra mile to be able to serve you. 

Customer support is not something that you need to take lightly. Hostinger knocks down the language barrier and makes sure that anybody from anywhere will get support. If you check around the clock, you will discover that the support is available 24/7.

The other thing you will love about Hostinger is the phone support that it provides. Even though the live chat support works perfectly, you cannot compare it to the more personalized live chat. If you would like to have real conversations with a representative who speaks your language, you will get chat to be limiting. If you are comfortable with the chat, it also has so much to offer. Hostinger provides a detailed knowledge base, puppies, professional agents, immediate response times, and 24/7 live support to customers.

Pricing (4.8/5)

Hostinger is a reasonably priced service that offers fantastic value for your money. The situation is different for every hosting type that is why we will break it down for you. This company offers cloud and shared hosting and each of them comes with three price levels to add in the advanced VPS solution that has varying prices. 

Once you hit the big time, VPS will become your biggest friend. However, the shared plans are enough for a small business or simple folk who is running a website. When you compare the shared hosting plans with the other hosts, they are not just affordable but practically a steal.

In most cases, Hostinger offers special deals and limited-time offers and when this takes place, the monthly costs reduce. The shared plans start at a very small monthly fee. 

If you belong to the market of domain names, choose the business or premium for one or more years and Hostinger will give you one for free. Hostinger has a very fair renewal policy. Even though the renewal rates are higher than the introductory ones, it is still affordable. 

There aren’t any renewal hidden fees and you can upgrade your subscription at any time to get your balance credited to the new plan. It has great results but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

You will find features like the SSL certificates in the business plan alone. It is a one-time purchase that is not very expensive but you still need to take it into account. To get the best deals on Hostinger, you have to sign up for the longest period of subscription. The available subscription methods are one, twelve, twenty-four, and forty-eight months. Even though the monthly hosting is affordable, you will benefit more by choosing the 48-month subscription.

The pricing of VPS and cloud hosting is a different game altogether. They are better than what the competition has to offer. All the payments are secured and you can pay through BitDegree, PayPal, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can also choose different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. 

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee in Hostinger. Therefore, you will not be committing before you are sure of the quality of services. Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow you to try before committing.  It shows you the level of confidence that the company has in its web hosting services. Here is a summary of the pricing schedule from Hostinger;

Pricing Details

Hostinger Web Hosting
Hosting Plan Power & Memory Bandwidth Website Price View Details
Single Shared Hosting 1X Processing Bandwidth (100 GB) 1 Website $0.99/mo Click here
Premium Shared Hosting 2X Processing Unlimited Unlimited $2.89/mo Click here
Business Shared Hosting 4X Processing Unlimited Unlimited $3.99/mo Click here
Hostinger Cloud Hosting
Hosting Plan Cores RAM Storage Price View Details
Cloud Startup 2 CPU Cores 3 GB 100 GB $7.45/mo Click here
Cloud Professional 4 CPU Cores 6 GB 140 GB $14.95/mo Click here
Cloud Global 8 CPU Cores 16 GB 200 GB $37.00/mo Click here
Hostinger WordPress Hosting
Hosting Plan Jetpack Automated Backups Storage Price View Details
WordPress Starter Free Weekly 20 GB $2.15/mo Click here
WordPress Premium Personal Daily 100 GB $7.45/mo Click here
WordPress Business Premium Daily 140 GB $14.95/mo Click here

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Bottom line

Hostinger delivers extremely low-cost web hosting services while still delivering a phenomenal support experience, fast performance, and excellent features. Even though there are good web hosting services that offer great perks like managed web hosting, very few of them can compete with what Hostinger has to offer. 

Hostinger is a reliable service and offers a solid uptime record of more than 99.9%. You also get an uptime guarantee on this platform. If the company fails to meet the uptime guarantee, it will credit 5% of the monthly fee back to your account. This amazing performance brings Hostinger on the list of the best web hosting services in the market. 

The host offers WordPress hosting at prices that are the same as the shared hosting plans. Thus, you can host your website on servers that are customized to WordPress. Installing WordPress only takes a single click and you will also take advantage of the pre-installed caching plugins. 

Hostinger has its alternative to the cPanel that it calls the hPanel. Its working resembles the cPanel but it is more user friendly. The panel allows you to manage all the elements of your hosting plan from one place. For instance, you can upgrade your current plan and view your payment history without having to leave the hPanel.

The shared hosting packager so Hostinger does not support Python. However, you will get it on the VPS hosting packages. In case you need a refund from Hostinger, it is not a hard process to say. The plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this period, you can contact the company to cancel your account and get a full refund. 

You may request for the cancellation from the cPanel directly by selecting the option of ‘deactivate the account.’ However, to request a refund, you will have to contact the support team. The company will typically process the refund within an hour. With all this information in the article, Hostinger ranks among the best web hosting services in the market.

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