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By Mashum Mollah

“With a hand of experience on several website hosting services, I can confidently tell you that GoDaddy is among the best solutions in the market. The only brands that come close to it when it comes to web hosting are Weebly and Wix.

The company stands out in the market especially when it comes to uptime, page loading time, and ease of use. It comes with four main pricing plans and you can make a choice depending on the unique needs of your website and budget. You can never go wrong as long as you are going to choose your package wisely.”

GoDaddy In-Depth Reviews

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  • Dedicated Hosting $94.99 - $134.99
  • WordPress Hosting $6.99 - $15.99
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Godaddy Overview

With so many players in the market, it can be quite confusing to choose the best. However, you will rarely go wrong when you choose GoDaddy. It falls among the top three leading brands in the web hosting world. The company leads from the front in the quality of service and the number of customers. 

GoDaddy comes with a beginner-friendly website builder and mobile-optimized designs. The brand has four plans that the user can pick from. You will also get 24/7 website hosting and customer support. However, it is good to note that the domain name is not part of the price. 

Besides, if you wish to open an online shop, you have no choice but to use its eCommerce plan. Currently, you can now test the website builder free of charge during the first month. This period is sufficient to find out its strengths and weaknesses. 

Without a doubt, GoDaddy is among the most established internet companies globally. Their main business is web hosting and domain names. However, you can also build your site with the company directly. 

Go Daddy rebuild its website builder from the scratch and named it as GoDaddy Website Builder. Version 7, which was their previous product was in the market for three years and did not shine so much. The look of the latest edition is completely new and works efficiently which makes users even more curious. 

GoDaddy is the best solution for business owners who want a professional-looking website and a domain name. Apart from the hosting services of GoDaddy, the platform allows you to easily build a professional website using the AI (artificial intelligence) powered and drag-and-drop website builder. 

It is also an ideal choice for businesses that wish to host their website on Linux servers. GoDaddy goes beyond hosting websites on Windows and incorporates Linux servers. This provides a higher level of security and more stability. Besides, it rarely requires rebooting and hence your business website will always be up for your visitors.  From this information, it is no doubt that GoDaddy falls among the best web hosting services all over the world. 


Are You Ready to Give GoDaddy a Go?

GoDaddy has several premium features that can give your website a clean and refreshing look. No matter what kind of online store you have, you can always show your best to your audiences.
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Features (4.6/5)

The web hosting service that you choose depends on the unique needs of the website. Companies have different features and you have to make sure that you are getting the best solution in the market. Here are some of the features that make GoDaddy different from the other brands.   

1. Good Uptime of 99.97%

The first thing to look at when shopping for a web hosting service is the uptime. This element the number of hours that the website is online. No one will want to host a website on a platform that is ever down. It will not only affect your user experience but also your revenue. You can learn more about this feature by going through the performance section below. You will discover that GoDaddy is among the most stable website hosting services in the market. 

2. Great Page Loading Speed 

The truth of the matter is that you will not see this coming. Some years ago, you would not associate an affordable web host like GoDaddy with exemplary performance. GoDaddy website speed testing posts an average page loading time of 554ms for a period of 24 months. 

Fast page loading time is not a vanity metric. According to studies, it can force users to leave your website faster than they came in hence hurting your search ranking, especially on mobile devices. This will end up hurting your conversion rates negatively. 

The web host speed is crucial because there is very little that you can do to control it. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are making the right choice from the onset. 

If your website is image-heavy, you can use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or compress them to remove the problem from your servers to help your site to run faster. It means that you will have control over the speed of your website. 

However, there is little that you can do if you have a considerably slow host. In such a case, you will be fighting a losing battle because your hands are tied. Fortunately enough, the hosting from GoDaddy will not give you any worries with the site speed. The loading time has been very steady for the last two years. 

3. More Than 125 Single-Click Installation Applications 

If you are looking for a simple drag and drop experience, GoDaddy comes with its own website builder. However, if you want something that has some more power under the hood, GoDaddy also comes with single-click installations for more than 125 applications over the internet. It includes content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. 

However, it also includes development-friendly tools such as Python, CloudLinux, MySQL, cPanel, and multiple versions of PHP. The company has a broad range of options that fit everyone from savvy webmasters and beginning bloggers. 

4. Basic Cheap Plan is Great Value on Paper 

In the past, GoDaddy had an expensive plan with features that are too limited. It seems as if the company has done a full 180-degrees from that time. The pricing of the economic plan is now quite affordable. You will actually get a lot of value for your money. 

It will give you everything that you need for a single website including storage of 100GB and unmetered bandwidth

For the first year, the company is currently throwing a free business email and domain name. Some cheap plans, like SiteGround, will only give you 10GB of storage for their cheapest plan. GoDaddy will literally give you ten times for the same pricing. 

Therefore, you will be getting an excellent overall value for the first pass. However, when you dig beneath the surface, you will also get a few things that GoDaddy does not score highly. However, overall, the platform gives you good value for your money. 

5. Control Panel 

GoDaddy for Windows utilizes Onyx Plesk which is a famous control panel. Linux, on the other hand, utilizes an industry-standard control panel that is called the cPanel. Both the control panels give users access to all the settings and hosting features that you need to manage your applications, server, and many more. 

6. Free Applications

With GoDaddy, you can install over 125 server-side applications for free on your website including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. These applications allow users to customize and add functionalities to your site. 

7. Website Backup 

This is an optional service that you pay a small fee every month. It backup your data daily automatically so that users can restore their sites easily in case of data loss. It also includes some basic security features such as continuous security monitoring for threats and malware scanning.


Is GoDaddy good for online stores?

Are you looking for an eCommerce platform to boost your reach among relevant audiences? If so, GoDaddy can be a good choice. With hundreds of readymade templates, get your online store with just a few clicks.

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Ease of Use (4.4/5)

Do you know how to tell whether a website builder is easy to use? We carry out regular tests using daily users. We use participants who have varying capabilities to create sites using various web builders. 

One good thing with GoDaddy is that it is an easy to use platform. I can confidently say that GoDaddy is an easy to use platform. Over 76% of GoDaddy users are willing to recommend this web hosting service to a user who wants to go online.

It is a web hosting service that will do nearly all the leg-work for the user. The only challenge you will face is when you want to get more creative control. GoDaddy is a bit rigid and hence any attempts to edit your website can be quite frustrating. Overall, GoDaddy is an easy to use platform that you will really love. 


Will You Love GoDaddy?

GoDaddy comes with simple drag and drops features that let you design your website with just simple drag and drop of the elements. Either you are a professional or a beginner, you will certainly reap the best deals with GoDaddy.

I would love to know about GoDaddy!

Performance (4.6/5)

GoDaddy cPanel

GoDaddy offers a rock-solid experience on its shared hosting plans. It is not easy for a company to maintain an uptime of 99.97 but GoDaddy does it with a high level of precision. October 2019 was the worst month for GoDaddy with an uptime of 99.84. However, the company followed up this with a consistent peak of 99.99% to 100% bring the 24 months average to 99.97. 

It tells you that GoDaddy is among the top-performing companies when it comes to the aspect of uptime. When you compare this with the other hosting companies, Go Daddy is well above the average industry performance. The implication is that the average monthly downtime is close to 13 minutes. 

This amount of time is not big enough to derail your brand during a peak season or at the launch. It explains why the company has a large customer base that shows no signs of decreasing. GoDaddy is a company that you can trust especially if you would like to remain online for a long period.

Support (4.5/5)

GoDaddy offers 24/7 customer support to its customers. The company has live chat, phone support, and a knowledge base. The live chat support bot will start you off by allowing you to select your problem from various departments.

I asked them several questions about their services and plans. On average, I got easy to understand and straight forward questions. It can take them close to two minutes to respond to all your questions.

GoDaddy has made significant improvements for the past year with its life support. In the past, it was unreliable and it appeared as if they are trying to sell something to you instead of trying to offer a solution to your problem. The company listened to the user reviews and reworked their live chat completely.

Pricing (4.3/5)

When looking for the pricing plans of web hosting services, it is good to scratch the surface to know how much value you are really getting for your money. When you compare various web hosting services, GoDaddy has one of the lowest pricing plans on average.

GoDaddy has four main pricing plans. The features that you unlock virtually depends on the plan that you are subscribed to. These include the pricing economy plan, deluxe plan, ultimate plan, and maximum plan. Like any other hosting service, you will get access to more features when you are willing to pay more for the packages. 

For the first year, you may get a free domain but you will pay for the subsequent years. The main payment methods that GoDaddy accepts are PayPal and credit cards. 

The other thing to pay close attention to when hosting your website with GoDaddy is the hidden fees and clauses. The refund policy and terms of this company can be quite confusing. For instance, after performing a hosting service, then there is no refund. If it has not yet been performed, it is eligible for a refund within thirty days of the transaction. 

GoDaddy also has tons of upsells including security, SSL certificates, backups, site migrations, and initial terms among others. It is among the websites that boast of having a very fast account activation. The renewal rates for your hosting services depends on the hosting plan that you choose. Therefore, you should know that the introductory price will not be necessarily the renewal rates. 

The renewal could be after one month, three months, twelve months, twenty-four months, or thirty-six months. Currently, the maximum plan is only available on the Linux servers. GoDaddy also provides important Website security in the form of add-ons. It will cost you a small monthly fee to protect your website against malware and hackers. 

These websites also offer discounts from time to time. If you have an interest, you can visit the site to check whether there are any running promotions. The economy plan provides basic resources for starting websites. It comes with unmetered bandwidth for a single site, 100GB of disk space, and 10 databases that have a standard performance. It also offers additional features like office 365 email and a domain name. Both these two offers are free during the first year.

As we said, the second package from GoDaddy is what we refer to as the deluxe plan. It is a plan that offers more flexibility and space for multiple sites. It encompasses everything that is in the economy plan but comes with additional unlimited storage. You will get hosting for 25 databases and an unlimited number of websites.

The Ultimate plan from GoDaddy supports complex websites and heavy traffic. It has all the features that are in the Deluxe plan with an additional premium DNS which is free for one year and then you pay an annual fee. You will also get a free SSL certificate for one year and also pay a small fee after that. This will increase the performance of the website and add to its security.

The last package that you will get from GoDaddy is referred to as the maximum plan. The package can handle multiple complex websites that have high-resolution videos and photos. To add to the features of the ultimate plan, you will get a free SSL certificate on your first full-time purchase. Below is a table that summarizes all the above plans for you;

Pricing Details

GoDaddy Web Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Bandwidth Website Price View Details
Economy 100 GB SSD Unmetered 1 Website $5.49/mo Click here
Deluxe Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited $7.99/mo Click here
Ultimate Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited $12.99/mo Click here
Maximum Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited $19.99/mo Click here
GoDaddy VPS Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage RAM CPU Price View Details
1 vCPU 20 GB SSD 1 GB 1 CPU Core $4.99/mo Click here
2 vCPU 100 GB SSD 4 GB 2 CPU Core $19.99/mo Click here
4 vCPU 200 GB SSD 8 GB 4 CPU Core $39.99/mo Click here
8 vCPU 400 GB SSD 16 GB 8 CPU Core $69.99/mo Click here
GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage RAM CPU Price View Details
Economy 1 TB 4 GB 4 CPU Core $94.99/mo Click here
Value 1.5 TB 8 GB 4 CPU Core $109.99/mo Click here
Deluxe 2 TB 16 GB 4 CPU Core $134.99/mo Click here
Ultimate 2 TB 32 GB 4 CPU Core $184.99/mo Click here
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Monthly Visitors Website Price View Details
Basic 30 GB 25K 1 Website $6.99/mo Click here
Deluxe 75 GB 100K 1 Website $9.99/mo Click here
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited 1 Website $12.99/mo Click here
Ecommerce Unlimited Unlimited 1 Website $15.99/mo Click here

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Great article about web hosting companies. I use GoDaddy from last 2 years and it provides great services.
June 3, 2020
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Bottom line

From the above discussion, we can confidently conclude that GoDaddy has fast page loading speeds and a strong uptime. The platform works perfectly with the most popular website applications. The initial pricing for the base features promises you value for your money. However, you can also shop around for other options to check whether you can get a better option. 

There are many upsells for some of the basic features and don’t just assume that everything comes for free. Therefore, you need to compare al9ol these charges to what the other websites have to offer to you as a user. There is no need to pay a higher fee when you can get some of these features free of charge from another place. 

Apart from the few drawbacks, the performance of GoDaddy is generally good. The main competitors of GoDaddy and Weebly and Wix. Some of the features to compare among these web hosting services are email marketing, online store, and a website builder. 

Some people say that its blog is too simple and it does not have the store for adding more features. Some standard features are way behind what their competitors offer or completely missing. On the bright side, you can use your phone or tablet to edit your website due to the completely responsive editor. 

The editor also limits your creative freedom to a great extent. You cannot style or arrange the elements the way you wish to do. For example, you cannot show a video adjacent to the text block. Video insertion is only beneath or above the text. 

It is eas1y to manage the online store and it is integrated well with the editor. It allows the selling of digital and physical products with services as well as shipping. 

The website builder of GoDaddy is a perfect option for small businesses. One of the major strengths of this platform is the ease of use which also counts for the appointment feature. It is an excellent addon that accepts online payments and syncs with your calendar. 

You can never predict when GoDaddy will scrap its website builder. The last time the exercise took place, it was not a walk in the path for the existing customers. Remember they had to move their content from the old system to the new one. 

Apart from hosting, GoDaddy also provides domains. Its website builder utilizes the Artificial Intelligence feature to make the process of building your website easy. Therefore, it is the fastest way for anyone to build a website. Some of its strengths are cheap pricing plans, an intuitive interface, and over 1500 business options

With GoDaddy marketing and websites, you will be able to take your online presence to a whole new level. It is a perfect setup for anyone who is looking for easy and quick setup. You can use the site to develop unique websites that meet your desires with the highest level of precision. The secret is learning how to make good use of each plan. 

It is perfect for time-conscious small businesses that want to get online ASAP. The website builder comes with so many in-house features that will help you to a great deal. However, it may not be the best bet if your business is in the artistic industry or you need a personal website. 

The speed at which you get online tends to drive away from the creative control that you may wish to have. Aesthetically pleasing, it can leave you with a website that tends to have a plain look. 

The features, apart from the eCommerce ones, also lack some quality. You can do a lot with them if they have more depth. However, as a listening brand, GoDaddy is working on most of these features. We expect so many improvements over time. 

Overall, GoDaddy works perfectly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you run a corporate firm, you can go for the higher web hosting plans. GoDaddy is a website host that you will never go wrong as long as you know what you are doing. 

Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah has been there in the blogging industry for over a decade. He has always believed that blogging holds the most potential in the digital marketing industry. With years of research, he has created some of his best blogging practices, which have helped him establish himself in the industry as a Blogging Engineer. Now he is on a mission to help others and spread the concept of Blogging Engineer.