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By Mashum Mollah

From experience, I can confirm that InterServer is a full service and affordable web hosting service provider. I have used it on several websites and I can confirm that the service has not let me down. The most important thing is to know whether your needs match the various services that the company offers.

It pays a lot of emphasis on the provision of high-end customer service through multiple channels 24/7, 365 days. The brand has a broad range of hosting options that you can select from depending on your needs and budget. I have used the shared, VPS, and dedicated plans and can confirm that they score highly when you compare to the competition.

InterServer Hosting In-Depth Reviews

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Pricing Details
  • Web Hosting $1.00
  • VPS Hosting $6.00 - $96.00
  • Dedicated $199.00 - $210.00
  • RESELLER $19.95 - $69.95
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  • Los Angeles-flag Los Angeles
  • New Jersey-flag New Jersey


Interserver Overview

The features of InterServer makes it one of the most popular web hosting services in the world. Apart from the low prices, you will live InterServer because of its incredible functionalities. Those who have been using it for some time appreciate the fact that it is one of the best web hosting services in the market. 

The plans of InterServer are highly affordable considering the fact that you get access to unlimited storage, email, transfer, and free SSL certificates and you can maintain a maximum of 20 websites. These are some of the things that you won’t get in the other web hosting services unless you pay extra. 

It allows you to avail one-click installations for over 100 scripts for osCommerce, Magenta, Cubecart, Prestashop, and WordPress among others. InterServer only utilizes top of the line equipment that is in its servers. 

Among them, you will find high-performance SSD hard drives that have capacities of 30GB and 240GB. The disks are twenty times faster than the ordinary SATA drives. Likewise, it uses the latest version of Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, and MySQL and supports multiple languages. The servers are customizable to suit OS components, server solutions, and Linux applications. 

This service gives users the ability to easily adding and managing virtual servers all from the control panel of the solution. You can also use a web-based control panel to scale virtual servers. These are some of the features that you will get in other web hosts at a price. 

InterServer is among the few applications that proved to maintain an uptime of 100%. You will agree to the fact that this is a rare fit among the best web hosting services. The platform uses an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol. 

The feature enables it to route traffic to the backburner provider that is nearest. This, in turn, effectively reduces latency and increases the speed. This is in addition to the fact that the brand doesn’t overload its servers that can lead to the slow performance of the site. It explains why InterServer is among the platforms that stand from the competition. 

When you use this host, you will have access to more resources as you use your servers because the company maintains its servers at a capacity of close to 50 per cent. You will love the fact that InterServer doesn’t overburden its servers and only accommodates 100 new customers every day. 

In addition to this, the VPS plans of the service are highly customizable. It entails having the capacity to utilize your preferred software, operating system, control panels, and software. What makes everything even better is the fact that vendors will only charge you for what you will be using. 

These are reasons enough to motivate you to choose InterServer as your primary web hosting service. The company is based in Secaucus, New Jersey. It was founded wat back in 1999. Initially, the focus of InterServer was to re-selling web hosting plans. 

Currently, this model still forms a small part of the company’s business model. However, the company has significantly grown to a point where its main focus now is web hosting. 

Their clients range from small business, single-owner, to Fortune 500 companies. Currently, InterServer does everything that is related to the web hosting solutions. The company develops its own nationwide fiber optic network. They dig up the dirt and do the laying down of the lines by themselves. It also customizes its Linux kernels. 

The beauty of InterServer is that it uses top-quality hardware. The brand prides itself on its redundancy and the underutilization of resources to ensure optimal uptime and performance. You will receive exemplary services regardless of the plan that you choose. The next section describes some of the features that characterize InterServer as the best web hosting service in the market. 

Features (4.4/5)

Features are one of the areas where InterServer stands out prominently. You should never pick a web hosting service without comparing its features with your unique needs. In summary, with InterServer, you may customize your website with close to 500 one-click integrations such as Joomla, WordPress, and Magento which is an ever-popular eCommerce service. Additionally, the shared plans of the company give users unlimited bandwidth, storage, an integrated CloudFlare CDN and SSD caching servers. All the standard plans also come with free SSL certificates and encryption. 

Do you need some flexibility and customizability on your website? The InterServer platform creates unlimited instances of PHP 7, PHP 5.5, 5.6, and MySQL databases. You can additionally build your website on PERL, Python, and on Ruby of Rails. You will also enjoy the ability to choose the right OS for your VPS servers. Here are more specific features that you will get when using the InterServer web hosting service. 

1. Tons of Expertise and Privately Owned Data Center 

The servers if InterServer is deployed, built, and supported on-site at the New Jersey headquarters of the company. The headquarters are run at a capacity of 50 per cent which means that your website has the room to grow and will not experience any issues with performance. 

InterServer guarantees users a power uptime of 100% and a network uptime of 99.9%. Practically speaking, very few websites can achieve these standards. The company boasts of an n+1 upgrade guarantee and fully automatic redundancy and its network connected to multiple Tier 1 service providers. 

The Co-Founders of the company still oversee the support, security, network, and data centres. In most cases, they answer the support tickets by themselves. It is one of the best management approaches that the company can deploy for its operations. 

2. Strong Commitment and Support to Customers 

The company staff teams on-site 24/7 to address customer issues through phone calls, email, and tickets. Managed WordPress hosting clients can count on the experts from InterServer to restore their site in case there is an attack. 

The other WordPress services that you will get include daily virus scans and backups, and a web application firewall. With price lock-down guarantee, you will be paying the same price for the same features and infrastructure for the lifetime of the account. InterServer does not have any lengthy contracts and annual rate increases. 

3. Power-Packed Shared Hosting Plans 

With InterServer, you will get unlimited databases, email, websites, bandwidth, and storage. You will also get free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN. It is one of the features that sets InterServer apart as one of the best web hosting services in the market. 

It comes with over 4400 single-click installation scripts. As a user, these will help you to get started with forums, eCommerce store, content management system, a blog, and many other platforms. These are some of the things that every website owner will want to see in his or her site. 

With InterServer free migrations, the customer can transfer his website to his new account without any or minimal downtime. The migrations take place within 48 hours and the company will help you to change the nameservers and also transfer the domain registration. Every website owner will need such support to support a seamless transfer or servers. 

4. Full-Service Array of Hosting Options

InterServer used Quick Servers to complement its cloud and VPS. The dedicated server’s resources run through the KVM virtualization and will be ready within 20 minutes or even less. 

The five reseller account options comprise of no management tools via WHM, a unique IP address, private DNS, SSDs, Unlimited domains and no setup fees. You can collocate your servers at the in-house data centre of InterServer. 

It will guarantee you 24/7 biometric access and 100% power uptime. You will also get optional system administration and managed services. You will not fail to get the best hosting option from InterServer regardless of your needs. 

5. Datacenter Throughout the United States 

InterServer boasts of having four data centres in the United States which cover customers in the United States. The company operates these four data centres to help it support a sturdy current customer base. One of them is in California while the other three are in New Jersey. It is one of the features that help InterServer to increase its reliability in the market. 

6. Secure Infrastructure

The facilities of InterServer are heavily secured using HVAC units, redundant power, and biometric entry points and raised floors to help protect the servers in case there is water damage. These are the features that help the company to promise users a power uptime of 100% and an uptime of 99.9%. Specialists and also security guards are staffed at the datacenters 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

7. Daily Signup Limit 

One thing that InterServer prides itself in is the excellent customer service. One of the best ways to achieve the objective in imposing a daily signup limit. The feature has been so good in setting the brand apart from the competition. 

Typically, the company restricts the daily subscriptions number to 100. These restrictions make sure that the company will meet the expectations of both the new and existing users. You have to keep this in mind when using InterServer or coordinating a project launch. 

8. Speed 

CDNs do serve your website to users from the node that is closest to them geographically. The implication is that they are getting the highest possible website loading speed. It is one of the elements that InterServer truly scores highly. 

The loading speed of your website is critical to the running of your business. According to research, you lose a significant proportion of potential customers each extra second that your site takes to load. 

The reason is that browsers are utilized to best-in-class experiences hence leaving your website in impatience if it takes a very long time to load. You will not encounter problems with the loading speed of your page if you are using InterServer. 

9. Security 

Security is one of the primary benefits of using a CND service. It acts as a form of security fence against any hacking attempts and DDoS attacks. Therefore, you will be sure that your website is secure on InterServer. Security is one of the top considerations when searching for the best web hosting services. 

10. Availability 

With a CDN service, the availability of your website will stand at 100% even when during the power outages. This also protects website owners against losing sales that may otherwise take place during such instances. You will not have issues with InterServer in as far as the issue of availability is concerned. 

Ease of Use (4.5/5)

Interserver Cpanel

One thing you will love about InterServer is the fact that it is useful for a broad range of users. However, for the best results, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right plan. The standard shared hosting plans of the company give users enough features that make it quite easy to start off, launch, migrate and even launch your website. 

Some of these features include an integrated cPanel for your website, an unlimited number of email accounts, and more than 450 applications that are available in InterServer. 

To add to this, the dedicated hosting and VPS plans of the company are geared towards the needs for the more tech-savvy users. The reason is that it is made to be highly flexible and customizable. The VPS hosting of the company doesn’t encompass several common features such as the integrated cPanel.   

It implies that you must set up your server, its management system, before starting your website. More experienced users will do this very quickly and it gives you the flexibility of doing what you want with your infrastructure. However, it can be challenging for beginners who are searching for a plug and play solutions. 

The account management tool of InterServer is a comprehensive tool that allows users to quickly adjust or order their hosting services. We discovered that the interface is easy to navigate, minimalistic, and clean. However, it is not quite as visually polished as the other solutions that are in the market. 

However, what truly matters is the quality of service and level of support. Interface makes it very easy to ask for help and even manage your account. You will not go wrong by choosing this company as your primary web hosting solution. 

Performance (4.3/5)

The most important element in any web hosting service is how reliable and fast the service is. We take time to test all the web hosting services that we review over a period of several months. This helps us to see how the hosting service performs on average. 

When it comes to InterServer, we are glad to inform you that it can hold its own with the other players in the industry. One of the most impressive things that you will get from the company is the average uptime of 99.97%. This is far beyond the average and hence your website will rarely experience outages. 

Additionally, InterServer performs so well in the loading time tests. It starts the process of loading as quickly as 222ms which is a blazing fast performance. 

One of the top secrets for the performance of this brand is the care that it takes to avoid overloading its servers. This entails limiting the server capacity to 50% and only allowing 100 new users. 

Support (4.6/5)

One of the glaringly missing elements of InterServer is its lacking of the live chat feature. However, the company makes up for this perfectly through online ticketing, email support, and support line that leads to resolving issues effectively and quickly. 

You get access to the company support 24/7 via their toll-free numbers. The agents of the company are well-equipped and professional to answer any issues and queries. If you prefer finding your own answers, you can check through the great community forum of InterServer. You will be able to go through some of the company’s tutorials. 

Once you have one Co-Founder managing the data centre and the other answering support tickets, it tells you that the company takes reliability and customer service seriously. Seemingly, InterServer offers the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support. 

You will not fail to appreciate the personalized, hands-on customer care that the online team provides. The company also provides an extensive database and highly helpful community forums.

Pricing (4.7/5)

Currently, the InterServer hosting plans allow you to save big. You can use the special discount codes from the company to get the deals. You will get a price lick guarantee and 24/7 support from the company. 

One of the things that stand out during InterServer reviews is their multi-faceted hosting plans. These range from the standard shared web hosting plans to the more specific tools for the unique requirements. 

The standard web hosting plan from InterServer is affordable and comes with free unlimited data transfers, storage, and FTP accounts for organizing your website. You will also get access to more than 450 applications that you can integrate into your site. This also includes integrations for Magento, Joomla, and WordPress. 

Pro Hosting, which is the reseller tier from the company, offers plans which feature anywhere from a disk space of 80GB to 240GB up to the 2000GB of disk space and the cPanel accounts for all your accounts. You can choose to start from the low-prices basic tier for the Pro hosting plans. 

If you choose the VPS plan, you will be happy to discover that InterServer offers some of the most customized solutions in the market. The basic VPS includes 2TB of transfer bandwidth, 30GB of SSD storage, 2GB of RAM memory, and a single CPU core. The Windows plans also feature the same specifications. You can select a broad range of the other OS options including Slackware, OpenWall, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian among others. 

Finally, if you have heavy-duty needs for your company that calls for its own servers, InterServer offers plans that feature 4 CPU cores, 250GB of disk space, and 8GB of RAM. You can customize each of these plans to gain up to 24 cores and also deploy server instances in less than 15 minutes. 

Pricing Details
Hosting Type Lowest Price Highest Price View Details
Web Hosting/Shared Hosting $1.00/mo* NIL Click here
VPS Hosting $6.00/mo* $96.00/mo* Click here
Dedicated Hosting $199.00/mo* $210.00/mo* Click here
RESELLER WEB HOSTING $19.95/mo* $69.95/mo* Click here

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Interserver of one of the best and affordable hosting provider.
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Bottom line

Are you looking for a fast hosting and customizable service? InterServer has the right tools for you. It has everything from expert level to beginner-friendly. At each tier, you will get the best features to start you off. 

Even though InterServer does not have the lowest pricing in the market, they are within the competitive range and justified because of the features that they offer. The platform has blindingly fast loading times and reliable uptimes. 

Your websites will be available always and ranked highly on the search engines. It is an intriguing option if you want to get so much from your host without breaking the bank. InterServer has been able to build a reputation for performance and reliability over its career of 20 years in the industry. 

InterServer offers a variety of plans including dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting. Even though the basic plan seems to be high priced, the cost becomes more affordable as you continue to move up the tiers. 

The company has a privately owned data centre that is managed out of the United States. This gives InterServer higher control over its hosting network. The expansion efforts of the company have assisted it to build a nationwide network for all sizes of companies. After testing the platforms for several years, you can be sure that InterServer is a company to trust.

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