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“Cloudflare is a service that has hugely been successful in America. The service combines a reverse proxy with a content delivery network. Cloudflare review makes this possible by throwing in a host of bonus security as well as optimizing tools into the technical mix.”

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cloudflare reviews

There are so many people out there who do not know exactly what Cloudflare is. As such, it is only right that we take time to look at what this is albeit an overview, or if you like Cloudflare overview. DreamHost is an optimized hosting partner for Cloudflare. This means that if you choose to use Cloudflare then any or even all of your domains can benefit from Cloudflare content optimization.

The primary feature of Cloudflare is its global Content Delivery Network. The network provides web content optimization technologies that improve the quick loading of resources on your site. Other than that, the network also provides much-needed protection from malicious traffic like botnets and internet attacks.

From this information, you might find yourself asking this question, do you really need Cloudflare or is Cloudflare safe. Well you do, that is the simplest response we can offer for this question. The truth of the matter is that any website can benefit from the use of Cloudflare with the inclusion of its free version.

What is Cloudflare 

A good question is it not? yes, it is. This is one of those questions that even those people who seek Cloudflare jobs as themselves. Well, the best place to start with answering this question is by starting to acknowledge that Cloudflare is on a mission in helping build a better internet.

Cloudflare, as it is, is one of the largest networks. In the modern world, most businesses as well as bloggers or just anyone with an internet presence boasts of faster as well as secure apps all that thanks to Cloudflare. 

Close to about 25 million properties are present on Cloudflare and that is not just all, the network continues to grow with each passing day. Basically, that is what Cloudflare is in the most basic way. That said, it is now right that we look at how Cloudflare works even as we try to look deeper into this. 

In the preliminary days of the internet, if you wanted to load a website, your request would go from your computer to the server. The server would then from here return the web page you requested. If too many requests came in at the same time the chances were, the server was going to be overwhelmed and from that, it could crash. 

This would then make it hard to access the server as it would become unresponsive making it so hard for anyone trying to access it. This state of things made it absolutely difficult for the owners of the internet to provide content that was safe, fast, and reliable. 

Cloudflare was created to ease some of the browsing difficulties

Cloudflare was created solely with the aim of easing some of these difficulties. Other than that, Cloudflare was also created to empower internet users with resources to make their sites much safer and also performant. To make this possible, a powerful edge network is leveraged which provides content and other services as close to you as possible. 

This now means that you can get whatever information you need from the internet as fast as you can. This in itself has made it easy to obtain information from the internet by anyone looking for information from the same area. 

It is therefore right to say that Cloudflare is such an essential component of the internet. These features combined with the security that Cloudflare provides make it a very essential tool for anyone who uses the internet. 

Cloudflare also allows website owners to easily apply applications to their websites without necessarily needing to be a website developer. There are many things that make Cloudflare such an essential tool but the ones listed above. 

Features (4.6/5)

From the above content, we tried to look at what Cloudflare is and also looked at some other key things about the same. In simple terms, Cloudflare is a content delivery network technology that accelerates website speed as well as protecting it from various online threats. 

The latest changes made to Cloudflare like the entrance of railgun Cloudflare in terms of technology that is the hardware and software as well the routing has made Cloudflare easy to set up and also comes with some performance that other servers cannot offer.

The Cloudflare CDN minimizes the hops and also lowers the latency. Speaking based on the overage, any request is always lower than 10 hops requires below 30 minutes. Due to this efficiency in time, your website gains a global presence with an affordable budget. 

That is just a little bit about Cloudflare, in this segment we are going to look at some of the features of Cloudflare in a much broader way. There are so many features to this like the ones stated above but we are only going to base or major on the important ones alone. 

1. An increase in the website speed 

The working of Cloudflare is such that it functions through data centers that are located across the globe. All your website’s static files are cached automatically by Cloudflare CDN at the edge of the nodes. These nodes make it possible to resolve a network that is closer to your visitors. 

This means that your dynamic content is directly delivered through your web server. Once this happens, Cloudflare uses a technology known as Anycast to route your visitors to the nearest data center. This is exactly what is responsible for the increase in speed for all your visitors regardless of their location. 

2. No configuration needed 

When using Cloudflare somethings just come in easy, you do not need to spend much of your time thinking which ones of your files have to be cached. Cloudflare uses smart technology which creates a cache for your website traffic. Other than that, it also determines whether the objects on your website are safe to serve from the edge. 

3. Works with static and dynamic content 

Cloudflare caches static resources like JavaScript as well as images. This means that the dynamic content of your website continues to be served directly from your web server. With this comes the freedom of you selecting those subdomains that you think should form part of your Cloudflare CDN. 

4. Always online 

One of the many problems that people with websites face in some cases is the issue of being offline in some cases. These many people have struggled with and no matter who you are, you will agree that it did affect you at some point in some ways. 

Luckily, Cloudflare Review has you well covered if this is one of your problems. If your server goes offline for any reason, the Cloudflare tool will serve your website cached copy. This is done with the view of keeping your website online for your visitors.

Cloudflare creates an online version of your website keeping most of your popular pages online no matter the conditions. This means that anytime your clients and access your website they will at all times find you online. 

5. Great reliability 

There are so many things that make Cloudflare a reliable tool. One of these factors is the fact that Cloudflare has a distributed network. This means that if there is an issue with one data center then the people visiting the other data centers will remain unaffected. 

If there is an issue and it persists then Cloudflare can easily reroute the visitors to the next data center. This, therefore, means that your visitors get a somewhat seamless browsing experience. If you wish to know more about this then you can check out the Cloudflare network map. 

6. Cloudflare offers unmatched simplicity

This simplicity relieves the visitors from the burden of having to connect directly to the DreamHost server. This in turn pays off as it shortens the amount it takes for the pages to load. Therefore, if you really value speed and efficiency then you need to start using Cloudflare.

There are also other ways through which Cloudflare can benefit your site. Given the essence of this discussion, it is only right that we take time to look at some of these benefits and factors. This is with view helping you gain a more elaborate and better understanding of Cloudflare why exactly you need to start using it. 

7. The best user experience 

One of the greatest benefits of Cloudflare which makes it essential for you to consider using the site is that it comes with the best user experience. The site is responsive and fast which means it increases user satisfaction and also encourages the much-needed repeat visits, if you check Cloudflare reviews then this is one of the things you are likely to see.

If you really aim at having repeat clients made possible through the best site with the best user experience then Cloudflare is what you need to go for. With this site, you have a guarantee of increasing the number of people who pay your site visits simply due to the fact that the website is user friendly. 

8. Boost your search engine optimization 

One of the things that many companies are really trying hard to achieve is increased search engine optimization. However, we have some that achieve this while we have others that do not and this is mainly due to so many factors some of which are captured in the Cloudflare blog.

One of the things that stand in the way of higher search engine optimization is the issue of speed. With slow speed on your site, there is absolutely no way you will ever be able to achieve this fit. This is why Cloudflare is such a deal on this front. 

Cloudflare comes with an increased speed which makes it possible to increase search engine optimization ranking. This in turn adds so much to the benefits to your site like improving eCommerce as well as an increase in the conversion rates.

If you are aiming for increased conversions that are made possible from higher search engine optimization then you need to consider Cloudflare. With this site, you will be able to reap so many benefits and higher search engine optimization among many others. 

9. Free universal SSL

Site security is very essential to any company. The many hackers that we have out there are always praying on those sites that are not well protected which is why you need to be extremely careful. Cloudflare helps so much in making your site more secure as well as also helping you increase your search engine optimization. 

10. Increased traffic 

Using CDN in the right way can in some ways mitigate or even reduce the impact caused by heavy traffic surge on your site. That makes Cloudflare review such an essential site when it comes to increasing traffic hence you need to try it out if you aim to increase traffic on your site.

11. Site protection 

As said, it is very clear we have so many hackers out here as well as other people of ill will. These people put everyone who has a site at some kind of a risk in some ways. It is therefore very essential for anyone to look for a way of offering their sites the much-needed protection against all these forms of internet attackers

This is also why and where you need to start using Cloudflare as it offers protection from malicious traffic as well as other internet attackers. Many Cloudflare users all agree that Cloudflare does better than the other sites. 

These are just some of the many benefits that you stand to get the moment and minute you start using Cloudflare. There are also other features that Cloudflare comes with like the following. Given the essence of this discussion as well as the essence of these features, it is only right that we take to look at them as well. 

Cloudflare comes with a variety of optional performance features all of which can be enabled through and within the DreamHost panel. Here are some of these performance features that also come with Cloudflare. One of these features is lazy loading which optimizes the page loading process. 

If you have been having issues loading pages on your site then perhaps you need to try out Cloudflare, it makes it possible with ease. The other benefit that comes with Cloudflare is the issue of Mirage which improves image loading on a mobile connection. 

12. Cloudflare load balancing 

There are some mistakes that can cost you so much like geographically distant servers as well as latency all of which result in a degradation in the user experience. Mistakes like this as we have said result in low clients which in turn leads to low revenue in the end. 

With the use of Cloudflare review balancing, you tend to enhance application performance. Other than that, you also improve your availability by routing traffic away from undesired origin servers and then distributing it dynamically to the most responsive and available pools.

If you feel that this is the package that you need to take to move your business to the next level then you can get for only $ 5 a month only. From the price description, it is very clear that is a very low amount of money to pay given the kind of benefits you get in the end. 

13. Video streaming 

If you intend to stream a video from the internet and you are relying so much on the scale then this might be a difficult thing for you to do. The Cloudflare stream allows you to spend little time in integrating and managing desperate video solutions. Other than that, it also allows you more time to build your video product by offering video encoding in a unified single platform. 

If you are a developer that is building for a long time then stream offers you simple and comprehensive APIs if you are building for the long term. It is certainly an offer that you cannot afford to miss out on if you are so much into streaming and you need to carry out this process smoothly. 

Just in case you are wondering how much this is going to set you back then worry no more. Much as you get so much from this offer, you do not pay so much. With only $5 you will be able to get this package which will then make it very easy for you to stream any videos you need without any problems. 

14. Website optimization services 

Many people think that delivering a fast web experience is all about moving files closer to your visitors. However, that is not the case at all, it is about ensuring the first pixel’s load on the screens of your visitors as fast as possible. It is also about optimizing the order of page resource delivery with a view of making the page visible as well as usable faster. 

It is also about knowing the time when your web pages are rendering slowly and knowing the appropriate action to take in such an instance. Gauging how fast your website is and looking for ways that you can use to make it even faster. 

This is another area where Cloudflare Review can sort you out so well. With payments that begin from $ 10, you will get services in this area that will help you to optimize your website services in a way that you have never thought of before.

There are so many other payment plans that we can talk about regarding Cloudflare but we cannot go into all that. The above payment plans are some of the many payment plans you need to take note of regarding Cloudflare cost they relate to the normal client’s issue or concerns with some of them explaining perfectly well why you need to start using Cloudflare.

The use of Cloudflare can in so many ways to transform your business or even the activities on your website. With payment plans that start from prices that many people can manage, it is up to you now to make that move now and start using Cloudflare. 

There is so much that is to be gained with the right use of Cloudflare. With some of the benefits listed above as well as the demonstrations that prove that Cloudflare does not cost that much, the ball is in your court now. 

If you are facing some browsing difficulties and looking for a way of putting that to rest then you need to try out Cloudflare. With the use of this tool, you will be able to ease some of these difficulties and also increase traffic to your site.  

Ease of use (4.6/5)

cloudflare jobs

Before you opt for the use of Cloudflare you will definitely need to know just how easy it is to use this platform. Is it easy to use Cloudflare or not, this is the question that we need to answer in this discussion? To say it as it is, using Cloudflare is not that complicated as easy as anyone can wish for. 

Setting up and using Cloudflare is not that complicated if you have your own self hosted website. The process of enabling the service on your website involves making a few changes to your domain DNS settings. If you are worried about this process and the time it takes then worry no more, this is a process that can take you not more than five minutes to complete. 

If you are looking for a way of optimizing your site then Cloudflare is the most ideal tool that you can use to make this possible. To understand why and how exactly you need Cloudflare, take this example into consideration. When visitors make cached content requests from your site, they simply connect and download content from the closest Cloudflare server possible. 

It is one of the simplest platforms in the market to use. You don’t need to be an IT Guru in order to start using Cloudflare. One thing that makes us recommend this product is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. 

Performance (4.3/5)

The performance of Cloudflare is also something that we need to give consideration to in this discussion. Just like the other things, we also need to see how Cloudflare performs and see if there is anything that puts it ahead of its competitors. 

In terms of performance, there is nothing much that we can say in this regard to Cloudflare Review. This is just one of the best tools you will ever find out there in terms of performance. From speed to security among other things, Cloudflare has the best performance compared to the other such sites.

The fact of the matter is that Cloudflare is by far the better option compared to all these other options. From the benefits as seen above to many the pricing Cloudflare floors all its competitors’ hands down. One of the things that we can emphasize so much about Cloudflare is that it is very reliable. 

In fact, it is the reliability of this site that has made people love it even more. Whether it is by way of protecting your website or the issue of speed, Cloudflare can save you a big deal in some cases. It is very much more reliable than any other Cloudflare competitors.

Support (4.8/5)

Cloudflare Support

No matter how good Cloudflare is, a time will always come when you will find some difficulties with it hence requiring help in the same areas. When this happens, you might need a proper way of being assisted and more particularly on time. 

Is it possible for you to look for help and support on Cloudflare and find it within the right time? The answer to this question is yes. Cloudflare has a proper support team and mechanism in place that you can use to contact them just in case you need any kind of assistance as well as support services. 

Before we even look at some of the ways that you can use to make this possible, it is very essential we let you know that it is important for you to be selective with the kind of information you give to the support team. Having the right information presented in an efficient way can help you get help to your problems within the shortest period of time without a struggle. 

There are numerous ways through which you can contact Cloudflare 

There are several ways that you can use to contact Cloudflare for support if you need any at any given time. We are going to look at some of these ways that you can use to contact Cloudflare for support. It is very essential for you to know that Cloudflare responds to every complaint ticket that they receive in priority order. 

This means if you are the first one to lodge your complaint then you are more likely to have your complaint attended to first and within the shortest period of time. There are many services that the Cloudflare support system offers but we have some that they do not offer at all. 

Always provide adequate ticket details 

For instance, the Cloudflare Review support system does not provide sensitive account info over the phone or make account changes on a customer’s behalf. If you are looking for support from the Cloudflare support team then it is very essential that you carefully clarify or provide adequate ticket details.

 This will make it easy for Cloudflare to attend to your issue and get you a well and precise response within the shortest period of time. Please note that the responsive speed of Cloudflare has so much to do with the way you present your ticket details. If you do not provide your ticket details in the right way then chances are you are going to get a slow response in the end.

Pricing (4.4/5)

We have said all the good things about Cloudflare detailing why any internet user should consider the use of this software. However, throughout the discussion, there is something that has been missing and this is what we are going to look at. The issue of price has to come up in a discussion like this and it is exactly this that we are going to look at. 

We need to look at how Cloudflare is going to bill you or the Cloudflare plans in terms of billing should you opt for its use. There are so many factors that affect or determine the pricing of Cloudflare and we are going to look at all that. We are also going to see if there are any flexible payment plans that you can opt for with Cloudflare.

To start with, it is right to say that Cloudflare bills different users differently. This means that there is no definite pricing as the prices tend to vary from one plan to the other. For instance, we have the free version of Cloudflare which is built on the Cloudflare global network. 

If you are someone with personal or hobby projects then this is the ideal package for you. For as long as your projects are not business-critical, you can make use of this free version which will not charge you anything in the end.

Pricing Details
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Bottom line

Cloudflare has so much to offer hence should be used by anyone seeking to enhance the experience on their websites as well as increase their traffic. From protection from internet criminals to many other benefits, it is clear that Cloudflare comes with incredible benefits that put it well ahead of its competitors.

The payment plan for the same system is also not that hard to manage something that puts it well ahead of tools and solutions. Many people might argue that other options for Cloudflare like Akamai are much better. We have even seen people trying to carry out a Cloudflare vs Akamai debate in a bid to try and explain and compare the two.

From the above text, we have tried much as we can to capture all the necessary and relevant information about Cloudflare for your own benefit. You can go through the information and for information on anything that you might need to know about the same.

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