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Coming up with a much sophisticated as well as user friendly WordPress is and remains a top priority for the webmasters. However, knowing what to choose and how to choose it has always been a lifelong battle for many people. To make things even more interesting and spicy, some of the best and top themes of WordPress have watered down to what many people regard as an epic face off. 

If you are wondering what this face off is all about or what it is then it is all about GeneratePress vs Astra theme battle. These two are such amazing themes for your website but knowing the best between these two is not your ordinary easy process. In this regard therefore, this article takes a look at some of the key differences between GeneratePress vs Astra and helps you identify the greatest difference between these two.


GeneratePress Overview

GeneratePress overview

So, what exactly is GeneratePress and what is at all about? This is and should be the right place to start from with this discussion. GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme which offers both free and premium versions for use. The pro version of GeneratePress has so many extended features for coming up with much better and professional websites. 

GeneratePress is very much compatible with all the page builders together with the latest version of WordPress. If you are looking for a much better and reliable WordPress theme then GeneratePress is such a proper option for this purpose. 

GeneratePress Pros & Cons

GeneratePress pros & cons

GeneratePress Pros 

  • Cost effective 
  • No hidden charges 
  • The best customer support services 
  • Compatible with many other plugins 
  • 30 days money back guarantee 
  • Page builder support 
  • Documentation 
  • Site Library 

GeneratePress Cons 

As seen above GeneratePress has so many pros which makes it a better choice in GeneratePress vs Astra. However, just like the other WordPress website builder themes GeneratePress comes with its flipside as well. One of the many known cons of GeneratePress is that it comes with a limited customization free version.

If you are used to unlimited customization and free versions then you might find the use of GeneratePress somehow uncomfortable. If you also like enjoying the use of a free version then it might be very hard for you to fully enjoy the use of GeneratePress. 

Astra Overview

Astra overview

Now that you have an idea of what exactly GeneratePress is, it is now time to look at Astra and see what it is all about. Astra is best looked at as an Ultra lightweight free WordPress theme which focuses mainly on the issue of speed. Astra offers a premium version for its advanced features. The Astra theme is also compatible with WordPress main or major version and other page builders like WooCommerce plugin. 

Astra Pros & Cons

Astra Pros & Cons

Astra Pros 

  • A very reliable fast WordPress theme 
  • Very much compatible with many page builders 
  • Very affordable pricing 
  • Several customization options 
  • Many demo sites available in its gallery 

Astra Cons 

  • Many beginners find it so hard using it 
  • Support is sometimes not as a fast over the weekends 

User Interface GeneratePress vs Astra

User interface GeneratePress vs Astra

User Interface: GeneratePress

GeneratePress comes with a rather straightforward user interface. To make all this possible, GeneratePress makes use of the WordPress customizer for its customization. This is such a convenience for many of the users because of the fact that they are able to see the changes they effect in no time. 

GeneratePress also comes with a free version which offers so many decent options. If you are a user using GeneratePress premium version you will still be able to customize everything you need with so much ease. The good thing about all these things is that you are able do them within the shortest period of time. 

User Interface: Astra 

Astra also comes with such an easy and much simpler user interface. If you are a user, you can easily come up with a much stylish website with the help of this theme. This is also such a lightweight theme which keeps websites running much faster on the front as well as the back ends. 

The good thing with the WordPress is that it is highly customizable even for those non coders together the inexperienced users. Astra also offers so many features for developers to enable work on any process with much ease. If you are a beginner then Astra is the best choice for you in GeneratePress vs Astra.

Features: GeneratePress vs Astra

Features GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress Features 

GeneratePress comes with a good number of features which are only intended at serving one goal and that is enhancing the user experience. As you look set to make the best choice between GeneratePress vs Astra then features is one of the many things you need to base on and here are GeneratePress features.

  • Mobile SEO friendly 
  • Custom CSS 
  • 14 premium model 
  • Import and export 
  • Basic Typography 
  • Custom copyright 
  • Page header 
  • Editing blog page 
  • Elements 
  • Hooks 
  • Section settings 
  • Secondary navigation 
  • Mega menu plus 

Astra Features 

Just like GeneratePress, Astra also comes with a good number of features which are also aimed at making its use such an amazing experience. As you look set to make the right choice between GeneratePress vs Astra it is also important that you take into consideration these features as well.

  • Good performance 
  • Customization capabilities 
  • Page builder compatibility 
  • Layout options 
  • Header and footer builder 
  • Demo import 
  • Integration 

Layout & Customization: GeneratePress vs Astra

Layout GeneratePress vs Astra


GeneratePress a WordPress theme is highly customizable by all its users. There are so many ways that you can use to carry out the customization of GeneratePress. However, the customization can be done by people depending on their need. GeneratePress also comes with so many layout options all of which can be done depending on an individual preference. 


The Astra WordPress theme comes with so many different headers as well as layout styles. The default header layout is located on the left side of the menu as well as the right-hand side of the menu as well. In general, the process of customizing Astra is not that complicated compared to others. 

Other than the customization, there is also the issue of layout where Astra comes with somewhat a proper and appealing layout. As said above, it is the intention of Astra to try and make sure that they offer their clients an experience like no other which is why the issue of layout. 

Performance: GeneratePress vs Astra

Performance GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress Performance

Performance is a very key feature of any theme. Unless a theme has a proper performance, it might not be able to give much in return. Thus, performance is a very key feature and consideration especially if you are looking to choose between GeneratePress vs Astra.

If for instance you feel that GeneratePress is the right choice then it is very important that you also consider the issue of performance as well. In this regard therefore, this section of the discussion takes a look at this issue to enable you make a much better- and well-informed decision in the same regard. 

If you are basing your search strictly on performance then you are going to find it very hard avoiding or ignoring GeneratePress. It is without any doubt the best choice in GeneratePress vs Astra as it is focused more on performance as the best theme in the market.

The fact that GeneratePress is a lightweight theme means that it does not take so much time to load like the others do. This therefore means that when using GeneratePress you do not need to use any optimization plugins together with other tools that make the process of loading much easier. 

One of the best things about GeneratePress is that as the user you get almost everything beginning from their own page builder to various customization. Also, you could find many other customizations as well as theme options right there on the theme. If you see other elements that you are not using then you can also disable those to just make the working of this theme much better and easier. 

In a nutshell, it can be said that GeneratePress does so well when it comes to performance. If for instance you need a speedy theme then GeneratePress will be or is the best choice for you in this regard as it has so much to offer in terms of performance benefits. 

Astra Performance

When it comes to performance Astra too is not left far much behind, it does better as well. For instance, just like GeneratePress, Astra also comes with a much super-fast speed which makes it much easier for you to easily create a website within just a few minutes. 

If you need a much faster page builder then Astra is exactly what you need. It comes with its own page builder which you can easily use to create a website with ease. If you wish to change a title, you can do so with so much ease with the use of a sidebar of a website. Given that you can easily customize your theme means that Astra gives you so much ability as a person. 

Developer Friendliness: GeneratePress vs Astra

Developer frindliness GeneratePress vs Astra


One of the most important and many known benefits of GeneratePress is that it comes with so many useful features. GeneratePress elements come in with many elements which act as the best all in one place to work from using hooks, adding custom layout elements and many more others. 

Immediately you attain the hang of it becomes so much easier to just all that you need in one single place. When you make an addition of a new element, you can make a choice from the four different element types which are available. In general, it can be said that GeneratePress is user friendly and so easy to use by all people including beginners.


When it comes to the use of user friendliness, it is basically how easy it is to use any such theme. On this issue, Astra has also done so well in this regard. Astra comes with so many tools that are meant to give users such an easy time when using this theme. 

First, if you wish to work with the Astra hooks you can move ahead and install an Astra hooks plugin for you to add and use hooks directly right from the WordPress customizer. One of the many known benefits of this approach is that it is free. 

Page Builder Compatibility: GeneratePress vs Astra

Page builder GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress Page Builder Compatibility 

If you are using page builders then GeneratePress is the best choice in a theme for you in GeneratePress vs Astra. The theme is completely compatible with all the available major builders, which include Beaver builder together with elementor. Thanks to the emphasis on the WordPress coding standards GeneratePress boasts of a full compatibility including full compatibility with all the coded plugins which include WooCommerce.

Astra Page Builder Compatibility 

Astra is also compatible with other page builders like beaver builder and many others. For your information, the same team that developed Astra is the same team that is responsible for the creation of ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin. Thus, the Astra theme is therefore built to work in a much seamless manner with Beaver builder. This gives you the ability to fully customize your settings on the page basis. 

Ecommerce Integrations: GeneratePress vs Astra

ecommerce integration GeneratePress vs Astra


GeneratePress integrates so well with many ecommerce platforms. For instance, a test that was carried out revealed that GeneratePress integrates so well with WooCommerce and some others as well. Although there have been some concerns in the past over this very issue, it can be said that GeneratePress has a proper integration with ecommerce platforms. 


With Astra free theme you as the user gets many customization features. As a result, it is very easy for Astra to easily integrate with ecommerce like WooCommerce and many others. Even though Astra might not be as good as GeneratePress when it comes to integration with ecommerce, it still does better in this regard. 

Help & Support: GeneratePress vs Astra

Support GeneratePress vs Astra

Help & Support: GeneratePress

The use of GeneratePress exposes you to the best and committed team of support experts who are always willing to help you out with any problem you have. Over the past few years, GeneratePress has committed itself to delivering the best customer support services that have served so many clients in the past and continues to do so even now. 

Help & Support: Astra 

The Astra support team has evolved over the years delivering the best and world class customer care experience to all the people interested in help. If you need help you can contact them through any of their many provided channels and you shall surely get helped. 

Final Verdict 

GeneratePress vs Astra are without any doubt some of the two best WordPress themes. However, choosing the best between these two can be somehow challenging especially if you are a beginner. The article above provides some of the best comparisons between Generatepress and Astra that you can use to make the right choice between these two options.

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