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By Mashum Mollah

“If you are looking for an open customizable ecommerce platform that goes way beyond the traditional ecommerce confines then you need to consider working with WooCommerce review. WooCommerce is built on WordPress which allows businesses to sell anything either physical or even digital. The platform comes with so many other features which we shall be looking at later on.”

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woocommerce quickbooks

If you run a WordPress site then there is a good chance that you are looking for a way through which you can use to monetize it. If this is the case then we have a few options available to users but the most popular one among them all is WooCommerce.  

It is an open-source and free shopping cart plugin that works particularly with WordPress websites. Since its founding back in the year 2001, the site has been downloaded more than 84 million times which indicates that people love it. 

What is WooCommerce?

If you intend to start selling products and services online then the addition of WooCommerce to WordPress will be your best choice or option. In this section, we are going to answer the question of what it WooCommerce review and also show you any other thing you need to know in order to get started with WooCommerce and WordPress within the shortest period of time possible.

WooCommerce makes it possible for you to sell your products as well as services from your WordPress site. This is a free WordPress that also comes with other additional features which are all available as extensions. Given the fact that WooCommerce is made by automatic which is an arm of WordPress means that whenever you are using WooCommerce then you are in safe hands. 

Back to the question of what is WooCommerce? This is a platform that is meant for selling products as well as services. What WooCommerce does is that it makes the whole process of selling products and services much more affordable and also accessible. This means that with the help of WooCommerce you can be able to sell digital as well as physical products, manage your WooCommerce dropshipping as well as inventory and also take secure payment automatically.

With WooCommerce you gain and keep 100% control of all your data. If you have any issue that needs any kind of support then you will also get support for mobile devices and also you get the potential to scale your site to whatever limit you think is possible.

WooCommerce is undoubtedly the best created as well as the most widespread e-commerce plugin for WordPress. In fact, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce solution across all the websites which powers more than 42% of the entire online stores.  

Before getting deeper into this awesome plugin, it is very important that we take a look at why is the best option available when it comes to products as well as services on your website. 

Why You Need Woocommerce 

By now you must be knowing what WooCommerce is and in brief what the platform does. The second question that is now inevitable is why you need to start using WooCommerce. WooCommerce has been in existence since 2011 and has a very strong development team around it. 

Given the strong development team around WooCommerce review as well as its increase in popularity WooCommerce keeps growing in popularity with each passing day. Just like the case with WordPress, WooCommerce is free as well as open-source. Despite the premium feel of WooCommerce, it is completely free for anyone who wishes to use and modify it.

Even though WooCommerce is powerful and also extensible, it is very easy for beginners to use. With the use of WooCommerce, you can set up and also run your professional store from your WordPress website. The use of WooCommerce does not require you to know any code at all to use it. There are also so many places from where you can obtain information to use on this platform like WooCommerce shipping classes.

Features (4.6/5)

woocommerce dropshipping

One of the things that make WooCommerce stand out from the rest of such platforms is the type and immense features. We are going to look at all these features and see which features work and also look at all of them deeply. 

1. Easy Addition of Products as Well as Editing 

The process of adding products to your online store is so easy and similar to the WordPress editor. If you already are set up with WordPress then the process of adding products will not feel any different from editing your website pages or even coming up with a blog post. 

The great thing about WooCommerce review is that it is like the WordPress one meaning that there is no learning curve. You already understand how to edit and also publish meaning this is a lateral knowledge base move. With the many software as well as other systems, there is a perfect smooth transfer of skills.

2. Payment Options 

Right from the beginning, WooCommerce review is automatically integrated with PayPal. This means that you do not have to worry about coming up with a secure payment gateway. There are so many other options in terms of payment that are available to you for your clients which goes well beyond PayPal.

If you so wish, you can integrate with many other various payment gateways which add up to other possibilities like amazon pay among others. In simple terms, there are a plethora of payment options on WooCommerce all of which are secure and so easy to use. 

3. Built-in Blogging 

Given that WooCommerce is a WordPress baby means that it comes with immense blogging capabilities. Beginning from your eCommerce store, you get the ability to update your post blogs in the same type of editor similar to WordPress and also maintain your WooCommerce inventory. 

4. Pricing Options 

Sales as well as competitive prices are made easier with WooCommerce dynamic pricing. This is an all-inclusive tool that is used for flexible pricing and also the promotion that takes into consideration a bunch of pricing factors strategies as well as conditions. 

This pricing feature is highly regarded as a trendy extension because of taking so much of the guesswork as well as the time and also figuring out your item’s sweet spot. This does not just help in determining the optimal pricing as a base but you can use it for sales as well as bundling and flash sales. 

5. QuickBooks Integration 

Given that you are running an eCommerce platform, accounting is obviously and always going to be part of the process. As for the accounting part of the accounting, the WooCommerce QuickBooks integration makes this much easier and more straightforward as well.

If you wish, you can automatically whatever sales data you have from WooCommerce your QuickBooks account for much easier and accurate accounting. Other than that, you also get integrated insights into your pricing, customers, which come aside from the accounting benefits. 

6. Subscription Service 

The process of setting up recurring payments as well as regular orders forms the lifeblood of an eCommerce store. However, programming these two into your payment process can be somehow of a hassle. It is this reason that makes WooCommerce subscriptions such a useful and super feature. 

The feature is just as simple as it sounds. You can make use of this extension in setting up recurring payments or even signups automatically for your customers. 

7. Themes 

Customizing your ecommerce platform means that you need a professional look as well as other options. If this is what you are looking for then WooCommerce reviews are going to provide you with exactly that. Here, you get a wealth of options some of which are even searchable by your industry. This gives you the assurance that the eCommerce store is aesthetically matched to that which you provide.

We also have some free options available but the majority of them come with a reasonable price tag. These options are optimized to work across all platforms as well as devices and also sync up with your WooCommerce site. 

8. Speed  

The other thing that can be used to measure the performance of any eCommerce platform is the speed of navigation. This one too is such a great determining factor in the performance of any eCommerce platform. The speed with which you navigate any ecommerce platform is such a great contributor to the performance of any ecommerce software anywhere. 

For WooCommerce we can say that there are mixed reactions regarding the speed of navigation. In honesty, we can say that there are so many things that need improvement on e-commerce to make sure that it is a fast-enough ecommerce platform. 

There are different opinions about WooCommerce reviews speed where we have some people who regard it as a faster ecommerce platform while others object to this. The nature of these comments depends so much on what one is doing and other things as well.

What we can rather say in this regard is that the performance of WooCommerce might not be the best but is by far better than some other ecommerce software platforms. The ease of use that this platform comes with as well the features makes it one of the best ecommerce platforms we have around in terms of performance. 

9. Simplicity 

Once you log into the system, most of the removed reviews WooCommerce or the people who use it agree that it is one of the simplest platforms to use. The only exception time when we might have a learning curve is when one is completely unfamiliar with WordPress. However, even WordPress itself is so simple to use even for those people who are not familiar with it.

After the development, we have a pretty intuitive layout of a system that comes with rather straightforward navigation. In general, we can say that WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms we have around. With the ease of use that this platform provides, using it is a simple thing for all people, not just those that are familiar with it but even those that are unfamiliar with it as well. 

The other side which still touches on the ease of use with WooCommerce is the easy payment options that are available on this platform. Normally one of the problems that people face with some of the ecommerce platforms we have around is the issue of ease of payment. 

However, on WooCommerce the case is very much different. Here, it is very much easy for you to work out any payment process as there are so many payment options available for you. These options are all reliable and very secure at the same time. 

9. Customer Support Services 

However, when you compare the kind of WooCommerce review structures we have in place to those of other eCommerce software platforms you will agree that WooCommerce still has so much to do in improvement with regards to its customer support. We can also confirm that even though WooCommerce has put in place what many will call inadequate measures to offer support to their clients, the little that they have done over the years has yielded results.

We have so many clients who have all expressed satisfaction from the use of the support mechanisms that WooCommerce has in place. This means that even though the software has done so little, they still have managed to help so many people from it. 

10. Email Marketing Extensions 

You also get ecommerce email marketing at your fingertips with integrations. One of the most important parts of any flourishing business enterprise is customer communication. Instead of having to set up promotions in your eCommerce store and then, later on, hop to CRM to let you know about it, you can simply integrate your email marketing directly for your ecommerce site. 

These are some of the features that come with WooCommerce reviews. Clearly, from the features, we can see that WooCommerce comes with the best features all of which are intended at making the use of this platform easy and efficient.

It is exactly these features that make WooCommerce one of the best ecommerce platforms that you can use for selling. Compared to other such platforms, WooCommerce is one of the best we have around and one that you need to start working with right away. 

11. Multiple Functionalities 

Coming with a robust system, WooCommerce reviews comes with an extensive integrations library as well as pricing and accounting tools. The other important thing about the software is that it comes with very secure payments. We all know how many problems insecure payments can cause anybody and that is why WooCommerce puts in a lot to make sure that all their payments are secure.

If you have any experience of any kind with WordPress then WooCommerce is the best and a top choice for you. However, before you can download WooCommerce, it is very important for you to work out all the calculations of the total pricing costs that you are likely to incur in the end.

The main aim and motive of doing all this are to make sure you stay within your budget and do not overspend. Better still, it is essential for you to try and compare the pricing and the costs of WooCommerce to those of other such eCommerce platforms and see which one is the cheapest if you really are focused on a cheap e-commerce software

12. So Many User Benefits 

Before we conclude this discussion, it is very important that we take time to also look at some of the benefits that come with WooCommerce reviews and see what exactly makes this one of the best eCommerce software platforms. The first thing about WooCommerce which is something that you do not get from any other commerce is that it allows you to integrate right into your WordPress website.

This, therefore, means that if you have a working knowledge of using the software then you will not need to learn anything new. Other than that, there is also the aspect of WooCommerce being open source. This, therefore, means that you get plenty of extensions from where you can choose from so as to make your site the best there can ever be. 

The fact that WooCommerce is a large and popular community means that there is no doubt whatsoever about its authenticity. Given that WooCommerce is intuitive means that setting it up comes with so little hassles and is also straightforward. 

There are many other benefits to WooCommerce reviews but these ones are the ones we feel you need to know as of now. Judging from the benefits, we can clearly see that there are some things that you get from WooCommerce which you cannot get from others such as ecommerce platforms.

It is therefore right to say that for anyone with knowledge of WordPress WooCommerce is the best option we have available for such people. With the benefits like the ones listed above, there is so much that you can do with this ecommerce platform. 

Even though you might be on your own if you have specific issues that need to be addressed, WooCommerce also comes with its own good side as seen from the benefits above. Once you are convinced about the costs, you can move ahead and consider working with WooCommerce for things like WooCommerce variable product which is to say it as it is, one of the best ecommerce platforms we have around when looked at from a different angle.

Ease of Use (4.6/5)

woocommerce variable product

There are some things about ecommerce platforms that should never go unmentioned. One of these factors is the issue of ease of use which is what we also need to look at. As for the case of WooCommerce, we need to look at how easy it is to use this platform and see how it compares to other platforms that offer the same services or operate in the same way. 

There are so many things that determine how easy it is to use WooCommerce which is what we are going to look at. We hope that the information in this segment will help you to understand perfectly why WooCommerce is the best and most easy to use ecommerce platform. 

Given that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin means that it is such an easy to use learning curve. For you to use WooCommerce you need to be using WordPress which comes with the same kind of layout just as WordPress. In most cases, you may find the process of installing an eCommerce platform is somehow complicated. 

In fact, we have some ecommerce platforms that come with such a complicated and difficult installation process. However, the case is very much different with WooCommerce which comes with a simple installation process. The WooCommerce installation process walks you through a simple five-minute procedure that optimizes your basic settings. 

Performance (4.7/5)

is woocommerce free

How would you say the performance of WooCommerce? It is good or bad, this is what we need to find out in this segment. We are going to carefully look at the performance of WooCommerce and try to look at how it fairs in terms of performance and in comparison, to other such sites as well. 

In this part of the discussion, we are going to carefully look at the performance of WooCommerce reviews as well as other essential factors that we feel also touches on the performance of the same platform.

There are so many things that go into determining the performance of any ecommerce platform. One of these factors is the issue of speed which varies depending on different eCommerce platforms. We have some ecommerce platforms that are so easy to navigate through while others are not. 

Speed is one thing and the other is ease of use. This one too is relatively varying from one eCommerce platform to the other. We have some ecommerce platforms that are so easy to use based on their specifications while we have some that are a bit complicated to use and all these go into determining the performance of any ecommerce platform. 

As for WooCommerce, we cannot say with certainty that this is the best ecommerce platform when it comes to performance just the same way we cannot deny that as well as we have had some people doing a WooCommerce remove reviews to keep some facts about this state of things confidential. There are some things about WooCommerce that make it look like the best in terms of performance and we have others that make it look a bit slow.

For instance, it is very much easier for you to make sales on WooCommerce than it is even on other platforms. With so many features that make the whole sales process a success beginning from the payment features to many others, you are in a much better position to make a sale on WooCommerce than you are on any other platform. 

If you are to look at performance on WooCommerce from this angle then you will agree that WooCommerce comes with the best performance. Reviews from many of the WooCommerce users suggest that many people who use this platform and more particularly to make sales get satisfied in the end. 

Support (4.8/5)

woocommerce remove reviews

The other important thing about any ecommerce platform is the kind of support you get from the software when you have a problem. Support on any ecommerce platform is very crucial as it can be the difference between success and failure in some cases. 

In this segment, we are going to look at the situation with the WooCommerce support system and see how soon you are likely to get a solution in case you have any issues. Given that, problems are highly likely with ecommerce platforms, it is very essential that an ecommerce platform puts in place the right measures that will ensure their clients are well assisted on time. 

Well for WooCommerce, we do not have very good news for you if you are one of those guys that are used to calling company representatives and sorting out your issues over the phone. This is in some ways, not the case. In fact, it is because of the same reason that WooCommerce has to do a WooCommerce disable reviews.

Given that WooCommerce is an open and free source, we have no dedicated customer support representatives. This means that there is no traditional line of direct support. However, that does not mean that you cannot get help if you need any, we have so many resources online that you can make use of if you need any kind of assistance at any given time. 

Other than that, resources, we also have some other developers that you can chat with over slack. In overview, we can say that even though WooCommerce does not have a direct contact through which people can use to seek support from the company, they have made all the necessary efforts to make sure that their clients are well supported when they need support. 

Pricing (4.5/5)

How much do you pay for using WooCommerce and how does it compare to others such as eCommerce software? This is our main point of focus in this section of the discussion. We need to look at the payment structure of WooCommerce and see whether it is affordable or costly. 

Given that WooCommerce is a WordPress open source adjacent software plugin, it is technically free to use. Even though this in itself might sound like a very ideal arrangement, it is very essential for you to know that we have some additional costs which will get to you. 

It is exactly these costs that make it hard for us to give WooCommerce pricing a higher rating when it comes to pricing. The process of downloading WooCommerce and later on integrating it with WordPress is absolutely free. However, even with this, you will still need to pay for the domain name as well as a hosting service. These two costs when put together can actually add up to both annually and monthly.

Other than this, we also have so many other things that will demand money from you like some themes as well as ongoing maintenance. However, these costs individually are nothing compared to the developer fees that you may have to pay at some point later on. Other than that, we also have some other additional hidden prices which is something that when taken into consideration exposes some of the cons of WooCommerce. 

Is WooCommerce free 

After reading all this information about WooCommerce you might want to know if this is free to use the platform or not. Well, the answer to this question if that is what you are asking is ironical yes and no at the same time. Funny isn’t. Well, this is what we are going to look at and see how WooCommerce is both free and also one that requires you to pay for its use at the same time. 

Even though it is free to download the software and then link it to your WordPress, you will also incur additional costs on hosting as well as a domain name for your store. Other than that, we also have some other add on features for functionality as well as development. 

When you put together all these things as well as their costs you will then realize that WooCommerce review is not a free-to-use eCommerce software. This, therefore, puts out the initial idea of WooCommerce being free to use platform. The truth of the matter is that even though the download of WooCommerce might be free there are some other costs that come with it which makes it a bit costly.

One of the things you can do if you are using WooCommerce is to integrate it with other payment options. Even though WooCommerce already comes with PayPal, you can also integrate other payment options as well. 

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Love your in-depth review. WooCommerce is the perfect platform to build any kind of small eCommerce website!
December 11, 2020
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Bottom line

If you are looking for a low-cost ecommerce software that does a great job by harnessing WordPress SEO as well functionality then WooCommerce is what you need to look for. From the information above it is very clear that this is the best low-cost ecommerce platform you can work with.

Even though there might be some issues with it which are very normal with any eCommerce platform, the WooCommerce reviews plugin has tried all that it can to offer the best services. From low-cost prices to many suitable features, this is what you need to look for if you need proper eCommerce software for selling.

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