Some users tend to stay away from the multipurpose theme niche. What you may not be knowing is that WordPress has some of the perfect solutions in the market. All you need to do is making sure that you are getting the best multipurpose WordPress theme. 

The saying that states ‘Jack of all trades and master of none could be the one discouraging you.’ Just because the theme tries to do everything doesn’t mean that it is not good for any specific task. Do your research well and you will be shocked with what the best multipurpose WordPress themes can do for you. 

Therefore, don’t allow any baseless assumptions to mislead you in any way. We cannot run away from the fact that we have thousands of poorly coded multipurpose themes in the market. However, you need to get something that will do the job right. 

The good news is that such products are available and hence there is no need to worry. There is a good deal of incredible multipurpose themes that you can use. There are products that can fit in virtually any kind of website seamlessly. 

Therefore, in the case where the specialized themes don’t fit your needs quite well, go for the best multipurpose WordPress theme. This article singles out some of the best multipurpose WordPress themes. You can use any of theme depending on the type of website that you are building.

NO.Theme Free/PremiumRatingVisit Demo
1.TotalFree/$594.6Click here
2.TheGemFree/$594.4Click here
3.DiviFree/$894.2Click here
4.UncodeFree/$594.5Click here
5.UltraFree/$694.5Click here
6.JupiterFree/$594.7Click here
7.BrooklynFree/$594.3Click here
8.BridgeFree/$594.5Click here
9.SalientFree/$604.2Click here
10.BeThemeFree/$594.4Click here
11.UniconFree/$594.6Click here
12.KallyasFree/$594.5Click here
13.H-CodeFree/$594.8Click here


1. Total

Total powerful multipurpose WordPress theme

Total is a highly functional and powerful multipurpose WordPress theme. The theme is also modern, easy to use, creative and versatile. It is among the best solutions if you are shopping for a multipurpose WordPress theme that is readily responsive. 

It serves the purposes of webmasters from all walks and backgrounds of life. It empowers them to craft sophisticated and eloquent websites within a few minutes. It ends up spanning a wide spectrum of industries and applications. 

The theme has an endless list of utilization cases. It is also packed with fully-fledged out live demo sites and purposeful page templates. You can sample any of theme and deploy within a single click. 

The solution is indeed a time-saver when it comes to the process of web design. This theme features several potent premium plugins. Some of them include the Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builder, and the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite. 

Their features render total as a perfect salesperson right out of the box. It is indeed one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes that are available on the internet. 

The theme also comes with multiple dynamic layout choices, overlay, and boxed and full styles. You will also get several types of header layouts and many other options under the hood. 

It has an intuitive but powerful theme customizer that will allow you to fiddle through it. The theme can also tackle online stores, blogs, business and corporate websites, professional portfolios among others. Once you get Total, you will be able to upgrade your online presence.

Features of Total

  • Full e-commerce support 
  • Builder blocks library for upgrading your content 
  • Multiple templates and content layouts 
  • Robust slideshow builder tools
  • Far-reaching theme customization settings 

2. TheGem

TheGem WordPress Theme

TheGem is a significant creative WordPress multipurpose website theme. It is among the top choices if you want the best multipurpose WordPress theme. The theme offers high-performance solutions to webmasters across all industries and interests. 

You can use the theme to set up a website in any archetype. The good news is that you will not have to write any coding on your own. You will find the tool easy to use even if you are a beginner in as far as web design is concerned.

The tool has a more than 150-page template to allow you to expand the ability of your online site. It has 20 different animation, navigation, and translation styles. You will also come across an endless list of possible page layouts. 

This theme has more than sixty unique elements in more than 250 styles that are packaged within it to the benefit of the users. It also has a convenient WooCommerce powered e-commerce capabilities. These support the conversion of your website into a fully functional shop within no time. 

You don’t require any coding to undertake all the above activities. These features render TheGem as the best Multipurpose WordPress theme for your use. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get this theme if you feel that the description above perfectly fits your needs. 

Features of TheGem

  • A broad range of theme controls and customization settings 
  • A wide selection of page elements 
  • Multiple inbuilt website styles 
  • 2 premium version slideshow builder plugins 
  • A drag and drop visual composer page builder tool

3. Divi

Divi free wordpress theme

One of the most widespread multipurpose WordPress themes in the market is Divi. It is a tool that will not let you down if you want to build a reliable website. It has an endless list of custom-made layouts, demos, and other great components.  

The other great component of Divi is a highly convenient page builder. With this feature, you should not have coding knowledge to implement. You will still be in a position to create the exact website that you fancy within a few steps. 

You will become a web designer and developer on your own. There will be no need to hire a different person to help you out in web design and development. Divi also comes with complete documentation and a great team of friendly experts. These people are always at your service whenever a need arises. 

The theme has more than eight hundred predefined designs and over forty-page elements. These are some of the things that make Divi the best multipurpose WordPress theme. Generally speaking, Divi gives users a limitless list of options. 

You will also get a full customization feature in this theme. It will help you in creating any web design that you wish and still give it a distinct touch. The other amazing attribute about Divi is that it is compatible with all devices. 

The theme is also compatible with all search engines, web browsers, and retina screens. Isn’t this what people look for in the best multipurpose WordPress themes? You will style the exact page that you want and Divi will surely help you make a difference. 

Features of Divi

  • A library of more than 20 inbuilt content layouts 
  • Divi Leads split test tool 
  • The ability to import and exporting layouts between websites 
  • Endless customization settings 
  • More downloadable layouts for content

4. Uncode

Uncode Theme

Uncode Theme

Uncode is one of the most engaging and highly responsive creative WordPress multi-purpose concept themes. The design of this theme accommodates the ample requirements of various website archetypes that are extremely vast.  

The theme incorporates plugins and shortcodes to achieve incredible multipurpose functionality. It is a great way of streamlining all your workflow. The features in this tool qualify it to fall among the best multipurpose WordPress themes. 

It has several conceptually one of its own kind demo websites. The theme will not let you down when it comes to the best multipurpose WordPress theme. Uncode has an amazingly resourceful selection if features. All of them are incorporated into an attractive and streamlined design.

The style permeates the several fully pre-configured web page templates. The demos also come with custom made visual elements. 

The demos are ready for users to add their precious content. You will also add your beautiful high-resolution pictures before hitting the ground running with your site. 

Uncode also has tones of customizable, modern and impressive grid options. You will also get incredible masonry options in this theme out of the box. You will not go wrong when you choose Uncode as the best Multipurpose WordPress theme of your choice. 

Features of Uncode

  • Animated headings 
  • Enhanced backgrounds 
  • Module variations 
  • Album galleries 
  • Woo-commerce 3.7.X
  • Maintenance mode 
  • Typography options 
  • Hierarchical theme options 
  • Included plugins 
  • RTL and Multilanguage support 

5. Ultra

Ultra Free website theme

If you are looking for a popular multipurpose WordPress theme, Ultra will give you the best service. It is a renowned theme from Themify and they advertise it as their most flexible and powerful release. The design of this theme is nothing that is short of being gorgeous. 

The scads of the white space and the broad range of typography make this theme a great option. It also has a clever scrolling animation that will fully engage your users. Therefore, you can be sure of a high conversion rate as long as you choose your design elements well. 

This theme has six-page/header designs. These comprise of tUltrahe min-bar, boxed layout, left-panel, boxed-content, horizontal, and block. You will also get fifteen preset color skins and many ‘toggle-able’ elements. Some of them are a search box, share buttons, and navigation. You will basically find all that you want in the Ultra multipurpose WordPress theme. 

The theme also has image filters with inbuilt grayscale, sepia, and blur effects. Most people would want to get these features in the best multipurpose WordPress theme. The other features include WooCommerce integration, theme options panel, and a drag and drop builder. It is one of the feature-rich website themes that you can find in the market. 

Ultra comes with more than 32 website layouts out of the box. Very few themes will give you such a high level of ability. The theme is ready to serve virtually all types of websites in the industry. Do not hesitate to go for this theme if you feel it will meet your needs well. 

Features of Ultra WordPress Theme

  • Portfolio layouts and templates 
  • A mega menu builder 
  • Color effects that include overlays, gradients, and animations
  • A collection of the Themify Builder add-ons
  • Multiple footer, header and content styles and layouts

6. Jupiter

Jupiter Theme

Jupiter is a stylish and modest WordPress theme that is designed for all types of websites. The theme has an awesome look and is fully responsive to all major mobile devices and browsers. Therefore, it is the best Multipurpose WordPress theme if you are looking for a tool that you can trust. 

This theme also adapts smoothly to all screen resolutions and sizes. You can be sure that it will guarantee your visitors incredible browsing experience. 

Jupiter also has a smart design and a feature-packed template that allow developers to build any website they are thinking about easily. It is a tool that you can trust if you want to build any type of website. 

The other thing that this theme feature is an idiot-proof and lightweight theme admin panel. With this ability, you will be able to adjust things like the functionality, fonts, and colours of your website. 

Jupiter also comes with a state of the art background customizer to support the complete personalization of your website. You will be able to shape the feel and look of your website into what you want.

The eye-catching and responsive slideshows will definitely help you to beat your competitors. The theme also has multiple paginations and navigation styles. For most people, these are the defining elements of the best multipurpose WordPress themes.

Jupiter is also a highly customizable WordPress theme with countless color options. It has a drop page builder and is translation ready core. What else do you want in a top WordPress theme? 

The last thing is that Jupiter has a robust WooCommerce integration. It makes it possible for users to set up and even manage their online stores. There is no need to hire a professional to help you in managing your website. For this reason, most people use Jupiter as their theme of choice when creating a new website on WordPress. 

Features of Jupiter WooCommerce Theme

  • Full e-commerce support
  • Flexible portfolio layouts and templates 
  • A library of elements for upgrading your content 
  • Customer header layouts and styles 
  • Front end visual composer page builder tool

7. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn is an indigenous and extraordinary one-page multipurpose theme from WordPress. You can use this theme for virtually all types of websites. The main ones include travel agencies, events, company websites, video or music production, and a personal portfolio to name a few. 

Any developer will tell you that it is really exigent to use a one-page theme to design a functional website. However, utilizing a single-page website template will efficiently provide exemplary user experience to your target audience. 

Brooklyn has an astonishing parallax effect and a faultless user interface. It also delivers a flawless user experience that makes your website agreeable and accessible to any visitors on your website. 

The theme also includes the functionality of managing portfolios, shortcode generator, several shortcodes, and Font Awesome icon integration. Other features include custom widgets, multiple sidebars, and smooth scrolls among others. 

You will want most, if not all the above features in your WordPress theme. Additionally, Brooklyn is a child theme ready. It is built using valid and clean codes and also supports the WPML plugin. You will really enjoy it when using this theme to build your WordPress website.

Lastly, Brooklyn is specially designed to flow well with all the browser options. It is also optimized fully for all the search engines. For sure, this theme qualifies to fall among the best multipurpose WordPress themes in the market. 

Features of Brooklyn

  • Slider revolution insider 
  • Advanced blog layouts 
  • One-click demo installer 
  • Advanced blog options 
  • Tailored visual composer 
  • 13 varied SVG section separator and gradient color support 
  • Advanced portfolio layouts 
  • Content section blocks for its visual composer 
  • 54 block modules for visual composer 
  • 39 predefined concepts or demos 
  • One page and multipage support 
  • Drag and drop page builder 
  • Fully responsive and retina ready 

8. Bridge

Bridge Theme

Bridge Theme

Bridge is a supreme multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed using a very flexible and powerful framework by QODE. It is a perfect theme for individuals who want an outstanding and professional online presence. 

The design has a mobile-ready and fully responsive layout design. The theme is also retina ready for displaying pixel sharp and clean images on retina devices and HIDPI. 

Installing and customizing the Bridge theme is quite easy. The tool is integrated with the highly powerful WPBakery Page Builder. This feature allows users to develop countless pages in an instant. 

The theme is also bundled with a highly intuitive and idiot-proof admin interface. This allows users to add countless slides and sliders, portfolio videos or images, and parallax effects to all their pages. 

Bridge is a modern theme that allows users to give their logs an organized and neat look with a masonry layout. The other impressive feature in this theme is smooth scrolling for advanced browsers. You will also get the Qode carousel plugin, interactive visual elements support, and portfolio page with the 7 pre-made layouts. 

Bridge also supports WooCommerce integration, AJAX animations, Layer Slider Plugin, and contact page with modules and many more. The theme is also coded perfectly with a valid and clean HTML, CSS3 and jQuery techniques. It is a theme that you will love when shopping for the best multipurpose WordPress themes. 

Features of Bridge Supreme Multipurpose WordPress theme

  • A broad range of plugins 
  • A library of shortcode elements 
  • The ability of creating countless menu and header layouts 
  • Detailed theme customization settings
  • Comprehensive admin panel 

9. Salient

Salient WordPress Theme

Salient is a well-made and stylish WordPress theme for most website owners. It is a perfect tool for designers, freelancers, photographers, and other artistic agencies or people. The tool will serve you perfectly if you want a professional website template that displays your great work. 

It is a retina ready theme that is fully optimized. It is optimized to deliver a fantastic viewing experience across a broad range of devices from mobile phones to desktops to computers. 

It has a flat and sophisticated design that will result in a website that truly stands out. The trendy theme comes fully-packed with the highly customized version of the WPBakery Page Builder. It makes the process of developing websites highly enjoyable and truly fast. 

With this theme, you can modify the fundamental elements of your website with its gorgeous and intelligible options panel. Aren’t all these elements of the best multipurpose WordPress theme? It is a tool that you will truly enjoy. 

This theme has a meek design that is combined with a striking typography. This gives your website an opportunity to get an elegant feel and look. Salient is a gorgeous WordPress theme that also comes with the Parallax Home Slider. 

The feature allows users to shoe their featured content in a fashionable way on the homepage. To add to this, the theme delivers extensive theme options to the users. The other features include a sortable portfolio, supports six post formats, graphically intuitive shortcode generator, and WooCommerce support. 

The designers use a valid and clean CSS3 and HTML5 coding. This feature allows users to keep up with modern web design trends. 

The Salient theme is carefully designed for search engine and speed optimization. Lastly, the theme is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO for improved control and power. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants the best multipurpose WordPress theme. 

Features of Salient

  • Total control over the typography settings 
  • A library of header layouts 
  • Multiple content templates and layouts 
  • The ability to create custom color schemes 
  • A customizable version of the Visual Composer page builder

10. BeTheme


BeTheme is a well-designed and tasteful multipurpose WordPress theme. You can use this tool to construct fully functional and beautiful websites. 

To add on this, BeTheme is feature-rich and comes with all the things that developers want in creating a stupendous website. You can use this theme on virtually all types of projects such as organization, company, or business. You can be sure of getting astonishing results in either case. 

The theme gives you the option of checking out the redundant background images on the inside pages. The parallax effect will also help you brighten up your website and also create beautiful business websites. 

The amazing functionality helps users to attract more traffic without compromising the usability and responsiveness of the website. The theme helps you in building an astonishing one-page website. 

Integrating the drag and drop Muffin Builder helps most website admins who don’t like to work with shortcodes. The other inclusion is the incredible animation scrolling effects. It allows users display the maintenance mode page if the website isn’t ready to stream online or when undertaking a major re-design. 

The theme is also WooCommerce compatible. This gives it the ability of converting your website into a profitable virtual store. 

Features of BeTheme

  • Menus 
  • Video background and parallax effect
  • Stunning one-page sites
  • Inbuilt mega menus 
  • Shortcode generator 
  • Retina ready and responsive 
  • Muffin options panel
  • Over 200 pre-built websites

11. Unicon

Unicon Theme

Unicon Theme

Unicon is a highly functional multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with a lovely design. The demo features exquisite scrolling animations i.e. slides, fades, and many more. 

This theme has 50 pre-made layouts and 12 importable demos that are both boxed and wide versions. You will get them for different pages such as FAQ, Services, About, Home, etc. 

You will get both the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer on the backend. The theme is optimized for Google Maps, WooCommerce, and bbPress integrations. Therefore, it can also serve the purposes of a forum. The other parts of this package are Ultrasharp Icons and Google Fonts. 

Therefore, this theme is ready to act as a forum if that is your desire. Ultrasharp icons and Google Fonts are also included in this package. It is a theme that you will surely love if you want the best multipurpose WordPress theme. 

Features of  Unicon

  • Over 50 design elements 
  • One-click demo import
  • Control everything 
  • Full WooCommerce shop integration 
  • Free premium plugins included 
  • Prebuilt demo sites 
  • Superlight, solid code base, and highly flexible 

12. Kallyas



Kallyas is a multipurpose and technologically innovative WordPress theme. It is a cutting edge solution for all your web design needs. With this versatile platform, you will service all types of websites readily across all niches and markets. 

You will shift the look and shape of your website to suit your stringent specifications quickly and easily. The theme is ideal for graphic design agencies and studios, web designers, and creative designers. It also serves freelance workers who require a staunch and robust platform that can service a broad range of clients in various markets and industries. 

The theme does all this with unparalleled speed and ease. Kallyas is a one-size-fits-all solution to quickly craft incredible front-end websites for all forms of purposes. It provides professional quality backend interfaces to the users. 

These include integrated, plugin-free and in-house designed drag and drop Visual Builder. It is powered with more than 100 customizable elements and also dozens of custom tools and widgets. This helps in expanding the functionality and potential of all the page tenfold within no time. 

The good thing is that you won’t have to write any code to achieve your objective. WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, WPML, and the other premium plugins all make your design to work a breeze. Try Kallyas today and you will discover that it is the best multipurpose WordPress theme. 

Features of Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

  • One-click installation 
  • Multilanguage ready 
  • Translation ready and WPML 
  • Static and content circular 
  • Smart loader 
  • Unlimited homepage variations 
  • Bootstrap and standard revolution of 1170px
  • Highly responsive layout 
  • Lighter and darker versions available 
  • Customized Page Builder that has 69 elements 
  • Included dummy data 
  • Easy WooCommerce integration 
  • Unlimited colors and headers 

13. H-Code

H-Code Theme

H-Code Theme

H-Code is a deliberately designed and clever Multipurpose WordPress theme. The theme is enticing, beautiful, seamless, and has a beautiful design.  What makes it the best multipurpose WordPress theme is the fact that it is responsive and tech-savvy.

It has an impressively broad range of settings, powerhouse plugins, configurable choices, and sleek layout options. The theme also comes with professionally graphically designed demo websites and sleek layout templates.

H-code is laboriously coded to work as a beautiful and integrated whole. It possesses all the resources to perform the role of a successful multipage plugin. It has a long list of navigational and pagination styles. However, the tool shines the most when you deploy it as a one-page website theme. 

H-code has a broad range of demo websites and template pages. There are dozens of smooth and single page presentations for a variety of niche-specific purposes. You can also use this theme for general purposes.

The theme has multipurpose styles to easily appropriate in branding via hundreds of customization options. It flows from tiling minute elements such as portfolio listing styles and typographies. It also has advanced user menus and seven different alert message styles. 

The breadth and depth of H-Code is surely incomparable. AJAX technology helps H-Code to run smoothly while offering dynamic and amazing features and choices. The parallax effects are readily available and a staple through several templates.

Features of H-Code

  • One-click demo installation 
  • Quick install and setup 
  • Shortcodes
  • Completely customizable 
  • WPBakery page builder 
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Retina ready 
  • Fully responsive 

Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Several benefits come with the use of the best multipurpose WordPress themes. Seemingly, the market has hundreds to thousands of choices that you can select from. The only challenge is how to determine which option is the best for you. Some of the things to consider include; 

All-around Features

The best multipurpose WordPress theme will have all the basic features that all types of websites require. The more features the theme has, the better it is for the user. Some of them include social media integration, translation ready, and contact forms among others. 

Make sure you look for these essential features in the WordPress theme of your choice. The best multipurpose WordPress theme will feature all the options that you may need. Do your homework well so that you don’t end up with the wrong solutions. 


Would you like to use one multipurpose WordPress theme to create various websites? You have to make sure that you are choosing a theme that is highly adaptable. Flexibility will be the defining factor of the best multipurpose WordPress theme. 

The best theme will have a responsive design that can work seamlessly on all devices. The best multipurpose WordPress theme will also be cross-browser compatible. It should be able to function well on all the major web browsers. 

Speed Optimized

No single person will want to slow loading website. Therefore, your website should have an excellent loading speed. It is the only way that you can use to satisfy your viewers. 

The best multipurpose WordPress theme should have a lightweight framework. It is the best way to achieve a high speed for your website. Such a website will increase your engagement level and conversion rate. 

Beautiful Design

The appearance of your website will be able to boost your website to the next level of success. The look has a significant impact on the performance of your website. You can capture the attention of your visitors by going for a website that has an attractive design. 

With an excellent web design, visitors will also explore various options on your website. Therefore, the best multipurpose WordPress theme will have a beautiful design. It is one of the ways to make your website highly useful. 

Ease of Customization

This is a must-have feature for the best multipurpose WordPress theme. Every single website needs to support easy customization functionality. One of the reasons that make WordPress themes highly popular is the fact that they are easily customizable. 

You can easily modify them to meet the needs of your specific website. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are choosing a multipurpose WordPress theme that is easy to customize. You need something that you can work on by yourself without looking for professional intervention. 


The popularity of multipurpose themes is on the rise among web designers all over the world. These tools help you save a lot of time because you skip the tedious process of contemplating on the theme that will meet your needs well. All you need to do is learn how to choose the best multipurpose WordPress themes. 

The market has so many options to offer to you as a web designer. However, the list above gives you some of the best suggestions that the market has to offer. The second section reveals the things that you need to look at to get the best multipurpose WordPress theme. All said and done, you have to do your homework well to get the best that the market has to bring your way. 

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