Joomla can be best looked at as an open-source content management system that is used in building websites as well as online applications. This is one free and extendable open source that can be separated into back-end and front-end templates. The source is or rather was developed using PHP, software design partners, and object-oriented programming which are all used for data storage purposes hence the best Joomla core features. 

In a nutshell, a content management system (which is what Joomla is) is a software that is used in keeping track of the entire data which will be available on your software. The software helps in editing, modifying, and publishing the content on your website. 

Joomla owes its basis on Mombo CMS developed by an Australian company back in the year 2001 and was initially released in the month of august back in the year 2005. Its official version was released back in 2005 in the month of September. 


Why Should You Use Joomla? 

why should you use Joomla

Now that you know what Joomla is or rather what it does, it is now time for you to make up your mind on whether you need to use it or not. Of course, making such a decision is never an easy thing as we have so many things that go into consideration including the Joomla features. 

For Joomla, the only thing you need to look at before making your choice is its suitability. Before reaching the decision for its use, you need to make sure that you are subscribing to the right CMS that will not let you down in the long run. So, should you really use Joomla, well yes and this is why:

1. Powerful Admin Interface 

Joomla powerful admin interface

This is the first reason that makes it the right decision for you to use Joomla. Experts argue that the interface of Joomla can only be compared to a cockpit of a Boeing 737. As a user, Joomla offers you its complete and out-of-the-box package of functionalities. 

On top of that, Joomla comes with the best design which helps you to manage enormous amounts of data as easy as it is possible. On the issues of the interface, you can clearly see that Joomla is without a doubt the best we have in this business and it’s not because of Joomla features alone but other things as well. 

2. Very Flexible Content 

Joomla flexible content

If you are looking for flexible content that can only be compared to a dynamite then Joomla is the right option for you. Look at this just in case you are still skeptical, Joomla offers you the ability to create module positions in a template from anywhere, now where you can get this. 

That is not all, on top of that, you also get the ability to design a module depending on the menu items you need to have displayed or not. Considering that you get all this out of the box means that Joomla is the best platform we have around in terms of flexibility and other Joomla best features as well. 

3. Security, Pinnacle 

One of the notable things about Joomla is that it has a very famous and potential security team behind it. This security has done well over the many years that have passed issuing security releases at times when vulnerabilities are discovered. However, it is also right to say that Joomla is not subjected to the same amount of threat as the other giant platforms like WordPress are but this comes in as an advantage. 

4. Multilingual Ready 

This is also right; Joomla offers its services in so many languages without any need for extensions as well as added complexity. With this platform, everything is just here and ready to be backed into the core making your work so easy. 

5. Sensible Extensions

Joomla sensible extension

Joomla comes with a great amount of extensibility just like the other great CMS do. However, with Joomla you get an advantage since Joomla offers guides to you as a developer. These guides allow you to use a certain pattern which forms a reliable pillar to good reliable working order. 

We can talk about this again and again and again but clearly, you can see that Joomla is without the right CMS for you to use judging by its Joomla features or benefits of the same. With as many features all of which are aimed at making its use easy to the security and many others, there are very few options you can find which come in better than Joomla. 

Joomla Features

Joomla features

  • User Manager 
  • Content Manager 
  • Banner Manager 
  • Template manager 
  • Media Manager 
  • Contact Manager 
  • Web Link Manager 
  • Search 
  • Menu Manager 
  • RSS 


  • Safe fast and easy editing 
  • A very powerful but easy menu creation tool 
  • Hackable core 
  • Open-source infrastructure 
  • Infrastructure versatility 
  • Inbuilt caching 
  • Inbuilt basic SEO functionality 
  • A very vibrant and friendly community 
  • Huge library extensions 
  • A vast collection of templates 
  • A huge number of Joomla websites 
  • Fronted editing 
  • Free in downloading and also free to upgrade 

Disadvantages Of Joomla

Disadvantages of Joomla

  • It can complex in some cases which might cause irritation to some users 
  • There are some cases where plugin compatibility arises irritating the users 
  • Sometimes the terrific contact of Joomla irritates the first contact or in some cases Joomla to some of its users 
  • Joomla comes with very few adjustment options 
  • Some of the Joomla plugins are not free, they are paid for 

Joomla vs Other CMSs

Joomla vs Other CMSs

We might talk so much about Joomla and Joomla features and how good it is but truth be said there could be better options who knows. As such, before making any decision as to whether you are going to use Joomla or any other alternatives we have in this regard, you need to look at these other alternatives as well for an even better and well-informed decision.

To that effect, this segment looks at how Joomla compares to other CMSs with regards to the best Joomla features to help you get an idea of which one among them is the best. There are so many other CMSs but this section might not be able to discuss all of them, instead, it will only focus on a few especially the main ones. 

For the purposes of mentioning, we have more than 100 CMS most of which compete against Joomla, the list below looks at some of them:

  • Avaya spaces
  • WordPress 
  • Grav
  • Drupal 
  • PrestaShop
  • ProcessWire
  • Write Freely

There are many others but as said above, it might not be possible to look at all of them in this section. However, the section will only look at some of the main and close alternatives to Joomla and see which ones of them are the best in comparison to Joomla features and their features as well. 

When carrying out these comparisons, the segment will largely base on the advantages and disadvantages helping you make the right choice. As said, it is a common belief that Joomla is what you need to work with but you might find other better alternatives

Joomla vs WordPress

Joomla vs WordPress

If you are trying to make a decision between Joomla and WordPress for your website, then you might find so many reasons that argue WordPress is the best option. However, without looking at Joomla and Joomla forum extension features, you might just miss out on one of the best content management systems, better compare the two first before making any decision. 

Both WordPress and Joomla are open-source content management systems, all of them have been around for more than ten years. Having been launched as a blogging platform back in the year 2003, WordPress has grown from what it used to be to now a multipurpose content management system that powers up to around 40.0% of all the websites we have on the internet. 

When it comes to the issue of the market share of the content management system, WordPress also does well by holding over 40.0% of the market share. There is no doubt to the fact that WordPress is one of the best CMSs we have around. 

The Joomla Version on the other hand was launched back in the year 2005, It is just as WordPress is. Coming in just behind WordPress, Joomla is second when it comes to the most popular content management system. Joomla powers up to around 3% of all the websites on the internet holding about 5.4% of the content management system market. 

Even though Joomla has maintained its second position, its content management system market share has been on the decline since the year 2010. Also, downsizing has been its overall share of the website market which shrank for the first time since the year 2017. 

Here Are Some Of The WordPress Advantages 

  • Ease of use: WordPress is regarded as one of the easiest content management systems for use especially for those people that are regarded as non-developers.
  • Well suited for blogging: WordPress comes with a distinction for blog posts against static pages which are out of the box while Joomla just includes a single article type that one can manipulate with categories. 
  • Huge support community: Given that WordPress is so huge means that finding help with it when you need any is not that hard. There is always a huge team of experts assigned to help all those people who come in looking for help in whichever areas they might need it. 
  • Lower development costs: With a very huge community means that you can easily get your development work done at very low costs. 

Joomla Advantages 

  • More advanced user development
  • Multiple templates 
  • Multilingual support 

How Easy Is It Using Joomla And WordPress?

Even though Joomla is beginner-friendly compared to other options which is one of the best and known Joomla features like Drupal WordPress has been proven to be the easiest and also the fastest way of creating a website. 

Are Joomla And WordPress At Per When It Comes To Security?

Joomla vs WordPress security

The core software between these two Joomla and WordPress are all secure. On top of that, each one of these two CMS comes with third-party features as well as third-party extensions which all add additional security. However, with the aspect of human error available, it is expected that there are some errors that might occur leading to a compromise in the security. 

Given that WordPress is the greatest alternative to Joomla, it is important that you compare the two and choose which one is the best. There are also other alternatives as seen above which could just be as good. 

However, looking at the Joomla features, the benefits, and other factors, it is right to say that Joomla does better than almost all of them. WordPress is a giant as you know it is a giant and could be the only CMS that is right above Joomla. 

Joomla Pricing

Joomla pricing

How much is the use of Joomla going to cost you, this is also another important factor you need to put into consideration before making any decision in this regard. This segment looks at this issue to give you a better idea of how much exactly this CMS is going to cost you in use. 

In general, the starting price for Joomla starts at $ 199.00 per year with another cost coming in at around $399 per year with additional features. However, you need to know that Joomla development does not come with a free trial version like other CMSs like WordPress do. 

However, comparing this price to others like WordPress it can be argued that Joomla is a bit cheaper albeit you do not get a free trial version. When broken down into monthly charges you will find that it is much cheaper. 

However, there are some other sources that rank Joomla way above the other CMSs in terms of cost. According to them, Joomla is an open-source and for that reason, it costs zeros dollars for its use. There are also licensing fees which make Joomla even cheaper to use something that puts it ahead of others such as CMSs. 

In a nutshell, it can be argued that Joomla is without any doubt one of the best to use CMS and the lower prices that it costs makes it even more affordable to everyone. The lack of a free version though might scare away some people especially those that are used to such versions. 


Looking for the best CMS Joomla comes up as one of the best options we have in this regard. However, before making this choice it is very important that you consider the other options that we have around to see which one among them is the best and also look at the Joomla features to see exactly what you are subscribing to. 

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