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By Mashum Mollah

“From experience, I can confidently state that Liquid Web is among the best web hosting services in the market. You will get 100% uptime and power guarantee even if you will pay slightly higher than the other solutions. After reviewing it in comparison to the other websites, I can surely confirm that it comes among the top products in the industry.”

Liquid Web Hosting In-Depth Reviews

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Pricing Details
  • VPS Hosting $59 - $189
  • Cloud Hosting $169 - $249
  • WordPress Hosting $19 - $999
  • Dedicated Hosting $199 - $499
Server locations
  • Lansing-flag Lansing
  • Phoenix-flag Phoenix
  • Amsterdam-flag Amsterdam


Liquid web is among the leading managed web hosting service providers in the market. The company provides a high-performance managed web hosting infrastructure for powering your web app or website. Liquid Web’s web hosting is optimized for the most popular apps including premium business email, WooCommerce, and WordPress among others. 

Liquid Web offers custom-built server clusters which are optimized for popular apps. It is one of the things that earn this company the top managed web host rating. This web hosting service also helps you to manage everything.

Therefore, you will not handle any technicalities of optimizing and maintaining your server. This feature brings a lot of peace of mind to the user. Unlike the traditional web-hosting providers, Liquid Web offers managed hosting services for dedicated servers and VPS

With the managed WordPress hosting plans, you will get a custom control panel for managing multiple WordPress websites. With all the plans, you will get the option of using Plesk or cPanel/WHM. Regardless of the plan that you are using, the solutions are highly flexible and reliable. 

It means that you can run your apps and sites the way you wish without any traffic limits. Recently, Liquid Web launched the managed WooCommerce web hosting service. It allows users to create resource-heavy eCommerce stores without spending their resources and money in server optimization. 

Unlike the other WooCommerce hosting services, this company has built a different set of WooCommerce tables for handling and storing order data to boost the performance of the server. It is, indeed one of the best web hosting services in the market. Let us review some of the top features of Liquid Web before taking a look at the other elements.

Features (4.5/5)

  • Reliable Managed Server Options

Liquid Web offers three main support tiers to its clients. These include self-managed, core-managed, and fully managed with Plesk or cPanel. The choice that you make virtually depends on your unique needs. 

The company fully owns and operates the datacenters giving it a fully managed network of infrastructure that guarantees a service-level agreement of 100 per cent uptime. You will agree to the fact that very few webs hosting companies will meet this threshold. 

There is proactive monitoring with a hardware replacement policy of 30 minutes. You will rarely come across another web hosting service that offers this feature. It also has several premium add-ons that boost the security and speed of your website. 

  • Premium Add-Ons to Boost Speed and Security 

Given the upgraded Akami content delivery network, Cloudflare, or load balancers, you will be able to deliver your content at a speed that is much faster. The Guardian off-site storage area or backups helps in protecting data on your website. It also enhances cloud storage and log storage for the site owners. 

The other essential feature when looking for a web hosting service is solid security. Liquid host protects your hosting environment against compliance assistance, advanced DDoS protection, and firewalls. It is one of the features that every website owner will want to find on a host. 

  • Optimized WooCommerce and WordPress 

The server stacks for Liquid Web are designed specifically for WordPress speed. The infrastructure of Liquid web increases capacity by over 75% and reduces the query loading by 95%. The company partners with Jilt, which is a great leader in the abandoned cart technology and hence you can take immediate action to capture the lost revenue. This web hosting company makes eCommerce very easy with a page builder plugin, free migration, fast theme, and a page builder plugin.

  • WordPress-Specific Hosting

Even Liquid Web has been around since 1997, it did not roll out this feature until 2015. The launch for the WordPress hosting packages took place at the Word Camp US convention. 

Even though it was a late entry into the niche of managed WordPress hosting, the company has truly gone a step higher in comparison to the other providers. 

If you are in WooCommerce, you will definitely want to try out Liquid Web. Most of the other hosting services provide WordPress-specific hosting. However, Liquid Web provides hosted WooCommerce packages that are designed to optimize the online store’s performance that is built on this platform. Bad performance reduces the profitability of your website and you should minimize such issues on your website as much as possible. 

Besides, if you want specialized hosting like applications that run on ASP.NET, Liquid Web will give you this support. 

  • Lower Level Pricing and Plans

The entry-level prices of Liquid Web are slightly higher than what the other web hosts charge. One reason could be that they offer managed WordPress hosting on the VPS environment. The prices also include several other features that the other companies offer as up-sells. 

  • Control Panels

Liquid Web has a Plesk control panel to allow you to manage the server and hosting environment of your website. Even though it is not as popular as the cPanel, it is also widely used. Even though the cPanel is not that easy to use, you won’t face issues in managing your domains, utilizing the inbuilt account management features, and checking on the resource usage of your website. The two control panel brands are user-friendly. 

VPS Server Environment 

It is obvious that the performance of VPS servers is better than shared hosting. Liquid Web offers managed WordPress hosting on their VPS servers to guarantee users fast site performance. The managed WordPress hosting is powered by HHVM (HipHop VM). The machine is specifically designed to execute engine for PHP which is the backbone of WordPress. PHP becomes faster just like WordPress. 

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting 

Keeping WordPress and its plugins up to date can be a struggle when using a shared server. The good thing is that automatic updates are enabled for the WordPress platform and its plugins when you host your site on Liquid Web. Therefore, your website will stay secure all the time and you can focus on other important elements like driving traffic and creating great content

Optimized Site Speed for WordPress Websites 

The current marketplace is highly competitive and you cannot survive without a highly competitive website. Fast load pages will result in better browsing experiences. Therefore, you will have more conversions and success in the online business. Liquid Web optimizes all the servers that host managed WordPress sites with technologies like Mod PageSpeed and Memcached to ensure a fast site performance. 

Liquid Web also offers a server-side content delivery network (CDN) that is designed to decrease load times and booster speed. Additionally, the company uses fast performance SSDs solid-state drives on all its servers. Liquid Web offers free website transfers for WordPress websites

  • WP CLI Enabled 

All the managed WordPress hosting plans for Liquid Press and WP CLU enabled. It is a command tool that allows you to install multiple WordPress websites, manage plug-ins, and do a lot more without utilizing the graphical browser interface. 

The liquid host will make sure that it installs this content management system for the user. After you select your preferred hosting plan, you can begin to customize your website with hundreds of plugins that are in the Fantastico Library. The WordPress backend, by default, has so many themes that you can use in customizing the look and design of your website. 

  • Website Security 

Liquid Web is a platform that will not disappoint you with regard to the security of your website. The platform tries to address almost all the threats that can compromise the safety and privacy of data that is stored on your servers. 

The data locations are kept under very strict 24/7/365 security. Only the authorized technical staff at Liquid Web can access the server control rooms. The company also deploys on-site security guards and their facilities are under surveillance all the time to mitigate server theft and break-ins. 

  • Firewall Protection 

If you have a concern about hackers, Liquid Web has you covered. The brand activates a CSF firewall by default on all their serves. SSL site encryption standard feature is the added benefit of the managed WordPress hosting plans. 

  • Nightly Backups 

With an encrypted website, you will offer a secure checkout that will not leak the credit card numbers of your customer. Liquid Web does schedule free automatic nightly website backups as well. This will help you to recover your site if there are any incidences that entail the loss of data.

Ease of Use (4.4/5)

Whether you are setting up a custom cloud server with VPN and SSDs and want to add load balancers and block storage, you will want to have a hands-free WordPress hosting experience with the cPanel control. One thing you will love about Liquid Web is that it makes it easy to start off. The user interface is very easy to use even if you are new on Liquid Web. It will take you a short period to visualize what the host has to offer for the user. 

Performance (4.6/5)

Liquid Web uses solid-state drives in all its servers allowing it not to compromise on the performance of your website. The cost of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) is higher than that of ordinary hard disks. SSDs are renowned to serve data at a faster speed and are more reliable. Small business owners should think about using web hosts that utilize SSDs for storage. 

The critical determining factors of the performance of a website is the uptime guarantee and speed tests. After testing several parameters, I can assure you that the performance of Liquid Web is exemplary. Websites that are hosted in Liquid Web are faster than 91% of all the other sites. 

One of the tools that are often used for these tests is Pingdom. The other great hosting tool that we used to carry out these tests is the Load Impact. The server of Liquid Web performs consistently throughout even during the times of peak traffic.  

Liquid Web also offers a great server response time for the websites. The platform scores highly in various geographical locations. However, it is good to note that the actual response time can vary depending on the content that is on your website. A company that has many images will obviously take a long time to load. If you ignore the content page, the response time of Liquid Web is superb.

Liquid Web uses four-tier, 1 bandwidth providers, to guarantee fast connections and minimal latency. Power outages are not likely to take out the servers because Liquid Web utilizes UPS systems and the company also has standby emergency generators. Servers also continue to perform at the peak levels because they are kept in a humidity and temperature-controlled rooms.

The other performance indicators for Liquid Web include backup and security. As a reliable host, Liquid Web will make sure that the data that is stored on your website is safe and secure. Cases of data loses are unheard of from people who host their website on Liquid Web. Therefore, you will have peace of mind as you choose this top web hosting service. 

You will really love the optimized WooCommerce and WordPress features of Liquid Web. It has server stacks that are specifically designed for WordPress speed. The infrastructure of Liquid Web reduces increases the capacity by over 75% and reduces the query loads by 95%

The company partners with Jilt, which is a leader in the abandoned cart technology, which allows you to take immediate action and help in capturing the lost revenue. Liquid Web makes eCommerce easy with top tier support, fast theme, a page builder, and free migrations. This level of performance makes Liquid Web to be one of the best web hosting services in the market.

Support (4.5/5)

The level of support is critical whenever you are shopping for the best web hosting services. Liquid Web has designated teams to help Linux and Windows users. It has more than 250 technicians that hold Red Hat Linux, Windows and Cisco certifications. 

You can send an email, live chat, or call for assistance at any time. You will be connected with a knowledgeable assistant instantly. The company passes its support team through a thorough mentoring and training process. 

For phone call requests, you can be guaranteed of a response within 59 seconds. Liquid Web has five privately owned data centres in the United States and Europe.  The brand offers supreme disaster recovery and geo-redundancy support together with some of the fastest response times within the industry. 

You stand to benefit a lot from the experience and state-of-the-art technology. It is for this reason that the company boasts of having high uptime rates. The company also guarantees 100% power and network uptime with account credits for all the unplanned outages. The screaming-fast hardware and Heroic Support agents keep your website fast and live and keep your mind at ease. 

Liquid Support

The company has 24/7/365 Heroic Support that is available through Email, Chat, and Phone. The company is renowned for offering superior customer support. For phone calls, you will get a response within less than one minute. If you contact Liquid Web through the email, you will get a response in less than 30 minutes. 

The company also has an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of helpful tutorials that only enhance your experience with Liquid Web hosting. This can help you with the problems that you can fix on your own without necessarily contacting the support team. The online support centre of Liquid Web has a comprehensive knowledgebase. It is easy to navigate through this knowledge base and has a search box for easily and quickly finding troubleshooting materials on specific topics. 

The helpful resources range from the ‘how-to’ articles to the FAQs, to the ‘getting started guides’ and tutorials. All these resources will make the learning process easy. With these resources, it will be easy to learn more about hosting solutions on how to solve common web hosting issues. 

Liquid Web hosting makes every effort to stand out from the crowd through the ‘Heroic Support.’ Both individuals and paying customers who want to set up a hosting account will find Liquid Web customers to be highly useful. The company promises to offer excellent support from a group of over 100 Red Hat Certified experts. It means that no unskilled and inexperienced agents will be attending to the customers.  

You will not pay more to access the company’s Heroic Support because most of the managed hosting plans from WordPress are fully managed VPS servers apart from the Enterprise plan. You can be sure of getting fast response times when you really need the assistance. The wait times of only 59 seconds for live chat and phone support and 30 minutes for desk tickets.

Pricing (4.4/5)

Liquid Web is a more expensive solution in comparison to the other traditional web hosting services. However, if your business needs managed web hosting, you will find it worth meeting the extra cost. There are several web hosting plans that Liquid Web offers to their customers. 

It is good to note that Liquid Web hosting is not for anyone who wants cheap, run-of-the-mill shared server plans or basic website builder. This company offers premium hosting solutions that feature blazing-fast servers (dedicated, virtual, cloud) with over-the-top support. Liquid Web also has a slew of developers at hand who actively build and maintain add-ons and in-house solutions to offer to customers. The pricing is competitive and you will get what you pay for under all the plans. 

Pricing Details

Liquid WordPress Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Bandwidth Website Price View Details
Spark 15 GB 2 TB 1 Website $19/mo Click here
Maker 40 GB 3 TB Up to 5 Sites $79/mo Click here
Builder 100 GB 5 TB Up to 25 Sites $149/mo Click here
Producer 300 GB 5 TB Up to 50 Sites $299/mo Click here
Executive 500 GB 10 TB Up to 100 Sites $549/mo Click here
Enterprise 800 GB 10 TB Up to 250 Sites $999/mo Click here
Liquid VPS Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Bandwidth CPU Price View Details
2 GB RAM 40 GB SSD 10 TB 2 vCPU $59/mo Click here
4 GB RAM 100 GB SSD 10 TB 4 vCPU $99/mo Click here
8 GB RAM 150 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU $139/mo Click here
16 GB RAM 200 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU $189/mo Click here
Liquid Cloud Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage RAM Cores Price View Details
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 220GB SSD RAID 1 7.7GB RAM 4 cores $169/mo Click here
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 452GB SSD RAID 1 15.0GB RAM 4 cores $179/mo Click here
Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 917GB SSD RAID 10 32GB RAM 12 cores $249/mo Click here
Intel Xeon Processors Up To 28 Cores SSD & SATA Storage Up to 128 GB RAM 28 cores Find Yours Click here
Liquid Dedicated Hosting
Hosting Plan RAM Cores Bandwidth Price View Details
Intel Xeon 1230 32 GB 4 cores 5 TB $199/mo Click here
Intel Xeon Silver 4108 64 GB 8 cores 8 TB $299/mo Click here
Intel Xeon Gold 6130 64 GB 16 cores 8 TB $499/mo Click here


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Bottom line

Liquid Web is among the best-managed web hosting services in the market. The company provides the high-performance hosting infrastructure that is optimized for popular apps including WooCommerce and WordPress. They synch your files between two servers while still keeping an identical copy of your project on every redundant server to guarantee high availability.

In case Liquid Web fails to meet the 100% uptime guarantee, the company will credit you 10 times the amount of time that you were down. This managed web hosting solution delivers 100% power and network uptime for your eCommerce store and WordPress. It is among the best web hosting services regardless of your individual needs. 

The liquid host has a multi-tiered network, redundantly built, and has four data centres in the United States and one more location in Amsterdam. The company takes advantage of modern technologies on the market and owns its hardware by itself. It gives Liquid Web a high control over the options that it offers to its customers. 

The company has three major tracks for the managed hosting without including WooCommerce and WordPress solutions. You will pay slightly higher for the managed hosting but you get priceless peace of mind in exchange. 

When Liquid Web takes over the management of your infrastructure, you will have the time to focus on what really matters to you. This can include your customers and/or content. Clients can install popular eCommerce tools and blogging software through the easy to use and ever-popular cPanel. As a user, you will get secure access with SSH, unlimited email accounts, and fast page loads courtesy of SSD storage. 

In case questions come up or disasters strike, you will never be alone. You may find yourself in touch with the highly trained technicians within minutes. These are people who are highly equipped to take you through the hosting dilemma. Liquid Web has the best policy for effort support that try to help you as much as possible. The company will help you even if the problem requires working outside the traditional services. Liquid Web is a real deal in web hosting and has a high-powered team and hardware that you can count on.

Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah has been there in the blogging industry for over a decade. He has always believed that blogging holds the most potential in the digital marketing industry. With years of research, he has created some of his best blogging practices, which have helped him establish himself in the industry as a Blogging Engineer. Now he is on a mission to help others and spread the concept of Blogging Engineer.