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By Mashum Mollah

After a thorough review, I can confidently say that InMotion is an excellent web hosting service, especially for small businesses. The platform balances the element of reliability and affordability quite well. It has tons of features that will give you the real value for your money. Experience tells me that the uptime speed of InMotion is among the best in the industry at 99.99

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  • Web Hosting $3.99 - $13.99
  • VPS Hosting $22.99 - $54.99
  • Dedicated Hosting $115.9 - $248.9
  • WordPress Hosting $4.99 - $10.99
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InMotion is an independent web hosting service. The company also provides complimentary website products like email services, web design, website builders, and domain names. The web hosting services that InMotion offers range from dedicated to VPS to shared hosting

You will also get custom products Reseller hosting and WordPress at InMotion. The biggest web hosting services in the world are, Endurance, and GoDaddy. Even though InMotion is not among them, it has the right resources to serve organizations, businesses, and long-term projects. 

The web hosting industry has inherent tradeoffs between convenience, control, usability, performance, support, and costs. The focus of InMotion is to provide a balance for organizations, businesses, and DIYers

If you are planning to host your website on InMotion, this article will be of great help to you. To begin with, we will look at the features of this web hosting service. This will help you to discover whether it is a perfect fit for your website hosting needs or not.

Features (4.5/5)

1. Superb Uptime

If you are new to this term, uptime is the proportion of time that your website will remain online. Even the giants in the market will not have an uptime of 100%. There will come a time when the server will be down. 

InMotion has a superb uptime of 99.95%. These metrics come from careful monitoring and tracking of over 24 months. Therefore, it is a service that you can rely on especially for hosting an eCommerce website. 

When a site is down, you can lose a lot of revenue. Constant, downtimes will also translate into compromised customer service. InMotion is a web hosting service that will not let you down when it comes to this element. 

2. Customer Support

From our reviews, InMotion scores 10/10 when it comes to the element of customer support. The customer service of most web hosting companies is ineffective and unreliable. Some of them will even turn simple issues into multi-week debacles. 

However, InMotion will not let you when it comes to customer service. You will be pleasantly surprised by the levels of support that InMotion offers. Background checks with previous customers reveal positive results. 

The general efficacy and product knowledge of the staff is incredible. After submitting your support ticket, you can be connected to live support represented within two minutes. The agents will professionally and quickly answer your questions. 

The overall experience is delightfully and surprisingly pleasant. However, account activation is not instant for those who are using InMotion outside the US. You will learn more about the level of customer support in the support section of this article. 

3. 90-Days Money-Back Guarantee

The standard money-back guarantee practice falls around the 30-day mark. InMotion has a lot of confidence in its service and provides 90 days reseller, VPS, and business hosting plans. However, the platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the shared hosting options

4. Integration and Apps Including WordPress 

InMotion is also on the leading end when it comes to supporting the open-source projects. It is backed with a portfolio of more than 310 applications. 

You will get everything from the popular content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress to eCommerce systems or Shopping carts like Magento and Prestashop. InMotion scores highly on this element in comparison to the other web hosting services. 

5. Premium Sucuri Plugin for the WordPress Users 

The WordPress hosting for InMotion has the Sucuri Security plugin which scans your website regularly for security risks and exploits. You get this in addition to the ongoing anti-virus protection, anti-spam, and remote backups. 

6. Free Website Transfer 

Like the other website hosting services, InMotion will also transfer your website from free from the current host. However, the website does not promise you a zero downtime during the process of migration. 

7. Excellent eCommerce Support 

InMotion is among few web hosting services that have active partnerships between Prestashop and other leading eCommerce sites including SiteGround. It enhances your eCommerce experience by offering easy integrations with various payment processors. You will be able to side-step the otherwise huge pain in your neck. 

8. Free Data Backups

Most of the web hosting services charge users for the backups. In some cases, their terms of service clauses are ridiculous making the backup service meaningless to the clients.    

InMotion is quite different when you compare it with the other web hosting services. The platform regularly creates account backups up to 10GB. You will also get an easy to use tool for manually backing up your website. 

9. Google Apps Integration 

InMotion provides a critical little 3-step wizard to connect with Google Apps.  Some web hosting services like GoDaddy will force you to pay for the subpar email customers. 

As you set up Google integration for using your new domain with Drive, Google Docs, email among others is not exactly brain surgery. The process can be frustrating if you have never edited the MX records before. 

10. Super Secure Smartwall TDS (Threat Defense System)

The new Equifax security breaches demonstrate how to present and clear cyber terrorism really is. With an increase in DoS, brute force, and DDoS attacks, it is crucial for all web site owners to clearly understand the security protocols that their web hosting services utilize.  

InMotion does all that it can to guarantee the security of the private information of the user. It partners with Corero Network Security to offer a unique security measure that is referred to as TDS or Smartwall Threat Defense System.

Corero TDS is part of the DDoS protection appliances that mitigate, detect, and eliminate DDoS attacks on a real-time basis. Corero TDS boasts of having an impressive array of technical specs to deliver a lot to their clients. 

The Threat Defense system that InMotion and their partner Corero Network Security employ is among the most impressive that exists. With InMotion, you can sleep deeply at night being sure that your site has maximum protection from even the most aggressive DDoS attacks and brute force.

11. Choose the Location of Your Data Center

The data centre of in Motion is both at the West and East Coast of the United States. You are free to choose the closes data centre to your target audience. The site will load faster if the users are close to those locations. 

12. SSD Drive Storage

All the InMotion hosting servers utilize SSD drives and not the old spinning hard drives. The performance of SSD drives is faster than the old drives and hence your website will load faster. Most of the web hosting services do not offer SSD storage while the others charge extra for it. 

13. Free SSL Certificate

You need an SSL to be able to create an eCommerce website and it is part of all the InMotion hosting plans. In most cases, other hosts charge $30 to $60 every year for the SSL certificates. It is good to note that InMotion hosting provides all this for free. It is a feature that makes InMotion one of the best web hosting services globally. 

Ease of Use (4.3/5)

Hosting companies have a fine line to walk through in creating a backend that is not daunting for first-time users. However, it should still offer the desired flexibility to users if they wish to tweaks a few things. 

The best solution is using the control panel as a soft acidulous and backend with a single click install. You may need a pretty basic and open-source solution that has several tutorials. 

InMotion made a recent change that sees it do things differently. The company puts access to the cPanel to your account management dashboard directly. Therefore, the login to your cPanel and domains/billing will not be separate. 

You will have a single login on where you click over for the cPanel. InMotion also runs the most recent cPanel versions that are more accessible and cleaner. It also has free integrated Comodo SSLs which is a brand name for SSL. 

Inmotion cPanel

The other feature for the single Account Management Panel is having several inhouse upgrade options. Your website may become big enough and you require developer-oriented solutions such as a Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, or Managed Hosting. All these options are available on InMotion inhouse and hence you can upgrade fairly seamlessly.

Performance (4.5/5)

The primary job of a web hosting company is storing your website files on a server securely. The company should serve up the files quickly to all your visitors when they request for them. 

There are several ways of measuring the performance of hosting. Going deep into the server specs and jargons may not be useful if you just want to put up a website or own a small business. several variables determine the speed of your website. 

One of the quick metrics to look for in a hosting company is the TTFB or Time to First Byte. It measures how long the server takes to respond after receiving a request from the visitor. Anything else that takes place afterwards looks at the configuration of your website. 

InMotion trends above average and this is what most hosts want. If the TTFB speeds of your host are above average, you can comfortably work with the other website speed factors. 

The speed of InMotion is faster than most of the shared hosts that available in the market. One of the reasons could be that it uses SSD for all its servers. The spinning-tape hard drives are just a bonus for the business/shared hosting companies. 

From the sales material of InMotion, it does not overbook its shared servers like the other shared hosting companies do. We have hosting companies that fill their servers with a hosting capacity of more than 100%. 

You can easily do this hoping that none of them will have a spike in traffic at the same time. However, this will compromise on the performance of the website and you cannot leave anything to chances. InMotion does not do this and hence shared servers with a little caching can still handle traffic spikes where necessary. 

When it comes to reliability, InMotion has a track record of hitting the uptime guarantee of 99.9%. You will get a report on the server status and real-time network at 

InMotion competes favourably with leading companies like HostGator and GoDaddy when it comes to performance. In fact, it has fewer outrages in comparison to some of the giant brands. Therefore, you will experience excellent customer service when using InMotion. 

You have to prioritize backups and redundancies regardless of the host that you are using. It is impossible to attain an uptime of 100%. With InMotion, the downtime will be less than three hours every year. 

This web hosting service also scores high when it comes to server speed. It has two data centres that are based in the United State. They are located on either coast that host thousands of servers. 

Even though the server speeds of InMotion are pretty great globally, the response time in the United States is quicker. The reason is that the servers are located in this particular region.

However, in Australia and Asia, the server speeds of InMotion fall below the benchmark of Google. In case you come from this region, you can search for another service provider.

Inmotion Uptime

Support (4.8/5)

InMotion puts customer support at the centre and in front of its marketing efforts. The company boasts of US-based support through the email, chat, ticket system, and phone. 

When running a website, customer support is something you can easily skimp on upfront and overlook. However, you will need support at some point and you can’t do without it. Judging customer support is hard because you may either have an isolated incident or it could be an indication of the company’s culture. 

The best company will view customer service as an investment and not a cost. InMotion has an outstanding customer service especially when it comes to VPS. Since VPS has more technical issues than when you run a shared server, InMotion will serve you perfectly. 

InMotion invests adequately in simple, usable, and thorough content and tools. There is also multiple support channel access to help you solve any problems depending on your expertise and situation. These are part of the strengths that makes InMotion to stand our when it comes to supporting. 

The knowledge base of InMotion and its comment section has tons of resources. Nearly all hosting companies have a knowledge base. The articles should kick off conversations to allow users to post ant related problems to that thread. 

InMotion customer representatives usually respond in that thread. This makes it easy for the process of self-directed troubleshooting. InMotion has a long list of in-depth and unique guides within the customer base. 

The platform ranks in Google for a broad range of support quarries from the general internet users. The top-performing organic pages of InMotion all rank highly as support pages. It goes without saying that InMotion invests a lot of money in the creation of helpful content. 

InMotion also has a broad range of support channels which are highly responsive. They have a chat, Skype, phone number and support centre throughout the site. For some companies, you have no choice but to call because they take too long to respond to your email. 

In other companies, the chat may be down and all you have to do is email. In the case of InMotion, all the channels function well and serve various purposes. You can even send an email support ticket and your problem will be resolved very fast. The company also returns customer calls very fast. 

The customer representatives also know what they are talking about. These are people who are not just following a certain troubleshooting script. The experts will get to the root course of the problem.

The technical team is very adept when it comes to handling potentially tricky situations.  The last thing that InMotion is good at is the process of ‘onboarding.’ This refers to the process that the new users go through to be up and running. 

The company has a useful email sequence and customize the support articles depending on what you want to do with your account. The onboarding process solves so many would-be support problems proactively. 

InMotion serves a broad range of clients, the process can be unhelpful and highly generic. The company pays more attention to directing customers to the right representatives and information. 

The first thing to look at when searching for the best web hosting services is the uptime that the company provides. It is a key consideration because no one wants a website that will be going offline. InMotion hosts a support centre forum which covers the basics and a section for the FAQs at the top right. 

All these articles are written by the company and not the crowd-sources solutions that forum members create. We have web hosting service providers that leave support to their community members. InMotion hosting produces extensive documentation by themselves. 

However, there is a regular forum where customers can ask other InMotion users for help. You will get solutions from other people who have faced similar challenges. 

In addition to the basic level of DIY. InMotion also provides support tickets, email, phone, Skype chats, and live chat support. The staff at InMotion go through 160-hour training before they are deployed to serve customers. 

Submitting a ticket through AMP

No other web hosting company takes the employees through such thorough training and their quality shines throughout. The company provides one-to-one support for its dedicated hosting clients. The employees will help you with getting the staff online. The team is also on-hand to answer all the questions that you may have.

Pricing (4.6/5)

Power and Launch start from low fees per month: This offer is specially set for users who commit themselves to the two-year plan. Therefore, you can look at the offer as a loyalty discount. 

Power Retails at competitive rates: This rate is for the 12-month signups and it increases slightly after that. The plan is a representation of the best value for your money. Therefore, you can host an unlimited number of websites with 4 times faster performance.

In Motion Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee:  In case the services are not satisfactory, you will get a full refund before the expiry of the three months mark. 

WordPress Hosting: This package offers exemplary performance for the WordPress websites. It comes with six tiers that are priced competitively. For the first three tiers, you will need a two-year commitment to benefit from the lower prices. However, for the more expensive plans, you just need to commit for one year. 

VPS Hosting: The package starts from a reasonable monthly fee for both the self-managed and managed services. The unmanaged versions start from lower rates while the managed ones start from a fee that is slightly higher. 

The managed VPS hosting is for the daily folks while the cloud VPS is designed for the web developers. To get better prices from the self-managed hosting, you need to commit yourself for two years. However, the managed options just need a commitment for one year. Every type pf VPS hosting comes with three pricing tiers. You choose according to your budget and needs.

Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated hosting varies across the six plans. The three low-prices plans have a promotion to the double Random-Access Memory. The lowest allows users to choose the InMotion data centre to base their servers on. If pricing is a major consideration for you, you can go for cheaper deals elsewhere. The pricing of InMotion is highly competitive in comparison to what the other service providers offer. 

InMotion Web Hosting
Hosting Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Website Price View Details
LAUNCH Unlimited Unlimited 2 Website $3.99/mo Click here
POWER Unlimited Unlimited 6 Website $5.99/mo Click here
PRO Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $13.99/mo Click here
InMotion VPS Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Bandwidth RAM Price View Details
VPS-1000HA-S 75GB 4TB 4GB $22.99/mo Click here
VPS-2000HA-S 150GB 5TB 6GB $34.99/mo Click here
VPS-3000HA-S 260GB 6TB 8GB $54.99/mo Click here
InMotion Dedicated Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Cores RAM Price View Details
Essential 500GB SSD or 1TB 7.2K HDD 3.50GHz 8GB DDR3 $115.69/mo Click here
Advanced 500GB SSD or 2TB 7.2K HDD 4.2GHz  16GB DDR4 $176.59/mo Click here
Elite 2x500GB SSD or 2x2TB 7.2K HDD 4.2GHz  32GB DDR4 $248.99/mo Click here
InMotion WordPress Hosting
Hosting Plan Storage Website Monthly visitor Suitable Price View Details
WP-1000S 40GB SSD 1 Website 20,000 monthly Visitor $4.99/mo Click here
WP-2000S 80GB SSD 2 Website 50,000 monthly Visitor $7.99/mo Click here
WP-3000S 120GB SSD 3 Website 120,000 monthly Visitor $10.99mo Click here

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I think Inmotion is a popular US-based Hosting Provider.
May 21, 2020
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Very helpful Content.
June 3, 2020
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Bottom line

InMotion is one of the best web hosting services in the world. It offers more freebies at the basic level than any other hosting company. However, it does not have an ultra-cheap tier for beginners.

If you are willing to pay a little bit more, you will surely get the value for your money. It has a highly trained support staff to help you out. The platform has so many features than you can ever imagine.

It is a good option for small businesses that are looking for the best web hosting services. It has an easy to use cPanel and unlimited bandwidth and disk space that you cannot overlook. It is a high performing and reliable alternative in the global market. If you can look past the pricing, InMotion falls in the same price bracket as Bluehost and HostGator.

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