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By Mashum Mollah

“Akamai is an organization that is striving hard to make the internet secure, reliable, and fast. It currently has around two million-plus servers in more than 120 plus locations just miles away from the end-users. It works relentlessly to ensure they are making the internet experience better by focusing on internet security. It makes the web performance more reliable and secure, helps customers achieve a global internet footprint through distributed architecture, and achieve origin offload.”

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akamai reviews

Akamai is one of the leading cloud service providers that mainly helps enterprises providing secure and high-performing user experiences on any device and anywhere.  The Akamai intelligent platform mainly operates globally and locally, providing visibility, security, and unmatched reliability to online businesses.

Akamai renders its services from over 100,000 servers in greater than 1,000 networks from ninety countries.  Akamai delivers its full and best services to most of the best world-known companies such as Yahoo, Adobe, Apple, Myspace, and Nintendo. It serves over 4,000 customers.  Here is an in-depth review of this project. 

What is Akamai?

Akamai is a service provider that offers a content delivery network for software and media delivery. It mainly aims at helping to keep decisions, experiences, and apps closer to users.  More so, it tends to keep threats and attacks away. Akamai technologies are one of the world’s most extensive computing programs responsible for serving about 15-30% of web traffic.

According to the Akamai reviews, this is one of the best companies to consider working with.  It ensures web and internet security services are highly attained and contain high perks and growth exponential.  The company offers an individual the best opportunity of learning new technologies while enhancing work-life balance.

Its intelligent internet platform is the best choice for most online businesses, regardless of their sizes. It has the best infrastructure that simplifies businesses through outsourced complexities and infrastructure. The good thing with the service is that it ensures consistent performance that entails reliability, speed, and quality.

Akamai is one of the world’s largest companies that deliver and secure digital experiences.  Its intelligent edge platform surrounds everything from the customers, businesses, enterprises to the cloud. The platform makes sure they are providing visibility, security, and unmatched reliability to online businesses. 

There are a lot of top brands that highly depend on Akamai to help them in realizing the competitive advantage through agile solutions. Akamai is one of the best platforms that can help keep experiences, apps, and decision’s closer to users compared to the other platforms. It helps also keeping the threats and attacks away from businesses.

Features (4.8/5)

On any given day, Akamai alone tends to handle around 15-30% internet traffic. This highlights its internet dominance and presence.  It mainly helps organizations accelerate innovation in the most hyper-connected world.  It removes the complexities of technologies so that organizations can fully pay focus on the best ways they can drive their business forward fast.

With its presence, a business can capitalize on the market opportunities that exist on cloud and mobile trends.  They also help overcome the challenges that could be present due to security threats and the need to reach users globally.

There exist several features that make Akamai more reliable, fast and efficient in their service.  Below is just an overview of some of the key features;

1. Higher speeds

The world has become fast-paced, where consumers are looking to get instant gratification.  And when you have the sites that are taking too long to load, this could mean there will be many customers drawing out.   However, with the best CDN, then such latency can be reduced.  There can be faster download and optimal distribution of content.

Therefore, with intelligent software like the Akamai Intelligence platform, then cloud services can be accelerated. This could help reduce problems such as malicious attacks, inefficient protocols, congestion, and unreliable networks. With the patented algorithms, optimal servers can be optimized with shape content to enhance efficient delivery and route traffic along faster paths.

2. Better Security

With the best CDN, which can meet the procedural security requirements, data, software, and stringent network, this could help eliminate the costly hardware.  The ability to combat against potential risks can help ensure that your pages run smoothly and are effective.

Akamai offers the best cloud security solutions built with intelligence gathered from delivering the world’s web interactions daily.  With the best security experts, the platform can analyze millions of users with a unique IP address. The company’s distributed architecture has helped in filtering and absorbing malicious requests close to the attack sources.

3. Flexible Scaling

Akamai helps in ensuring the stability of the website through the minimization of risks of traffic spikes. This helps in the relieving of pressure on your servers, thus removing the possible risks of downtime.  With this in place, then this can help provide better performance through the replication and caching of content over surrogate servers.

With our intelligent platform’s capacity and scale, then our cloud services can keep up with the pace in the increasing volume of web traffic, complexity of interactions, the proliferation of devices, and the growth of cyber threats.  With our key technology for the content delivery networks, we have delivered video streaming for most of the world’s largest live events. More so, we have been able to serve peak traffic conditions during heavy shopping times.

4. Better user experience

From making key reductions in the take, the pages take loading to ensure the content is delivered anytime and on any device. This can improve user experience and performance.  Akamai makes it possible for the users to connect irrespective of their connection to the end-users and help bring down the checkout times, which lowers customers’ risks. It makes sure that the end-users do not leave the page, thus providing an enhanced experience.

As per the Akamai reviews, there is no shortage of services or programs offered. Akamai can genuinely deliver a customizable experience for everyone, business and individuals alike. For e-commerce sites, the kind of services that this platform is non-comparable.  They deliver the best deals that cannot be compared to any other vendor.

5. Akamai CLI

The Akamai CLI plays an integral role in giving the developers a new way they can interact with their Akamai cloud delivery configurations. This is one of the best toolkits that is used for working along the Akamai command line. This feature helps in the delivery of extensible and unified developer experience for all the users of Akamai.

This feature helps model the command line experience. In that, it plays an essential role in getting your work done much more straightforward, faster and eager.

6. Content Control Interfaces

Akamai’s Content Control is mainly used in refreshing the served content. It allows the customers to control over the refreshing and removing the objects that are cached in the edge network. It is an important feature that does this by taking advantage of the fact that when serving content through the edge network.  One of the key benefits is the ability of cache content at the edge of the internet which is near the end-user

Typically, the method that one can use in refreshing or replacing content is through setting TTL in the cache objects. But with the content control, then it is possible to set this with the maze-age type response leaders or through the configuration file.

7. Static content distribution

This is where one can be able to set up their website on their servers.  There is usually some directory where the static assets reside, like the images, JavaScript files, and CSS stylesheets.  In the case you have customers from the other side of the world that needs to see your website, it can be easy for them to get all the content from your servers. This is, however, slow. Similarly, when you have five million people who need viewing your site in a three-second timespan, this can be hard, and your availability will suffer.

But with the help of the Akamai, then things can be well. All that you need to do is contacting Akamai’s sales rep to help. Here, you can easily log on to their control console and set up the best configuration that could help tell your location static assets.  You get to know the hostname where the assets can be made available. With them, it could be easy for the end-users accessing your site, getting images, and even the stylesheets from the closet Akamai server.

8. Dynamic site acceleration

One thing that you need to know is that the internet is a big mess.  The mess of broken components and hacks still works. However, there are some selected right paths here and there which the public internet cannot access. Yet, with good content network distributions, this can be found.

With Akamai, you can be able to create a fake dummy hostname for your site.  Therefore, the users try accessing your place to go to the nearby Akamai server to go to your server over good, stable, and fast paths. Thus, the contents can be ground most reliably and efficiently to make the users enjoy high speed and reliability.

Therefore, Akamai can be the best content delivery platform that companies can opt for using. However, when you opt for this platform, you must be prepared to pay for it. I return all that you will expect is a great customer experience and performance.

9. CP Codes and Reporting Groups Tool

A content provider code, one of the key features that are present at Akamai, is unique. It helps the identification of monitoring traffic, billing and reporting that is served over the Akamai network.  With these, reporting groups are used in bundling the CP codes along with the billing purposes.  These reporting groups and tools give you the chance of deleting, viewing, creating, editing or reporting groups.

10. Fast Purge

This is one of the main feature s OF Akamai. Akamai’s fast purge web interface on the control centre gives you the opportunity of refreshing specific cached objects or removing all the objects from the edge network within a few seconds. It offers the users with the ability to filter objects through the URLs, Cache tags and the Content provider codes.   You can be able to automate your content purge request through the content control utility API.

11. Log Delivery

Akamai’s infrastructure will constantly gather log entries from the edge servers that are located globally.  Therefore, the log delivery service feature helps in creating a copy of these logs, separating other customer logs from yours and delivering your logs basing on schedules that you define.

12. Alerts

Alerts help in the analysing of both historical audience metrics and projecting the expected outcome.  With the use of intelligent algorithms, this service helps compare the project traffic with the actual traffic in real-time. It mainly entails the static alerts on the thresholds that are set.

It triggers the adaptive web alerts where the current audience metrics go above or below the traffic that was projected.   It does this mainly through taking into account the accurate traffic patterns that are modelled based on the historical data rather than the static threshold.

13. Billing Centre

The Billing Centre elasticities you with the right access to your website’s monthly usage over the Akamai network. With the Billing Centre, you can be able to develop your visualizations with the use of JSON data. There exists a wide range of data, including the number of hits, transmission speed and megabytes served. Therefore, if you need developing your tools that can help to track invoice files and keeping others updated of your status, you can consider using the Invoicing API.

14. Identity and Access Management

The identity and management feature OF Akamai gives on the opportunity of managing and accessing their applications and resources.   The good thing is that you can be able to access al, these at ease and with a lot of flexibility. More so, with this key feature, one can be able to maintain their user accounts, manage groups and ensure enhanced group access. Additionally, these can help in the accomplishment of other key tasks like the administrative works.

15. Cloud services

Many enterprises are seeking to take advantage of all the things that cloud services offer. Worry less as with Akamai technologies Boston. You can get suite solutions that enhance, protect, and simplify website performance, media delivery, web applications, and other cloud-based technologies.

Akamai has the best solutions built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world’s largest cloud-based platform.  It securely distributes and accelerates web content, online video, and enterprise application. With its ability to process more than a trillion internet transactions, this platform tends to provide businesses with significant advantages in the security of cloud services, reliability, costs, and performance.

Akamai is thus a global leader when it comes to offering the best solutions that could help to make the internet and cloud services secure, reliable, and fast.  Our key technologies are playing a significant role in transforming how businesses can optimize their consumers, enterprises, and entertainment experiences anywhere the world via any device. 

16. Business Model 

Akamai’s business model stands out from the rest. Its core business of content delivery is caching customer data and minimizing latency from some of its competitors like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. However, the company has been able to stand out from this adverse competition due to its technical strength and reach.

Its network enables it to become a key player when it comes to the growing edge computing market. Keeping in mind the increase in the security risks and building upon its network’s reliability emanating at the edge, one of the critical natural value add for Akamai’s product portfolio has been security.

With the best distribution in over 130 countries, Akamai can access the flow of traffic across the internet. This has helped in the gaining of invaluable insights that is mainly used in building security businesses.

There is still much business that is struggling with the barriers of security, complexity, and reliability. With the rapid technologies that are evolving, there are a lot of technical challenges that exist. When it comes to the web experience, the user expectations are high despite even popular technologies like CDN and video streaming, making it hard.

Ease of Use (4.4/5)

Akamai, the intelligent edge platform that is used in delivering and securing experiences, unveiled the Edge cloud. This is one solution that is used to leverage the power of the Akamai edge platform to streamlining and ensuring the data delivery to devices and in-application messaging scales. This edge cloud that is intended to serve business needs, has made the use of this platform much more comfortable and more superficial. 

With their key advancements that are trying to scale, simplify, and secure the way IoT and application data, it is easier to deliver at the endpoints. Akamai is investing in extending their capabilities.  This has enabled the ability to provide massive data across the globe most simply and easily. And the good thing is that the data that is being delivered is safe and transparent from any threats.

With the IoT edge connect, this has made it easier for the developers enabling low-latency interactions with millions of processes and endpoints in real-time. The customers that are using this kind of service can now find it easier to avoid the need to maintain and develop proprietary and costly in-app messaging networks.  Also, customers can reduce the system, build out the database, and compute and also reduce the security breaches while improving manageability.

With its ability to mitigate risks at early stages and even providing security, operational simplicity, and scalability, customers can pay attention to their core businesses. They can fully enjoy the next frontier of connected applications and devices that can help make messaging much more comfortable and simpler. 

Performance (4.6/5)

akamai technologies review

One of the critical priorities of today is performance. The fact is that users expect secure, reliable, and instant access to online content from any device and location. When there is poor web performance, then this could lead to the slow loading of pages. More so, the content that is delivered could not be optimized for the mobile devices which could harm employee productivity, brand, and revenue.  More so, the inability of getting applications deployed from anywhere in the works could have a great impact on enterprise opportunities.

Akamai offers the best web performances. It offers the best solutions that can help to accelerate enterprise web applications, thus providing users with the best online experiences that are fast and reliable.

Akamai web performance solutions

Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services. It enables enterprises to deliver secure and high-performing user experiences on any device and anywhere. For those who have ever shopped through the internet, downloaded music, connected to work remotely, or watched web videos, the likeness is that they used the cloud platform of Akamai. Akamai Web Performance Solutions help to accelerate websites so enterprises can grow revenue and conduct business globally.

Akamai offers several web performance solutions for the enterprise.

The accelerator and IP application provide fast throughput for the IP-enables processes and techniques.  It is mainly designed in a manner that can help enterprises deliver the best services globally. With this system, the web performance can be enhanced since the IP applications can be distributed to users quickly, reliably, and securely without necessarily incurring the expenses of supporting or building IT infrastructure.

The Alta is also another cloud-based application content delivery network for websites that are hosted anywhere. It has features that help allow web application delivery optimizations that can be allocated close to the users, distributed globally, and to the data centers.

Web Application Accelerator is a cloud-based service that helps enterprises deliver the best web-based applications in a more secure, reliable, quick, and cost-effective way. 

Solutions for improving consumer web performance

Akamai also offers the best solutions that are geared towards improving the web performance of the consumers;

The first situational performance solution is Ion.  This is a tightly integrated suite of web delivery acceleration and optimization techniques. It applies situational organizations basing on the browser to deliver faster, location, network, and devices.  Also, its applications are based on the more highly available website experiences that can scale to meet the peak capacity demands.

Moreover, the Edge DNS consistently and quickly directs end users to enterprise websites. It offers the best DNS security features that are used in defending against the large distributor denial of service attacks that could be confronting today’s enterprises.

There is also the Dynamic Site Accelerator that provides network optimizations for, ironic vigorously generated content. It can help in the delivery of globally consistent performance that is up to five times faster than the original web infrastructure. 

Lastly, is Global Traffic Management provides global load balancing across multiple cloud environments and data centers? It helps ensure high availability and responsiveness to user requests thus improving their overall performance.

Support (4.5/5)

The Akamai technical support is one of the most vital parts of the Akamai experience, and it has the best team of professionals that are well trained, skilled, and trained to support your online businesses to run smoothly.  Akamai delivers the best-advanced services aligned with advisory expertise.

Akamai mainly supports its clients to ensure they are getting the best services that can help to minimize their business risks.  With their services running 24/7 all day, they can help one close the visibility gaps, discover the present opportunities for optimization, and uncovering problems.

With the named Akamai solution experts, one can be able to gain high value, context-based, and aligned professional services. Akamai has the best team of experts that are readily available to help you leverage all the features and functionality of Akamai solutions. The company makes sure that they help to keep your configuration tuned for you to get the peak performance.

Akamai also offers its clients technical support. The platform helps one to gain efficient and effective production support, including the request for one customer team and unlimited support. Our Aligned Technical Support Engineer will work together with an engineer who can help provide context-based production support, to mitigate, solve, and help to prevent technical support issues.

Lastly, at Akamai University, people take advantage of the training programs that are designed to help users and admins learning about the industry’s best practices and maximizing their returns. Akamai supports all clients to ensure they are getting the best web performance and receiving other Akamai services diligently most effectively and efficiently.

The unmatched customer services highly support its portfolio edge security, enterprise access, video delivery solutions, and web and mobile performance. The company has the best support that is readily available on a 24/7 basis that ensures monitoring. Why not try to experience the power of the Akamai intelligent platform for yourself by giving it a try. 

Pricing (4.9/5)

Akamai does not publish their pricing information on their website. Each contract is custom priced based on features, the amount of bandwidth you need, and more. However, there is an easier way of accessing the Akamai CDN with transparent, simple, and affordable pricing. Consider looking at Akamai’s glass door. Here one can be able to find the information in regards to wages, tips, bonuses, salaries, and hourly pay basing on the employee estimates and reports.

Free trial

However, much like Akamai doesn’t have their pricing strategies on their site, the platform makes it easier for businesses around the world, delivering the most secure and best digital experiences. Whether one has an interest in faster performance, seamless media delivery, or stronger security, Akamai has the best free trials that can take your business to the next level.

Feel free to start your free trial, and see the key difference of having the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform on your side. At Akamai, the surety of maximizing your overall performance gets enhanced.

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Bottom line

In the present day, everyone needs to stay connected. People are looking for the best way of increasing their online business by providing users with fast loading pages that are secure and fast.  And one of the best platforms that can help with this is Akamai. It tends to offer the next level of intelligence through the integrated suite of content delivery.

Akamai offers optimization and acceleration services for any connection and devices anywhere.  Thus, it has helped result in a rich, engaging end-user experience that is based on the end-users unique context and situation.  The platform helps reduce complexities when it comes to delivery and helps in cutting down costs. Akamai's integrated CDN solution is exceptionally positioned to address the growing online needs and challenges of any business across industries and add value to your offerings. It is one of the best content delivery networks that you can think about in the market.

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