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"StackPath is a highly secured cloud service tool that operates easily and helps fulfill organizations' advanced requirements. It provides the right protection from the bot and DDoS attacks and helps save bandwidth. It has an obvious and simple pricing module that helps organizations select the best products".

StackPath In-Depth Reviews

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Stackpath Review

Stackpath is one of the leading platforms used to secure edge services that enables the developers to innovate, accelerate, and protect cloud properties. It ranges from media delivery, websites, and IoT services. 

Stackpath, therefore, delivers enterprise-grade security and performance-on-demand platform with cloud-scale flexibility and control. This is due to its innovative global edge network infrastructure. We have more than millions of customers, including start-ups and fortune companies, using Stackpath services. 

In the content distribution network, StackPath is one of the newest entrants. The company is growing fast to gain $180 million through quick funding and is founded by Lance Crosby, who is hugely successful. StackPath was founded back in 2015. It has experienced many growths due to the acquisitions that covered established business security and the CDN and VPN, where existing customers have been brought across. 

StackPath has built an extensive product range by acquiring other big internet players such as VPN services, MaxCDN, and Highwinds. Through the integration of these technologies, StackPath has been able to set four web services. That is the subject of reviews, content delivery networks, robust web application firewalls, managed DNS, and monitoring.

  Its primary focus is on the western locations with perhaps 13 locations in North America and nine in Europe. One thing about the StackPath is that it helps build your applications and services at the edges with the use of edge services and edge computing that ensures high security, total control, and full performance. StackPath CDN offers secure and fast content delivery within minimal loading times. 

What is StackPath?

What is StackPath

StackPath mainly helps in the computation of services and infrastructure built at the edge of the cloud. For the developers, they now can deploy and build right on the internet front steps. It makes it easier for the users of your websites, API, your app, or whatever you are coming up within the cloud not to bounce around the world before getting to you. Users get a seamless, secure, and fast experience. 

In short, StackPath mainly aims at making the internet a safe place for users. Building secure edge platforms allows developers to build control, performance, and security when building their ideas into reality. Unlike the other service edge providers, the StackPath offers the developers a distinctive edge. 

It has all the components needed in building your edge solutions at high speed. Importantly, it offers total transparency and access through robust reporting. Most of the developers opt to use the StackPath as it enables secure all-in-one integration of services from any data center. The developers can use the new opportunities that spring out while enhancing innovative new use cases and operations through this. 

The StackPath provides its users with full-time protection for software and websites by analyzing all traffic and allowing legal and valid access. In short, StackPath factors the program, website, or API. It reviews the busy WAF policies and deactivates and customizes any standardized policies. 

Setting Up StackPath Account 

Setting up the StackPath account is easy and quick compared to the other bulky signup forums. All that is needed is entering the email address, and you immediately start to browse the available services on StackPath. After using your website domain, it is essential to determine where the StackPath will pull content from. Usually, the web server where the StackPath will detect the best protocol HTTPS and IP address. 

There are so many activities that can be done using StackPath. It can be able to cache content, automatically serve relevant files from possible locations, and pick up visitors’ requests. The thing is that the StackPath is easier to use and offers high enough power for most of the applications. Its edge rule system has the rules that allow customization of the asset delivery, SEO, mobile experience, and security measures to your needs at no additional charges. 

StackPath Dallas thus incorporates the businesses without any challenges. StackPath is the best solution for most gamers, the tools positively grow the scrutinizing abilities with Verizon, Vodafone, and Rogers that promise mobile content allocation speedily. Thus, it is highly effective in the delivery of CDN analytics.

StackPath, LLC, provides companies with cybersecurity remedies. The system mainly provides organizations with critical security platforms to protect their systems from viruses, cyber threats, and any other threat. 

StackPath is also an essential platform for the stacking game. As the customer base tends to grow internationally, it enables the developers to increase their numbers. According to the StackPath reviews, it remains to be a great partner for the developers. Its massive scalability and global reach make it an ideal solution for game delivery needs.

Advantages of StackPath thus can include;

  • It is easy to configure
  • Every edge delivery subscription and CDN entails more per dollar than any other provider. It offers the best cost-effective rates for additional consumption with the pricing well and published. For instance, the cheapest CDN service is USD 10 can apply to professional websites and blogs with average traffic levels and standard content. 
  • More importantly, all pops are added with each CDN package. Meaning that all your website resources are cached on servers around the world. 

How to Use StackPath 

To determine the online business success, site load, and security elements will play an integral role. The fact is that if the site loads slowly, then you will have. Potential customers are exiting before they see your products. If your site is not well secured, an attacker could bring down your site and make it unusable.

 All you need is having something in place that could make your sites load faster globally and get protected from online vulnerabilities. And that is where the use of StackPath comes in being handy. Stackpath will help in the retrieval of all content that is needed for delivery. It helps identify where the content is located and knows the best way to fetch it. 

When a site is created, the Stackpath Edge address is usually the unique URL provided. The URL is mainly used to identify a site on the servers and provide the right gateway to network connectivity. Thus, here are some of the key ways to use the StackPath Edge Address. 

Using the CMS plugin integration  

When it comes to using the StackPath edge address, one of the most useful ways is serving the static content. That is, you can look at the JS, CSS files, and images from your website. To accomplish this, you can consider using the CMS integration plugin. But all that you will need to do is replacing the file paths on the website with the StackPath Edge Address. 

Use a custom subdomain

The option of using the custom subdomain requires the modification of the DNS. It is generally done through the creation of a CNAME record. Upon completing this, then the need to wait for DNS to propagate coms is essential. Afterward, the developers can use the custom CNAME that has been propagated in the Edge Address place.

However, when you consider using HTTPS on your website, you will need to upload an SSL certificate to cover your custom domain. You can then set the Edge SSL to custom, and you can find the option of uploading the certificate at the page bottom. 

Full Site Integration

 In this kind of integration, all the website contents are ushered to users from the StackPath system. In this method of configuration, the DNS needs to be pointed directly to the StackPath Edge Address. The address box needs also be set to your website’s IP address rather than the delivery domain. Upon completion of setting your settings, then it will be appropriate for updating the DNS records. The CNAME records for the critical delivery subdomain usually www needs pointing towards the domain issued.

Features (4.8/5)

When it comes to the StackPath features, let’s start with the positive side. When it comes to basic features such as price, the only difference is the capacity. We see that all the features like SSL support, WAF functionality, and analytics are consistent across the board. A refreshing change since most of the competitors restricts their offerings based on prices. 

It means that even the start-ups could have the same protection as large enterprises. More so, another thing is that the StackPath CDN covers 45 locations across the globe. This is not the breadth of cloud flare. Thus, it is evident that they have adequate coverage in western countries. 

StackPath will play a vital role in storing the information you use recently or frequently close to high demand. Through this, the content can get to the end-users in time more reliably and quickly. StackPath, therefore, offers a superior end-user experience and the most efficient operations. Its key features thus include;

  • The web application firewall is mainly used to protect your site against the threats and dangers online. 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • DDoS protection is intended mostly to protect the website from the excessive traffic that could bring it offline. StackPath has both the application and network protection
  • Site acceleration through CDN
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Edge certificate. With the stacked patch alternatively, it could be possible to get a longer-term certificate to load onto the servers.
  • Here is an overview of the main features that define StackPath: 

1. Content Caching and Fast Purge

With the StackPath CDN, then you can have a better ability to control caching. Therefore, with the high capacity SSDs and the advanced caching procedures, industries can make more content available at the edges. With the fast purge feature, when you delete content from the can be it through the API or the customer portal, it cannot be served via StackPath again. 

When files are usually purged from the StackPath CDN, then the cached files get removed from all the StackPath points of presence. That is why it is necessary for purging to ask the CDN to obtain fresh copies of the specific files before getting any request to the end-users. It plays an integral role especially when files get removed from your origin. When you lack the purging ability, you are left waiting for StackPath to decide when the update files can be delivered to your clients. 

2. Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data analytics can help organizations see how they perform and what is needed from them. In the cases of corrections that could exist, they can pay more attention to it. With the detailed data, it could be easier to point out consent delivery and any traffic instances. With this, then they can be advanced reporting capabilities and analytics. 

Similarly, this allows you to determine the customer’s journeys and page flows based on end-user characteristics. In return, you get full control and prioritize accessing the various levels and content to create value-adding traffic models.

3. Serverless Scripting

With the StackPath, you write it, and we run it to where the users first reach the internet. It helps incorporate the custom logic into the workflows, modify the end-user experiences, and deliver personalized content without infrastructure management. With this system, it is easy to analyze the inbound requests that could help block and direct traffic.  

With all these, you can protect your infrastructure and applications from unwanted bots. Also, against malicious activities and other automated traffic without sacrificing good traffic performances. 

4. Segmented Downloads

StackPath also gives users the ability to improve their file download speed. It provides the users the chance to download different files simultaneously from the computer sourced from multiple servers. With the segmented downloading, you can optimize file delivery to keep track of the large files that users have already received or requested. 

5. Web Socket Support

Web sockets play a significant role in applications that need continuous communication. For example, the chat application that is lengthy and has continuous sessions web sockets will allow the bi-directional instant communication and full-duplex over the low latency communication.

With the web socket technology, the users can create two-way interactive communication between the server and the browser. With the API, it could be possible sending messages to servers and receiving event-driven Responses. Alternatives like the HTTP polling present in the StackPath help facilitate the real-time data transfer from and to the server. Therefore, it helps in the speeding of the applications and maintenance of security.

StackPath thus allows one to proxy the web socket connections through the CDN. It enables the right setting in the stack. Therefore, the real-time nature and full-duplex of the web socket makes it ideal in any instances where multiple users collaborate or when the server-side data gets updated.

6. Edge Rules™ Included

With this edge rules™ customization, it could be easy activating the ready to use rules. It helps customize delivery content protection, mobile user experience, SEO, security, and Origin relationships.

With the StackPath edge rules, you can design and add functionality when it comes to tailoring your delivery all by yourself. With the critical rules created, the users can send their visitors to the key areas where you need them edging through creating a 301-redirect edge rule. More so, it can help protect the content with the URL signing at the edge and modify, remove, and create headers before requests go to the origin and get back to the connecting clients.

7. New web application renewal 

Another critically important feature that StackPath has added to the system is an update of the WAF. It has brought about advanced functionality, including the custom rules that allow the administrators to manage and create their own traffic management rules. Additionally, this new feature has enabled customers to use the StackPath WAF with applications and infrastructure running outside the company’s platform. It still provides StackPath protection for third party services. 

8. Free Private EdgeSSL™ Certificate

With the Edge SSL, you can change and add SSL certificates how and when you need them without involving anyone at the Stack path. With this system in place, you can be sure of having all updates activated in real-time and instantly propagated to all the StackPath edge nodes. It increases the availability and accelerates performance from the edge with just a single click. 

9. HTTP/2 Server Push

This great feature allows an HTTP/2 compliant server to send resources to compliant clients before requesting them. It is one of the essential elements that can help in performance by helping load preemptively. Therefore, it helps Reduce origin and improvement of latency by enabling supplemental assets being cached at the CDN proactively. 

However, some excellent features; are still some technologies that StackPath is not yet embracing. Here is just a list of some of the features that are missing; 

10. Brotli compression

This is one of the set essential sites that can reduce the page sizes. Though this does not seem that much, for the high traffic websites, this could add up. Also, most of the current web browsers have it at heart, and thus it makes up a significant percentage of the global web traffic. 

11. IPv6 support

Based on the recent google statistics, internet traffic is increasing, and therefore, this feature’s essence can be of great help.

12. Another feature is that all the log time zones are not customizable 

All logs need to be set to UTC Time instead of the time zones that you like. Thankfully, one thing that StackPath beats the other service providers is that it can quickly provide feedback. 

Ease of Use (4.4/5)

stack the states online

When it comes to using StackPath, there is one area that is very easy to use. The reporting and logging screens. With these features, you can be able to identify the traffic locations and the caching percentages. With this, you can be able to determine the key areas that could need optimization.

More so, their logging is just excellent. It offers you the opportunity of simplifying the click-through into the right details making the reporting much more straightforward and useful. Therefore, StackPath is easy to manage and set up. It has the best web applications that are the DNS products and Firewalls. StackPath is highly affordable and economical due to the free trial available. 

Additionally, to provide high-performance content delivery with outstanding security for the shared data. We can say that StackPath is a fantastic developer tool. However, one of the critical areas that StackPath needs to emphasize is the ease of use. From the initial setup to the general usage, there still exists a lot to be done. 

 The use of the StackPath for the broader business and companies could be excellent. However, the solution will need some training, especially where the people are not familiar with the program. Those people that are usually familiar with the technology will have a beer understanding and ease of use. However, during the setup, it could be easy to make errors that could block legitimate website traffic. 

When you compare the StackPath to the checkbox system, there are many opportunities in the interface. StackPath has made significant critical adjustments in their new portal, and there exist opportunities of simplifying it, making it still worthy.  

One of the key benefits of these systems when it comes to its use is its intervention levels. It needs not to be a simple allow or block, but all you need is monitoring and carrying out extended validation or CAPTCHA.

Performance (4.4/5)

When it comes to the assessment of the StackPath performance, this could be challenging. Their speeds will tend to vary depending on the service and location. Another essential aspect of service could be the configurability. When one customizes their services, it could be easy for their needs to be met, occasionally bringing about performance benefits. 

stackpath dns

Though the interface does not seem to offer much on this necessarily, there is the HTTP/2 Service. The Edge rules systems’ website appears to be more promising when coupled with certain principles that improve performance. It allows one to personalize their advantage delivery, Mobile experience, SEO, security measures to other vital requirements.

It will always sound good, especially when it explains that the edge rules are entailed in the CDN package without any additional costs. That makes the management at StackPath more standard. Thus, the StackPath performance can be monitored from time to time, enabling the users to catch up with issues before they become detriments. 

StackPath sets the critical monitoring parameters to ensure that the systems are responding in the right manner. And in the case of any errors, then one can be notified before the users find out. Through this, it can be easy to have problems solved as soon as they arise, making the performance outstanding. 

The StackPath performance, however, is dependent on several factors. Therefore, it is not enough to give the single values as the load times depend on the web page designs. However, compared to the other providers, users can make some observations on their performance.

Content size: just like we have been told earlier, StackPath does not support Brotli. This resulted in average page size of 820kb compared to the 725kBw/ where Brotli is enabled. Though the difference could seem that small, this can affect the speed your page could load. It is particularly noted on mobile phones. 

Caching performance: when it comes to caching performance, then StackPath has made some key improvements. Like Sucuri, we can say that they have an access reach of about fifty percent, making it reasonably easy. One of the critical advances in their performance compared to the past.

Location: StackPath performance can be on par with Cloud flare. It is only their time to the first byte that could be slow, depending on the server location. But its actual load performance is high-speed. It means that where you request sites on your central server, then the load times can be exceptional. Despite the varying beyond the range, they are outstanding.

Support (4.6/5)

When you need to get any support from the StackPath, we have a readily available team available 24/7. We help you make a system that is flexible, faster, and safer. The online platform, StackPath, has a button located at the lower right corner of any screen. In the StackPath portal, we can then click help, where you can view the support documentation. This could help you try troubleshooting the problem that you are experiencing. 

The good thing is that you can get support from the StackPath portal in various ways. You can consider sending an email, live chat, by phone, or even using the support ticket. The StackPath support gives your delivery the real edge as better delivery is done. It offers you the real advantages and real computes of help that is friendly and reliable. 

Therefore, StackPath support offers high-performance content delivery with top-notch security. Its support system ensures everything is affordable, transparent, and straightforward. Therefore, its support system is fully documented and friendly where you can have the feel of direct communication.

We have the best stack group with a better and clear understanding that owners are involved in the daily operations, and all they need is keeping up with the changing digital landscape. We offer our support to all business sizes to help a business rank higher on the search engine. Also, we help make sure that your business can maximize social media platforms

Pricing (4.8/5)

One of the critical areas that StackPath excels most is on their pricing structure, given that they are a CDN with security features integrated. It uses the flat subscription base that gradually uplifts when it comes to usage. When you compare to the other providers, their pricing does not vary with locations. Something that makes the per GB rates more competitive.

With these kinds of rates, the websites that serve clients outside the US can get more attracted. The additional DNS costs are the only thing that makes the StackPath pricing high, with the rest being competitive. When in need of an alternative DNS, then the DNS Made Easy could be the best as it performs at lower prices with additional features. However, for the free trials, Cloud flare is exceptional. 

There exist also two other crucial notes that make the pricing of the StackPath attractive. First, unlike the other service providers, they tend to offer full support on various websites. The flexibility of their prices is that appealing, and you can consider using it for the test websites. 

The StackPath offers two pricing bundles for its users, the CDN only, and the edge delivery bundle. The CDN tends to work well at the average traffic levels and standard content. The plan can cost you $10 per month, but it would be free for the first month if you are a first-time user.  

With this pricing plan, you can get unlimited sites and requests, a free private SSL certificate, and include all Global Pops. This plan is great for apps, large cloud properties, and platforms with cutting-edge requirements.

Being an operator of multiple websites, its value of money is attractive. They are appealing to the developers who need to sell their security options to the client’s sites that they maintain. Though the platform is not as simple as the Cloud flare and secure, they make significant transformations and improvements. 

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Bottom line

StackPath is one of the most accessible platforms to create and manage. It offers quality reporting with the ease of integration as it has the StackPath DNS products and Web Program Firewall. The good thing is that when you are a newcomer to the platform, the first-month trial is free.

In summary, according to the StackPath reviews, there is a reason why most of the developers are transitioning to StackPath. These systems have made immense improvements and have reliable products. The platforms offer a user-friendly solution and have excellent value for money.

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