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By Mashum Mollah

“3dcart is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that offers you the ability to build and also launch an online store. It also allows you to sell your products, accept payments, and later on fulfill your customer's orders. 3dcart Review is an all-inclusive platform which offers over 200million built-in features that range from search engine optimization to many others.”

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Pricing Details
  • STARTUP STORE $11.40/mo
  • BASIC STORE $17.40/mo
  • PLUS STORE $47.40/mo
  • POWER STORE $77.40/mo
  • PRO STORE $137.40/mo


3dcart knowledge base

If you intend to start an eCommerce business then you will definitely need a software platform that is capable of accommodating whatever specific needs you have. The software platform should not just allow you to create an online store but should also offer you some other additional features which will allow you to manage your operations with ease. 

With all the e-commerce solutions that we have in the market, you will always find yourself with so many options to choose from. However, if you are looking for a platform that offers the best functionality at a very competitive cost then you need to consider using 3dcart.

What is 3dcart?

If you are used to ecommerce platforms or not used to them in some other ways then you might need to know what exactly 3dcart is. This is what we are here to help you find out by looking at what 3dcart is and looking at other things about the same as well. 

As stated in the definition, 3dcart Reviews is a cloud-based ecommerce software. This is the definition of 3dcart in simple terms. This e-commerce software offers you the ability to build and launch an online store. From the online store, you can be able to make sales for your products and also accept payments from the same sales.

Just like any other ecommerce platform, 3dcart comes with four different core services plans. Each of these plans comes with an increasing functionality amount at progressive higher price points. All of the 3dcart plans come with web hosting which allows you to create an online store. 

There are also more than 50 mobile themes that are ready for you and as if that is all, you also get the ability to register your own domain. All the 3dcart plans come with unlimited bandwidth as well as an in-built blog together with a shopping cart. 

The good thing about all these 3dcart Reviews plans is that they come with no transaction fees which allows you to process an unlimited number of orders. Other than that, you also get the privilege to choose from over the available 100 payment providers and also get to utilize the ever available 24/7 tech support.

In a nutshell, 3dcart provides the functionality tools that one needs to sell online all of them just in one place. That is all we can say about 3dcart in definition and other essential things that go with it along that line. There is so much to 3dacrt that we shall look at in the subsequent discussion segments with the view of making sure that we offer you as much information on this subject as we can. 

Features (4.5/5)

3dcart quickbooks

Now that we have gone through the definition as well as the overview of 3dcart, it is now time we looked at some of the features that 3dacrt comes with. We all know that there are so many ecommerce platforms that come with various features. These features vary from one eCommerce platform to the other and they are exactly what defines the strength of any e-commerce software platform. 

As for 3dcart, it comes with so many features that we are going to look at in detail and try to see how good they are and how they compare to other features on other software platforms. They are quite a number and we are going to in a careful way dissect all of them for a better understanding. 

1. Store Builder 

With 3dcart Reviews, you get an opportunity to choose from the over 100 available mobile functional themes. These themes include 50 free themes which you can use to create your eCommerce website. Once you pick a theme, you will be able to customize your entire store to your business with the use of standard HTML and CSS coding.

You can also edit templates right in your browser or if not that, then make use of FTP to download templates as you might need. On top of that, you can also make use of 3dcart content management in addition to an unlimited number of pages, all these pages can be updated and also modified as you might see fit. 

On top of that, you can also make use of the in-built blog and add on to the article pages to your online store as well. As for the issue of store builder, we do not have anything that comes in much better than this. 

2. Web Hosting 

3dcart comes with secure PCI compliant web hosting for your ecommerce website which allows you to choose a unique domain name. Once you do this, 3dcart quickbooks will register and renew the domain for you annually at no additional cost. If you are already in possession of a domain from let’s say a different website and wish to transfer it, 3dcart will also do that for you as well.

In addition to this, 3dcart also offers unlimited bandwidth email hosting as well as monthly software upgrades among many other features. 3dcart also offers you the ability to create multiple staff users with role-based security. 

3. Payment Processing 

Even though 3dcart does not offer its own payment processing services, they offer you the ability to accept payments online with more than 100 payment gateway integrations options. To make the payment processes even much easier, 3dcart works with top processing providers such as stripe, square fat merchant among many others. 

On top of this, 3dcart also includes other payment-related capabilities along with their services like the ability to easily integrate with PayPal, financing and pay later options as well as accepting Bitcoin and keeping customer cards on file for future purchases.

4. Shopping Cart

With 3cart shopping cart options, your clients get the opportunity to shop and also add products to their cart and also complete the checkout much quicker and also easily. If you wish, you can optimize your checkout page making use of a single page as well as multi-page checkout flows. 

You also get the opportunity to show your customers different payment options, real-time shipping rates as well as taxes that are based on your location. 3dcart also comes with additional shopping cart tools which include abandoned cart recovery, gift registry, customer wish list, and a multiple ship option on top of that.

If you have an existing website from another platform and you intend to simply add a shopping cart 3dcart Reviews also allows you to make that possible. 3dcart has existing established connections with WordPress, Google, Amazon, PayPal. However, if you so wish, you can also connect to any website by simply creating a subdomain then linking it to your 3dcart storefront.

5. Product Management 

It is very easy for you to add, manage, and also edit all your eCommerce products with the use of the 3dcart interface. 3dcart Reviews also offers you the opportunity of adding an unlimited number of products and organizing them with categories SmartCategories options as well as variations. If you wish, you can also include videos as well as other multiple product images which are all displayed with inbuilt zoom capabilities.

In addition to all this, 3dcart also allows you to upsell your products and also offer discounts as well as come up with waiting lists. That is not all yet, you can also enable product questions and answers and also handle inventory purchase orders. 

6. Customer Relationships and Order Fulfillment

Once clients have completed checkout on your online store you can be able to manage their orders with the use of 3dcart inbuilt tools. It is very easy for you to process orders by simply printing single and multiple orders with just one click.  You can also print shipping labels; mark orders as shipped and also connect with major shipping providers. 

There is also the 3dcart dropshipping support which you can utilize to process returns and also accept phone orders. 3dcart also offers your clients the ability to create accounts which you can use to divide them into customer groups with customized promotions as well as pricing. You also get the opportunity to communicate with your clients and also manage them using the 3dcart CRM tool. 

7. Multiple Options

With so many options in terms of features, 3dcart offers you the best chance of growing your online business with a wide range of possibilities. There are so many ways through which performance on an eCommerce software platform can be measured. From navigation to sales to security among other things of the essence there is so much that goes into determining the performance of any ecommerce software platform.  

There are various opinions about 3dcart Reviews in relation to its performance. We cannot conclusively say that it is good or not as there are so many factors that argue for or against such an argument. What we can rather say in this regard is that 3dcart comes with a fair performance compared to the other such eCommerce platforms.

8. Marketing and SEO 

3dcart comes with a number of specific features all of which are intended at helping you promote and also grow your online business. The entire 3dcart Reviews stores are optimized for SEO and also come with advanced SEO that includes sitemap builder, custom file names among many others.

3dacrt also offers you the ability to connect to Google analytics and also viewing additional store statistics right from your dashboard. Additionally, you also get an opportunity to create email marketing campaigns and also develop reward and affiliate programs. 

You also get an opportunity to integrate your store with several social networks and also utilize free credits in advertising your business online with the use of platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Bing. 

9. Integrations 

On top of the social network integration capabilities which are offered by 3dcart WordPress, you also get the ability to integrate with other business tools with the use of an app store. 3dcart app store also comes with free as well as paid to add ons which spread over 21 different categories including some of the well-known products like Shipstation, QuickBooks among many others.

Also as said much earlier, 3dcart also allows you to make choices from the over 100 payment integrations available on the software. That is not all. With 3dcart, you also get an opportunity of connecting your online store to various sales channels which include eBay, google shopping among many others. 

These are some of the features you get on 3dcart. Clearly, from these features, we can see that this is one of the best ecommerce software platforms. If you need the best e-commerce platform that you can use to build the best online e-commerce platform that you can use to build the best online store then 3dcart is the best option we have around. 

10. Flexibility 

One of the noble and notable benefits of using 3dcart is that the platform offers so much flexibility. This flexibility is manifested in so many ways like through the expansive features on 3dcart as well as the design as well as the payment and the selling options. 

Ease of Use (4.4/5)

3dcart support

After looking at all the features that 3dcart ssl comes with, it is now time we also looked at how it fairs on when it comes to using. We all know that sometimes people make choices on eCommerce software platforms based on ease of use where most of them prefer that e-commerce software that is easy to use.

On 3dcart we shall tell it as it is. Judging from the many features on this platform we say that 3dcart is not that hard to use but we can also say that it is not a very easy ecommerce platform to use as well. 3dcart comes with some difficult editing which sometimes makes the use of 3dcart somehow hard to use. 

3dcart will have to improve on its interface as a whole where they will have to make it more intuitive and also less complex. As seen from many 3decart support concerns raised by many people, most of the 3dcart clients find it somehow hard to navigate this ecommerce software. 

We can firmly say that 3dcart comes with immense functionality which is in many ways a benefit. However, even this functionality can be a drawback in its own ways. If you do not need all those features then the platform will seem overwhelming and might also be difficult for you to find your tools as well. 

On the other side, we can say that 3dcart Reviews comes with the best speed that makes it easy for people to navigate the software and do all that they have to do with so much ease. The many features that are on this platform also mean that there are so many navigation options which in some cases make the entire process of navigating this platform much easier.

Performance (4.5/5)

3dcart apps

How does 3dcart fair when it comes to performance? Is it good or bad when compared to its rivals like Shopify and Bigcommerce? It is very important to note that performance is also a very key consideration when it comes to ecommerce software platforms like 3dcart. 

Performance on many ecommerce platforms is based on so many things like the ease of use speed among others. All these factors go into making an eCommerce platform the best or not. When it comes to 3dcart, we can say that its performance is not that bad. 

To be honest, we cannot say with certainty that this is the best ecommerce platform when it comes to performance. Given that 3dacrt comes with its own pros and cons, the issue of performance is in some ways relative. If you would like to build an online store within the shortest period of time and do so in the right way then this is the right e-commerce platform for you. 

If you rate the performance of an ecommerce platform based on how well and easily you can navigate through the ecommerce software then you might find 3dcart somehow less ideal no wonder people choose it as a 3dcart vs shopify debate. 3dcart comes with so many features which in some cases make the navigation process a bit complicated.

When it comes to sales, 3dcart comes with the best features that can make any sales process seamless and fast. If you build your online store using 3dcart then chances are you are going to find the use of this platform the best and most ideal for your kind of business.

Support (4.6/5)

What happens when you have an issue with an ecommerce platform and you need urgent assistance. The procedure in this will be to find a way of communicating to the ecommerce support team and lodging a complaint with your issue in the hope that you will be assisted later on. 

However, the success of such a process largely depends on how elaborate the support services and channels the ecommerce platform has been. If there are no proper communication channels then it might be hard for you to find help when you need it which might in turn mess you up if you really need help. 

That said, it is very important that we take time to look at 3dcart support and how elaborate its support system as well services are. We need to look at how likely you are to get help when you opt to use 3dcart and encounter a problem with it at some point later on.

The two giant ecommerce software platforms are Bigcommerce as well as Shopify come with very elaborate and efficient customer support services. Bearing that in mind, it is also important that we take time to also look at 3dcart together with its customer support services. 

To make sure that all their customers are well assisted on time, 3dcart offers a 24/7 customer support system through a ticketing system, live chat, and even a phone. Other than that, the 3dcart website also comes with self-service resources which include a knowledge base, a 3dcart knowledge base user manual, and also their ecommerce university.

On top of that, you can also access the 3dcart support expert database and find designers, developers, and others such as experts that you can hire for more personalized hands-on support. When it comes to matters of support, we can say with certainty that 3dcart has done enough to ensure that they offer their clients the best support when they need it most.

3dcart Offers Assistance Within the Shortest Period of Time Possible 

If you get in touch with 3dcart for any assistance then we have a good chance that you are going to get the help you need in the best way possible within the shortest period of time. Judging by what many people who use 3dcart reviews have had to say about in the past, we firmly say that the support mechanism on this platform is one of its kind.

The support system itself might not be the best obviously because it comes with its own pros and cons but compared to the others, it is somewhere. If you have any issue that needs address then you can use any of the 3dcart support platforms and you will be able to get the help you need within the shortest period of time with the right precision. 

Pricing (4.8/5)

How much and where does 3dcart rank when it comes to pricing. If you wish to use this platform then how much are you likely to pay for its services. As we mentioned earlier in the discussion, 3dcart pricing comes with four different core plans all of which come on a monthly subscription basis.

We have the startup store, the basic store, the plus store as well as the pro store. The plan you opt for will dictate the kind of 3dcart features you receive. It is very essential for you to also know that each plan level on the 3dcart payment plan increases in price as well as the functionality of the platform. 

3dcart Monthly Plans 

The startup store is the first plan that 3dcart offers which costs $19 per month. If you opt for this plan, you can receive up to 10% discount on this price or if not that then the monthly price of any plan. However, if you choose to purchase 12 prepaid months of 3dcart subscription then you will get the following features 1 staff, 2 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth among many others. 

The second plan that the 3dcart review offers is the basic store which will cost you $29 per month. If you choose this plan then you will get all the functionality of the startup plan as well as some other features like 5mail accounts, 2 staff users as well as elaborate customer relationship management.

The other plan that follows up to this is the plus store which will cost you up to $79 per month and comes with all the features of the first two plans and other additional features like the following: 5 staff users, customer groups product comparison among many other features. 

The pro store plan comes in at $229 per month which is the final core service that is offered by 3dcart and includes all the capabilities of all those prior mentioned previous plans as well these others: 15 staff users, 30 email accounts, automation rules among many others. 

If you have a business sales volume that exceeds $1 million in 12 months then you will be able to qualify for a 3dcart enterprise solution. The 3dcart offers enterprise services which start from $499 per month and also come with some other features like product management, advanced shipping modules as well as the automation required to accommodate the high-volume merchants. 

No Transaction Fees

The good thing about 3dcart Reviews is that it does not charge setup, transaction, or even PCI compliance fees. You also get the opportunity to sign up for the free 15-day trial of 3dcart without the requirement of any credit card. Even though 3dcart does not offer a cancellation fee offering you the opportunity of canceling your order at any given time, they on the other hand do not offer refunds on their services.

Therefore, if you let’s say paid a yearly subscription and then decide to cancel it after six months you will not be refunded any money back for the six months which you are not using. Many people find this bit about 3dcart a bit harsh and more of a drawback of 3dcart but in general, 3dcart comes with the best payment plans you can ever find anywhere. 

If you compare what you get for how much in 3dcart then you will realize that the platform has the best payment plans compared to the other such as eCommerce software. Much has and will be said about 3dcart but in general, we can say the payment bit of 3dcart is the best you will ever find anywhere. 

There might be a few things that are not right but comparing this to others such as we can firmly conclude that 3dcart is one of the best ecommerce software platforms we have around. If you are looking for the best ecommerce software that will charge you reasonably then this is what you need to look for. 

3dcart Payment Processing 

In addition to the monthly subscription you pay on 3dcart forums, you also have to pay for the processing of the payment. As mentioned earlier, 3dcart does not come with its own payment processing solution. This, therefore, means that if you are using this platform then you will have to choose a third-party provider that you will work with.

The good thing is you can integrate with any processor add ons which 3dcart offers without having to pay any additional integration or even transaction fee. In all these transactions, you will only incur a credit card processing fee which will directly come from your payment processor. 

On top of that, 3dcart also partners with particular providers so as to offer credit card processing at discounted rates for each one of their four core plans. To be eligible for these plans, you have to be a company based in the United States of America, a new 3dcart client, and also submit a proven application for an account with any third-party partner.

The discounted rates the 3dcart plans begin from 2.9% which comes with an additional 0.30% per transaction. As for the plus and the pro pans the rates can go down to about 2.7% and 2.5 % respectively.  This additional information about 3dcart payment is very essential for you especially if you are so much into discounts. 


As said above, 3dcart comes with the best pricing you can ever find anywhere. With payment plans that start from around $19 dollars, 3dcart is far much better in terms of payment plans. Depending on how you look at it, you will always find the payment plans on 3dcart to be a bit lower not to mention the other discounts that are also on the same platform. 

Given the kind of features you get with the ease of use as well as many other things on the same, we can firmly say that it is easier to use 3dcart Reviews and also get fair payment options for the same. If you need the best eCommerce software that comes with the best payment options then 3dcart is what you need to go for.

Pricing Details
Plan Transaction Fees User Products Price View Details
STARTUP STORE No Transaction Fees 1 User Unlimited Products $11.40/month Click here
BASIC STORE No Transaction Fees 2 User Unlimited Products $17.40/month Click here
PLUS STORE No Transaction Fees 5 User Unlimited Products $47.40/month Click here
POWER STORE No Transaction Fees 10 User Unlimited Products $77.40/month Click here
PRO STORE No Transaction Fees 15 User Unlimited Products $137.40/month Click here

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Robin Q

Great Article

In the event that I analyze 3dcart and other online business platforms, 3dcart has by a wide margin the best help and this is the thing that stands apart for me.
December 3, 2020
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Bottom line

3dcart app store is without a doubt one of the best eCommerce software platforms we have around. With many features as well as reasonable prices which all make this such a good option for all those people looking to build an online store.

One of the most significant benefits that 3dcart as an ecommerce platform comes with is its robust set of features. 3dcart reviews come with the highest level of functionality without the need of the highest plan or even relying on integrations alone.

Given all that we have discussed, it is very essential that we also take time to look at some of the pros or rather the benefits of using 3dcart apps. Just like the other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and others, 3dcart too comes with its own benefits as well.

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