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“BigCommerce Review is a public technology company that offers SaaS eCommerce platforms. This is a company that was founded back in the year 2009 and up to date the company has up to 600 employees based in its headquarters in Austin Texas. Some of the top features of the company include the customer groups as well as segmentation.”

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bigcommerce review

If you are looking for the best e-commerce software then chances are you are going to come across the name BigCommerce. The BigCommerce builder is famous in the community because of its robust feature platforms, excellent support as well as its abilities. This is one of the main benefits of using BigCommerce. You can also take time to look at its pros and cons before making any decision in this regard. 

If you are a stranger to BigCommerce then you might want to know exactly who this platform is intended for. Well, BigCommerce is intended for everyone from those that are starting a new business to those that are migrating an existing one. 

The tools available on BigCommerce make it possible for any industry from any niche to start, grow, and become successful in the end. Therefore, if you are aiming for eventual success with your company then you need to consider using BigCommerce. 

If you would like to experiment with the workability of BigCommerce for yourself then we have a 15-day free trial for new accounts. From the trial process itself, you will be able to understand why BigCommerce is the best eCommerce platform.    

BigCommerce is ready to help you achieve the kind of success you wish to realize with your business. From the outside of the box, the platform comes with a tone of features that are designed to help you jumpstart your eCommerce. 

What is BigCommerce?

Just in case you do not know what BigCommerce is then this is the area you need to read attentively. We are going to try and look at this platform while defining it in the simplest terms possible. As said in the introductory section, BigCommerce is a public technology company offering SaaS eCommerce platforms. 

The company was founded back in the year 2009 and has since grown its number of employees from what they were back then to now more than 600. Based in Austin Texas, BigCommerce is expected to grow even further in the coming days. 

Designed for all sorts of people, the company fits well both the new and upcoming businesses as well as those that are coming up. No matter the size of your company, this is the right company or industry for you. 

BigCommerce Review is one of the ideal platforms for larger businesses as well as online stores. This is the case because of many things. One of them is the fact that the platform comes with some inbuilt tools which make it possible to scale your business. 

It is the aim of BigCommerce to help you succeed with your business. The platform is well aware that information equals action. It is because of this reason that it gives you deep insight into all forms and kinds of data. This data ranges from marketing analytics to sales analytics and even a much closer look into the customer or client journey. 

When you use BigCommerce, you do not just gain insight into top-level sales but you also do with customer behavior as well as the cart abandonment metrics. All this is done to aid you in marketing, and also making the right inventory decisions as well as product positioning.

Features (4.6/5)

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The hype around BigCommerce Austin might compel you to want to know exactly what makes this platform one of the best or rather why you need to go for it and not the other such platforms. One of the reasons that make BigCommerce such an ideal eCommerce platform for anyone who is in business is the kind of features that the platform comes with. 

All these features are designed to help you realize the kind of success you desire to achieve with your business. We are going to look at some of these features in detail and help you to understand exactly what you stand to get when you opt for the BigCommerce platform. 

We are going to look at each one of these features in detail to give you the best picture of what to expect from BigCommerce. Depending on your business, we shall try to carefully look at which feature best fits you and why exactly that. 

Before we get down to the features, it is very important that we remind you that features form such an essential component of any software. It is these features that dictate what exactly the software is capable of and what the software can do or its ability. 

It is possible to have the best software but it is the exact features of the software that pumps it into something great. Therefore, before choosing any software it is very essential that you take time to look at the kind of features the software comes with besides just the software itself. 

Fortunately, BigCommerce comes with some of the best features you can ever find anywhere. As said earlier on, these features fit every business perfectly which is why you need to consider working with BigCommerce Review. By keenly assessing the features below, we hope that we shall offer you the required relevant insights into some of these features and help you to understand perfectly what you are subscribing to by choosing to work with BigCommerce. 

1. In-depth Analytics 

It is the aim of BigCommerce to see you succeed with your business. To help you realize this success, BigCommerce offers you all kinds of data insights ranging from marketing analytics to sales analytics and even offers you a much closer look into the customer or client journey. 

If you need to gain the best insights into top-level sales as well as customer behavior then you need to consider using BigCommerce. All this information can help you out with the marketing bit and help you succeed with your business. 

With the proper adherence to the in-depth analytics offered by BigCommerce, you will definitely be able to market your business in the right way, something that will consequently lead to an increase in your business sales growing your business in the long run. 

2. Hosting 

One of the greatest challenges that people have had to battle in recent years with some sites is the issue of hosting. Well if you are using BigCommerce plans then this is something that you will not need to worry about. BigCommerce offers top-notch well secured onsite hosting that comes with unlimited bandwidth. 

Once you start using BigCommerce, your website is hosted on servers with the use of google cloud technology which integrates multiple levels of technology. The server also comes with super-fast loading speed as well as heightened bandwidth among many others. With BigCommerce you get SEO as well as site performance advantage which comes right out of the box. 

3. Multi-channel sales 

The only way you can increase your sales opportunities is by having your business being visible on multiple platforms. It is because of this reason that integrated selling has become such an essential factor in recent years. The case with BigCommerce is that they offer functionality as their basic component. 

This component allows you to link and later sell on relevant external platforms including amazon or even Instagram just right from your dashboard. This in turn increases significantly your chances of making sales given that you are visible on various platforms. 

This feature alone of BigCommerce Review is what compels people to choose this platform over the others. Having a business and knowing well that by the use of a certain platform you stand the best chance of sales is so encouraging. This is what BigCommerce is committed to achieving, helping you succeed with your business by helping you to make as many sales as you can.

4. Device optimization 

Optimizing your site across all platforms is such an essential component that goes into the success of any business. A huge part of it comes to SEO ranking and also being able to reach out to and also hold into those eyes of your valuable clients. The only way you can do this and make it a success is by making sure that your site is optimized across all the networks. 

Right from the builder point, BigCommerce will take care of the process of automatically optimizing your website as well as letting you get a clear picture of how your site will look on desktops as well as phones. With proper optimization on your devices, you will not just be able to increase your search engine ranking but also you will be able to make the best appearance in the eyes of your clients. 

This way, you will be able to draw the attention of your valuable clients drawing their attention to your products and services when it is needed most. With this, you will definitely be able to make the kind of sales you need to help grow your business to where you need it to be. 

5. Payment options 

Payment options are such an integral part of any business. Without multiple and proper payment options you might even lose some of your clients. There are some platforms that come with a limited number of payment options which in some cases makes it hard for some people to do business. 

Fortunately, BigCommerce Review does not limit you to just one type of payment option. This is so different from some other e-commerce website builders which only offer one payment option. We even have some eCommerce that also charges a transaction fee which is something that also BigCommerce does not do. 

BigCommerce offers you an opportunity to choose your payment gateway. That is not all, with BigCommerce, you also do not pay any additional fees out of the standard credit card fees. 

6. Professional designs 

Even though a good number of BigCommerce templates and themes like the lucy drawing tool reviews come in at a cost, they all look professional and are also customizable to whatever brand’s needs you have. Even though you must have to purchase the majority of these themes, they look amazing. Other than that, BigCommerce makes the selection process easy making it easy for you to search by the industry as well as the price layout. 

We have many people who have had an upturn in their business because of using BigCommerce. With the best features like those that have been listed in the discussion, BigCommerce is the best place from where you can start if you intend to see your business get to the next level. 

7. Shipping options 

The process of sending out customer purchases is much easier on BigCommerce than it is on such platforms. All this is made possible thanks to the all in one shopping tool. This tool allows you to track as well as ship products or even receive major discounts with some of the major shipping companies like USPS, DHL, and FedEx.

On top of this, all your clients are made aware of the entire shipping process as well as the tracking options. This makes sure that nothing goes wrong during this process which in the end leads to proper shipping from the company to the client. 

This is unlike the other companies we have around which do not come with a very elaborate shipping process. If you value a proper shipping chain then you need to consider working with BigCommerce Review which is the best platform we have around. 

8. Security 

Security is one of the paramount things when it comes to dealing with credit cards as well as finance. BigCommerce comes with the best amount of security features compared to any other eCommerce platform. These features include the multiple protection layers and the SSL security certification which guarantees payment data encryption.

This means that whatever business you carry on, on this platform is well secure with no chance of infiltration thus guaranteeing you your safety at all times. 

These are just but some of the features of BigCommerce. Clearly, from the features, we can tell that BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms we have around. With features like these ones among many others, this is without a doubt the best eCommerce platform that you can choose to work with. 

With BigCommerce, you get unparalleled security, the hyper available client support as well as online resources galore among many other features. While we have intuitive steps as well dashboards you also get the opportunity to fully customize a site in order to match your business as well as your expanded capabilities. 

9. Several Add-ons 

If you by any chance need any kind of subscription as well as the recurring billing services then you will have to pay for an add-on. If you have any plans and intentions of rewarding your clients with a loyalty program then you will also have to pay for an add-on. 

There are those people who prefer making selling as well as cross-selling much easier. If you would also want to go for such an approach then you will also have to add on another add-on. To be honest with you, some of these payment plans are not that cost-effective. 

If you compare them with some of the BigCommerce alternatives then you will find the other ones to be a bit cost-effective. However, given the kind of service you get from BigCommerce, this is one of the best places you can ever be if you are so much into eCommerce. 

There are times you might get the feeling that you have outgrown the standard as well as the pro plans. In this case, you will have the option of contacting BigCommerce about enterprise pricing which also comes with custom pricing as well as other additional features. However, in some cases might look like the wrong choice for your company. 

10. Many communications Channels  

Even though we have some people that have made such statements, we have some that are in total disagreement. This, therefore, means that you can use the phone option and it will still work perfectly for you just like it does with so many other people out there. 

Even if the phone options fail to work for you in the exact way that you expect, we still have so many other options at your disposal. For instance, you can refer to the tutorials if there is something that you need to find out and you feel that the phone options are not an effective option for you. 

Apart from the phones, we have the live chat team which is always around at all times just in case you need them. Even though you might have to wait for long periods of time in some cases, the team will without a doubt be able to help you out in those areas where you need help most. 

In general, we can say that BigCommerce still has so many areas in which they need to improve so as to offer the best customer support services. However, we also agree that compared to the other eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce comes with the best customer support options. 

If you visit the platform then you are more likely to find help to whatever problem you have and most importantly on time. This is why you need to consider working with BigCommerce as it comes with the best features as well as the best client support system. 

11. Online Selling  

The process of selling on BigCommerce is not that complicated. In fact, the process is much easier compared to that of selling on other such platforms. However, to be honest with you, the process comes with its own challenges as well. 

Many people love the fact that they can use BigCommerce contact to handle several sales channels. If you are beginning from scratch then you can leverage the popularity of eBay, amazon among others in order to get your products as well as services in front of your clients and customers. 

Having a central management point makes it easy for you to streamline your operations which will then save you time as well as money. BigCommerce also integrates well with PayPal as well as other popular payment gateways. Other than that, it is also possible for you to take your business global since it supports different currencies. 

If you opt to go for the use of BigCommerce then chances are you are going to find easy marketing to new as well as existing customers. This is the case because BigCommerce integrates well with many email marketing services.

Ease of Use (4.7/5)

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After looking at some of these features that BigCommerce offers, it is time now we shift the attention to something else of equal importance as well. In this segment, we need to find out about the ease of use of BigCommerce and see how that compares to other such platforms. 

From the very beginning, BigCommerce aims to make sure that they are as much comfortable as possible and get to set up in the most efficient way possible by offering you so much help like product review template among others. The first step in the creation of your site involves the answering of a few simple questions which will then allow the system to guide in the building of your perfect website. 

From this point, the dashboard and the toolbar will become your best friends offering you the best intuitive as well as easy-to-understand tools and settings. There are times where you might find the vocabulary on this platform a bit technical but in general, is well suited for those people using it even for the first time. 

Other than that, if there is something that you do not understand then we have resources in BigCommerce as well the best account representatives that will help you out with your issue. When using BigCommerce Review, it lists tips as well as making suggestions for the next steps in a bid to help you get started. 

Some of these suggestions include setting up shipping as well as payment and also being able to preview your store before going live. On top of that, you can also let others preview your store in the testing mode. 

Performance (4.6/5)

bigcommerce plans

There is so much that can be said about BigCommerce about its performance which we can definitely not look at today. All we can say in this regard is that compared to the other BigCommerce does much better when it comes to performance. 

Even though there is so much room for improvement on some things with BigCommerce plans, we can confidently say that the platform sets the bar when it comes to performance. From some of its features to many others BigCommerce has been leading from the front when it comes to performance. 

From the ease of use to many other things, it is clear as to who carries the day when it comes to performance. BigCommerce is by far the best and the favorite here. If you need that e-commerce platform that will offer you the best performance then this is it. 

If you have any intentions of accelerating the growth of your business then BigCommerce Review is what you need to look for. With as many benefits as those that are listed above, there is no eCommerce platform that can get you the features that BigCommerce offers. 

Support (4.5/5)

bigcommerce austin

Support services are some of the most essential things that make up eCommerce. If you have to work with any then at least make sure that you are working with a platform that has the best support services. We have so many eCommerce platforms out there but not all of them offer the best support services. 

From some of these eCommerce platforms, we even have some that come with very horrible support services which can only result in more disappointments. BigCommerce support is one of the best eCommerce platforms we have out here. 

When it comes to matters of support BigCommerce emerges the winner ahead of its rivals like Shopify and volusion among others. Once you get to the BigCommerce customer support page, you will be able to find a lot of resources from where you can profit. These resources range from the knowledge base to online forums

From the support page, you will be able to get a good number of videos as well as tutorials. These videos and tutorials will help you to deal with whatever problem you will be having and providing you with the required support without necessarily having to contact someone. 

BigCommerce does with the aim of making sure that their clients get the best and the most help efficiently and conveniently when they need any. If you need more serious help, you can contact them over the phone or even chat with them by mail and even the forum. 

However, it is very essential we alert you of some readers who have said that the phone options on BigCommerce are not as helpful as many people expect. Even though this might be looked at as one of the drawbacks of BigCommerce or big-name commerce, these statements have largely been relative. 

Pricing (4.6/5)

It would not be right if we looked and talked this much about BigCommerce pricing and failed to talk about the pricing of this eCommerce platform. If you choose to work with it then how much exactly are you going to be billed at the end of whatever period you choose. 

This is what we are going to focus on in this segment of the discussion. We need to look at how much exactly you are going to pay and also look at some other essential details in this regard. 

BigCommerce comes with pricing options that range from $29 to $ 299 per month. All these plans come with the inclusion of basic SEO tools, coupons, product searches, dropshipping among many others. If you choose to go for the annual plan then you will get a 10% discount. 

If you intend to send your clients the abandoned cart emails you will need to go for the standard plan or if not that then the pro plan will do for you. If you have any plans of being a google trusted store then you must subscribe to the pro plan. 

It is very essential for you to know that if you intend to make sales that go well beyond $ 50, 000 a year then you will have to upgrade and bypass that limit on the basic plan. If by any chance you manage to sell more than $ 150, 000 a year then you will have to upgrade to the pro plan. 

The pro plan begins at around $ 299.95 a month if your store manages to bring in up to around $ 450, 000 per month. If you manage to surpass that threshold then you are going to pay at the very least $ 150 per month for additional sales that do not exceed $ 200,000. All these expenses will add up to the BigCommerce Review merchants. 

Pricing Details
Plan Branded online store Online Sales Per Year Custom SSL Price View Details
Standard Yes Up to $50k No $29.95/month Click here
Plus Yes Up to $180k No $79.95/month Click here
Pro Yes Up to $400k** Yes $299.95/month Click here
Enterprise Yes Custom Yes Custom Pricing Click here

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Bottom line

Overall, BigCommerce Austin has done so much in addressing what people are looking for in online store software. However, we need to note that no company is perfect be it an eCommerce company or any other we have out there. The case is still the same with BigCommerce which still has a good number of areas that have to be improved to keep the platform better. 

However, even with some of these inadequacies, BigCommerce has still come out with the best company compared to its closest rivals. This is the best choice you can ever think of if you need to start an e-commerce store or if you have a brick and mortar store and you have plans of expanding your operations to include online orders as well. 

Given that we have no store builder and all the server management, as well as the technical aspects, are handled for you, you get time to exclusively focus on your business. Other than the business, you can also focus on other things that come alongside a business like customer relations among others. 

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