Astra Overview

There are many WordPress themes and Astra happens to be one of them.  Unlike the others, Astra as a WordPress theme is focused more on speed more than anything else.  The theme has been in use for quite some time now and continues to be used even further.  Its choice in Astra vs OceanWP is actually informed by these factors. 

As many people continue to realize the benefits of Astra, its use is expected to go up in the coming days. If you wish to use Astra, you can purchase it at any given time and start using it.  There are quite a number of versions that come with Astra like the Astra pro version.  If you wish to purchase this version you can do so at a cost of $ 59.  The option comes with so many things which include some additional settings as well as options.  

Astra Pros & Cons

Astra Pros & Cons

There are quite a number of pros that come with Astra. Before opting for its choice in OceanWP vs Astra, it is essential for you to take time and look at some of them. There are many like the following meaning it is not possible to go through all of them at once. 

Astra Pros 

  • It is a fast and multipurpose WordPress theme 
  • You get many free and also paid demo sites 
  • Newly headed header/ footer builder 
  • It comes with a flexible mega menu feature 
  • Comes with immense custom layout options 
  • It comes with WooCommerce support 

Astra Cons 

Just like the pros, Astra also comes with its own cons as well.  As a potential user, it is very important for you to look at some of them for a more informed decision. Listed below are some of the cons that come with the use of Astra. 

  • A very limited free version 
  • A very basic archive page styling 
  • A very basic blog comment styling as well 
  • A very basic blog post styling 

OceanWP Overview

OceanWP in a nutshell can be best looked at as a WordPress theme. This theme comes with some of the best and appealing features you will ever find anywhere.  In fact, quite a number of people argue that OceanWP is the most generous WordPress seen in a long time.

In addition to that, there is also a suite extension that can be purchased. When you purchase this extension then it means you can use the theme even further. All these extensions make OceanWP one good WordPress theme that can be relied upon at all times. The best choice in the OceanWP vs Astra debate.  

OceanWP Pros & Cons

OceanWP Pros & Cons

OceanWP is not just one of the best WordPress themes for nothing, it is one of the best. To help you understand this even better, you need to look at some of the cons of OceanWP.  Listed below are some of these cons: 

OceanWP Pros

  • It is fully Responsive 
  • It is an eCommerce ready WordPress theme 
  • It is a fully customizable WordPress theme 
  • It comes with such an advanced mega menu 
  • OceanWP comes with RTL Support 
  • It comes with free templates 

OceanWP Cons

  • When you use the free version, you have to put up with too many advertisements 
  • To make an installation you need to use too many plugins 
  • It’s a bit slow when compared to other themes 
  • It comes with an organized panel that is not well organized 
  • Comes with a dated default styling 
  • Comes with a dated demo sites 

Essential WordPress Features: Astra vs OceanWP

When comparing Astra vs OceanWP you might want to look at the features of the same as well.  In fact, it is these exact features that determine which one of these two is the best.  That said, looking at the Astra vs OceanWP features you can be able to tell which one of these two is the right WordPress theme for you.  

Astra Features

Astra Features

  • It comes with a super lightweight 
  • It smoothly integrates well with all the WordPress page builders 
  • It is highly customizable for all sorts of users 
  • It comes with over 70 different designs available to the users 
  • It is such an SEO friendly WordPress theme 
  • It comes with all custom post types 
  • It offers great support to WooCommerce 
  • It comes with a ready RLT translation 
  • It is a fully open source 
  • It comes with multiple assistant plugins 

OceanWP Features

OceanWP Features

  • 3 blog entries layouts 
  • It comes with an independent page layout 
  • Blog enterprise structure 
  • 5 blog enterprise elements 
  • 6 metadata elements 
  • 3 pagination styles 

Prebuilt Designs: Astra vs OceanWP

Prebuilt Design Astra

Astra is regarded as one of the best WordPress themes there is around. There are many reasons why this is the case.  For instance, the prebuilt design of Astra is one of the best of the many WordPress themes. It is appealing and also makes the use of this theme so easy and fast. This is exactly why many prefer its use.

Prebuilt Design, OceanWP 

OceanWP comes with an award-winning prebuilt design.  This design is exactly what has made this WordPress theme so appealing and easy to use. According to many users, OceanWP comes with one of the best and amazing designs. This design has made the use of OceanWP so easy and amazing to the users.  

Ease Of Use: Astra vs OceanWP

Ease Of Use Astra vs OceanWP

Ease of use is one of the greatest features of any WordPress theme. This feature has assisted so much in helping people make a good decision between Astra vs OceanWP. Before choosing the best WordPress theme it is very essential for you to look at the features of ease of use as well.  

The best WordPress theme is that which is so easy to use. Unfortunately, not so many of the available WordPress themes offer their clients this privilege. This is why it is so important for you to be very careful when making a choice between these two.

As you contemplate making the best choice between Astra vs OceanWP, it is important for you to consider this factor. Look at the ease of use and see which one of these two WordPress themes offers you an easy time when it comes to using.  

Ease Of Use Astra

People have different opinions about the ease of use when it comes to Astra. The truth of the matter is that the free versions of Astra come with very limited customization. This is the case when you compare it to other WordPress themes which offer more freedom.  

However, much as this is the case, this limited customization is still enough to get the job done. Even though the general experience of Astra is Amazing this bit of it is a pain. There are some other WordPress themes that do far much better than this.  

Ease Of Use OceanWP 

To be honest, using OceanWP as a WordPress theme is not such an easy task. Considering the fact that it comes with options that are all over the place makes its use somehow hard. In fact, when you compare it to other WordPress themes then you will realize that it performs poorly. 

Plugins & Extensions: Astra vs OceanWP

Plugins & Extensions

Plugins & Extensions Astra 

Plugins play an important role when it comes to any WordPress theme. These plugins are installed with the view of adding even more functionality right to your website. When it comes to Astra, there are up to nine extensions and plugins which are all supported on this WordPress theme. 

Here are some of the known plugins that you get when you decide to pick Astra in the Astra vs OceanWP contest.  These plugins are intended at offering you nothing else other increasing the functionality of this WordPress theme: 

  • Import/ export customizer settings 
  • The Astra customizer reset 
  • Customizer search 
  • The Astra bulk edit 
  • The Astra Widgets 
  • The Astra custom fonts 
  • The sidebar manager 

Plugins & Extensions OceanWP

It is estimated that OceanWP comes with up to 21 plugins and extensions. Out of these many plugins and extensions, eight of them are marked as free. These plugins play an essential role in making sure that the functionality of OceanWP is the best. Here are some of these common OceanWP plugins and extensions.  

  • Stick anything 
  • Modal Window 
  • Posts Slider 
  • Custom sidebar 
  • Product sharing 
  • Social sharing 

When it comes to the issue of plugins and extensions there appears to be no winner in Astra vs OceanWP. These two WordPress themes seem to tie on this one given that they all come with immense plugins and extensions. 

Speed & Performance: Astra vs OceanWP

Speed & Performance

Speed & Performance: Astra

Astra is one of the best lightweight WordPress themes you will ever find anywhere. It is so fast and one of the best around in terms of speed and performance as well.  If you are looking for the best multipurpose themes in the market then Astra is what you need to be looking for.  

In fact, it is argued that Astra was created with the issue of speed in mind. This is exactly why it comes with the best speed you will ever find anywhere. In terms of Performance, Astra is also one of the best there is. In fact, it is presumed to be the best in the debate between Astra vs OceanWP due to these factors.

Speed & Performance: OceanWP

Many people argue that OceanWP does not come with the best speed like is the case with others. In fact, when compared to Astra, OceanWP is regarded to be a bit slower. If you were to choose between Astra vs OceanWP on these grounds then you will definitely have to pick Astra.

Pricing: Astra vs OceanWP

Pricing is also another essential factor that can determine the right choice between Astra vs OceanWP. As you consider the best option between these two, it is important for you to also consider this option as well.

Pricing: Astra 

Astra comes with a free version which is very much okay in today’s market. When you take this and couple it with the free starter templates makes it one of the best. In fact, they say that when using Astra, you cannot complain about anything.

Pricing: OceanWP 

Much of the rating that is done on OceanWP is done based on the free version. However, the pro version of OceanWP is very expensive.  In fact, the pro version of OceanWP is considered to be more expensive than even all the other WordPress themes. 

Support: Astra vs OceanWP 


Support Astra

Astra has received some sort of criticism regarding the client support response time. There have been some cases where people argue or have been arguing this way. However, it is also worth noting that even though this is the case, cases of this nature are very few.

Support: OceanWP 

Before choosing OceanWP in the Astra vs OceanWP it is important for you to look at the support of the theme first. The good thing though is that OceanWP comes with the best customer care experience. Even though their issues linger, many of them are normally addressed on time.  

Thus, it is right to say that OceanWP comes with a much better customer support experience. Compared to other WordPress themes, this is one of the best you can ever find around.  It is committed to making sure clients get the best help and experience.  

Free Versions Comparison: Astra vs OceanWP

Astra Free Version Comparison

When you look at things from a variety of viewpoints Astra is the best choice in Astra vs OceanWP.  It offers up to 35 free theme demos.  This is far much more compared to the 13 that are offered by OceanWP. This means that when it comes to free versions then Astra is without any doubt one of the best choices available. 

 OceanWP Free Version Comparison

OceanWP falls way behind when it comes to free version comparison. The installation process for instance has to be revisited more often by developers. In a nutshell, it is not the very best of options when it comes to free versions.  


Astra and OceanWP remain some of the best WordPress themes around in the market.  However, choosing the best theme between Astra vs OceanWP remains a challenge to many.  The text above gives some essential insights into these two WordPress themes to help you make a better choice between them.

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