apex hosting complete guide and review

Apex hosting is one of the most popular Minecraft hosting service providers which is based in the USA. The company was launched back in the year 2013 with the sole aim of delivering the highest- and top-level customer support as seen in the apex hosting review with Minecraft coming in as its client base.

Minecraft is also another type of gaming server. It is also a popular and open-world game that can be played either as a solo or multiplayer. For you to play the game with many players you need to consider renting a server hosting provider.


Why Apex Hosting Is The Best Minecraft Server?

why apex hosting is the best minecraft ever

Before choosing Apex over the other Minecraft servers, you might want to know if it is indeed the best for this purpose. Better, this question should be, why should you choose Apex over the other Minecraft servers in 2021, there are so many reasons that argue for this case as seen below. 

According to the best apex review which comes from specialized websites, Apex has stood out boldly from the other popular Minecraft server and hosting services on the internet. If you look around then you will notice that we do not have so many sites which provide servers for Minecraft and also make use of very sophisticated tools.

However, if you are looking for more concrete evidence on why Apex is hosting the best Minecraft server then we have so many other things you need to consider. There are quite a number of factors that you need to base on to tell whether Apex hosting is the best option for you.

The first thing Apex hosting is its service it offers to its clients. Thus, if you intend to use Apex hosting for Minecraft then you are guaranteed of nothing but the best services and experience in the end when establishing a server.

If you need to create a Minecraft server then Apex hosting is the best option for you.  Why, you might ask, well simply because Apex hosting offers you a domain and also a hosting which are the two basic things that you need in creating your own server. That is not all, also we have the multicraft tool which makes it possible for you to manage your site in a much proper way. 

Costs Involved With Creating A Server On Apex Hosting

However, before getting started you need to know that creating a new server on Minecraft comes with a cost that you need to put into consideration as well. That said, hiring this hosting for the modest price possible is a very wise decision. The good thing though is that the price you pay is worth the remarkable quality you get which makes sense. 

Apex Hosting Pros and Cons

apex hosting pros & cons


  • Very easy to install even if you have very little experience 
  • You can make your choice from the many locations located all over the world
  • It offers you enhanced security with DDoS protection 
  • You get a 7-day money-back guarantee 
  • You get help via the apex chat from their technical team 24/7
  • There is a dedicated multicraft tool 


  • The service, as well as the controls, come in limited languages which might be a problem to none English speakers 
  • It could be costly when looked at from another angle 
  • Lack of proper customer care communication channels sometimes makes getting help when you need it challenging.

Apex Hosting Best Features

apex hosting best features

  • Ease of installation 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Servers and domain name 
  • The database 
  • The storage 
  • The security offered 
  • Tools and other applications 
  • The migration option available
  • The customer service 

Why Should You Use Apex Hosting?

why should you use apex hosting

So much has been said about Apex but are there any compelling reasons that make it necessary to use Apex server hosting. Well, this is what this section seeks to find out, in the section, you will find some of the reasons that urge you to use Apex hosting over other alternatives we have around.

Given that Apex hosting can offer you web hosting as well as a domain name for your Minecraft server at reasonable prices makes it wise to consider using thin hosting. Also, with it, you get excellent management tools together with 24/7 technical support when you need help. 

With these features, you will not have to buy open or even manage your own website or even have to rely on other businesses to do this for you. Also, Apex hosting is also compatible with WordPress which does not require any payment for the domain migration for the available game servers. The other reason that makes Apex hosting a better option is that it comes with 1 click installation which means your server gets activated by the host right away.

Judging by these features added to the others like the ones listed above it is right to say that using Apex hosting is one of the best decisions you can ever make. With this hosting, you will never run out of options and you get unlimited opportunities to do as much as you wish.

Apex Vs Other Minecraft Servers

So how does Apex oracle hosting fare when compared to the other such servers? This is also another one of the essential factors you need to consider and will help you make a wiser decision when choosing the best among these options.

Carrying out a comparative analysis is one of the ways we have that you can use to tell which one among them all is the best. The segment below takes a look at some of the other Minecraft servers in comparison to Apex to help you choose the best among them for yourself. 

Listed below are some of the known Apex alternatives which can be just as good as Apex hosting. However, before choosing any of them it is very important that you go through all these alternatives determining which one of them is as good as Apex hosting.

Apex Pricing

Apex hosting has various pricing options. Depending on your choice it is important that you wisely choose the right price package for you:

The basic server comes in with 1 GB RAM which sets you back $4.49 for the first month with another recurring price of $5.99 per month.

The basic server together with modpacks which comes in with 2GB RAM with a $7.49 for the first month with another recurring price of $9.99 per month.

The basic servers together with some modpacks come in at 3GB RAM with a starting price of $11.24 for the first month with another recurring price of $14.9 which is billed per month. 

The basic servers and most modpacks come in with a 4GB RAM and a first monthly price of $14.99 with another recurring cost of $19.99 monthly. 

The basic servers together with most modpacks offer you 5GB RAM at $18.74 for the first month and another monthly billing of $24.99.

The basic servers with all the modpacks offers you 6 GB RAM with a first-month cost of $22.49 and monthly billing of $29.99.

The basic Apex hosting servers and all the modpacks offer you an 8 GB RAM which sets you back $29.99 for the first month and another recurring price of $39.99 billed every month.

The basic servers and all modpacks come in with 10 GB RAM with a cost of $37.49 for the first month and another monthly billing of $49.99.

Lastly, we have the advanced servers with all the modpacks which offer a 15 GB RAM setting you back $59.99 for the first month and another $79.99 billed monthly. 


If you are looking for the best hosting experience then you need to consider working with Apex hosting Minecraft scholarship. Clearly from the information above you can see that it is without any doubt the best option we have in the business. However, before making your decision, it is also important that you look at the other options available and decide which one among them is the best.

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