There has been so much information about Gutenberg. Part of this information has been true while part of it has not been. As the search between Gutenberg vs Elementor goes on it is very essential to pick the best option between these two WordPress page builders.


Gutenberg Overview

Gutenberg Overview

Gutenberg in a nutshell is a block editor which is developed by WordPress. The editor was released back in the year 2008 together with WordPress 5.0. From the time when Gutenberg was released, it has been in use as a default content when using WordPress

Gutenberg was designed with some clear goals in mind.  For instance, it was created with the view of helping improve the experience of designing, publishing, and building a website. The introduction of the modular blocks was such a great step in helping realize this goal.  

Even though Gutenberg is still new in terms of development it has such a big room for development on it. This means that the growth of Gutenberg is expected to go high even in the coming days. The good thing about Gutenberg is that it offers the users immense abilities.

Gutenberg Pros & Cons

Gutenberg being a block editor comes with pros and cons as well. People seeking to make the right choice between Gutenberg vs Elementor must at all times take time to look at this factor as well. It is so essential to determine exactly what the pros and cons of Gutenberg are.

Gutenberg Pros

  • It comes with fewer shortcodes for coding 
  • Less plugin less server load 
  • It comes with a mobile-friendly interface 
  • It offers you a more writing space 
  • You can review your HTML 
  • You get the option to change the cover to the text 
  • Slash autocompletes 
  • Add CTAs more easily 
  • It resembles other platforms like medium 
  • You can use it to create reusable block templates 
  • You get an opportunity to experiment with your friends 

Just like any other thing, Gutenberg also comes with its cons as well. As a person looking for the best choice between Gutenberg vs Elementor, this is one of the factors you need to be considering. Take time to look at what exactly the shortcomings of Gutenberg are before making any prime decision.

Gutenberg Cons

Just like pros, there are also cons of Gutenberg that you must consider beforehand. Check the below cons for more detailed information about the same.

  • It might be a little problematic for other existing extensions, themes, and plugins. So, for this, you need to keep updating your WordPress site from time to time to avoid errors.
  • Another disadvantage can be the API challenge. You will understand this difficulty if you are a WordPress site developer.
  • Fewer shortcodes can be the advantage but there are many individuals who are not confidential with the shortcodes that are not any more functional in the WordPress editor.

Elementor Overview

Elementor Overview

Elementor is one of the most known WordPress page builders. To help understand how big this WordPress builder is, it recorded a whopping 5 million installs as of the year 2020. Since its launch back in the year 2016, the audience of Elementor has been growing up since then.  

There are some things about elementor which have made it a darling to many. For instance, it is so easy to use and also offers a vibrant ecosystem.  If you are looking to build every aspect of your website then Elementor is exactly what you need. The WordPress page builder also comes with many features, many of which make its use so easy.  

Elementor Pros & Cons

Elementor is a known WordPress page builder that is not just amazing but also so easy to use. The page builder comes with its own fair share of pros and cons as well. As a person who is contemplating its choice in Gutenberg vs Elementor, you need to look at these pros and cons.

Doing so will enable you to know exactly what you are choosing and the benefits that come with the same. Also, you will be able to know the shortcomings that come with the same and prepare adequately for the same.  

Elementor Pros

  • The core product is completely free 
  • It comes with such great use and interface 
  • Offers you the best global widgets 
  • Open-source 
  • Active Facebook group 
  • It offers you extreme customization 
  • You get regular updates from it 

 Elementor Cons

  • Forced styling by default 
  • The global vs static templates are sometimes so confusing 
  • It sometimes lacks some marketing-oriented features 
  • It comes with fewer page templates when you compare it to its competitors 

Ease Of Use: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Ease Of Use: Gutenberg vs Elementor

The ease of use is such an essential component of any WordPress page builder, very important. As you consider choosing the best WordPress page builder, it is essential for you to make sure that you are choosing one that is easy to use.  

For some time now, there have been questions about the ease of use between Gutenberg and Elementor. In fact, the ease of use might make the greatest difference between Gutenberg vs Elementor. Making the right choice between these two must factor so much on the ease-of-use bit of it.

Gutenberg: Ease Of Use

One thing that you cannot deny about the Gutenberg editor is that it is very or looks very clean. Other than that, doing some simple tasks on Gutenberg is much easier and straightforward. When it comes to blocks, for instance, Gutenberg offers you so many types of these blocks.

On top of that, the Gutenberg ecosystem grows in an exponential manner and also comes with a free premium collection. This means that the number of blocks is likely to grow more in the coming years and become even better.  

In a nutshell, it can be said that Gutenberg has put a lot towards making sure that there is ease of use. Many clients who have used this WordPress page builder will tell you that its use is not that bad. In fact, people have not had any serious issues using it.  

Elementor: Ease Of Use

Elementor has been around for so long now and as such there are so many opinions up there about it. This means if you want much clearer information about the ease of use of elementor then some reviews can do for you. 

Nonetheless, it is essential also to take time and look at the ease of use of Elementor. Doing so will help you a lot in making the right decision between Gutenberg vs Elementor. Elementor comes with an entirely new interface for the users. Compared to Gutenberg, Elementor comes with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

These features perhaps speak to the issue of ease of use in Elementor which is very essential. In fact, looking at it this way you can easily conclude that it is much better compared to Gutenberg. Even though Elementor has not put in a lot to make sure that there is the best and best ease of use, its user interface is one of the best.

Responsiveness: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Responsiveness: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Responsiveness is also another essential factor when it comes to dealing with a WordPress page builder. If you intend to make the right choice between Gutenberg vs Elementor then responsiveness is also one of the factors you need to consider. If you realize that any of these two do not have the best responsiveness rate then better avoid it.

That said, how do the two fares when it comes to responsiveness, very important to look at. Find out about that in the segment below.

Gutenberg Responsiveness

Since the year 2017, mobile devices have accounted for more than half of the internet traffic. This record now means that mobile devices have eclipsed the internet traffic from computers. Because of this fact, it has become very essential to make websites look amazing on mobile devices. 

The good thing though is that both Gutenberg and Elementor are all compatible with mobile devices. This means that they are all responsive. When it comes to responsiveness, Gutenberg does not come with any function that is out of the box.

Being this way, therefore, means that you as the user will have to rely on plugins to make any process a success.  However, the good thing is that there are many options that you find across all the blocks.  

Elementor Responsiveness

If you are looking for a responsive design that gives you so much control then Elementor is what you need to be considering. For instance, you can choose to hide or even show widgets on your mobile website version.  If there are images that are so huge to view on your mobile phone you can also choose to hide those.  

In a nutshell, elementor offers you so much control when it comes to responsiveness. It is because of this reason that many people find it to be a better choice in Gutenberg vs Elementor on these grounds. However, Gutenberg is also not that bad when it comes to responsiveness, something that also makes it a good choice in this regard.

Page Speed: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Page Speed: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Page speed is simply the time that a page takes to load on your website. On this issue, the battle between Gutenberg vs Elementor also goes toe to toe.

Gutenberg Page Speed

When it comes to page speed Gutenberg comes out on top and this is because of a number of reasons. For instance, research that was carried out revealed that Gutenberg loaded a home page and a test page much faster. The main reason as to why this is or has been the case is due to the fact that Gutenberg comes with a much smaller page size.  

Elementor Page Speed

Elementor does not do so well when it comes to page speed.  It loads at a very low speed, way slower compared to Gutenberg. Thus, if you need the best option between Gutenberg vs Elementor in terms of page speed then Elementor is the best choice for you.

Drag & Drop Features: Gutenberg vs Elementor 

Theme Support: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Drag & Drop Feature Gutenberg 

The drag and drop feature on Gutenberg is very limited, allowing you to just add blocks and move them up and down. What this means is that you cannot resize their heights and width or even create any other blocks as well. However, what you can do is include blocks with much ease and then drag them anywhere you want them to be.

Drag & Drop Feature Elementor

On the other hand, elementor drag and drop features are not as limiting as those of Gutenberg are. These features allow you immense ability which includes resizing the width and the heights and also doing other things with ease.  This is so important especially when it comes to carrying out some essential process within the builder.  

Theme Support: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Theme Support Gutenberg

Support is very key when it comes to any WordPress page builder. Even in debates like Gutenberg vs Elementor support is such an essential factor of consideration. Then needing to get help when you need it cannot be underestimated. Gutenberg is well aware of this and has put in measures to make sure that clients get support when they need it. There is quite a number through which you can do this and make this possible.

For instance, you can contact the company through any of their provided channels which include mail and phone.  The response from the customer support team is just so amazing and cannot compare to many others such as platforms.  

Theme Support Elementor

Elementor has got so many clients from across the globe which explains why it has such good customer care and support service. If you have any issues that need addressing then the elementor can get you to help much faster.  The team handling this process is very capable, well-skilled, and very experienced at the same time.  

Pricing: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Pricing: Gutenberg vs Elementor

Gutenberg Pricing

Gutenberg is a free WordPress builder which is built into WordPress. The Gutenberg ecosystem is also always growing with time. As it grows, it comes with many premium blocks which include stackables that are constantly added.  

Elementor Pricing

Elementor comes with a free version which you can use on a number of websites.  However, when using the free version, you only get access to a number of basic widgets as well as templates.  If you are in need of some of the best features like pro, widgets, and even eCommerce you should upgrade to one of the elementor pricing plans.  

There are three elementor pricing plans currently.  These plans include personal, plus, and expert plans.  These plans offer you everything that a page builder has to offer.  


Gutenberg vs Elementor is a debate that has been around for some time now. The debate takes a look at some of the essential features and components between these two WordPress page builders. From the text above, you will be able to find all the information you need about this comparison.

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