Digital Marketing is the best way to expand your business, there is no doubt in it. 

We are expected to not just understand social media but use it to the fullest of our advantage. 

When talking about advantages, how on Earth will you know whether it’s working! Whether it is actually making an impact in the audience circle or just know the expansion rate. 

Rating, ranking, and algorithms are something that should always be in your mind if you are planning to be the next digital marketing mongal. Lucky for us, with the internet coming up with new tools like Genz come up with new slangs.

Have you heard about Accuranker? If not then sit back as I bring to you one of the best tools to track your digital growth. The excerpt below will have the most accurate accenture review. 


What Is Accuranker?

AccuRanker is a keyword rank monitoring device utilized by over 20,000 businesses globally to enhance their naturally seeking overall performance. AccuRanker clients can add and screen the SERP rankings and positions of hundreds of seeking phrases that force site visitors to the websites. 

The ensuing insights on the overall performance of your keyword that can be understood and ranked on Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing YouTube permit AccuRanker clients to degree and equally optimize their natural search programs.

AccuRanker’s laser concentrates on key-word monitoring. Its device comes with extra keyword monitoring functions at a much lower cost than usual. 

Accenture Review 

Now that you have got an idea of Accenture then this is then let’s get into the features of this tracking. 

Accenture Pricing 

The pricing of the tracking program starts at $109 per month. The pricing is definitely dependent on the keywords that you are tracking. 

Here is the pricing for each keyword 

$109 per month : 1000 keywords 

$209 per month : 1000 keywords 

$649 per month : 10,000 keywords 

They can be discounted for 10%. 

These are the key features in the Accuranker review that are going to be the best reasons to invest in accuranker. 

The rank tracking for keyword

Custom keyword tagging 

Competition performance analysis 

Performance analysis for keyword 

Report builder 

Google integration, Databox 

How To Set Up Keyword Tracking With Accuranker 

Getting commenced with AccuRanker is easy and takes much less than an hour. In order to get commenced, you upload your domain, upload your goal key phrases, and, in case your plan allows, upload competitors.

Adding Your Domain 

After you join up for AccuRanker, you may be taken to a display to feature area. You’ll additionally be brought on to proceed the way you need.  There you show the area name, your seek location, and if appropriate, your Google Name for Business purposes. 

Now Add The Keywords 

The subsequent step in the installation is including your key phrases. You can connect to Google Search to expedite the ad, use a CSV, or add them manually. Additionally, you may upload tags to key phrases as a way to be distinctly precious for segmented analyses withinside the tool.

AccuRanker permits you to analyze overall work performance in each Google account and Bing, and for cell and computer. An essential factor to recognize in advance is that AccuRanker will count the equal keyword being tracked for each Google account, as key phrases. 

In different words, to monitor the equal keyword on each search engine like google and yahoo, each gadget will rely on four key phrases in the direction of your subscription.

Adding The Competitors 

The basic plan is the only one that doesn’t allow you to add the competitors. However, if you are serious about the tracking game and want to have all the data in your hand. So, you should pay the extra and get a competitor’s algorithm too. This is going to be of great help! 

These are the things you will be receiving with this addition. 

  • Share Of Voice 
  • The winners and losers of keyword 
  • Distribution of ranking 
  • Keyword rank of your competitor.

Accuranker Main Dashboard 

These are the things you will be able to access in the websites’ dashboard according to the Accuarnker review 2021. 

Overview Tab

The assessment tab within side the primary dashboard has numerous reports, which we will be enlisting below. Each document may be filtered through 20 dimensions which include positive keywords, locations, tags ranks, and seek engines.

  • Your Top Competitors 
  • Winners and Losers 
  • Average rank 
  • Notifications 

Keyword Tab 

The key phrases tab offers masses of records approximately all of your key phrases for a provided date range. This is the record wherein you may spend the bulk of time digging into the information of your natural search engine performance. Here’s 3 analyses that might display precious insights on your search engine marketing campaigns:

  • Identifying all of the key phrases related to a given touchdown web page and investigating how the positions can be trending in time.
  • Filter for all key phrases with excessive search quantity wherein you rank simply out within the 10th ranking and determine to goal that one key phrase to your search engine marketing efforts.
  • Filter for an essential search time period to discover all of your associated key phrases and spots, and how they may be performing.

The official page of Accuranker

Reasons To Invest In Accuranker 

These Are The Top Reasons for Investing According to Accuranker review. Also known Accuranker Pros. 

  • Ranking data in desktop and other mobile devices. 
  • The ranking is very accurate in contrast to their competitors 
  • Distributed keyword ranking 
  • Keyword segmentation and tagging 
  • Feature analysis for SERP 
  • The rankings are very scheduled 
  • Tracking at a zip code level 

To Conclude 

The reason why you should always track your record and your competitors is because feedback is the treasure to your success. Always pay special attention to the google algorithm

Hopefully this Accuranker review will assist you in understanding if this is the right platform in which you need to invest in order to get a metrical measurement of your expansion. 

As of now the platform hasn’t seen any major cons but it is advisable to go through other raw reviews of the platform before investing in it. 

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