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By Mashum Mollah

“Semrush is a Marketing solution designed to help enterprises streamline procedures related to search engine optimization, keyword research advertising campaigns, and many others. With this plugin, professionals can monitor domains and keyword ranking through reports and also make use of organic research tools to gain insights into competitors' content strategies.”

In-Depth SEMrush Review

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SEMrush Review

If you are looking for a marketing solution designed to help you streamline your enterprise procedures, then Semrush is what you need. With so many incredible features, this tool can work out wonders for you in some simple ways.

For a person looking to gain some essential insights into your competitor’s content strategies, then you need Semrush more than any other thing. This tool will definitely offer you more value than you can think of.

We shall be looking at some of the top features that come with Sem rush with the view of helping you understand just how good this tool is. 

Semrush is one of the best all-in-one software tools we have around for keyword research, position tracking, competitive analysis, among many others. If you are looking for ways that you can use to save time to find new high-volume keywords for targeting in paid and organic search. 

This tool offers you visibility into your competitors’ online marketing tactics and will also help you monitor your website SEO performance in search engines.

This is extremely popular and a world-class solution that is best for any digital marketer who manages paid or organic search. You will get more insights into this Semrush review.

What is SEMrush?

Of course, we have to tell you what this is before moving on. In simple terms, this is an all-in-one online tool suite aimed at improving online visibility and helping you discover your marketing insights. SEMrush comes with tools that report that it can work in search engine PPC and many others. 

Founded in just 2008, the company has grown over these years to over 4 million users and has also employed over 650 employees during the same time.

With so many people finding this tool useful, it can only be anticipated that the number of users will only go up in the coming days, and so will the employees.

Features (4.8/5)

One of the greatest features of Semrush is that it comes with some of the best features that are all aimed at helping you use the tool optimally. We are going to look at some of these features, each one of them, hoping that in the end, we shall help you understand perfectly why Sem rush is one of the best tools we have around. 

As said above, we have so many of these features, but we cannot even if we wanted to look at all of them. Instead, we shall only look at a few and see which ones make Semrush the best tool you need if you need to improve your online visibility by far. 

semrush student discount

1. Organic Keywords as Per URL

Many people regard this as the best Sem rush review feature by far. There are so many reasons for this, one of them being that the feature can be used in so many ways. This report can be used to identify the available keyword opportunities for the existing URLs and can also be used in identifying keywords to target in new articles.

With the information coming from this feature, you can identify keywords you want to target in a new post. You can do this by simply submitting a URL of a competitor that is now ranking high for a topic you want to write about. 

If not that, you can also use this article to see how your articles rank in google and then take an appropriate step from there. Given that this report can be quite long, you can avoid going through all of it by filtering various search volume and position in the google search results. 

2. Competitor Research

If you really wish to make the most out of your content strategy, you need to work out competitor analysis. By doing proper competitor research, you will get new ideas that will offer you the keywords to rank for and help you identify current gaps in your overall content.

Semrush review glassdoor comes with a domain overview page where you can see a widget with the organic competitor. Once you see this, move ahead and click on the widget. Once you do this, a screen will show you a long list of competitors with similar content as your site does with overlapping ranking keywords.

Once you get here, you can click on any of the competitors to get more details. We have a report that will give you all the URLs your selected competitors are ranking with. This is essential information as it will allow you to find tons of new topics and keyword opportunities. 

3. Keyword Gap

This is another wonderful addition to the keyword previous section about competitor research. Many people do competitor research, but they still find the keyword gap such a wonderful feature. Why this feature and why is it great you might want to know, well it is because of so many things you have to know.

First, the keyword gap feature does a side-by-side comparison of the keyword content and profiles that go up to 5 domains. With this feature, you typically submit your own domain box at the left and then after that add up to 4 competitors in the boxes that come next to it. 

Once you do this, move ahead and click on the compare button, and you will be able to see an overview page containing various widgets, graphs, and tables. The most essential data is then presented in the keyword details. This table allows you to filter on different intersections and compare your domain against our competitors’ competitor domains. 

For instance, you can filter on the missing words, which let you know of the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for, but your site does not rank for them. Other than that, you can also filter on the weak keywords that will show you those keywords that your website is ranking lower for compared to your competitors. 

As seen and evident above, it is evident that drilling into this data can offer you so much useful information, especially if you are working on a long-term content strategy plan. All this will help you make the most out of your keywords, knowing those who are doing well and those who do not.

4. Keyword Magic tool

This is yet another excellent feature that allows you to find on Semrush review, which allows you to find all the suitable keywords that have a relationship to your main keyword. The first step in using this feature is submitting the seed keyword that you wish to make further analysis.

As you can think of or imagine, the list is usually very huge, which is why the filter at the top side can really be essential. By default, this table will show you all keywords which are a broad match to the seed keyword. If you like, you can change this to a phrase match to show all the key phrases containing the same words, just as the seed word but this time in a different order. 

If you do not like that, you can also do it to the exact match. Doing this will show you a list of phrases with the exact words as those in the seed keyword but in a similar order. This is also essential, especially when you are searching for those less competitive long-tail keywords. 

5. Keyword Position Tracking

Just like it is the case with most of the keyword research tools, Semrush has a position tracking module that tracks, which allows or makes it very easy for you to track specific words. These keywords that you find important, the keywords that you have tracked each day with the view of knowing how things are going. 

The first thing to do in this regard is to develop a Sem rush review project if you do not have one already. If you have one, you are good to go as you will not need to go through the entire process of setting up your account again.

You can access your list of created projects through a menu located on the sidebar of your account. From here, you can add some more new projects. Once you have established a project for your website, you can add those keywords you intend to track. 

Just in case you are worried about this process and how hard or technical it is, worry no more. It is an easy and straightforward process, making it very easy for you to type your keywords and then add them to the list. Once you have all those keywords that you need a Semrush to track for you, you will gain access to many interesting tables and graphs. 

The more you continue tracking these keywords, the more valuable data will come out in the end over time. The graph that will come out will be fascinating as it will tell you the performance of all your tracked keywords over time, just as an average number. 

6. Backlink Analysis

Even though we have so many bloggers who are not typically occupied with backlink analysis, this is one thing that is recommended for every blogger. As such, these bloggers have to pay so much attention to it. Sem rush review offers an excellent backlink analysis module that allows you to identify so many links, including good links, bad links, lost links, among many others.

However, just like any other module in Semrush, the backlink module’s analysis also comes with a tone of reports, features, and whistles. This can be so much so that in some cases, it might even become more overwhelming and complicated to the extent that it becomes so hard to be used. It is because of this reason that some bloggers do not really like it. 

However, we have some features that the backlink analysis comes with which are so easy to understand. For your sake, we will go through some of these features to try to change the kind of thoughts and views people have towards the backlink analysis. 

7. Authority score

One of these features is the Semrush authority score, where you find that the higher the score, the better the link typically is. This is the case simply because of the quality of the referring page, which is always higher. If you like, you can sort out the first seen column, which will then show you the recently found backlink. 

It is also good and much better to work out if you are getting many new spam links. These links could be links to a specific page or even links to a specific image. If you realize that these links are adding up and your organic traffic on the hand is stalling or declining, then that will mean that you need to carry out a much deeper analysis to determine if you need a disavow or not. 

You need to note that you can drill down this report with the advanced filters. For instance, you can filter the list based on anchor text or even the domain extension as to how or whether you will do this will depend on how you intend to analyze your own profile or, in some cases, someone else’s.

8. URL and Domain Level 

It is also worth noting that you cannot just do this at the domain level, but you also can do so even at the URL level basis. This is useful in seeing how many quality backlinks any given URL has, which will help you determine just how strong your URL is. 

The report that is also useful here is the referring domains report. This is one report that shows you all the backlinks as per a domain. This is so essential, especially when it comes to analyzing the health of your backlink profile. 

For instance, if you witness an unusual amount emanating from one and a similar domain, you can potentially pick up this as a spam signal using search engines. 

9. The Latest Report Changes

This is the report that many people go to any time they are using Semrush. Many people do this because the report offers them information on any major changes on the increase and the decrease of the keyword rankings in the last 24 hours.

This information is useful as it helps you know if your site has been affected by any Google updates. In such a case, you will be able to see extreme fluctuations. For many people, this is one of those routine things they do before doing anything because of this information’s essence. 

There is a very elaborate process that you can use either in or any other relevant place to get this report when you need it. You will see a very long list of the latest position changes for your keywords on the domain. 

10. Optimize Your Current Blog Posts with Your Existing Blog Posts On-Page Search Engine Optimization Checker 

If you are looking to optimize your page for a much better search ranking, you need an on-page SEO checker. This is one tool, in particular, that is aimed at optimizing websites for a much better search ranking, and if this is one of your goals, then it is exactly what you need. 

The tool offers precise optimization ideas that seek to improve the search visibility of web pages on your site based on your competitors’ activities aimed at ranking ahead of you. In this case, you can use the On-Page SEO checker to optimize your existing blog posts on your site. 

If you are a WordPress user, then you must get better plugins for your On-page SEO. Here also SEMrush is helping you by providing the wordpress plugins feature.

On-Page SEO checker is widely regarded as a project tool, meaning if you have to use this tool, you need to come up with a new project for your domain just in case you have not yet done that. Once you have this project, move on to the projects dashboard and start your On-Page SEO checker campaign. 

In just a few seconds, Semrush academy reviews will generate a report which will list all those optimization ideas that Sem rush has gathered with the view of enhancing your website SEO. At the very bottom of the report, you will find those top pages that need to be optimized, listed by their combined total volume.

11. Optimize Your Site Technical Search Engine Optimization With Site Audit 

As a blogger, you need not ignore in any way the essence of technical SEO. If you aim to rank very high in the search result pages, you need to make sure that you have no issues with your website’s technical side. 

The audit feature of SEMRush can help you identify any technical SEO problems with your website and help you highlight those steps that you can use in fixing those issues. If you do not know how to run a site audit for your site, all you need to do is navigate the projects area and select the site audit. 

12. Monitor Your Brand Outreach with The Use of Brand Monitoring Tool

Even though brand monitoring is majorly done by marketing agencies and PR managers, it is also significant for the bloggers to keep track of any positive mentions. This can help so much in obtaining an easy backlink. 

The Semrush review brand monitoring tool can help you save so much of your time by scanning the web with the view of finding online mentions as well as customer reviews for your blogs. Apart from this area, you can also monitor the mentions of blogs on Twitter.

Performance (4.5/5)

semrush website analysis

Many people will agree that Semrush is way above compared to other SEO tools for performance. Its speed is much better, and if you intend to do anything here, then chances are you will find doing so such an easy thing. 

Some areas within the tool need some ironing out or even improvement, but that does not mean that the general performance of the Semrush review is poor, not that is not the case. Even the issue of performance is relative where people regard it in their own ways; generally, we can say that the Sem rush performance is not that bad.

The information above is gold since it offers you a lot of keyword opportunities. We have new keywords to target in your articles by adding new paragraphs to cover these keywords. If you do this in the right way and over a given period, you stand a better chance and a more excellent way of increasing your overall organic traffic to your blog. 

However, you need to keep in mind that these changes are some of the changes that the Semrush SEO tool has picked up for your website when running the platform’s automatic searches. However, this does not mean that these are the only changes; we could have many more others that Sem rush has not yet picked up.  

In general, these latest changes offer you a very realistic impression of how your site is currently tracking. This means that nothing really can go on without your knowledge. Everything that will be happening will be well tracked by you from the beginning to the end.  

Ease of Use (4.6/5)

semrush academy

Is Semrush easy to use, or is it tough and difficult? Well, this depends on so many things like what one is doing, among others. However, with so many features on Sem rush, it can only be concluded that using the SEO tool is not that hard. 

In fact, many of the users admit that compared to other SEO tools, Semrush is much easier to use as it comes with so many features like the ones seen above, which eases its use; we even have a Semrush free trial option that you can try out as make up your mind on this issue. Therefore, on the issue of ease of use, we can also say that Semrush does better.

The word competitor might not be an excellent thing as it might have a negative sound to it, but that should not make you lose sight that competition is good. Without competition, you might not be able to improve your products, services, or even your content. 

Competition is also going to keep you sharp and well-focused. The other important thing you need to note is that a competitor in the Semrush review does not amount to competition in real life. This only means that we have an overlap in the published content.

Support (4.9/5)

How likely are you to get help on Semrush when you need it? This is also another one of the questions that many people are asking. Well, if you are worried about this, then worry no more; there are many ways that you can use to get this help if you need it.

You can call Semrush if you have any issues that you feel the company support system to attend to. When you do this and lodge your complaint, you will be attended to within the shortest period. 

Other than this, we also have another way through which you can use to get help from Semrush review, and that is by writing. When you do this and specify your problem properly, you stand a chance of getting back a response within the shortest period of time.

Normally, the feedback time from Semrush does not always take more than 12 hours. This means that you will be able to get help within this time when you need it most. All you need to make sure that you respond to your concerns is to specify your problems perfectly. 

In general, we can say that there are many ways you can use to get help on Semrush when you need this help most. This means that if you have or encounter any problem, it is up to you to decide which way is the best for you ct the company support system for assistance.

Pricing (4.7/5)

SEMrush Pricing

Semrush pricing currently comes with three standard monthly, which are as follows. The pro-option comes in at $ 99.95, then we have the Guru, which comes in at the cost of $ 199. 95 and finally, we have the business version, which sets you back $ 399. 95.

If you need any further data, then Semrush will be more than happy to help you out with that and customize your needs. All these three plans are recurring, which means that you will have to renew the bill on the same day of the month next month. 

Besides the monthly plans, we also have the annual plans to inquire more about by reaching out to the Semrush customer care sales team. Once you do this, you will be assisted as per your needs depending on what they are. 

In general, we can say that the payment plans on Semrush are not that bad if you look at them regarding how much you make from them. Many of them are and will always remain a bargain as you tend to get more from them.

Given these low costs, you have no reason but to start using Semrush right away as it comes with so many benefits, as demonstrated above.

Semrush Pricing Details
SEMrush Plan Results Per Report Reports Per Day Keyword Metrics/month Historical Data View Details
Pro Plan 10K 3K 250 NA Click here
Guru Plan 30K 5K 1K Yes Click here
Business Plan 50K 10K 5K Yes Click here

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I think SEMrush is not just an SEO Tool; it is a complete Blogging Tool. Also, thanks for the article; you deeply covered all the major points about SEMrush.
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Bottom line

If you have any intentions of growing your organic traffic over time, then Semrush competitive data is the tool you need to make all this possible. Coming with so many features, all of which are helpful in their own ways, no better SEO tool will help you grow your blog than this.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best SEO tool, this SemRush review will tell you that it is one of the best solutions in the market. It has multiple features that make it stand out in the market.

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