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“As it has been said, time and over again keyword research is a very essential component of establishing a successful niche website. As it has been proven, keyword research is essential for eCommerce sites, bloggers, and other businesses. If you are in any businesses that produce that you hope will rank well on Google, then keyword research tools like long-tail keyword pro are what you need."

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long tail pro review

If you are in any online business, then your success here will depend on so many things. One of these things is the kind of keyword research tools you use in this business. Finding the best keyword research tool can help you create success in this business, and this is why you need a Longtail pro.

This is one tool that will help you find those low competition keywords for your website. To be more precise, this tool is built for those who are doing search engine optimization instead of those that are doing paid ads. In a nutshell, this is a tool that helps you to find keywords really fast and in bulk based on your input seed keyword.

In addition to just returning hundreds of the related keywords, this tool also shows you the search volume, advertiser bid, the number of the keywords, the keyword rank, among many other things. It is the tool you need if you wish to get far with your online business, and it also comes with very reasonable costs, which include a long tail pro discount.

What is Long Tail Pro?

This is simple terms is a keyword researching tool that helps or allows you to get low competition search keywords for your website much quicker. If you are doing search engine optimization, this is the tool you need as it is best suited.

The longtailpro-company was created back in 2011 and has since grown from that time to something bigger now. If you are looking for software where you can input one or even multiple keyword seed keywords and get tons of long tail keywords and content marketing ideas, this is what you need to look for.

Features (4.6/5)

One of the things that determine the strength and the quality of any keyword research tool is the kind of features the tool comes with. It is these features that make the use of the tool either easy or difficult. Also, you can tell if you are dealing with the right tool or not from the features.

This is the case with all keyword research tools, including the Long tail pro review. This tool also comes with a good number of features, which you will see below. Just in case you do not know what these features are, they are some of the best we have around and have so much to offer.

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1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the first one of the lists of Long tail pro features. This is a feature that allows you to make or do some analysis of your own. With this analysis, you get to see how your competitors are doing and even offer you ways and insight on how you can beat them.

Many other features come with features like the average competitiveness analysis, the external backlinks, the site age, among many others. It is one of the best features we have around that you can use, especially if you are looking to make it in this business, and you feel that one of the ways you can use to make that possible is by monitoring how your competitors are doing.

2. The Rank Tracker

This is another feature that is so essential for you and your search engine optimization business. If you need to know how the keywords you use are doing regarding driving more traffic, then the long tail pro download is the feature that will make all that possible for you.

Using this feature is also not that hard; all you need to do is pop in the keywords into this rank tracking tool, and a long tail pro will take it from there, automatically checking the positions of the rankings of your keywords in google in the past 24 hours.

Other than this, you also get the ability to track to do the tracking in yahoo and Bing if you like. However, given that you are an internet marketer, this might look like a less ideal thing to do. If you are interested in seeing your keywords’ performance in countries that are out of the USA, you can also choose or select different locations to check out this.

If you are thinking to yourself that this is not the right thing to do, you need to know that we have many famous entrepreneurs targeting google SERPs located in other countries. This means that by tracking your keywords’ performance in other countries, you could just gain a lot from it as well.

The results that come out of this feature show you the exact location where your niche is currently ranking and show you the history of where you used to rank. This way, it is possible for you to see if your positions are higher or lower based on the google position over the past week or month.

If you click on an individual keyword, you will see the history for the period of time you have been tracking it. If you wish, you can export the results for your own use, and if you are tracking clients, you can send them exports.

3. Helps You to Search for Multiple Keywords at Once

The process of searching for keywords can be such a taxing and daunting task in some cases, not just on long tail pro but on long tail pro affiliates as well. If you have many keywords that you wish to search, this process might take so much time in the end. Having a way that you can use to search for these keywords in multiple without necessarily having to search each one of them at a time can be such a wonderful thing.

This is where Long tail pro comes in the best feature in the one above. In this feature, you get an opportunity to search for multiple keywords with just a single click. This feature is appreciated as it saves you so much of the time that you would have used to search a single keyword at a time.

4. Offers 800 Results Per Seed Keyword

It is not always a guarantee that you will get many results per a seed keyword. This is a preserve of very few search engine optimization tools, and long tail pro is one of them. With this tool, you get up to 800 results per single seed keyword no matter what you are doing.

5. Easy to Filter

Filtering a search optimization tool is sometimes not an easy thing or process to carry out. In some cases, the process might be a bit complicated, especially if you are dealing with a complicated search engine optimization tool as well.

Fortunately for you, a long tail pro comes with an easy to filter feature, making it absolutely easy for you to carry out the filtration process. For those people who would like to save so much time with the filtration process, this feature on the long tail is here to help you with that.

6. Finding New Domains Automatically

If you have been in the business of finding domains, you will agree that this is one manual process that is not easy to carry out. In some cases, you might even find this process taking you so much time to complete.

However, thanks to this feature, that is no longer the case with a long tail pro. This feature makes it possible for you to find domains automatically and in a much easy way. Instead of going through all the processes of finding domains manually, you can simply do this automatically, and you will be saved the time you would have used to do these things manually.

7. You Can Import Lists of Keywords at Once Going Up To 10, 000

Importing keywords is another daunting task that many people go through with search engine optimization tools. According to so many people, it is not easy, and in some cases, you might have to do it one at a time, something that takes a lot of time.

If you have any hopes of saving time, then this process will simply scuttle them. You will definitely find yourself taking so much time to carry out this process, and before you complete it, so much of your time will have escaped. If you were to check out the long tail pro reviews in many places, you will notice that this is one of many people’s concerns.

With this feature on long tail pro, things are a bit different. In fact, it is more than a blessing to you if you intend to import many lists of keywords. The feature gives you the ability to import up to 10 000 lists of keywords at once. Doing this saves you the time you would have used to do other things and focus on other things of equal essence.

8. Checks Rankings of Sites Like in Google, Yahoo as Well Bing

Rankings on google and yahoo, among other sites, can tell you how your keywords are doing. By having this information, you will know which keywords are doing right and which ones are not. This way, you will know where to improve just if you are not satisfied with the performance of these keywords on the said platforms.

9. Keyword Research Module

This is also another wonderful feature and the most useful module that you can use to get the hundreds of keywords you need. To use this feature, you only need to enter the seed word and hit the enter button to generate the keywords.

You can choose the broad or even the phrase of the exact keywords match on the basis for finding the keyword volume. The other option you get on this feature is to fetch additional data and, apart from that, also apply filters. Finally, you also get the ability to export or download all the keywords into spreadsheets just in case you would like to use them in the future.

10. Competitor Analysis Module

This feature in a competitor analysis module allows you to analyze the top 10 results that come with any given seed word. This module consists of the following things, the age of the site, the number of backlinks, the page authority, and the page rank.

11. The Rank Checker Module

This is the module you need if you intend to check the search term from the selected URLs. Its primary purpose is checking each search term from the selective URLs.

12. Keyword Research Up To 6000 In Every 24 Hours

Long tail offers you the ability to carry out an extensive keyword research process that goes up to 6000 in just an hour alone. This means you get an opportunity to carry out this research without any problems as you have more than enough chances to carry out this process and make it a success, and this is even evident in the long tail pro review.

13. Simultaneous Logins Which Go Up To 5

Long tail pro comes with so many features, and this is yet another one of them. With this feature, you get simultaneous logins that go up to 5. Compared to the other such search optimization tools, you will find that this feature makes Long tail a much better feature and one of the best we have around.

14. Daily Rank Updates

How are your keywords ranking? This is also another important consideration that you need not ignore. You need to always check how these keywords are ranking and possibly improve where they are not ranking well. However, without knowing where and how your keywords rank, you might not be able to act appropriately even when you need to.

This is also another area where a long tail got you covered. The daily rank updates feature allows you to look at how your keywords are doing day in day out. This way, you never miss out on anything regarding the performance and the rank of your keywords.

15. Unlimited Free Trial Options

One of the things that make Long tail pro such a fantastic feature is that it comes with unlimited trial options. This means that if you wish to try out anything for whatever reason, then you get an opportunity to do that with ease.

The free trial option also allows you to learn all the long tail pro components using it with ease in the days to come. Given that sometimes there might be some challenges with the long tail pro, the free trial feature is admired as it has so much to offer.

16. Helps You to Create an Array of Projects

If you are looking for a distinctive campaign for different sites, then this is what you need. Due to this feature’s result, you will be able to add some more keywords to your keyword organization. To get further information on this issue, you can check out the long tail pro reviews in 2021 for more information.

17. Generate Keywords Basing on Your Seed Keywords

If you have been looking or looking for a way that you can use to generate keywords based on your seed word, this is the tool you need. This tool makes it possible for you to carry out this process easily without any problems.

18. Look for All the Available Domains

This is yet another top feature of a long tail pro. Just in case you need to create a micro-niche blog, you can find help in the long tail pro tool and seek suggestions on some of the available keyword-rich domain names we have around.

19. You Can Create Your Favorite Keywords

Having the best or your favorite keywords can help you in so many ways. One, you can check out the performance of these keywords anytime, tracking them and making sure that they give you the best returns in the end.

20. Bulk Keyword Suggestions

You do not always get bulk keyword suggestions with other search engine optimization tools. However, with a Longtailpro, this is one thing you are sure of. Any time you key in a suggestion into the tool, you will always get many suggestions coming up.

Long tail pro has so many suggestions to offer any time you are looking for something. From the suggestions, you will have so many options that you can choose from regarding the keywords suggestions we have around.

Ease of Use (4.6/5)

The long tail pro comes with so many features. Some of these features, which include the rank tracker, are so easy to use. Even if you have never used Long tail pro in the past, you will find using some of these features an easy thing to do.

In some cases, you do not even need to have any training on using a long tail pro; these features are just straightforward and easy to use. These features are easy to use means that you can use them optimally and get the best out of them.

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1. An Affordable and Pocket-Friendly Keyword Research Tool

You do not always get many pocket-friendly research tools around. Some of them are so good, but they will always set you back so much money at the end of every month or year. However, this is not the case with a long tail pro as it is very economical and pocket-friendly.

The tool makes it possible for you to get the most out of your search engine optimization business while at the same time paying so little for it. For people who like making the most out of such tools while at the same time using so little money, this is the tool you need to go for.

2. The Rank Tracker Is 100% Perfect

You need the best features, then long tail pro has them for you. One of the reasons this tool comes with the best features is to deliver the best experience to its users. Thus, when using a long tail pro, these features make it easy and fast for you to use the tool and get the results you need in the end.

As one of the features of long tail pro, the rank tracker is 100% accurate even on long tail pro free. This means that if you are using this feature, you will get the right and the best results out of it. It might look to you as though this is the case with all the other search engine optimizations tools, but that is not the case.

There are some search engine optimization tools that come with a misleading rank tracker. This could be because of so many factors, but the bottom line is they might not be as reliable as Long tails pro is.

Making any key decision based on the information coming out of such keyword rank trackers might just land you in problems in the long run. Fortunately for you, a Long tail pro comes with the best rank tracker that is accurate at all times, meaning it can be relied upon for key decisions should there be a need to make them.

3. Excellent Keyword Competitiveness Score

There might be an excellent keyword competitiveness score but whether it is accurate or not is a different thing. We have some keyword competitive scores that are not in any way accurate. This means that even though they may offer you the information you need, it might be hard for you to make something meaningful out of this information since the information might be inaccurate.

4. Daily Keyword Ranking Updated on Daily Basis

One of the best ways that you can use to plan or in planning in the keyword search engine business is by getting updates on the ranking of your keywords. With such updates, it becomes much easier for you to do some things, especially those of great essence.

Long tail pro, as seen in the long tail pro reviews, offers you daily ranking updates, which give you some insights into how your keywords are doing in terms of ranking performance. With the daily ranking updates, you will know those keywords that need to be changed based on their performance and those that need not.

5. Export Keywords to Excel Spreadsheet

If you need a way to export keywords to an excel spreadsheet, then long tail pro offers you a way to make this possible. With this feature, you have more than enough ways that you can use to make this process possible in case you need to carry it out.

Performance (4.6/5)

A long tail pro is a software that enables you to find those keywords that offer you so much traffic allowing you to analyze the competition and also allow you to monitor your ranking within major search engines. All this happens intending to help your blog and the website rank much higher in google.

This software can do all these things with a far much better speed in so many ways. Therefore, if performance is looked at in terms of speed, we can say that this tool comes with its very best.

However, that is not all; we have so many other things that also determine the performance of such software. For instance, the ease of use of such software can also be a determinant when it comes to the issue of performance.

The software might be so fast using it but might come with some other complications in terms of ease of use. Such things might contribute to a bad user experience, which might ultimately lead to poor performance.

Fortunately, Long tail pro is not also that difficult to use. The software comes with a free trial option that you can use to gauge the performance of the software and learn some more things about it. Therefore, it is right to say that long tail pro is one of the best search engine software we have around when it comes to performance.

Support (4.4/5)

long tail pro support

No matter the kind of search engine optimization tool you are using, a time will always come when you face some issues and challenges with the software. When such a time comes, the only thing you can do is seek help if we have places where you can find it.

Long tail pro, just like much other such software we have around, might develop problems in some cases as well. When this or such a thing happens, it is only right that you look for help right away to see you get assisted soon as possible.

Long tail pro comes with many ways that you can use to look for help in case you get stuck with anything. For instance, you can call the company customer support unit, and they will be able to assist you within the shortest period of time.

Other than that, you can also contact the company through other means like writing to them through email, which they will also respond to very fast. The good thing about long tail pro is that they always take the shortest period of time to respond to a complaint just in case we have any or assistance when it is needed most.

Pricing (4.7/5)

long tail pro pricing

The other important thing about long tail pro that cannot go unmentioned is the issue of pricing. How much are you going to pay for the services or the subscription of this software? This is also another important thing that need not be ignored when considering important things to note before resorting to the use of a long tail pro.

Well, the price of a long tail is not that much, depending on who you are, this is one thing that you can manage. As said in the text above, the long tail pro is pocket-friendly, meaning it does not cost so much. For a beginner, you should opt to use long tail platinum, which is currently priced at $37 per month, being a monthly subscription that will have to be renewed every month.

Judging from this cost and other factors like a long tail pro platinum discount, it is right to say that long tail pro is not that expensive as it is the case with other alternatives we have around. Therefore, if you are looking for the best reliable and top software that costs reasonably, then this is what you need to go for.

Long Tail Pro Pricing Details
Long Tail Pro


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Annual Starter 800 30
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Annual Pro 2500 200 Unlimited 2 Click here
Annual Agency 6000 1000 Unlimited 5 Click here

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Bottom line

If you are looking for a good and user-friendly tool that delivers instant results, then long tail pro is what you need to go for. With so many features like the ones listed above, this is one of the best search engine tools you will ever find around compared to longtailpro alternatives. It is indeed one of the top SEO tools that you can use to optimize your website. Long tail pro will not let you down as long as you know how to use it well.


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