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“KWfinder has an intuitive design that is designed by Mongols. It is a popular alternative to the other options we have in the market, such as Moz & long tail pro. This tool is loved by many people due to its focus as well as simplicity. It comes with the ability to help in finding and evaluating those long-tail keywords which are easy to rank for, and also its payments which include KWfinder discount are a reason why the tool is loved that much.”

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KWFinder Review

KWfinder is one of the best keyword finder tools we have out there; it comes with a seamless interface, compelling features, and a gorgeous design. If you are a blogger and specifically a beginner, then this is the tool you need to be working with, given the kind of KWfinder reviews this tool comes with.

That is not just all; if you are also a veteran webmaster, you can also find so much value in this tool. The tool comes with what many refer to as powerful data aggregation used for keyword analysis. KWfinder is probably the most intuitive UI of any of the keyword search tools we have out there in the market currently. 

In case you have any issues using it, then worry no more. The makers of the tool had you in mind when they were making this tool as well. It is one of the best tools we have out there that comes with the best fast and very quality support.

This means if you have any issues, then the chances of you getting help for these problems are very high. That is why many people like and prefer the use of KWfinder compared to the other options we have around. 

What is KWfinder?

This is an excellent keyword search tool used to find and get hundreds of long-tail keywords with very low SEO difficulty and high search volumes. This keyword tool is designed with a very user-friendly interface as well as great metrics.

These metrics are very essential as they help you in improving your SEO efforts. If you have never used this tool before then, it will be much better for you to come up with a free account that will get you an additional advantage like datastore and reuse. Given that this tool is a web-based application, it comes with many other additional tools. 

Features (4.4/5)

The quality and strength of any SEO tool lie in the kind of features the tool comes with. It is these features that make the use of such a feature either easy or difficult. In the case of KWfinder, things are not any different.

The tool comes with so many features that are both intuitive and interesting as well. The list below is a compilation of some of the top KWfinder features seen from the KWfinder reviews in 2021.

kwfinder discount

1. Keyword Lookup

This is the first feature on KWfinder; the feature works so that when you submit one or more keywords, the tool will immediately show several indicators for the keyword. The feature comes with many other sub-features like the following. 

Trend: This is a visual illustration of the number of searches for a certain keyword over the last 12 months. With this feature, you can see which keywords have been searched most and which ones have not in just under one year. 

Search: This tool basically talks or makes you see the estimated number of searches in a given month for the keyword in your configured country. With the tool, no searches will ever be carried out in your country without your knowledge. 

CPC: This is the estimated cost you will pay per click which appears for that particular keyword using paid search. 

PPC: This is a paid search difficulty index that ranges from 0 to 100, which indicates the competition level in google ads.

KD: The keyword difficulty is the number from 0 to 100, which indicates how difficult it is to rank a certain keyword. 

2. The Bulk Upload and Review

With this tool, you can upload a list of keywords to analyze the tool. Instead of adding suggestions, this tool will provide keyword analysis and its KD index for any list keywords. These keywords can be sorted out using one of the five metrics, making it much easier for you to select the keywords you intend to add to the keyword list. 

3. Domain Lookup 

With this feature’s help, it is very much possible for you to explore other sites and the keyword positioning. If you are in for a competitive search, then this is the best approach for you. The approach will help you quickly and efficiently establish and complement your own keyword lists with their use. 

This data is based on monitoring the search results to identify those words on which your entered domain appears in the very top results. 

4. List Creation

The eventual output of the KWfinder tool is the keyword list. The best way to work the tool is to establish various lists and then add keywords to each of the lists even as you run them during the keyword research process. 

Carrying out or making this process is not a very difficult thing to do. You can simply do this by carrying out a simple selection in the keyword review. This way, users can extract lists by either copying them to the clipboard or, if not, download them as a CSV file. 

5. Integration with The Other Mangools Tools 

Any time you opt for an account with KWfinder, you will gain access to the other Mangools tools, which are always included in the subscription that you can also see in the KWfinder reviews. These tools allow you or make it very easy for you to check and also search the results pages.

You can do this if you want to monitor keyword ranking and review and research the backlinks profile. If you wish to benchmark sites on several metrics, it will also be possible for you to make this possible.

6. Keyword Suggestions

This is yet another amazing feature on KWfinder. Once you enter your seed word, you can enter the country and the language you wish to search. Many people prefer to leave these sets to go anywhere. 

7. Autocomplete Search 

Well, this is one feature on KWfinder that many people will tell you have not used in the past. However, if you intend to try it out, it is also exciting to use. You can try searching any word, and you will get more than enough suggestions coming your way in the end. 

This feature is based on many factors, including religion, popularity, search language, and many others. The feature is so amazing in some cases, saving you so much time that you would have used spending time searching things that can be easily auto searched. 

8. The Question Searches

This is yet another feature on KWfinder which brings back those questions that people would like to know the answers to. For instance, if you type in how much golf simulators cost, you will get answers like how much the golf simulators cost, among many other suggestions. 

Interestingly, you can actually write a blog post using these questions and the answers, and you will definitely get more traffic to it. This is one approach that many people use, and it does help in so many ways. You can try it out if you are so interested in increasing traffic to your site, which will pay for you. 

9. KWfinder Filter

Depending on your preferred pricing plan, you will be able to get a specific number of keyword suggestions any time you run a search. If you are on the Mongols premium plan, it means you will get more than 700 suggestions any time you perform a search.

The inbuilt feature will also make it possible for you to set parameters based on your own specifications, which you can find out more about in KWfinder reviews that come out.

The search volume on the feature allows you to enter the maximum and a minimum number of keywords you wish to filter. 

10. Analyze SERP

Once you run a search on your keyword, you will get the opportunity to analyze the results that come out on the first page of google. Other than that, you will also see the keyword difficulty for the exact keyword you are searching for. There are so many metrics that come in this regard which you need to also see. Below are some of the metrics. 

11. Google SERP

These are the first page results from the google results page for those you select. If you wish, you can click through each one of these keywords to find the SERP results. 

12. The Domain Authority

KWFinder Promo Code

This is the MOZ ranking score, which will predict how well a certain domain will rank in the search engines.  The domain authority is calculated by evaluating the linking root domains to the number of the total links to MozTrust, among many others. 

13. Page Authority

This is the ranking score by MOZ, which predicts how a specific page will rank. The PA calculations consist of links to a page, MozRank, among many others. 

14. Citation Flow

This is another element that was developed by Majestic SEO, which is basically focused on link quality. The feature predicts how influential a website is basing the number of sites that link to the URL. If you need more information on Citation flow, you can check out the KWfinder reviews, which will offer you more information on this issue.

15. Trust Flow

This is also another feature developed by Majestic and is fully focused on the quality of the links linked to the URL. The higher the links that link to the seed site, the higher the trust scorers. Those sites that have shady links will automatically see lower TF scores. 

16. Links

You will be able to see a good number of external backlinks to your URL. If you wish, you can easily hover over the number if you wish to get the number of domains, IPs, and subnets. 

17. Facebook

You can find out the number of shares on Facebook for any given URL. If you are wondering how this information is gathered, then it is gathered by the Facebook API. 

18. Link Profile Strength

With this feature, you will see a color code based on your URL’s profile link strength. This is also another feature that is developed by Mangools. When you see green, then that means it is easy, but if you see red, that is an indication that you will never beat it.

19. Estimated Visits Per Month

The estimated monthly visits on the SERP position. This amounts to the number of searches you are likely to get if you get the first page ranking on that keyword. The calculation on this search is based on the monthly search volume. 

20. How Do You Find Those Low Competition Keywords?

If you intend to use keywords to make it with blogging, you have to make sure of the keywords you use. For instance, the best keywords for your use are those low competition keywords. To get these low competition keywords, always make sure that you pay total attention to the number of searches a certain keyword gets. 

Once you do this, move ahead and make sure that you can rank for such an easy keyword. This means you need to target those keywords that come with a KD score of 30 and below. Also, apart from that, you can analyze the SERPs to check out and determine the competition of those sites you are trying to rank for the keyword. 

You need to carry out an in-depth analysis of the first-page Google results. It might not be effortless for you to find keywords in the 13 to the 18 ranges. Even though you might find some, this will take you so much time though it is worth it. If you check out the KWfinder reviews, then chances are you will find ways that you can use to make this process a success.

21. The Import Features

If you have some keywords, you can import them into the KWfinder, where you can either drag and drop the keywords or, if not that, then write the keywords then separate them by tags. 

22. Lists of Features

This is yet another interesting feature on KWfinder that many people love. This feature allows you to set up lists based on the categories of your blog. Whenever you take time to brainstorm for new keywords, you can add them to the list. 

Whenever you sit down to write a blog post, you can choose a keyword from your list and then sit down and write it. Before sitting down to develop any content, always make sure that you take time to figure out the keyword difficulty score. 

23. Search History

 This is yet another amazing feature on KWfinder. The tool makes it possible for you to see the recent search history on the platform. For instance, you can see which keywords have been searched most by people in recent years and try to develop content keywords based on that. 

24. Help Tab 

Talk of the best features on KWfinder, and this is one of them. As they say, each tool comes with its own learning curve, and this one is not any different. You can locate the help tab on the top of your dashboard, allowing you to access the KWfinder guide, which will help you understand how to use all the keyword features. perfectly If you are still having issues understanding how to use these features, you can check out the KWfinder reviews on how people manage this process and how they can do that.

25. SerpWatcher

If you are looking for a feature that will allow you to track up to 700 keywords and see how they are doing in the SERPS, this is the feature you need. Again, just like the many other features, we have out there on KWfinder, this one too is also loved by many people as well. 

Well, to tell the truth, you might not be able to tell what all the features do, but you can use this feature to help improve your SEO traffic. It is one of the tools again that you can leverage to improve your blog’s SEO traffic. 

26. Dominance Index

This feature represents your unique share of the entire organic traffic based on your position and the keyword’s search volume. The dominance index is calculated based on five main inputs: the search volume, the tracked keywords, average click-through rate for the ranking position, the potential value if ranked in the first spot for all your keywords, and lastly, your position ranking. 

27. Site Profiler

If you are synonymous with Semrush, then this might look like a feature that you know. However, in KWfinder, unlike in the case of Semrush, the tool is not that advanced. However, even with this case, you can still easily enter the domain of your choice, and from there, you will be able to discover more important metrics and insights from the site. 

28. Ranking Improvement 

This is also another feature that informs you about the potential of your site’s organic traffic and the keyword used for the site. This is such an essential feature as it helps you improve your website through benchmarking with this data with SEO. 

29. Interface and Use

KWfinder free comes with many comprehensive features, but the way these features present themselves is in a very user-friendly interface, which is quite impressive, according to many people. Even if you are a beginner, you will definitely find these features so easy to access.

30. Multiple Ways to Research Keywords 

This is also another interesting feature about KWfinder, which also comes in as a benefit. With KWfinder, you get an opportunity or access to more than three ways that you can research up to three keywords. Other than that, you also get essential information that regards things like search volumes and trends.

Performance (4.3/5)

KWFinder Performance

The fact that KWfinder comes with so many features, as seen above, together with an elaborate support team, means that the platform is one of the best we have around. The performance is by far the best ranging from the speed to the ease of use, among many other features. 

When it comes to the general performance, we can say that KWfinder does much better than most of the tools we have around. You can try it out if you never have, and you will be able to see all this for yourself. 

Not only will you just find the use of this tool amazing, but its performance is also one to be benchmarked with. There might be many other better KWfinder alternative tools, but wherever such tools are mentioned, KWfinder deserves mention. Even though there is still so much that KWfinder needs to do to get things perfectly right, their current position on the issue of performance is not that bad as it is.

The other good thing or good feature about KWfinder is that it comes with the best or what can be referred to as a very gorgeous interface. It is one of the best-designed interfaces we have out there to face any research tool.

You can use the SEO metrics in learning various things, including how high the authority websites are doing so well and finding their strong and weak points. On top of this, you can also carry out a keyword comparison of their keywords together with theirs. 

There are so many other things that you can check out on these metrics, including the domain authority, the number of Facebook shares, and monthly visits, among many other things. 

These are some of the top features that you find on KWfinder. From what we can see on this list, these features make KWfinder such a wonderful tool to use. As a beginner in blogging, this is what you need; even though we might have other alternatives, this is one of the best we have around that you need.

Ease of Use (4.3/5)

best free keyword research tools

Regarding the ease-of-use, KWfinder is also one of the best free keyword research tools we have around. In fact, to use this tool does not even require you to be an expert.

This is one of those tools that are straightforward when it comes to usage. This, therefore, means that to use KWfinder, you do not need any setup requirement.

All you have to do if you wish to try out something is simply entering the seed keyword or, in other ways, list them into the tool.

Once you do this, you will immediately get a list of those related or complementary keywords coming with an overview of each case’s metrics. 

This tool offers you the estimated search volume, the click prices, the estimated traffic levels, and PPC and SEO difficulty. This is done with one view alone, which helps you decide on the essence of a keyword.

KWfinder also integrates well with SERPWatcher, a tool that allows you to see search results for any keyword and then identify who appears in it. 

Even though we have less integration with the other Mangools tools, all of them function in a way that can largely be regarded as easy and less complicated.

Therefore, judging from this text, we can affirm that KWfinder is one of the best SEO tools we have around when looked at from ease of use. If you are a beginner and you are looking for something easy to use, then this is what you need to consider working with. 

Support (4.6/5)

One of the concerns that many people have about any SEO tools is the kind of support they are likely to get when they need it most. There are times when you might encounter some difficulties that will prompt you to look for help. 

However, the fact that you will look for some help does not mean that you will get it anytime you need it; you might not get it in some cases. Whether you can get help when you need it or not on any KWfinder depends so much on the elaborate support plans the SEO has in place. 

As for the case with KWfinder, much of the business’s priority has been laid to the support measures. This means that the company is committed to ensuring that you get all the help you need when you need it the most. 

To make this possible, KWfinder has put some elaborate measures through which you can use to contact them if you need any kind of help. First, you can get to them through email to respond to the email within just one day.  

Other than that, there is also another means that you can use to contact KWfinder, which is through calling. With this approach again, there is a perfect chance that you will get assistance soon as you need it.

KWfinder has made sure that all the support measures they have are elaborate, efficient, and convenient. This is to make sure that you get the very best of help when you need it without any delays. 

Pricing (4.7/5)

Pricing is the next thing you want to know when using KWfinder. You need to know exactly how much you are going to be charged. How does KWfinder pricing work, and how does it compare to the other alternatives we have around.

Well, when it comes to KWfinder, it is about you and the decision you make. What this means is that we have several plans that you get to choose from. Here are some of the current KWfinder plans you will have to choose from, depending on your preferences. 

The plans entail the packages you get and how much you pay for them. They are carefully designed to suit the needs and demands of each one of you out there. All you have to do is make the right selection, and the rest will follow from there. 

First on the list is the Mangools basic plan, which will cost you about $ 26.91 per month, which will then see you save up to $ 205.08 per year if you choose to opt for the annual billing.

When you opt for this plan, you gain access to the following features, 100 keyword searches per day, 200 keyword suggestions, 25 competitors keywords, 100 SERPs lookups every day, 200 rows of backlinks, 20 site look-ups every day. 

Besides this basic plan, we also have many others like the Mongols premium, which costs $ 35.91 per month, and the Mongols agency, which goes for about $ 71.91 per month.

Depending on what you need or like, you can choose a plan from the ones above, but they are all fair plans from what you can see. There is also a free trial about these plans that you can try out before making your mind.

KWFinder Pricing Details


Keyword Lookups Backlink Rows/mo Keywords


Site Lookups View Details
Mangools Basic 100 100,000
20 Click here
Mangools Premium 500 500,000 700 70 Click here
Mangools Agency 1200 1,200,000 1500 150 Click here

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Bottom line

If you are looking for a tool that will help the research process very easily, then KWfinder finder is the tool you need. With tools coming with so many payment plans like the ones listed above, this is the best research tool we have out there that you can use for any research process.

The tool also comes with so many other features like the ones shown above, which help explain how good this tool is. It is one of the best SEO tools that are in the market for your use.


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