Let’s be honest, not all of us have godly photoshop skills. 

I mean that thing is complicated! 

Neither do we have the energy or zeal to pay for the premium version nor learn how to use it.

Hey, dont judge! Sometimes we want things a little easy, at least we are self aware. Okay, so where was I? Yes, photo editing. We all want to do some nips and tucks and smoothly edit our photos. It’s harmless.

So, is there any application which is easy, versatile, and free? Lucky for us, there is!

It’s called Lunapic.


Lunapic Photo Editor 

Lunapic Photo Editor 

Now, Lunapic isn’t exactly easy however, it can be utilised to its fullest with a little guideline. The best part about lunapic is unlike some of us, if you are serious about learning the art of photo editing then this might be the perfect starting point before you learn the big games like photoshop. 

What Is Lunapic? 

What Is Lunapic 

Launched in 2006, Lunapic is said to be an online photo editor. It specializes in borders, animations and more. You have to simply open lunapic and upload your pictures before you can start making any changes in it.

You can either open the website each time but there is also a chrome extension option.

If you are an admirer of the vintage pictorial touches that have been flourishing in social media nowadays, then this is the best website for you.

Not a shocker that this will be the next most pressing question about Lunapic. But before we dive into this, let us first see the things you can do over here. 

  • Edit Your Photos With Multiple Editing Tools 
  • Enhance Your Photos With A Wide Variety Of Filters And Effects 
  • Experiment With The Art Effects 
  • Post Your Work Directly To Your Social Media Without Compromising The Image Quality. 
  • You Can Use Many Image Formats. 

Multiple Editing Tools 

Multiple Editing Tools 

Here are a few of the Lunapic editing tools which have helped it gain its admirable cult following, not just because it is a free photo editor

Lunapic Transparent Background

A transparent background gives you a plethora of options to ornament your pictures with, and lunapic makes transparent backgrounds with a few simple steps. 

  • First click on the background or color you wish to remove 
  • Second, it’s done! You are now left with a transparent background for you to experiment your editing abilities on. 

Magic Wand 

Lunapic magic wand is the much easier version of photoshop. On selecting this tool, you can easily isolate figures within your picture that have a certain similarity like color, hue or tone. 

Now you can copy, cut or otherwise make different changes to these selected regions only. 

Image Resizing 

Image resizing can be a common tool used by many since the beginning of photo editing history. However, if you want something that will allow you to resize your image but at the same time make you retain that resolution then lunapic resizing is the right editing tool for you.

The steps to resizing are easy

  • First, you have to click on the scale image. 
  • Second, manually present the width and height or the bar can also be adjustable. 
  • Third, apply the scaling. 

However, that is not all. With Lunapic photo editing you can change file type, number of frames and even the quality of the image. The file size can also be set if you need to compress the image for other uses. 

Lunapic cropping is also a part of this tool. 

Lunapic Remove Background 

In the above mentioned tools, we have elaborated on the transparent lunapic. But, what to do once you have removed the background? 

You can either choose an image from your file to fill in the empty space.

For that, first you have to add your preferred image from the internet or downloaded to your clipboard. Then select on the paintbrush option, setting ‘your clipboard’ to the fill option. 

Different colors and patterns can also be added to the empty background by simply cutting out the item with the scissor tool and placing it on the blank canvas. 

Lunapic Collage 

I know collages are very 2013 but if somebody wants to use it [and people do for various purposes], again you can select your desired resolution with Lunapic. 

The website lets you go up to a maximum of 9 images for each collage. At the same time, different effects can be selected for each picture. Some of these are thermal negative, motion blur and even watercolor. 

If you want a high resolution collage for your instagram or for printing purposes, then keeping 5 pictures per collage is advisable. 

Wide Varieties Of Lunapic Filters & Effects

Wide Varieties Of Lunapic Filters & Effects

Let us first start with the filters. Lunapic is not restricted to B&W or your regular sepia. You can make clones of the same image multiple times and add from filters which are included but not limited to. 

  • Glitter-ize 
  • Tint color 
  • Emboss 
  • Chrachol
  • Picasso Paint 

There is also a filter called dream which allows your image to transform into replicas of our subconscious state. 

Now coming to effects for the lunapic online photo editing, some of the notable ones are. 

  • Polaroid Picture effect 
  • Vintage effect 
  • Thermal effect which literally changes image into rainbow hues based on the heat signature i.e. the lightness and darkness of the image. 
  • Lightning Effect, and 
  • High resolution gradient. 

How To Edit Body Image In Lunapic? 

How To Edit Body Image In Lunapic 

Remember when I talked about the nips and tucks you can do to the imagery version of your figure. Well, this is how. 

First you have to go to the ‘Draw’ option. 

Second, out of all the effects you have to select the ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ one. 

There you will find a plethora of options from which you can select from. 

How Do I Change My Face On Lunapic? 

Might sound complicated but it is very easy. 

  • First you have to go to the edit option and then select the crop image tool. 
  • Second, withinside the crop image tool you will find the circle tool 
  • Third, circle on any face and then copy paste it on the face you would wish to swap it on. 

To Edit Or Not To Edit 

To Edit Or Not To Edit 

Now that we have reached the end of this excerpt, I am sure there is one question that is loitering in your mind. 

Is Lunapic Safe To Edit? 

Since it’s an overload of tools free of cost, I am sure you are not the first person who would be concerned about the security of this website. 

But, let me assure you that your pictures are secured. According to the customer reviews there has been no report of spyware, and it also holds a whopping 4.5 rating in the world. 

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